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November 5, 2013


The lack of National Security in the United States - what this means.

Staffers - please forward directly to the Congressmen - urgent


The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Congressman Issa

The Honorable Congressman Carter

The Honorable Congressman Huelskamp

The Honorable Congressman Lamalfa

The Honorable Congressman Chaffetz


Good morning Gentlemen!


A couple of you know who I am, to the rest I am at best, an unknown. I would like to rectify that this morning.


I am Sergeant First Class (SFC) Aubrey Lee Mason, US Army retired (May 2011), living in San Antonio, Texas. I served my Nation honorably twenty-six years of my life. None of what I accomplished in service to my country is of importance in our discussion.

What is of importance are experience and training - the experience and training of every Veteran of the Armed Forces, regardless if they are retired Military or simply a Veteran.

A very long time ago, I was trained to observe and report.... I do this again now.


We Veterans and retiree's have been writing our elected on a continual basis warning of government overreach and unconstitutional government acts that fit the dictionary definitions of tyranny and treason. We have been warning our elected of the big picture we see - the imminent takeover of our Nation. (no, I do not wear a tin-foil hat)


I am fairly certain your constituents have written you about this, I am not privy to the number of telephone calls, letters, faxes and emails you received, but I believe they must have been at minimum in the hundreds - perhaps in the thousands.... concerning the exorbitant ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this past year....


 I understand, you never did receive adequate answers from DHS and I understand you never did receive an invitation from DHS to inventory all of their ammunition storage.


I sincerely doubt you will discover the truth until Congress begins to arrest members of this administration.....


A couple of you questioned DHS if this was not a backdoor attempt by this administration to infringe on the 2nd Amendment by "consuming" all of the available ammunition on the market so that civilians were unable to purchase ammunition....

 I believe you received a denial from DHS this was the case - yet infringement has occurred and ammunition remains scarce. Moreover, the scarcity of ammunition is going to get worse very soon.


Gentlemen, I would like to pose a few questions for you to ask yourselves - and I do not require a response - action however, would be greatly appreciated by all.



You should first be aware of DHS document IA-0257-09 titled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment". This document can be found here;   http://www.fas.org/irp/eprint/rightwing.pdf

Notable is the fact this document was created just four (4) months into Mr. Obama's first term and notable is the fact it paints every Military Veteran with the Timothy McVeigh paintbrush - Mr. McVeigh was an aberration in Military Veterans - and his crime happened back in 1995..... NOT 2009.

Notable is also the fact that the grounds claimed in this document did not in fact exist in 2009. Our Nation was in a recession - but times were not that hard, people were not happy with government - but the citizens of the Nation were not then (yet) abused by their government and Militia groups were not (yet) aggressively recruiting new members.....

While some members of Congress wrote letters to Ms. Napolitano about her verbiage and claims in this document - no demands to retract or revoke this document were made by anyone in Congress - and every Law Enforcement agency in the US was subsequently sent a copy.


Back in 2008 while campaigning for election, Mr. Obama stated he "called for the creation of a “civilian national security force” that is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” as the U.S. military. Mr. Obama said the same thing in 2012 in the first Presidential debate. In that statement, Mr. Obama used the phrase "our objectives" as his reasoning for this "force" and later used the term "pre-crime" in describing how he wished to stop crime in our Nation..... (still not sure what the latter was supposed to mean but it either sounds ominous - or the visions of a very disturbed mind)


You are aware that within the Constitution, there is no verbiage that allows a president to raise an Army - nor is there any precedent in US Law. Congress as a body holds the only "right" to raise an Army. A State can raise a Militia.


If you start asking questions, you will quickly discover there are more than 100,000-armed federal officers - an Army - with US Military weapons and equipment at their immediate disposal. Since there has still not been a real inventory of what ammunition DHS actually has - no way to know just how much ammunition these 100,000-armed federal officers have at their disposal.

You should be advised, despite the fact there is no constitutional basis for the action - Mr. Obama has indeed "raised a civilian Army" - and apparently equipped them with hollow point ammunition, banned under the Geneva Convention.


