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4063910761?profile=originalAlice died. Ann B. Davis, who played the beloved housekeeper Alice, on the TV series, The Brady Bunch died Sunday. The devout and outspoken Christian 88 year old actress was an icon of a kinder gentler America when wholesomeness and goodness were celebrated. 

Today, we live in an anything goes America. For a good reason, the Bible says if a man does not work, he should not eat. And yet, the Obama Administration promotes and encourages government dependency resulting in an unprecedented 47 million Americans on food stamps and over 90 million Americans collecting unemployment; both government programs are riddled with fraud. 

More and more we are being forced to not just tolerate, but embrace behaviors which are an anathema to our Christian beliefs.  Those who dare to say, “no” to the Democratic Party and mainstream media's anti-Christian agenda are subjected to attacks from governmental agencies or threatened with the loss of their livelihood unless the accused submit to sensitivity training for reprogramming. The Obama regime iron-fist message is clear, either deny your Christian faith or suffer the consequences.

Clearly, this Administration is about lowering moral and behavioral standards, diminishing who we are as Americans.

Meanwhile, man-on-the-street interviews confirm that many are disengaged and are politically clueless to facts as basic as giving a correct answer when asked who is the vice president of the United States. The Obama Administration and MSM exploits the clueless masses by furthering every lie from our liar and chief and his henchmen.

Case in point. Talk about deja vu all over again, Susan Rice is all over TV claiming that we did not negotiate with terrorist for the release of Bergdahl which we clearly did.  This is the same Obama operative who spread the proven to be a lie narrative that the Benghazi attack was due to a video.

Unquestionably, the trade of Bergdahl for five extremely dangerous Taliban bad guys was a bad deal. The Obama Administration also broke the law in the process by going around congress. But then again, what else is new?

Also in the news, King Obama via his hit squad EPA will announce sweeping new restrictions on the coal industry; all in the name of fighting climate change. Thank God the coal industry is fighting back with lawsuits.

I have sited these few examples of Obama's fast and furious destruction of America. Anyone paying attention can see the almost daily Administration's unprecedented power grabs and repeals of our freedom and liberty.

The solution. Obama must be politically neutralized. How do we achieve it? We must send conservatives to Washington who are over the historic aspect of a black man in the White House and love their country enough to endure the Democrats' and MSM shock and awe assault on anyone who dares oppose Obama's anti-American, far left liberal and socialist/progressive transformation of America.

4063910825?profile=originalToday, June 3rd are extremely important primaries in which we can send two fearless committed conservatives to DC.

Running for U.S. Senate Mississippi is Chris McDaniel. McDaniel has been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, Conservative Campaign Committee, Mark Levin, Tea Party Express, Laura Ingraham, the American Conservative Union, FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, Family Research Action PAC, the Tea Party Patriots Citizen's Fund, Young Americans for Liberty and countless other conservative leaders and organizations. 

Fearless fighter conservative Steve Lonegan is running for U.S. Congress New Jersey. Lonegan supports full repeal of Obamacare. He will fight to repeal the Dodd-Frank Law that justifies future bailouts with intense job-killing regulations on the financial industry. Lonegan opposes Common Core, new federal gun control laws and taxpayer funded abortions.

4063910775?profile=originalSteve Lonegan has been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin, Conservative Campaign Committee, Tea Party Express and Gun Owners of America PVF 

Alice died, as did a little bit more of what has made this extraordinarily successful experiment called America great.

Winning these primary elections are crucial steps towards taking Alice's and our America back.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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839299533?profile=RESIZE_480x480I shot the music video for my song, “We Are Americans”. Between takes while the director was setting up a different camera angle, I was on my mark on the set. I thought, “Wow, can you believe this?” For over a year, I have been seeking the right production company and funding to produce this video. Suddenly, I have a talented director shooting my music video at no expense. Praise God!

A production company approached me about having my own TV show; the premiere show is coming soon.

For seven years, I have been trying to build a new $30 million dollar arts and performance center in my small town, stifled by Democrat city commissioners who hate me because of my Tea Party involvement. We are not seeking funding from the city, merely their support (permits and etc). As you can imagine, many times over the past seven years, I thought my project was dead. Suddenly, the city is open to working with us.

Just as God sent Solomon knowledgeable men to help him build the temple, I have a master developer with 50 years of experience, architects, engineers, attorneys and environmental experts on my team; not costing me a dime.

After years of seeming to have to struggle for every move forward, suddenly, things are falling into place without me pressing to make it happen.

What has brought me such favor and good fortune? The answer is faithfulness. I did not have a brilliant master plan for success. Year after year, I simply did whatever God put in front of me to do; no matter how big or how small. With maximum preparedness and effort, I walk through each door that “God” opens for me.

Brother and sister patriots, this is how we take back America from this tyrannous monster government that is devouring our God-given freedom and liberty. Faithfulness is how we push back the infectious evil pandemic cultural rot carried by this Administration infecting our land; particularly the minds of our children.

Regardless of how hopeless and dark things may appear, regardless of how much the Democrats and mainstream media pound on their chest in celebration of the death of the Tea Party, we MUST remain faithful; continue storming the walls of the Obama regime.

Come hell or high water, we patriots MUST remain faithful. Keep blogging. Keep writing books. Keep rallying. Keep training conservative candidates. Keep teaching classes on the Constitution. Keep saying, “No!” to political correctness. Keep praying. Keep working to elect conservatives. Keep educating low-info voters to the truth. Keep politically pushing back against the bullying and tyranny of Obama via his political thug henchmen (IRS, DOJ, NSA and etc).

When we are faithful, God is faithful to bless what we do.

Founding Father, Samuel Adams said it best. “It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

We must remain responsibly “irate”; not passively accepting our president acting like a king, tyranny and government bullying us as the new normal.

Patriots, I realize that sometimes you may be weary and discouraged. Please believe me when I say that faithfulness is the key.

If we remain faithful, suddenly, we will witness a great turnaround; a restoration of freedom and liberty in America.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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The Answer to Rush Limbaugh's Question

4063903772?profile=originalTraveling down I-95 headed home to Florida from visiting Mary and my parents in Maryland and West Virginia, I found myself yelling in frustration at my radio. Rush Limbaugh asked who gives the Left power to silence opposition, control speech, get people fired or ordered into sensitivity training? Rush rattled off numerous examples to prove his point including a mere 50 leftist student protesters at Rutgers successfully forcing Condoleezza Rice to back down from giving their commencement speech. 

Who gives the Left such power? I yelled, “We do!”

By the way, while in the West Virginia, I attended Mary's dad's 82nd birthday party. Many family members were in attendance. We had a wonderful time of laughter and love. I was the only black person. There was not the slightest vibe of racial tension in the air. I believe such is the state of race relations between a majority of Americans, except for those who despicably promote racial division for personal and political gain (Democrats).

Back to Rush's question. Who gives the Left so much power? Much of the Left's power comes from the mainstream media which is mostly liberal and totally in sync with the Democratic party's socialist/progressive agenda. The MSM functions as the Left's “hit men” ready to high tech lynch any and all challengers.

We can not do much about that. But, we can control our response. While I have written about this on countless occasions, my points bear repeating. Stop allowing the Left to set the rules of engagement and stop helping them beat up on our challengers.

