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Servants First

My Status is the same as always.
I'm here (on this Earth) to serve Jesus and Others.
I know that my words may be somewhat severe, but I always speak them with the truest of motives. I Love all of you enough to speak the things that I truly believe will help all know how best to live as the Lord wants us to. I am always open to any Ideas that can be backed up first by the Word of God, second by true moral standards, or third by undisputed historic/scientific evidence.
I've served in the military to defend everyone's Right to Speak their own Minds and Beliefs. I don't, and you don't, have to agree with all I purport to be True.
Debate is one of my favorite forms of conversation, better than surrounding myself with "yes men".

The Leaders of Our country today have seemed to do just the opposite. By surrounding themselves, with "Yes men. yes women, yes media and yes apologist", we hear nothing but repeated lies and whacked out Ideas made up by the president and perpetuated thru out our society these days.

By following these Simple rules that I use to validate my beliefs, the leaders of today would make much better decisions, about everything, whether they hold my religious beliefs or not.

You don't have to be a Christian to benefit from ALL the Moral teachings of the Bible. There are no teachings of Jesus contrary to moral Law from anywhere in America, unless you really believe you can change right from wrong. The so-called leaders of today, typically leading from behind, don't seem to even possess even the slightest of morals or intestinal fortitude. From the "Coward in Chief" to the lowest member in Congress (with the possible exclusion of Ted Cruz), even the veterans after the ilk of McCain, seem to have Zero accountability to The People of These United States or Any Higher Power. We in these States that understand that the entire basis of this country's existence is, and always has been, based on "CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES" have no President representing us. It seems that Ubama represents only himself and his whacked out socialist ideology. The President Is supposed to be a Servant of the People of the People. His Leadership is to inspire others to do the Will of the People. This he does not do. Personally, I believe that the best Leaders have been in the Military or in real public service(Dr's, Police, Firefighters, etc...) not community organizers or career Politicians.The founding Fathers would be appalled at the politicians living in office I'm Sure. They get there and completely forget the reality of living in and for this country and people,IF they ever did know these things. Term limits are a must. Thank You All. 

If there is ever anything I can do to explain the Bible or my Beliefs to help you out, just ask. I will do my best to use Bible to interpret Bible and back up my beliefs.
The Lord has truly blessed me with the time to repent and come back into His service, of that I am Eternally Thankful. I pray not only for You all, but the whole World, without ceasing.
May God Richly Bless you, my Beloved.

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A Tell of Democratic Leadership -Detroit

A Tell of Democratic Leadership.

There once was a great America city, where one on six American jobs were related to the businesses headquartered in this city of 2 million people. Detroit!

Now, under democratic leadership it has 700K citizens, 78,000 abandoned buildings, 58 minute wait time for a policeman, very high crime and murder rate , strict gun laws and the largest city in US history to file for bankruptcy.

Just think Obama and the democrats want to lead us, but to where and how bad will it get. Remember, Obama said his policies will make energy prices skyrocket, while we sit on more energy reserves that known in the world. EPA and other federal agencies issuing more new rules than ever before and a tripled federal deficit while printing 80 billion USD every month, propping up Wall Street. Manipulated inflation and unemployment numbers and not to be forgotten Obama care. I know Obama and the democrats can do for every American city what they have done for so many others, including Detroit.

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61% of the 1,400 or so delegates at the recent Boy Scout Leadership meeting voted to admit openly homosexual boys to Scouting. They also denied homosexual adult Scout leaders. Two bold questions need to be asked.

1.     How does a young boy know he’s openly homosexual unless someone suggests it?

2.     What did the Boy Scouts learn about their own leadership?

4063699093?profile=originalMy home was recently infested with Brazilian cereal moths.  They’re tiny things that reproduce before your eyes and get into everything from Bisquick to candied pecans to Raisin Bran. I tried sprays and finally settled on a simple sex trap; not unlike what the “progressives” use on every moral and spiritual value that made this country great.

The trap features a little red square (how appropriate!) that carries a pheromone, a targeted sexual attractant that draws the moths to it. As they fly into the trap, the sticky sides snare them and they remain stuck until they die of exhaustion.