You are already aware that DHS is in possession of 2,717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Combat vehicles. Granted, some of these (17) went to the Border Patrol and an unknown number went to Police Departments nationwide. DHS still holds an unknown number of these Combat Vehicles that have absolutely NO PLACE on US soil for Federal Law Enforcement purposes other than the Border Patrol.

At least one Veteran, a retired Army Officer, has called for DHS to immediately return these MRAP's to the Department of Defense and in his letter stated essentially the same grounds I have stated - these Combat vehicles have no purpose in Civilian Law Enforcement hands and they belong on the Battlefield - not for domestic use against US Citizens. He sent his letter to a "republican" Texas Senator who essentially ignored him - yet this letter went viral on the net........


Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) successfully forced the last Lead Smelter in the US to close... Granted, the Lead recycling plants continue to operate - but eventually the EPA will get around to shutting them down as well.

The element Lead is not just used in the manufacturing of ammunition, it is used extensively in just about all manufacturing to one degree or another - some industries cannot create a product without it!


If you have been watching over the past year, you noticed that the cost of automotive lead-acid  batteries (car, truck, golf carts, etc.) has skyrocketed. This is a result of Lead Smelters systematically being shut down by the EPA and a lack of cheap material to manufacture batteries. Sources for raw materials became scarce - now due to EPA regulation, they no longer exist in the US.


The element lead is the primary component of Solder - and Solder is required to affix commercial electronics components to circuit boards to create anything from children's toys to avionics. The element lead is used due to its conductivity and relatively low melting point. Commercial grade electronics components are used in just about everything to include aircraft, automotive manufacturing, Military vehicle manufacturing, Locomotive manufacturing, traffic signal manufacturing, and computers - you name it and lead component solder is used. There is no substitution element for lead solder in commercial electronics. Silver can be used with Military grade electronics components - however, Military grade components cost 10-100 times more than a commercial alternative... and are not cost effective or profitable... as the manufacturers will have great difficulty selling their products under these circumstances..... they will be just too expensive.


The element lead is used in commercial ammunition manufacturing - but it is also used in Military ordinance manufacturing... from lead bullets to rockets - our Military depends on a cheap and plentiful source of lead. Without a cheap and plentiful source of lead in our Nation - our Military is powerless and disarmed.

At no time in our history have we ever considered importing Military ordinance for use in our Military - that would affect our National Security. Now, if this is allowed to stand - our Nation has no other recourse to supply our own Military.

And reiterating; DHS has an estimated 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, enough to fight a war twenty years long......................................................


Gentlemen, you have witnessed Mr. Obama lie to Congress, the American People and the world on countless occasions...

The latest big lie he has been caught in was the ACA where he told the world on at least twenty-three occasions caught on-camera, Americans would not lose their healthcare or insurance of they like it.

Now millions have had their insurance canceled - and the costs incurred by the citizen for health insurance have more than doubled.

I read today that Mr. Obama now claims he never said that and we all simply misunderstood him.... completely disregarding the fact we have twenty-three examples of this lie on-camera.


How much more lying are YOU willing to endure?



Bottom line:

In Congress, you have witnessed this administration;


Twist words into meanings other than what a person can find in a dictionary, to wit, that a Military Veteran, Christian, Anti-abortionist, prepper, people who believe in the Constitution, people who speak out against government - must be considered a terrorist.


In the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) testimony to Congress following the Boston Bombing - Congressional Leaders heard from the FBI that muslims were not the focus of their investigations and they did not see the Boston Bombers as a threat.

In the National Security Administration (NSA) testimony to Congress following the Boston Bombing - Congressional Leaders heard from the NSA that muslims and mosques were not among the targets for data interception.


That muslim terrorists are actually "freedom fighters" - and not al-Qaeda terrorists. (this "concept" was also discovered in the "common core" textbooks pushed on our Nation by this administration). This revisionist concept is also held by those in Congress who favor funding the Syrian "rebels" - the same "rebels" who self-identified on-camera as al-Qaeda.............................. At least two of these who favor this funding are allegedly "republicans".


And we have the 2nd in Command of DHS and his personal webpage - the same webpage with a prominent al-Qaeda hand symbol - and his recent public claim the United States was a "muslim nation with islamic compliant constitution". This act borders on treason - yet has anyone seen or heard of impending action against this man?