When people on our side (conservatives) misspeak, misquote a stat or make a clumsy innocent comment, I will not sing in harmony with the Left's choir; calling the conservative an idiot -- nor will I submit to the Left's demands that the targeted conservative be denounced. To do so is, in essence, providing aid and comfort to our enemies.

Frustratingly, both sides of the political street expect conservatives to be as perfect as Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, Democrats are permitted to make any cruel, evil, outrageous or unsubstantiated claim necessary to further their cause. Heck, Obama repeatedly told the American people a bold face lie to pass Obamacare , for the most part, without consequence.

While we function in a state of constant fear that a conservative may utter a single word for the Left to take out of context to use against us, Democrats' rules of engagement allows them to boldly function from the position that no tactic is too low in their quest to defeat conservatives and implement the socialist/progressive agenda. Therefore, Democrats consider lying to the American people, millions losing their health care, denying medical care to kids with Cancer and slandering millions of decent patriotic Americans in the Tea Party all fair game.

For example. Remember when Congressional Black Caucus Rep Andre Carson made the irresponsible outrageous claim that the tea party would like to see blacks “hanging on a tree”?

Where was the push back from the MSM and calls for Democrats to denounce Rep Carson? Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson sent a fund-raising email claiming that the “T” in tea party stands for the burning cross of the KKK.  Why did we not see the same pressure and 24/7 coverage the MSM applies to Republicans; demanding that Grayson apologize and calls for Democrats to denounce him?

The MSM embraces the claims of Democrats, who have never attended a single tea party, that the rallies are the equivalent of KKK meetings. As a black who has attended over 400 tea parties nationwide, the MSM rejects my on the scene eyewitness report to the contrary.

Remarkably, after five years without evidence proving their accusation to be true, the Democrats and MSM have doubled down on their claim that the Tea Party, the Republican party and all opposition to Obama is motivated by racism.

Our side has been advised to surrender to the Left's branding of us and implement our own Democrat-lite versions of the Left's agenda to prove that we are not racist – illegal immigration, denounce the repeal of Obamacare and exempt minorities from showing a photo ID to vote to name a few. So this is where we are – allowing Democrats and the MSM to dictate how we are allowed to fight; what we can and can not say – which battles we are allowed to fight.

And yet, we eagerly rush to blogs and media microphones to beat up on our courageous conservative freedom fighters whenever they make a mistake.

Sarah Palin is a prime example of which I speak. Say what you will about Pailn, but from day one, she has been an unwavering bold, strong and committed voice, pushing back against the tyranny of the Obama regime. Now, do you think I would ever help the Left beat up on Sarah? Borrowing a phase I heard my patriot brothers and sisters say while in New Jersey, “Forget about it!”

Then, there is Cliven Bundy. While Bundy may or may not have had all his legal ducks in a row, or knew how to deal with a hostile media, I tip my hat to the man. Bottom line, Bundy knew government was hijacking more and more of our freedoms and said, “No!” That takes guts folks because history confirms that “freedom ain't free”. Bundy is paying a price that many are unwilling to pay. Many sheepishly go along with the program (the government incrementally taking over every aspect of our lives) rather than risking an IRS audit or a bogus reason to be thrown in jail.

Who gives the Left their power? We do, every time we surrender.

While visiting in Maryland, I was blessed with another cherished chat with my dad who just celebrated his 86th birthday. His mind is as sharp as ever. Praise God! Dad is Chaplin emeritus for the Baltimore City Fire Dept. He only speaks at special events.

Dad said he was called on the carpet by a department official after a recent event. One highly offended individual at the event complained that dad ended his prayer with, “in Jesus name”.

Dad told the official that he could no more deny Jesus than he could deny that he is black. Note, Dad did not apologize, beg for forgiveness or vow never to do it again. The official let it go.

Who gives the Left their power? We do.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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4063887108?profile=originalI suspect that many of you share my frustration with wimpy Republican candidates; afraid to embrace the Tea Party, afraid to stand up for conservative principles and values, afraid to stand up for the law, afraid to push back against bogus allegations of racism for not rubber stamping Obama's fast and furious power grabs and attacks on our freedoms.

My dad taught me that a “real man” takes a stand and does the right thing, ignoring critics. He also does the right thing went nobody is watching.

Well, there is a real man conservative running for congress in New Jersey who is not afraid. His name is Steve Lonegan. Talk about a breath of fresh air, Lonegan has been fighting the good fight for conservatism in New Jersey politics for 30 years. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said New Jersey.

Though he put up a good fight, Lonegan was defeated in his run for U.S. Senate by the overwhelmingly well-funded Democrat Cory Booker. Oprah and her Hollywood posse pumped millions into that race for Booker. Still, there was a bright spot. Despite mega Hollywood outside funding, Lonegan strongly defeated Booker in the 3rd district which is where he is now running for congress.

Now get this folks. Standing on conservative principles, Lonegan won the 3rd district by the best numbers of any Republican in the last decade.  Mitt Romney lost that district. It is my firm belief that when presented unfiltered by liberals, boldly and confidently, conservatism wins the hearts and minds of a majority of voters.

Sadly, far too many Republican candidates and the GOP establishment drink the Left's Kool-Aid that we must tone down our message; in essence, become Democrat-Lite to win elections. Now, ask yourself. Why would the Left want to help Republicans/Conservatives win elections?

Conservative congressional candidate Steve Lonegan must defeat the liberal New Jersey Republican establishment's candidate MacArthur in the primary; well-funded with millions.

The New Jersey GOP establishment wants a big government liberal in office. Pure and simple.

Contrast that with Lonegan who is committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, low taxes and reducing the size of government. One could say that Lonegan epitomizes the liberal wing of the GOP establishment's War on Conservatism -- the GOP recruiting wealthy RINO candidates around the country to run against conservatives.

MacArthur says he supports government funded low income housing to bring diversity to neighborhoods. Sounds like Obama, right? Lonegan has no problem with diversity, but is opposed to achieving it via government social engineering programs.

MacArthur has called Lonegan “too right wing”. Here are Lonegan's goals which the GOP establishment candidate considers too right wing. Lonegan will fight to repeal Obamacare, repeal Common Core's intrusion into our kid's education, see the repeal of Dodd-Frank and dismantle the IRS. Lonegan is in great company. Ronald Reagan was also considered too right wing.

While his opponent runs with a war-chest of millions, Lonegan is the Tea Party candidate, running on ideology. Wow, what a concept and how gutsy. When other Republicans were distancing themselves from the Tea Party, Lonegan helped to organize the first major Tea Party rally in Piscataway, New Jersey, April 15, 2009.

Lonegan's strategy for victory is to keep his grassroots army energized and mobilized; the same patriots who pushed him over the top to win the 3rd district in his bid for the Senate. Lonegan has high name recognition.

As Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee, I have jumped aboard the Lonegan Express for Congress in New Jersey. Can you imagine the impact of a real man conservative elected in New Jersey? Awesome!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Conservative Campaign Committee

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The Beat Goes On: Opposing Obama is Racist.