1. The great strength of Scouting has always been to develop young men by testing their courage and drawing out latent skills and talents. The experience will serve them the rest of their lives. Scouting succeeds because it serves true diversity: the development of diverse skills and talents through hard-earned Badges in areas of interest to the individual Scout.

Boys are aware of their blossoming sex drives. Scouting has always guided them to discover their roles as young men born to serve God, Country and one another. Isn’t this more important than being drawn like moths to the “progressive” sex trap?

I’ve long held that sexual impulse of any type is offset by a person’s innate creativity and penchant for service. The difference between human beings and all other creatures is that we have been gifted with a rational mind and free will that does not enslave us to our passions.

Most boys will grow and develop into men ready to head a family and defend it as God commands and the Constitution provides. Others will find their creative and intellectual gifts lead them into other areas of risk and reward, of service to others. Their sexuality will take care of itself as they concentrate on discovering and testing their capabilities.

2. What is it about Scout leaders that drew them to vote as they did?

Jesus stated that for someone to destroy the innocence of young ones, it would be better for the predator to have a millstone hung around his neck and be tossed into the sea. He saw that as an eternal preventative to save the predator’s own soul before he did something stupid.

The person dedicated to serving others, especially the young, is often left alone with his thoughts and impulses. One must never divert boys’ skill and character development toward obsession with sexuality.

The answer lies in 1 Corinthians 10:13: “No test has been sent you that do not come to all men.” Besides, God keeps his promise. He will not let you be tested beyond your strength. Along with the test he will give you a way out so that you may be able to endure it.”  God’s love and wisdom is shown with our endowment of a free will.  He provides us with a barrier against temptation.  What good is His guidance if we're not paying attention?  We must do our part and instill it in our boys.

The Boy Scouts and the schools they attend will win this great battle in spiritual warfare by embracing God as complementary to the mission of education and skill development. They could explore the balance between creativity, service and sexuality without “progressive” obsessions. Young people would come to understand how wonderfully they are made. They are designed for greatness and have the free will and the freedom in this Constitutional Republic to choose a path. Anything short of that deserves “The Millstone Award.”

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Stubborn or Stupid

Stubborn or Stupid?

So, Mark Sanford won.

You would think that Republicans are rejoicing.

Whew, A House seat preserved!

Instead it appears Sanford will be, at best, tolerated not embraced.

Stubborn or Stupid

Do I like his “personals”? – NO

Do I like his “technicals” – Show me anybody with a better background.

Did I vote for him  - Yes.

Even though he stood in public, apologized for not answering questions I had written to him, promised that those answers would be forthcoming, and then stiffed me.

My vote came after considering the alternative.

So, will he be Prom Queen ….. Doubtful.

But as somebody (Mark Kelly) once said….  “We have met the enemy and he is us,”


Will House Republicans self-destruct over petty egotism?

Or will they show true Leadership and build a team?


Like it or not, House Members, Mark Sanford is yours. If nothing else, milk his talent!

But preferably. realize that The Enemy is Beyond….. and for America’s future, WORK TOGETHER!






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Organization Analysis and Work Orientation

Following is a white paper that tea party members and leaders can use to hone their organizational and leadership skills.  I hope you find it helpful.

Executive and management skills are often viewed exclusively as talents, things that some people just do naturally.  But they are skills and anyone can increase their abilities to lead, manage and produce with a little effort.  All organizational and individual efforts require 3 fundamental orientations, or viewpoints from which to view and engage the activity to a successful result.  The skill with which one is able to apply these approaches to any endeavor determines your level of success.  You use these tools well in all areas where you are very successful, and not so well in areas where you are frustrated.

You can use this logic model to evaluate and improve your performance in any area of life and to provide guidance and leadership to others.

Three Fundamental Orientations

–        Task Oriented: A task is an action or series of actions.  It is production.  Workers are most comfortable with this work style, from assembly workers, to mechanics to pilots and doctors.  People who like to “do” things.

–        Process Oriented:  A process is the methodology of production; it is coordinating and managing resources as well as directing the flow of production, the way things are produced.  Managers are most comfortable with process oriented work.

–        Results Oriented:  A result is the end product of tasks executed to completion via an organized methodology.  It is identifying and naming the goals and establishing the vision.  Executives are most comfortable with results oriented work.

