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McCain and Schumer -All smiles -WSJ Friday 6/28

Who would have thought that immigration would bring these two together smiling. When Schumer is smiling with you something is wrong. As Schumer adds 11 million new democratic voters McCain smiles, really?

The permissible numbers of future immigrates along with the original 11 million plus will push the new group into a new majority in a few years. Good or bad that is the future along with the rest of our PC rules and laws. WE need legal immigrates and should be selective, as all other countries are in the western world. I have friends that are Hispanic, although some are mixed races, black and white. There is no race called Hispanic, but our modern PC government acts like it is. I like the Constitution and references that say all men are created equal and that is how we should look at each person, not divide ourselves into groups. If you come to America legally and want to be an American that is great, if not, you should leave and go back to your own country. Mexico is smart, as they provide little welfare and people seek American support and then send billions back to Mexico.

We should protect our borders, but our weak politicians will not do it. They will not reign in Obama or his shadow government and that worries me. They will smile and legalize illegals and give them a path to citizen and voting. Many if not most democrats want control and 11 million plus new voters is a potential lock on permanent power. People may not be happy when that happens and they get the government they deserve, dragging the rest of us along with them.

How about compromise, legal documentation for illegals that come forward and with no criminal records, pay taxes, no citizen ship with following current laws. Guest worker programs and fair treatment and pay for all. Also, seal the borders.


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