4063874355?profile=originalAlas, another reporter asked me the same question I have been repeatedly asked for the past five years. “As an African American, why are you a member of the Tea Party?” It dawned on me to ask the reporter, “If you are a thinking patriotic American, why are you NOT a member of the Tea Party?”

It is stunning that reporters can not see the absurdity and racism against white voters in their assumption that Tea Party membership (push back against Obama's agenda) equals racism.

For the first time in U.S. history are Americans required to submit to their president's agenda or suffer the mainstream media and Democratic party branding an “R” on their forehead for racist? Does our president's skin color repeal our right to disagree with government?

The MSM and Democratic party declaring all opposition to Obama's agenda racist is a despicable divisive tactic. They are exploiting Obama's skin-color to further their socialist/progressive agenda (full court press hostile government takeover of our lives).

Another question repeatedly asked by reporters is, “If the Tea Party is not racist, why are its members mostly white?” I reply, “Could it be that a majority of black voters are ill-informed, clueless and/or racist? Why are you making the Tea Party responsible for blacks not showing up?”

In 2008, when I heard presidential candidate Barack Obama tell Joe-the-Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around, I knew Obama was a socialist and the wrong man to lead my country.

To my utter amazement, who Obama is as a human being and his plan for America was totally irrelevant to my family, friends and 96% of black voters including some black conservatives and Republicans. It was a black code thing. Support the brother no matter what.

My decision to campaign and vote against Obama due to his far left radical associations, pro infanticide voting record http://bit.ly/1cIIVSp and socialistic vision for my country made me an outcast and a traitor to my race. Is there a monolithic “racist” black vote? You bet there is. Black racism is as evil and unacceptable as white racism.

White liberals were equally outraged that I dared to judge Obama by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. White liberal paragons of fairness, tolerance and self-proclaimed champions of minorities called me a “stupid self loathing n*****” for not voting for Obama.

Along with millions of white Obama voters shocked and outraged over his unprecedented takeover of the auto industry, banks and repeated ignoring of the Constitution, I joined the Tea Party.

The MSM and Democratic party are insisting that we surrender our will and our country. They demand that we act like brain dead obedient supplicants of King Obama, less we risk public humiliation charged with racism. Heaven forbid.

Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron is the latest black celeb to call opposing Obama equal to being a member of the KKK. http://bit.ly/1k17bSY Hank, I love you bro. But your accusation is racist, evil and beneath you.

How are you, Mr Aaron, suddenly able to read the hearts, minds and intentions of the entire GOP and millions of Americans in the Tea Party? Can you not see how insidiously evil, intellectually vacant and tyrannical it is to brand all opposition to the president's agenda racist?

And yet, to silence the GOP and conservatives, the mainstream media and Democratic party continues to promote the ridiculous narrative that “opposing Obama is racist”. This tactic has successfully rendered most of the GOP impotent, cowering in their boots, fearful of that hot “R” brand on their foreheads. Many well-intentioned Americans have been silenced.

I submit that we conservatives and Republicans rip the racism branding iron from the hands of the MSM and Democratic party and point it in their direction. They are the true racists.

White America, when the left calls you a racist for pushing back against socialism, let it roll off your back like water off a duck. America is far too precious to allow it to be destroyed (fundamentally transformed) by the MSM and Democratic party's use of racial intimidation, race baiting and race exploitation. We can not allow ourselves to be silenced.

The MSM and Democratic party have no problem with setting back national race relations, polarizing Americans along racial lines to implement their mission of government controlling every aspect of our lives.

To defeat the MSM and Democratic party, you must support and vote for conservatives beginning with the 2014 elections.

We can and we must take back America. http://bit.ly/1oM2zVm

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Conservative Campaign Committee

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Taking up the Mantle

Hi, I’m Melony DeFord and I am a PROUD member of the Tea Party.

I want to share a story with you all and I hope you remember this as I have as we fight the ongoing tyranny, corruption and ‘fundamental change’ that we see daily happening in this country. If we want to save this nation we have to have purpose and focus.
My story here is what keeps me going. I hope it does you all as well.

In 2010, I had a great opportunity to travel this great land of ours with the Tea Party Express.
It was quite a journey for me, and one of many firsts.
It started out in Atlanta and I flew into Las Vegas. I met up with the rest of the Express members where I met some really wonderful people. Our very own Lloyd Marcus was one of the first people I met and we sparked an immediate friendship. Everytime we saw each other it was hugs all around. I miss those hugs. I also met Debbie Lee, whose son Marc Lee was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. She is quite an inspiration. Diana Nagy and The Radio Patriot Andrea Shea King was there too. Amy Kremer, Dustin StocktonSelena Owens and her family, Joe W. andBenjamin Smith, also a
Navy SEAL, Melanie Morgan, and Joe “The Plumber” was there as well. Later as the tour progressed, I met Lloyd's wonderful and beautiful wife Mary! Another instantaneous friendship developed.

Anyways, that’s my ‘who’s who’ list.
We started out in Searchlight and went from there all the way to Washington DC where we did our last event on April 15th.


We were on the road for 3 weeks and hit 21 cities. By bus. Three of them.
The events were great and we met so many wonderful Patriots every where we went. But what started out as an adventure in taking our Nation back turned into a profound call for me.

At the end of each event, Lloyd would walk back out onstage and call all the Veterans up to the stage and we would all join them and sing “God Bless the U.S.A”. It was moving. To see so many veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq - Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom was very moving.
After we were done we would shake hands and thank those had served our Nation and had sacrificed so much. Sometimes it would come after Debbie Lee got up and talked about the service and sacrifice of her son.


I can’t recall what city we were in or what point it was on the tour, but I stuck out for me and it is one of the most
memorable things that happened to me on the tour.
We had just finished up with singing “God Bless the USA” and I was walking around shaking hands with our Veterans and this man who had served in Vietnam was standing in front of me crying. I went to shake his hand but I got a great big hug. And he was thanking me for doing what I was doing. I lovingly pushed him back so I could look at him and Thanked HIM for his service for with out him serving and fighting for our Nation I wasn’t or would not have been able to do what I was doing. He grabbed me again. Of course by this time we both were crying. And he Thanked me some more and here is what I told him: “You have fought for me for a long time. It’s time for me to fight for you.” We hugged again and of course he and I were still shedding our tears. I didn’t get to thank to many more after that because I was just to emotional.

Folks, we have the enemy in our land and these Veterans have served us for a long time.
It is now time. Time for us to pick that mantle up and save our country. They are depending on us. Yes, there are those out there standing with us in the trenches, but there are those that cannot.

What is "Taking up the Mantle"? A person who "picks up the mantle" is taking over for someone else--usually a noteworthy person--in the pursuit of a goal.

Photo Credit: Mary Pearson

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DIVIDING A NATION - The Republican Roll Out as Birther Barrage goes Main-Stream

DIVIDING A NATION - The Republican Roll Out as Birther Barrage goes Main-Stream

FEATURED EDITORIAL at Birther Report /and/ The Post & Email 

Defending what Obama is doing by not holding a hearing on Obama's national security breach, or the standard of the natural born citizen qualification in the Constitution for the Office of the President, is essentially exactly whatRepublicans need to keep doing in order to lose. Rand Paul declared the Republican party may not win the Presidency again in his lifetime.