Orientation and Organization Analysis

Whenever an organization is experiencing frustration, discord, inefficiency or excessive emergencies, look for an imbalance in these three factors, and it will lead you to the source of the problem and help identify the solution to help increase efficiency, morale and results.

–        While most jobs are dominated by one of the 3 orientations, every job encompasses components of all three orientations.  Excellence requires the ability to use all 3 appropriately.

–        Most people have a favorite work orientation, with which they are most comfortable, but everyone can increase their ability to apply any of the 3 orientations to a given situation.  It is really just a point of view and anyone can change their point of view.

–        Using judgment and your existing expertise, you can use this analytic logic model to identify and improve any organizational sphere, from a single job to a large multi-group organization.

Some General Guidelines

New or young organizations tend to be weak in Executive and Management areas of Results and Process Orientations.  It is critical for the group to adopt and broadly publish vision and mission statements to identify the Results desired.  Next, it will be necessary to develop programs and processes.  Many tea parties have members who have considerable executive or management skills, but who do not have sufficient time to engage in a leadership role.  Work to identify those individuals and see if they can provide consulting advice and guidance to the leaders.  Always assess the skills of your membership and make every effort to help members find a role within the organization for which they are well suited.  People always prefer to do things that they do well, and are much more willing to participate in activities outside their zone of comfort if they are also utilized in areas where they are already strong.   You wouldn't use a sports car to move furniture, nor would you enter a moving van in a drag race.

More mature organizations can tend to get process heavy where people are changing too much for the sake of change.  Very mature organizations can lose sight of the vision, or once the initial vision is fulfilled to fail to generate a new vision and goal that builds on previous success.  The best example of this is the civil rights movement which has fallen so far as to start creating false civil rights violations to protest, and degenerated into race baiters from a once noble endeavor.

Examples of Misapplied Orientation

–        Worker responding to request with obstacles and reasons why it can’t be done:  Results orientation when task orientation is needed.  The worker wants the answers to the issues it is his job to address, but is delegating up, asking the supervisor to do his work.

–        Manager responding to request for necessary resources with demand for completion.  Results orientation when process orientation is needed.  If the worker does not have sufficient material, resources or authority to complete a task, it is the manager’s job to allocate the appropriate resources.

–        Manager practicing micro-management:  Task oriented when process orientation is needed.  The manager is only addressing the tasks, rather than assigning resources and directing overall process.

–        Executive engaging in debate over how a project should be executed:  Process orientation instead of results orientation.  The executive is doing the manager’s job instead of rejecting a proposal which is not defined clearly enough for an approval or rejection.

–        Worker delaying production until it can be perfected to an unrealistic or unnecessary level.  Process oriented when task orientation is needed.  Sometimes, the job just needs to be done.  The correct solution is to do the job and submit a report on problems with a recommendation for process improvement.

How Can I use this Information to become more effective

The best way to drill this information is to start with processes and tasks with which you are very familiar.  Select anything at which you are already very expert and break it down into Results (vision), Process (methodology) and Tasks (individual steps).

Make a cup of coffee:

Executive:  Vision of a steaming cup of hot coffee and the executive decision to obtain one.

Manager:  Ensure the necessary materials and supplies are available.

Task:  Prepare the coffee.

If you ask someone who is totally task oriented to get a cup of coffee, you might not get one.

If they only know the Corey coffee maker they can only get a cup of coffee if you have the equipment they are already familiar with.

A person who is totally task oriented will do the following:

  1. Put the coffee pack into the coffee maker drip container.
  2. Pour cold water into the water cavity of the coffee maker.
  3. Put a cup or pot onto the hotplate beneath the drip container.
  4. Push the Start button.

Someone who is totally task oriented and does not understand the process will be unable to make coffee if he/she doesn’t have one of the familiar tools, coffee maker, coffee pack, electricity.  But someone who truly understands what it takes to make a good cup of coffee will not be stopped by a lack of materials.

Some things are essential.  In order to make a good cup of coffee, you need coffee grounds, water, a fireproof container and sufficient heat to boil the water, a means of filtering out the grounds.

You can boil water in a pan, pour in the grounds and let it steep then filter it through a loose weave cloth into a cup or pot.  And, you can do this with a camp fire and a pan, or you can get an espresso maker and go all high tech.

