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‘Tis getting more and more difficult to hold down one’s dinner these days . . . after a bogus bailout; phony Obama-orchestrated bankruptcy aimed dually at preventing the real creditors from getting paid and also at transferring huge amounts of wealth from real GM stockholders to the United Auto Workers Union; Rigged IPO (initial public offering of stock); and phony claims last spring that General Motors had already paid off its tax-payer bailout 100% . . . Rosemary’s Baby is born! It’s the VOLT, a $41,000 electric car/hybrid commanded to be constructed by the Obama White House’s personally appointed GM CEO . . . . My friends, it’s truly a REvoltING car, because:

1. It cost about 90% more than its chief competitor, the Nissan “Leaf”

2. It cost over $40,000 to make each VOLT roughly 2.5 times as much to build as the Leaf

3. Under best conditions, the mileage from the VOLT is roughly 40% less than the Leaf's mileage.

4. It’s ugly as sin

5. Only taxpayer subsidies of $14,500 per car during VOLT’s formative years allowed this pathetic car to be made at all.

6. Carrying around a 72-mile long extension cord is just not cool . . . : ) Seriously, folks, if you ever lived under the misperception that government could outdo private industry . . . the lesser standards and grand profit of $1000 per car ought to set you straight . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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