I said one time that the Republican party was going into extinction, not because that is what I hoped for or anything, but because of the abandonment of the principles of the Constitution I saw happening in the Republican party by a lack of defense for it. Jan 26th, 2012 I wrote with this commercial:
[“It is time to jump into the life boats, and begin representing a clear and Constitutional choice in my candidacy, which is clearly a clean message compared to the mainstream Republican Candidates who we see are very willing to sweep the dirt under the carpet, as well as our Constitution, and that’s not the President’s job or oath!”]

Glenn Beck today related he had spoke to a big GOP elected leader who was concerned about the #defundtheGOP verbrato over the air the last four months. What Glenn said made a lot of sense today here.
see post at codyjudy.blogspot.com for video

So many Republican leaders looked at me and scoffed, "How could the qualification of Obama for the Office of the President held in the demands of the Constitution even compare to the importance of "health-care", or "Our National Debt", or "The Arab Springs"?

Tyrannical dictatorial power is unleashed in ways Rush Limbaugh says today he has never seen with Obama stepping and hopping to the tunes of the 2014 and 2016 election in regards to what parts of the law are enforceableand what parts he decides not to enforce. The impeding play is certainly wrecking Republican strategy to let the law play out and let people see what a disaster Obamacare is.

How can people see what a disaster it is unless its allowed to hit them behind the barn?

What could leaving the Constitution behind bring financially? What is the Birther's Barrage?
Birther's Barrage

Essentially the BIRTHER BARRAGE is indeed more and more people going Birther as the Constitution is going 'main-stream' instead of becoming a dead-stream as so many in Washington perceive it to be going.

Is it safe to say now that if Obamacare had indeed been allowed to unfold as it was intended, without all these exclusions, that the United States would be in open revolt right now against Obama and all Washington Insiders?

You better believe if the people with money were made to tow the line of Obamacare in the big corporations, small businesses, and even federal agencies now, without the decrees of exemptions handed down from Obama by personal executive order, that they would be demanding their elected leaders in the House and Senate begin disability impeachment proceedings immediately.

This was the Republican strategy on Obamacare, let it play out and be seen as the disaster it is! However, its backfired on them once again, just as they hoped Obama would look like the paria, he reverses that upon them by executive order which has totally infuriated Sen. Mike Lee admitting on Fox News Sunday, there's no standing on Obamacare's harm, or time to find someone, calling it a 'shameless power grab' and ruling by his own pen. 

Obama then is seen as the savior by these people for not holding them accountable to Obamacare the way he has all the low people on the totem pole known as main-stream Americans. BUT, Senator Lee has also been unwilling to make the case on Obama's eligibility as a way to stop him which indeed it does, and you have to ask yourself why?

Indeed, Obama's savior'esk trend continues extending to all those employees of Federal Contracts a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour. Of course, main street businesses would either have to raise their prices by a percentage equal or lay off workers in order to clear the same profit margin if they were forced to pay that minimum wage.

How would anyone like paying an additional 30% on milk, peanut butter, soy, wheat, barley, corn, and meat?


Of course Obama's decree is intentionally ordered to divide, something that does seem to come quite naturally to him. How do all the employees making minimum wage feel about working that don't get paid $10.10? 

What if about election time 2014 he promises them also a decree of raising their wage if they will vote Democratic Party ticket?

That's one thing that Obama's discrimination provides. If Obama doesn't equally give to everyone equally he creates out of thin air a favorite child who was seen as deserving while the other child was seen as mean, undeserving, and rebellious.

While it would seem common sense to see this as unequal and discrimination, someone gets the reward someone doesn't, the Republican Party is not willing to exploit it as such, mostly because they fear it being turned on them.

The same mentality exist when it comes to the excuses used by elected leaders not to hold a disability impeachment hearing in The House of Representatives on Obama simply because the U.S. Senate is controlled by Democrats and the point seems 'moot', but lets take a closer look at how that might play out.


Assuming the U.S. Senate just because its controlled by the Democratic party would never remove Obama under a Disability Impeachment process or trial certainly demands the thought process that EVERY single Democratic Party U.S. Senator is 
1) Condoning the use of fabricated long form birth certificates
2) Condoning the use and fabrication or theft of social security numbers
3) Condoning the manipulation of past records of identity like draft registration and college records

Are ALL the Democratic Party leaders really advocating directly and recommending these things? Has the integrity of ALL those elected leaders bottomed out into the abyss of the mob?

Well, if the Republican Majority had a hearing on all of these factors publically, wouldn't that be seen as a light upon the darkness of all those elected leaders indeed right in time for the 2014 elections?

So what's the down side for Republicans holding a hearing on it? Oh, maybe you think boldly standing in front of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer and asking them if they indeed recommend, condone, and represent this deceitful learning tactic for all of our children is a really bad idea because it just wouldn't fly? Come on!

Believe it, one of the very reasons threats of a collective variety have been issued to all media persons is precisely because of FEAR. Fear based on the reality that if someone is recommending fraud, deceit, forgery, intentionally to harm, most generally the American People are opposed to that.

Its not a hard story to sell to the generally good natured people of the United States of America who in general understand the reasons for our criminal code. Sen. Cruz stated in his objection argument in the debt ceiling debate he filibustered which was catalyst for 11 Republicans to turn into Democrats arms, "that the rules are the rules, the laws are the laws, and we need to follow them and not break them for political expediency.”

One wonders if Sen. Ted Cruz really understands Obama's not a natural born citizen according to the constitution, or if he is secretly hoping that no one is watching him under a microscope as he has passed on vocalizing Obama's real achilles heal he may share in his eligibility or qualification for the Office of the President? Sen. Cruz is set to visit Iowa and N.H. in March and April to a hero's welcome, according to The Hill for his stand in the debt ceiling debate?

Indeed as we speak, News Max is taking an urgent poll to see if you support Sen. Ted Cruz for President.

This shows more fodder for the excuse of 'racism' being used by Republicans and Ann Coulter when she said referring to Obama as "the first black president", if he hadn't have been he would have been impeached by now".

Rush Limbaugh says the leaders are just petrified of being accused of 'racism'. The reason I think that this is now the Republicans lame excuse is because when it comes to equality under the law, they are showing an unwillingness to put Obama under the law for the same reason they don't want Sen. Ted Cruz scoured for his dual citizenship with Canada, as the Huffington Post reports, Cruz denies as McCain did in non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 the step is a concerted effort to go around the law.

This 'racist tactic' they lay on Obama is I believe turning into a very calculated strategy to avoid the justice of the Constitution themselves, in perhaps the Presidential run of another unqualified candidate as McCain was in 2008.

Which party has more people with sites on the 2016 White House who are unqualified Republicans or Democrats? I can name 4 or 5 Republicans who have their sites on the White House who are not natural born citizens who would just be wiped out of that prospect if justice is leveled on Obama.

Besides that, I'm not sure there is not a single member of the House of Representatives that doesn't know that I sued McCain in 2008 and Obama for the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution standing up for the principle of the qualification demands of the Constitution, and continued in the standing in 2012 and 2013 in the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276., and still maintain that standing in a 2016 run.