And someone who is really stumped with missing resources/supplies or broken equipment, will simply  get in the car and drive to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks or 7/11 and buy a cup.

There are a lot of ways to solve the problem, and the better versed a person is in the nature of coffee and availability of materials and resources, the greater the certainty that he will actually obtain the result.

In the areas where you are highly expert, you shift from Results Oriented, to Process Oriented to Task Oriented fluidly as necessary, without even thinking about it.  It has become second nature.  To learn these orientations, for 1-2 weeks, stop what you are doing 5-6 times a day and identify which orientation you are using at any given time.

Following are a set of drills to work on for 2 weeks each.  The assumption is that you will not be focusing your attention on this for more than a few minutes a few times a day.  A little attention a few times a day over a period of weeks will give you far more skill than drilling it intensively examining everything that you do against this logic.  Over-analysis of your own behavior will have you second guessing yourself and undermine the very skills and abilities the drill is supposed to enhance.

Week 1-2

Applying this logic to areas where you are already expert, will increase your ability with the subject matter.  You should feel confident that you can always identify which work orientation you are using at any given time.

Determine which orientation you enjoy the most.  Start paying attention to opportunities to utilize the orientations you don’t like as much.  The more familiar and comfortable you are with all 3, the more effective you will become at any endeavor.

Week 3-4

Start observing others’ activities and behavior.  What orientation are they employing in their various activities? Before you can even consider identifying which orientation they should use, you must first become proficient in identifying which IS being used.

Again, do not over apply this information lest you become hyper-critical.  Everyone is doing their best most of the time.  You are observing periodically throughout the day not constantly.  The idea is to develop a skill, not a habit.

Week 5-6

Start paying specific attention to problem areas and identify which orientation is being used, and which would solve the problem.  Now you can start troubleshooting activities based on this information.

When people tell you their problems, start applying this logic.  Is there a vision or an end result?  Does the person know what the result would look like if the problem were solved?  Has the person identified the proper resources and materials to achieve the result?  What needs to actually happen to produce the result?

If nothing else, using this methodology for problem solving will enable you to rapidly identify the person who revels in his/her unsolvable problems.  As you start breaking it down with the appropriate questions, the person who is savoring and enjoying their problem will start to obstruct and refuse to participate in identifying the solution.  You can breathe a sigh of relief…this is not a person in distress who needs your aid.  This is a person who uses problems to get attention or to delegate their personal responsibility to you, or society, etc.  You don’t have to worry about them, they are already in 7th heaven, and you can go about your more productive business with a clear conscience and light heart.

