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Lesson 12: State’s Rights – How To Get Freedom Back
Joel McDurmon of American Vision discusses the role of Christian Worldview, politics, theology, and how to restore our American Republic.
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  The fact is, that conservatives are just plain ordinary people. We are not intrusive, however we resist being intruded upon. Because we are a people, that do not like being intruded upon, we like a small government with limited powers, and an ear that hears the voice of the American People, and a heart to represent the people, rather than force its will upon them. The following statement is not intended to represent all conservatives, nor the Tea Party, it is intended to help you understand me.

  I love my God, I love my country, I love our founding, Our Constitution, and the American People. I don't push my views, or my religion on others, but am willing to share them. All I ask is that others be willing to do the same, and where we disagree, that we be respectful of each other.

  That in part is why I resist a big federal government, that wants to force its views on all the people. We are lucky, if we play our cards right. We have 50 states, and 50 state governments. That gives us a voice closer to home, than any federal government could ever give us. That also gives us 50 choices of where we prefer to live. It is also a lot easier for the people to control state government, than it is to control the federal government.

  If our tax base were to reflect that the majority of taxes paid by individuals go to support state government, and a very small portion go to support the federal government, the states wouldn't be depending on federal dollars. The federal government should it ever decides to live within the confines of the United States Constitution, and limited powers, would not need the trillions of dollars they do today. Limited federal government, is the only way to control tyranny.

  State government wants to become a tyrant, fine I have 49 other choices of where to live and pay taxes. While I understand the need for a federal government, I also understand the need for it to be limited in power, and the best way to do that is to limit its money, and force it to live under the constitution.

Link below to a song I did several years back, might help you to understand my feelings about these things.




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