Indeed, Democratic Party tactics would not stay dormant for Obama's qualifications long if Senator Ted Cruz became the nominee for the Republican Party and they would essentially be forced to say, "Well, the Birthers were right, Obama wasn't qualified but he made it, but that was then and this is now and we have to stand for the Constitution, and Sen. Ted Cruz can't be President". Can't you see that coming from the Huffington Post, the WSJ, and The Washington Post?

The fact that I stood up for the principle regardless of party or race for that matter completely shows that the Republican argument of race is indeed a ruse, excuse, or a 'reverse racist tactic'. The need to quiver in fear of being a racist is indeed made 'moot' with a Presidential Candidate with standing and a legal record documenting the stand to hand the media in a frying pan like a nice T-Bone steak.

I think the Republican fabrication or pretense objection on raising the debt ceiling without any concessions on Obamacare or any remotely substantial give-and-take is also a witness to what I'm advocating. They pretty much went willy-nilly along with Obama and the Democrats and we all have seen and witnessed it.


The only remaining conclusion is that the Republicans are also in so deep they can't compete and what I said as far as the Republican Party going into extinction and never winning again is the reality most conservatives are going to have to come to grips with.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, as well as Sean Hannity are indeed recognizing the writing on the wall. If our society has indeed slipped into the abyss of the deep, like Robert Redford's outstanding film without dialogue is named, " All Is Lost", perhaps it really is for the Republican Party?
See the rest of the post here:
Dividing A Nation
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The Tea Party: Last Hope for America

4063764177?profile=originalMary read it out loud from her computer, “Booker Wins!” The news hit me like a punch in the gut. Despite months of intense campaigning, making remarkable gains in the polls and rallying the Tea Party, far left radical liberal Democrat Cory Booker beat conservative Republican Steve Lonegan for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat.

The cold reality is Booker's $11.2 million war chest vs Lonegan's $1.35 million. Still, the race was much closer than panicked Democrats expected. Lonegan boldly touted conservative principles. He outperformed Mitt Romney's Nov. 2012 vote totals in most New Jersey counties.

On election day, I felt a bit yucky, fighting a cold and tired. Booker's win added to my yuckiness. Camped out on the sofa, I watched a TV show titled, “The Book of Manning”, a documentary about the Manning family and their amazing football legacy.

Folks, that TV show helped to get me through the night. It reminded me of what I am fighting for, an American ideal. I am fighting to preserve an America in which striving for excellence, working hard and trying to do the right thing is rewarded.

My involvement in the political arena goes far beyond politics. It is about two opposing visions for America and what it means to be an American.

Booker, like his idol Obama, seeks to transform America into a nation where entitlements reign supreme, achievers are demonized, standards are lowered and mediocrity is spread equally; a land of baby daddies and welfare checks.

Democrats feel morally justified in their relentless efforts to redistribute wealth. They dismiss achievers as mere “winners of life's lottery”. Hogwash! Biographies of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning and countless others confirm that superior performance is birthed out of a superior work ethic.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” Aristotle

As I stated, we are in a war of two opposing ideas; striving for and celebrating American exceptional-ism vs a gimme-my-government-handout America.

Washington elites on both sides of the political isle have launched an all out assault to destroy the Tea Party and the lawmakers who represent our principles and values.

However, the reality is that thanks to the Tea Party, Steve Lonegan earned the highest percentage of the vote for any Republican candidate for Senate in New Jersey in the last dozen years. I am extremely proud of you folks. Thank you very, very much.

The closeness of the Senate race confirms that conservatism does resonate with voters when properly articulated. We lost because Booker had $11 million to smear Lonegan and sell lies to masses of low-info voters. Pundits are erroneously blaming the Tea Party.

We, the Tea Party are the instruments of real change in DC. Quite frankly, Washington elites are appalled by our arrogance. Who do we Tea Party yahoos think we are trying to make demands on them?

Patriots, I wish to send out a clarion call to stand strong in your commitment to preserving the freedoms we have left and restoring those we have lost. Also, it is vitally crucial that you remain loyal and defend our representatives Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee with every fiber of your being. Without their courageous voices championing our mission, the battle for America is easily lost.

As I stated, watching the Manning Family documentary gave me hope. It was about a young man who worked very, very hard to be the best football player he could be. But his greatest desire was to be a good dad to his sons. Without pressuring his sons to following in his footsteps but simply leading by example, both Peyton and Eli embraced the family work ethic which has lead to pro football excellence. Their mom was loving and supportive.

Laugh, poke fun and call it “Leave it to Beaver” if you like, but it is the kind of America I miss and see swiftly slipping away.

Just an observation, Archie Manning was a live in father rather than a baby daddy with numerous out of wedlock births resulting from his sperm donations.

Hang in there Tea Party. Though they slander you with false accusations of racism, in reality, you are the last hope for America.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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4063759526?profile=original Republican RINOS and Progressives tried To destroy Tea Party

                  with Obama government shutdown

 “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism.” Soviet Premier of Russia Nikita Khrushchev, 1959.

The seeds of the war on America’s principles and founding values were planted 54 years ago by Russia’s leader Nikita Khrushchev, and have found a cherished home in the presidency of Barrack Obama. It was this notion that communism would have a welcome home in the very seat of American power that The Tea Party members across the nation rose in defiance of. Obamacare was the fuse and much like America’s founding fathers’ rebellion against an evil imperialist power, freedom from tyranny was the clarion call.

With the ascendency of the Tea Party and the neutralization of the RINO grip on legislative power in state houses and congress in 2010, the president was waiting as were the pundits to unleash its RINO hell hounds on Sarah Palin, and any other Tea Party favorites to follow.

What is clear to Tea Party patriots as well as conservatives and most Americans who were seriously examining Obama’s actions, was his belief that Americans are gullible as Khrushchev stressed. The president and his minions in congress moved quickly and precisely to disassemble American military power, American economic prominence, and American moral principles and religious Christian values.

The only future that awaited America’s children was one which was staked to the barbed wire ideology of a socialist leader who apologized to Muslim nations for America’s Christian heritage. This was an administration that mocked parents who supported traditional values.

That is why it was predictable that Obama would create this false crisis called a government shutdown. He and his fellow travelers in the mainstream media and the White House knew that by simply letting Republican establishment RINOs unleash their fury on Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and even Sarah Palin, the liberal pundits could sweep in and create a greater GOP chasm.

But this was a campaign that was doomed to fail from its very inception. Liberals continuously underestimate the power of what truth and freedom mean to those who cannot be bought for thirty pieces of silver, or bribed with favored status on Air Force One rides.

                                                           ( click to read more )

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may now be spilling out one of his first confirmations to conceal his support of ObamaCare, President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, and other ‘Liberal’ Capitol Hill Democrats for his guaranteed receipt of a $2 Billion Kentucky payoff in his support of his vote and leadership for many of his 26 other GOP Senate legislators for shredding our Constitutional freedoms.  How cheap can Sen. Mitch McConnell be bought? 