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I’m no anarchist but I do believe in freedom and this country needs help a little bit of crazy is needed now more than ever.  In days of yore when men were men battles were fought with words and backed up with pistols, swords, fists, and cannons.  The economy can be fixed rather easily stop trading with communists.  People who have no concept of individual thought therefore give no question to making cheap replicas and selling them back to us at twice the price.   Human rights are unheard of in a village mentality which is how communism is works, the greater good.  You want greater good and peace well you gotta be ready to pay the price.  The crusades never ended for islamists, they still want the holy land and Jews have it and christians make the occasional pilgrimage while the russian mob runs the country.  In Japan they kill whales and spill nuclear waste because nobody thought ahead.  But guess what they ought to be used to the radiation by now.   How can we have world peace when we have 12 year old boys raping 2 year old girls.  Lets start getting our guns out and using them bring back the power of a lynch mob and let the cops turn a blind eye for acts such as these.  No hoods and sheets rather a six shooter and a rifle, lets turn the clock back a bit start breeding horses and using them for transport stop giving money to people who would cut your head off if you didn’t convert.  Take all the cars and line’m up on the mexican border and remember the Alamo. Fight back send a message to the drug and human traffickers No More.  Davey Crockett was a drunken states man with more honor than the entire United Nations.  Sam Houston lost his wife ran off with an indian woman to texas and laid down the law with the help of others.  Its time to a little farther south the war on drugs needs to be a war on drugs.  Lets go after the cartels with same intensity as we did when Nuked Japan and leveled half of Europe. Lets play the game of risk, the world needs leadership and nobody seems to see it.  Its enough to drive men crazy, but lets face it with the Absence of Leadership we have nothing to look forward to.  In America people look upon the government as God and that my friends is the Golden Calf.  We need leader who speaks softly and carries a big stick. Yeah Churchill said it he was nothing more than a drunk who saw the truth about an evil man.  You want to find real leadership find me a drunk who isn’t ashamed of his past and know right from wrong.  Yeah in school your taught play follow the leader but we have no leader thats why the world is in chaos.  I want our next president to be shepherd whose not afraid to fight off the wolves.   Leadership comes with a price and until we have a president who is willing to pay it we will be wandering in the wilderness.  Yeah the way the world used to come up ideas on how to make things better was to sit down with a bottle of whatever  and have a debate but if you crossed the line you had to pay the price.  Ask Aaron Burr about what happens when you crossed the line.  I Honestly believe Congress would be better off if they were all drunk.  We need statesmen who can have a debate and come to a conclusion even if it means pistols at dawn.  It days of yore wars war often fought by the two men representing their particular sides.  I’ll take Hulk Hogan vs the Iron Sheik any day of the week.   Our experiment with democracy was a failure,  somebody needs to speak the truth Russia, Canada, England, Australia and anybody else you could name aren’t our allies we have no allies its a dog eat dog world and we are the pit bull that has been castrated by the absence of leadership.  We need to fix america and the only way to do that is to expand and find the leaders among us that are hidden because if the speak the truth they will get yelled at by some one and discredited.  The muslims hate us, asians think were idiots, south america sell us our drugs and cheap labor while we have all the children on pharmaceutical drug it’s depressing. We have become slaves to the government and worse we are also slaves to technology we need some one to unite us we need some ex-patriots to step up and protect our boarders start hijacking all the ships coming in from china and learn how to build things with our own two hands.   When I was in university my professor in ethics asked me what my goal was, “I want to raise an army and conquer the known world so that it can be run the right way.”   Help me help america, stop electing idiots, stop putting your faith in the government put it in God or at least a God fearing man.  Money is power that corrupts all men, I would rather be broke running around in the hills I’d probably have a higher life expectancy.   We need ordinary people in congress, you can’t have this modern aristocracy running around like spoiled brats.  “How can you help the poor if you never been poor, how can you stop crime if you don’t know any criminals,”  as Chris Rock said.   We need ordinary people to put an end to this special interest garbage because no matter which side wins the elections everybody loses.  We have an Education system thats broken down and we keep trying to fix it with a hammer, let just tear it down and rebuild it.  Actually it would more sense to do that with all of the government.  I call for new elections and lets rise up like egypt and demand all of our leaders step down cause they aren’t leaders.  All over america is broke and we are try to fix it with a butter knife and duct tape.  Lets get the pitch forks out lights some fires and raise a little hell until the elected officials all resign and we put real people into the decision making process.  The constitution needs a little amending right about now who is going to man up and do what needs to be done.        I been all around the world met all kinds of amazing people and only three of them made me tremble.  1 Mike Huckabee 2 Harold Ford Jr. 3 was an old rabbi, I trembled because I knew I was in the presence of great men who cared more for their flock than for themselves.  Politics aside we need people to start acting right and that will come only when we start over again with the real issues, Poverty leads to Violence and life is beautiful we don’t need more millionaires we need more people who just want that nice pink house with the white picket fences.  In order to teach the banks a lesson we should allow squatting rights in foreclosed homes. Will a couple of true leaders step forward and a few great men sit down and have a civil conversation on a Sunday afternoon in a parlor room with out attempting to attack other peoples honor.  I would like to see a day when people realize we are all different and regions have different problems, for example out west try selling cars that run on solar power, and in the mid west how about some wind power and guess what for the rest of us on the Mighty Mississippi hydro power, we can still use coal and natural gas but stop the insanity.  Think for yourselves, communism has its ups and downs but remember even they had to have people who could think for themselves.  I don’t want millions I just want a nice world to live is that so hard to imagine.  Its going to take either the threat of force or the actual use of force to do this which is why we need leaders and statesmen from different breed.  Read your history books empathize and emulate the heros of our past and maybe we will get that better breed of man.

Jeff KLitzner and this is  my gift to the world
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