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Let's pray for America

Brothers and Sisters, let’s pray for America.

From the heaves I hear the voices of our great leaders that leave us a legacy to follow.

John F Kennedy said to us; young men your purpose in life is to get our country in the right path, you are the gift that God almighty give to this country, to re-store the moral leadership and the principles and values in which our country was created. Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for our country.

Martin Luther King. I can hear his voice and he said; Brothers and Sisters, you are the voice of justice, you must force America to face all its interrelated flaws-racism, poverty, militarism and materialism; speak for the ones that cannot speak, our country was created under God’s principles and this is a nation under God with liberty and justice for all. God will judge you, for your character and not for your nationality, your race, religion or the color of your skin. Obey God’s law because you will be judge only by his law not men’s law.

Benito Juarez said; God give us this world for the benefit of mankind, to be the stewards and share the abundance of natural resources and work the land to provide for the welfare of mankind; it is not just to fight and hoard what belongs to mankind as God will not allowed to enter his kingdom any rich man, because God almighty knows that the rich do not follow God’s law, and he adds. The respect for the property and the rights of your fellow men will change America and will re-store the trust and peace in the world.

Brothers and Sister, Let’s pray for America and ask God for wisdom, our support for our youth, the courage to speak for the ones that cannot and use our moral principles to respect others and their property, God’s gift and the fruit of their labor. May God almighty bless us and give us the wisdom and courage to follow his law. This I ask in the name of his son Jesus.     

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