For Sen. McConnell, who included a $2 Billion payout of additional deficit spending for his State of Kentucky included in this new ‘Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014’ legislation, and his additional and similar voting 26 RINO Republican legislators who voted, how much is too much for deficit spending?  Sen. McConnell, is there any limit to spending that is too much?  Have you sold your principles and your own heart for a whole lot ($2 Billion) of taxpayers’ money?  Do you, Sen. Mitch McConnell have any ethics in principles left?  You must resign!


According to Newsmax, “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear on Thursday that repealing Obamacare would never be used by Republicans again to bring the federal government to a halt.”  


Rumors on Capitol Hill indicate Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to accept President Obama’s ObamaCare ‘exemptions’ for Capitol Hill legislators.  Who, why, and when did it become so important for our Capitol Hill legislators to take care of yourself first, rather than to place the American electorate first?


The Capitol Hill Democrat Party and our own Capitol Hill Republican Party ‘leadership’ is selling out our freedoms and values and in return ascertaining more taxpayers’ deficit money and other favors that are left to be paid by our children, and their children, along with other ‘pet’ projects, and other Democrat Party favors.  Cheap!  Cheap!  Cheap!


Capitol Hill Democrats and RINO Republicans on Capitol Hill have lost or forgotten our Constitutional freedoms as based on Christian values.  Capitol Hill Democrats and RINO Republicans must be challenged, defeated, and/or removed in upcoming future elections.


The economy ‘problem’ is simple; excessive deficit spending is breaking our national economy, our individual freedoms, our families, and our Constitution.  The ‘solution’ for a rebuilding economy is simple; stop the spending to save our economy, our individual freedoms, our families, and our Constitution.


Capitol Hill legislators have already added $6.3 Trillion of additional deficit spending debt in less than 5 years under President Obama.  How much deficit spending is enough for President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and/or RINO Republicans?  When will the deficit spending end that is leaving an unbearable debt to (y)our children, their children, etc.? 


A continuation of deficit spending by Democrats, Republicans, and/or Independents is a form of political corruption and this endless progression is destroying our Constitution, our fiscal and social values, as well as our national security.


Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), as well as other legislators and supporters who vote and aspire to ‘stop-the-spending’ to save America, our economy, our Constitution, and our families are ‘right on these issues’.   


Do not allow President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and the Liberal ‘main-stream’ Medias destroy our American ‘HERO’ legislators who are trying to stop the out-of-control’ spending.  It is our American ‘HERO’ legislators who are trying to restore our nation and our US economy.


On Capitol Hill, so-called ‘negotiations’ are directed by President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and the Liberal ‘main-stream’ Medias that demand Republican legislators to cross the aisle and join Democrats on ‘more deficit spending; a proven scheme to more quickly destroy our entire nation.


To save our Constitution and our nation, Conservatives must say ‘NO’ to more deficit spending; before it is too late.


God Bless America!

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Freedom Will Ring Tomorrow!

4063755162?profile=originalThis is it folks, the New Jersey special election for U.S. Senate, Wednesday, Oct. 16th. After months of campaigning, it all comes down to voter turn out.

In response to Booker's plunging poll numbers 2 days before the election, President Obama came out with a video asking voters to turn out for Cory Obama. Sorry, I meant to say Cory Booker. Although, with his eagerness to follow in his idol's footsteps, many are calling Booker, Obama's clone.

In case you haven't noticed, there's a political perfect storm a brewin'; unforeseen events all working together, ushering in a resurgence of Conservatism, while reigniting the Tea Party.

For example. Who could have predicted that two freshman conservative senators, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, would lead the GOP charge to defund Obamacare? Then, out of nowhere emerges this outspoken advocate for Conservatism running for U.S. Senate, New Jersey. He is fearless of the liberal media and boldly proclaims that him winning the seat will be a referendum on Obama. A remarkable tireless campaigner, millions are attracted by his confidence, inspiring life story and message.

Suddenly, Steve Lonegan is a national figure, firing up patriots across America. Top conservative voices such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Mark Levin have come aboard the Lonegan run-a-way train along with Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Chris Christie, a business advocacy group and numerous grassroots conservative groups.

Thousands attended a Tea Party Express rally for Lonegan. It takes an investment of time and money for thousands to show up at a rally, an indicator of the growing passion for Lonegan.

Also contributing to the political perfect storm is Obama plunging in the polls, the exposure of his insidious attempts to use the shutdown to inflict pain on Americans , truckers and dozens of veteran groups protesting in DC.

Stakes are high and both sides of the political isle are well aware of it. This election is really about America, defining the kind of country we will be. A Lonegan victory is a victory for America.

We are still building our army of patriots to make phone calls. To help please email: phonefromhome@conservativecampaign.org

Conservative Campaign Committee made radio and tv ad buys. Funds are needed to purchase more.

This is an all hands on deck drill folks – We The People for Lonegan vs Booker's backers: Oprah, Ben Affleck, other deep-pocketed Hollywood heavyweights, $1million contributor billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, Obama and the Democrats.

Patriots, I want to sincerely thank you for rallying around Lonegan. Amazingly, you have Democrats panicked, scrambling to save a Senate seat they once assumed to be a sure thing.

My wife Mary informed me that Jeff a conservative biker I met at a Tea Party was among those requesting a list to make phone calls for Lonegan. Very cool. That's what I am talking about – We The People.

Please leave no stone unturned, no phone call unmade, no ride to the polls denied and no contribution not sent. This is it! It's all about turn-out.

Now, let's get it done folks. Let's get it done.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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Home Stretch: Lot Happenin' For Lonegan

4063753673?profile=originalThanks folks, you have been awesome. In these last few days before the Wednesday, October 16th special election for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat, the Lonegan campaign has skyrocketed with national attention and activity. Rush Limbaugh said Lonegan will win.

Sarah Palin is campaigning for Lonegan. Tea Party Express is hosting a rally for Lonegan; keynotes are Sarah Palin and Mark Levin.

Suddenly, Lonegan t-shirts are hot, figuratively worn by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and supporters across America.

My Conservative Campaign Committee has been pounding the drum for several months for Lonegan. We are running Lonegan radio and TV ads. We are most excited about our Lonegan ads running during Sunday Night Football and the pre-game show.

Our staff is organizing volunteers to phone-from-home for Lonegan, as voter turn out is hugely important. To participate please email: phonefromhome@conservativecampaign.org

But folks, I just want to take a moment to express my deepest thanks and appreciation of you. Your support and contributions have made Lonegan surge from 30 points down to single digits. Remarkable!

Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg threw $1 million to Lonegan's opponent's campaign.

Grassroots efforts for Lonegan simply do not have that kind of money to throw around.

You know me by now folks, I always look for the blessing.

Ours is a We The People movement, working together, united. As grassroots patriots, we make the best with what we have, using our creativity, skills and talents. We spend wisely. We are united in our common goal to restore America.

I spoke on the phone with a Lonegan supporter yesterday who said, “I'm 67. I miss my constitutional America.”

Sending rock-solid constitutional conservatives such as Lonegan to DC is step one.

Also folks, there is something in the air, a new rebellion brewing against the tyranny of the Obama Administration. Truckers are organizing rallies and protests. Veterans are planning rallies and protests. Yes, something is happening.

More than ever, we need politicians on our side who will not blink; refusing to back down simply because Democrats and liberal media call them bad names.

Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan running for U.S. Senate New Jersey is one such politician. We are in the home stretch with only a few days left, folks. Let's get this “good guy” elected.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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4063739959?profile=originalOur Tea Party real nowhere man for U.S. Senate, Steve Lonegan, has suddenly become a force to reckon with; remarkably surging from 35 points behind Obama clone Cory Booker to only 3.

To stop the bleeding, Hollywood (Oprah, Ben Affleck and several others) has funded a $337,000 smear campaign against Lonegan. We can not allow Hollywood to buy this seat for hardcore liberal Booker and the Democrats.

Unquestionably, the once cocky Booker camp of deep-pocket Hollywood heavyweights have become a bite anxious, stunned by Lonegan's surge. They realize that the wake of a Lonegan victory over Booker in New Jersey will cause a tsunami impacting the national political landscape.

Aside from contributing to a Republican majority in the Senate, a Lonegan victory means that when Conservatism is confidently articulated it resonates with voters. Folks, I am talkin' Obama's worst nightmare.

Democrat pundits and their co-conspirators in the media pound us daily with the false narrative that a majority of Americans have embraced their liberal agenda. Conservatives are portrayed as the odd man out. Lonegan boldly proclaims the contrary, stating that the vast majority of Americans are conservative.

Some say the Democrat/liberal media tag team is too powerful and well-funded. My reply is I love my country far too much to roll over and surrender. Lonegan's amazing surge confirms that anything is possible when We The People are fully engaged.

Dr Wayne Dyer said something years ago which has stuck with me. I paraphrase, "No one can predict the future or knows enough to be a pessimist". I can truly testify to the validity of this truth.

Countless times when it appeared that all was lost, God intervened. An unanticipated solution, off my radar, a change of events appeared out of nowhere, to save the day. Life experiences have taught me to focus my energy on doing everything I can do; rooted in righteousness, truth and love. Then, I trust a higher power to produce the proper outcome.

I Googled, “American battles won against all odds”.

Wow! Throughout our history there have been numerous key moments in which Americans were called upon to take a stand against all odds; miraculously stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.

Brother and sister patriots, the battle to defund Obamacare and rein in politically selfish, irresponsible and out-of-control deficit spending is one such moment. At stake is the future of our children.

Democrat Senate majority leader, Harry Reid's rejection of a bill funding kids with cancer reveals that no price is too high to protect Obama's signature achievement Obamacare which ushers in the end of America as founded.

Republicans must stand strong against such evil. We must send rock-solid conservative Steve Lonegan to DC to strengthen our ranks.

Tea Party, please, please, please do not allow Hollywood to buy this race for Booker.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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4063749392?profile=originalQuoting the Pointer Sisters' song, “I'm so excited!” Sarah Palin has endorsed Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate New Jersey.

“Steve Lonegan will fight to preserve our Liberty against government regulations like Obamacare that seek to limit our prosperity. Let’s come together, turn out, work hard, and elect conservative Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate on October 16!”

–Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Folks, not only am I excited about Palin's endorsement, I am most excited about Steve Lonegan, the man. Cut from the same cloth as Sarah Palin, Lonegan boldly articulates the benefits of conservatism and why it is the best route for all to achieve their American Dream. Like Palin, Lonegan is a proud fiscal and social conservative. He is also strongly pro-gun and pro-life.

We in the Tea Party have had very little to cheer about over the past few days since the government shutdown. Democrats with the full support of their sycophant media have been demonizing the Tea Party and Republicans 24/7. Such was expected.

How could decent hard-working Americans rejecting Obamacare, their president's lawless tyrannical attempt to fundamentally transform America; usurping unconstitutional power over every aspect of their lives, prompt such vitriolic hate from the media and Democrats? This is our nightmarish reality in America today.

President Obama rewrites Obamacare at will, changing the rules; 19 times thus far. He awards opt-outs and special deals to his homeys. Could you ever imagine a federal law that those on the president's “good side” would be allowed not to comply? And yet, the media and Democrats have deemed the American people the villains; racist who refuse to go quietly into socialism.

Steve Lonegan's remarkable surge coming from over 30 points to only 3 behind liberal Democrat Cory Booker is cause for celebration. Beating Obama clone Booker will be a huge boost to gaining a majority in the Senate and inspiring our base.

Also, endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Rick Perry, momentum for Lonegan continues to build.

Conservative Campaign Committee has placed TV and radio ads supporting Lonegan. We are running ads on the NBC affiliate in New Jersey on Sunday Night Football and the pre-game show. Thus, reaching a broader audience of voters for Steve Lonegan!

The Lonegan vs Booker race is David vs Goliath. Booker is propped up with a huge war chest from Oprah, Ben Affleck and a plethora of Hollywood heavyweights. Against all odds, Lonegan supported by We The People has risen from not-a-snowballs-chance to reducing Booker's lead to only 3 points. It is truly amazing what can be achieved when We the People come together.

Here is the link to the Money Bomb to purchase airtime for Lonegan ads.

Lonegan himself is pretty outspoken about the national implications of his October 16th battle with Booker; Conservatism vs Liberalism; We The People vs Hollywood.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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Tea Party: We Need More Heroes, NOW!

Are you as frustrated as I? You can count on one hand the conservative Republicans who are aggressively fighting Obama and the Democrat's fundamental transformation of America.

4063739750?profile=originalSarah Palin is out there chastising “RINO” Republicans for putting politics over the best interest of We The People. Palin praised Ted Cruz for taking a stand for freedom and liberty. Thank God for sister Sarah, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee. But they need help!

Steve Lonegan is cut from the same cloth. Legally blind since childhood, Lonegan has never used his disability as a crutch. As mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, his record of conservative fiscally wise decisions speaks for itself. Lonegan is fearless, outspoken and relentless in his efforts to stop Obama's socialist/progressive agenda.

Think the iron-fist anti-christian, nanny state socialist/progressive agenda is not well on its way of being fully implemented, here are a few examples.

4063739841?profile=originalA parent was arrested at a school board meeting for questioning the new liberal curriculum. Can you believe that? What the heck is going on in our country?

California parents are outraged over a ruling by liberals to punish/fine youth football teams that score too many points. The message, a team can be good, but not too good.

A Fox Sports broadcaster was fired for having religious views which are not in sync with the Administration’s socialist/progressive agenda. Such attacks on religion and unapproved opinions are commonplace under Obama.

Kindergarten kids are forced to celebrate Gay Pride Month and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month.

Dear Lord, I pray a majority of Americans will wake up and smell the tyranny before it is too late.

No Administration in U.S. History has had a record of bullying, intimidation and lawlessness like this one, using every governmental agency to punish and destroy those who oppose Emperor Obama.

After our “moderate” candidate lost the presidential election, the GOP embraced the liberal media, Democrats and consultant's spin that Conservatism and bad mouthing Obama was our downfall. They claim it turned off minorities and low-info voters.

Consequently, Republicans are timid about criticizing Obama and opposing the liberal agenda; Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, abortion, gay marriage and illegal immigration. Incredibility, Republicans are actively seeking to chase conservatives out of the party.

If we do not send more conservative reinforcements to the front line, America as we know it will be over. Pure and simple. Thus, my passion for sending rock solid conservative Steve Lonegan to DC.