No, you have not........................... and I suspect under this corrupt administration you never will.


Military Generals and Navy Admirals removed from Command on (to Veterans) very suspicious circumstances and alleged improprieties... many of these men, beloved by the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen they commanded. Many Veterans know these men personally and seriously question the truth of these alleged "improprieties".


Federal government spending completely out of control, the US deficit higher under this man than all previous Presidents COMBINED. Federal spending at such levels people have commented that the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" is being used by this administration!

And it may very well be.



Gentlemen, there are far too many things that have occurred under this man that scream treason to Veterans. It does not matter if it was arming and funding the muslim brotherhood in Egypt or the Syrian "rebels". We have seen enough to know what comes next.


I submit to you that if Congress does not remove this man and his entire administration - our Nation is doomed. We are staring at a conspiracy unlike anything our Nation has experienced - and it continues because Congress has not yet acted to stop it.


We have National Security at risk, you are already aware Mr. Obama released details of the Osama Bin Laden raid - and Seal Team Six died. You are recently aware that Mr. Obama released the details of the Israeli airstrikes in Syria - and Israel is seriously pissed. There have been several serious National Security Breaches...

Every one of these National Security "breaches" originated from the White House.

US Allies around the world are publicly considering severing ties with the US, the entire middle-east is in turmoil and destabilized. Our Military posture is now shaky - as Military Ordinance manufacturing will cease as we know it today - and DHS has at least 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo........


Our National manufacturing capabilities have been seriously damaged by the EPA actions of forcing closure of the Lead smelters and thousands of jobs are going to be lost because manufacturing plants that use lead in any form are going to start manufacturing offshore...  because they no longer have choices here in the US.


Gentlemen, I write with the express purpose to attempt to open eyes and get people to see what Military Veterans see... and we do not see things working out so well if our Nation continues down this road.

What we all see on a daily basis is crisis after crisis - it seems like a lot of it created as theater to cause the viewer to forget the last crisis.... many of these "crisis's" do more than border on treason - they ARE treason!


Do you think it will stop? Do you honestly think our nation can survive another three years of this?


I believe I speak for all Veterans on this - We do not.

We want this usurper arrested, impeached and imprisoned. We want his agenda reversed and we want our Nation back. Each and every member of this administration who has lied to Congress, refused to answer Congress, refused to provide Congress what they demanded, has committed obvious felonies - needs to be arrested, impeached and imprisoned.

Congressional hearings have uncovered felonies - yet the perpetrators remain free men and women????


At no time in the history of our Nation have such atrocities been committed by an elected person or group of persons appointed to government positions - who were not impeached or arrested, charged and imprisoned. At no time in the history of our Nation have such crimes been committed of the magnitude or level we see today.


We want justice Congressmen. As a Nation of free men and women - regardless how much difficulty a Constitutional Crisis brings - we can work through that (I believe you will find you have more than sufficient Volunteers).

We, as a Nation, are not going to be able to work through what Veterans see coming down the road if Mr. Obama continues to be given free rein as he has been......  Ya'll are kind of isolated up there on the Hill - it's starting to look pretty ugly out here in the World......





SFC (USA retired) Aubrey L. Mason

San Antonio, Texas



Senator Rand Paul

Senator Ted Cruz

Tea Party Command Center

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Last week, the EPA successfully forced the shutdown of the last Lead smelter in the US........

If you haven't noticed yet, car battery prices have risen dramatically in the past year... primarily because there have been fewer Lead smelters operating in the US - due to EPA regulations.....

All citizens of this Nation will be affected as battery prices SOAR - as now, in order to manufacture ANY lead-acid battery - the US will be required to import the lead............. This doesn't just effect automobiles.....

All electronic devices from kids toys to computers have soldered components inside of them.... our current technology base, world-wide, depends on soldering electronic components to circuit boards.

Solder - is lead mixed with other elements to match the temperature characteristics required for a given application....... lead is the only primary element used for commercial applications as it meets the temperature characteristics of the commercial electronic components themselves... they can only take so much heat before they degrade and cease to function. There exist electronic components that will take much more heat - they are classed as "military grade" (silver is used as the solder) and are generally 10-100 times more expensive than their commercial grade relatives....

This also applies to ammunition manufacturing - which means ammunition prices are going to go to the moon and ammo will be even more scarce than it has been....

Does anyone else remember the argument posed by some in Congress that DHS was buying such exorbitant amounts of ammunition simply to dry up the market so that citizens found ammunition difficult to obtain? This argument was followed by some in Congress that it was a back-door attempt by this administration to circumvent the Constitution!

Some (mostly democrats) in Congress claimed this was simply a "conspiracy theory".............................................................

I submit that we have the smoking gun right here in front of us if we open our eyes and if we do not start writing our elected DEMANDING they remove this administration our Nation will be completely lost............... Manufacturing, transportation, self defense - all lost as the prices will more than double....... they will go to the moon as importation will only be from overseas - and just like the oil market - they will demand exorbitant amounts of money as they know we citizens have no other recourse....

How are YOU going to like a car battery that might cost you $200-$300 bucks? Kids toys that previously cost $10 - now will cost far more than that. Manufacturing of any electronics here in the US will cease. Our industry base is going to lose another few thousand jobs.....

Mr. Obama - in the act of his EPA - has destroyed not just the jobs in the closed Lead smelters - he has destroyed all of the jobs that utilize Lead in their manufacturing processes.... as it will QUICKLY become far too expensive to manufacture these things here in the US and the only manufacturing plants will be off-shore......... US Citizens held at ransom.

I question how anyone who remains SANE can argue there is not a conspiracy staring us in the face! A conspiracy to destroy our Nation using every means available.


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Foreign Deaths Syria, Egypt and Mexico?

Yes, it is terrible about all of the foreign violence and deaths. But, what about the 45,000 plus people murdered in MEXICO in the last few years. Yes, more than all of those other places far away and our troop losses in two wars! I care about all of them and especially Muslim terrorists killing everyone everywhere. What should we do about the country south of our border and the literal bleed over our border into various cities in America?

We should stop foreign aid, strengthen our military and put troops on our border helping to actually seal it ASAP. WE have bad guys coming over with criminals mixed in with people who just want to work.  Now, over 15% of Mexico's population is in the US illegally. Billions were given to illegals in just earned income credit, not to mention other benefits. I know our government tells people that, if you do not have a social security number you can still apply for food stamps and other assistance. I am sure there is no abuse of these programs, Yeah right. Regardless, we need to address the violence and illegals issue. How many illegals and related gang members are in our jails? Google it and you might be surprised. What does that cost? We are so PC that we will not place troops on the border like we did in the 1800's, but we should do so and reduce troops over seas. WE need a fence to keep people out not in the US. The border fence is not the Berlin wall , as we will let anyone leave that wants to leave.

Obama has stated he want to weaken the US military cutting 12 brigades and greatly reduce spending. If allowed he will gut the military to levels not seen since before WWII. As then, enemies will think we are so weak and unable to respond that  world wide violence and attacks will increase. We know Hitler thought it would take us 20 years to respond to him and that encouraged him to attack other countries. He was wrong then, as we had a great manufacturing base. Now, as we have allowed our manufacturing to exit, incurred high electricity costs and have one of the highest in the world corporate tax while we allow credits for foreign tax and business relocation we can not react as quickly.

We sit on more oil reserves than all of the rest known oil reserves in the world and yet we have no energy policy and import half of our oil. This money spent on oil imports empowers our enemies and fuels the world wide terrorists organizations.  WE do not use our tremendous natural gas and coal reserves. In fact drilling on federal land is down  and oil production is only up because of private land production. the EPA and other agencies. My point is that if we used our domestic energy resources, become energy independent ASAP in a Manhattan type effort, cut foreign oil imports to zero, maintained a strong military, bring down electricity costs and fuel costs, used energy to decrease unemployment it would be better for America. Peace through strength is better than Obama's weak, lead from behind and a watered down federally feed education system. Anything that weakens the US and weakens State control, is bad for America and in turn is bad for the world.  

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