Funding from the people of New Jersey and grassroots has Lonegan surging. His extreme liberal opponent, Booker funded by Hollywood (Oprah, Ben Affleck and more) continues to decline.

EXCITING NEWS! Some polls have the race down to single digits.

Lonegan says the Wednesday, October 16th special election is really a referendum on Obamacare. Lonegan making such a bold statement in the midst of the GOP waving the white flag on numerous issues is truly refreshing. A Lonegan win will be a severely needed shot in the arm to the conservative movement.

Hear Steve's inspiring words on the John Gambling Show.

Patriots, in the tradition of Palin, Cruz and Lee, Steve Lonegan will not blink. He will fight for us. We need more heroes, NOW! You can help.


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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Montgomery County Tea Party will have Carlos Bringuier as our guest speaker Mondy, Oct. 15th, 6:30pm.
Carlos Bringuier will be our guest speaker. Carlos was born in Cuba, June 22, 1934. 

Bringuier was an anti-Castro activist. His shop was visited by Oswald on August 5, 1963, who claimed his interest in joining the anti-Castro struggle.

Four days later, on August 9, 1963, Oswald was arrested for disturbing the peace when, as he was handing out FPCC pro-Castro leaflets, he had an argument with Bringuier.

On August 21, 1963, Carlos Bringuier faced Oswald a third time during a radio debate : "Conversation Carte Blanche". Bringuier defended the anti-Castro point of view whereas Oswald supported the pro-Castro FPCC.


Time: October 15, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8pm
Location: Montgomery County Hospital District
Street: 1400 W Loop 336 S
City/Town: Conroe, Texas
Website or Map:http://www.mcteaparty.org/


You can also read more about Carlos here.4063599641?profile=original

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Montgomery County Tea Party will have Carlos Bringuier as our guest speaker Mondy, Oct. 15th, 6:30pm.
Carlos Bringuier will be our guest speaker. Carlos was born in Cuba, June 22, 1934. 

Bringuier was an anti-Castro activist. His shop was visited by Oswald on August 5, 1963, who claimed his interest in joining the anti-Castro struggle.

Four days later, on August 9, 1963, Oswald was arrested for disturbing the peace when, as he was handing out FPCC pro-Castro leaflets, he had an argument with Bringuier.

On August 21, 1963, Carlos Bringuier faced Oswald a third time during a radio debate : "Conversation Carte Blanche". Bringuier defended the anti-Castro point of view whereas Oswald supported the pro-Castro FPCC.


Time: October 15, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8pm
Location: Montgomery County Hospital District
Street: 1400 W Loop 336 S
City/Town: Conroe, Texas
Website or Map:http://www.mcteaparty.org/


You can also read more about Carlos here.4063599641?profile=original

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Happy Memorial Day/ Tea Are The World

4063314712?profile=originalA few Memorial Days ago, I was sitting comfortably on my sofa, enjoying salty snacks and a refreshing sweet tea while watching a program honoring our military on TV. Mary would inform me when the charcoals were ready to throw on the steaks. Life was good.


Featured in the TV program was Veteran actor, Charles Durning who was a U.S. Army Ranger during WWII. Durning won the Silver Star for gallantry and was awarded three Purple Hearts for bravery at Normandy.


Despite his remarkable achievements and sacrifices for freedom, still moved after all these years, Durning humbly stood at the podium and wept for his fallen brothers. Wow, do they make real men like Durning anymore?


After the TV program honoring Durning and other American heroes, the following program honored great American conscientious objectors.


Folks, it was quite annoying watching these guys, conscientious objectors, being portrayed as superior human beings while pontificating about the evils of war and why they chose not to participate. I thought, “You guys are free to enjoy success, freedom and spout your crap “in English” because brave men like Charles Durning fought on your behalf. How dare you!”


4063314721?profile=originalDebbie Lee is the mom of Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. On numerous occasions, Marc stepped up putting himself at risk to defend his fellow soldiers. In response to the death of her decorated son and experiencing first hand the challenges facing the families of fallen soldiers, Debbie Lee founded AmericasMightyWarriors.org. http://bit.ly/iSLTD1


Almost a year ago, musicians, singers and bands across America responded to my call to come together to record a song titled, Taking Back America and donate their recorded songs for an album to celebrate America, honor our military and benefit the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, AmericasMightyWarriors.org.


The response was overwhelming. From Country music to rap by a black conservative and every genre in between, we selected the best 44 songs from hundreds of submissions. Jo Piazza at FoxNews titled the project, Tea Are The World.


Now, here is the truly heartwarming divine providence aspect of the project. We had no money for recording, manufacturing, distribution or marketing. When asked about such details, my response was, “I don't know?” I felt God only instructed me to put out the call to musicians. He did not fill me in on how it would all come together.


Remember the old Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movies? In the films a character would say, “Let's put on our own show!” Another character would say, “That's a great idea! My uncle has 500 chairs stored in his garage.” They would rally together and put on an amazing production.


Tea Are The World pretty much came together the same way. Get this folks, around 100 musicians across America flew or drove, on their own dime, to Deltona Records in Florida to record, Taking Back America.


Emmy winning TV producer Norvell Rose informed me that he and his son, Conner, would be coming down from Virginia to attend the recording session to produce a music video and “Making of Tea Are The World” documentary; all for FREE. Both are included on DVD in the Tea Are The World package.


Deltona Records owner, music producer and engineer Frank Starchak is famed for recording Tupac Shakur and numerous other celebrities. Starchak recorded and produced the 100 musicians singing, Taking Back America. Starchak also mastered the 44 song double CD set included in the Tea Are The World package; completely FREE of charge.


Professional distributor, Tom Horn, offered to distribute Tea Are The World FREE of charge.


Singer, Lisa Scott Kelly and Debbie Lee, founder of AmericasMightyWarriors.org, shook the trees and found funds for manufacturing; which was our only expense. Everything has been donated.


Rev. Minion told me how his wife Danielle, a professional graphic designer, got involved. Upon hearing about Tea Are The World on the news, Danielle said, “Honey, I feel I am suppose to help these people”.


Danielle Minion designed the Tea Are The World package and promotional materials. She did all of the production artwork work needed to prepare the package for manufacturing. Danielle donated her services FREE of charge.


Now here is the kicker, after Danielle committed to our project, she became pregnant. Of her three pregnancies, this one has been the worst; sick almost very day. Then, Danielle's files of the project became corrupted. Rev. Minion said in Danielle's years in the business, never have so many things interrupted her completing a project.


Folks, I am pleased and grateful to announce that Tea Are The World is completed, beautifully packaged and available for purchase. Praise God.


4063314534?profile=originalPlease do not think I am dissing other fund raisers. I am simply stating a fact. With some, when the dust clears, as little as 10% goes to the charity. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Tea Are The World go to AmericasMightyWarriors.org which benefits the families of our fallen soldiers.


Because of the sacrifices of our military which include brave women and men like Charles Durning and Marc Alan Lee, we are blessed to enjoy Memorial Day cookouts with our families. Please remember the families of our fallen soldiers; AmericasMightyWarriors.org.



Happy Memorial Day!


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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