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How to Destroy America in 13 Lessons


            If you were an enemy of the U.S.A wanting to deliberately undermine the nation’s economy, and weaken this country, how would you most effectively carry out your hostile mission while avoiding detection?  How would you carry out your nefarious plans?  Your first goal would be to raise the nation’s joblessness.  You’d have to create statistics that actually hid the devastating size of the true numbers behind gobblygook B.S. statistics so people saw 9% unemployment when the true figure was almost double that. Most importantly, you dramatically increased the size and scope of government to strangle the free enterprise system with taxation, burdensome regulations, unnecessary environmental restrictions and wild uncertainty about the future.  Now the ball’s rolling, what next?   Follow this 13-step roadmap: 

1)  Attack corporate profits and rich individuals every chance you get casting them as enemies of “the 99%.”  Forget mentioning that living standards for everyone rise when corporations make profits and entrepreneurs are successful.  Give us the highest corporate taxes in the world, driving companies anywhere but America and making us uncompetitive with economies like China’s.

2)  Refuse to call spades, “spades.”  So when the nation’s UNfunded liabilities and national debt reach $116 TRillion and $15 TRillion respectively, hide the looming economic Armageddon behind talk about “putting the burden on the elderly, the poor, the middle class” (the very people who would be MOST helped by reforming Social Security, Medicare, and the federal side of Medicaid) and covering up the fact that you are bankrupting the nation and putting the burden on our children and grandchildren.

3)  Promise to “make electricity prices skyrocket” and drive energy costs like gasoline and heating oil dramatically higher with an “energy” program that emphasizes conservation over production.  Deliberately seek to drive the coal industry (47% of our present energy) bankrupt.  To think the people you’re driving to the unemployment lines happy extend their benefits, they’ll never know you cost them their jobs.

4)  Because no one can be against a clean environment, safe working conditions, and protecting consumers . . . let’s employ a hyper-active program of safety and regulation and ecology carried to ridiculous extremes.  Demand changes in every damn thing possible thus escalating the cost of doing business and cutting production.  People are so dumb they'll never connect the dots, will they?

5)  Double-down on the environment.  Stop irrigation in the nation’s vegetable basket and drive unemployment sky high in Central California.  Close down jobs to protect strange mice, tiny fish and spotted owls knowing that long before men were around Mother Nature had already made 99.99999% of all species extinct without any help from man; and since the 15th Century, Mother Nature eliminated 99.996% of all species that died out again without man’s help.  Let’s get that last ¼ of 1% of pollution and kill another 100,000 jobs by all means. 

6)  Drive jobs out of right-to-work states and out of the United States altogether by coddling the unions and their stranglehold upon the workplace.  Emphasize workers rights and never mention what it does to the taxpayer.

7)  Get the young attacking capitalism by raising the minimum wage ceaselessly.  Once the minimum wage is high enough who’s going to hire them?   Of course that and outrageous union demands; and outrageous payment and benefits for government workers at all levels will make us totally uncompetitive in the world markets driving unemployment higher and corporate profits far lower.   The young won’t like “zero dollar non-jobs” and they’ll attack Wall Street and corporations never realizing you “done them in,” you caring rascal you.

8) Ignore the U.S. Constitution and vastly expand the scope and power to foul things up of the Washington bureaucracy.  Require industries to meet certain standards like 35 mpg for the automotive fleets and then destroy perfectly good used cars giving “cash for clunkers.”  Never mention that now that used car shoppers are paying an average of $2,100 more and that the ecological impact of the program was devastating.  Never mention that so-called hybrid cars are five times harder on the environment than regular ICE (internal combustion engine) cars are . . . and that for environmental reasons all these hybrid jobs are now in Canada. 

9)  Dramatically increase SNAP (food stamps) and other welfare programs and extend jobless benefit durations to 380% of their former weekly limits (26 to 99 weeks) and make it “nonsensical” to take lower level work rather than getting paid to stay at home.   Who wouldn’t reject a job at $10 per hour if staying home nets you $9 per?

10)  Raise the inheritance or “death” tax so that family farms and businesses must be sold to pay taxes; and give no support for new investment (keep taxes high all around) because the voters will believe whatever nonsense you’ll tell them about slower growth, reduced industrial capacity, and lowered need for new workers . . . the more they complain they more likely you’ll be able to sell them on the next wave of government interference and spending boondoggles you’ve got up your sleeve.

11)  When the downturns come, as they must, blame them on the “Free Market” that you’ve been so effectively garroting for the last 46 years (since LBJ with kudos to Carter, Obama and G.W. Bush) and apply even more restrictions upon business.

12)  Never let on that all the government’s major decisions for almost half a century have caused the debt and UNfunded liabilities crisis that is on the verge of making the dollar of today worth six cents in 1964 buying power.

13)  Never let on that promising voters everything in accord you’re your “nanny-state” mission is the underlying cause of the recent collapse and that you, you progressive politician, you are behind it all:

            a)  That the near-depression of 1973-74 and the bankruptcy and bail out of New York City in 1975 were the result of Cloward-Piven strategies that doubled the nation’s welfare rolls from eight to sixteen million recipients courtesy of C-P’s National Welfare Rights Organization and their Saul Alinsky street theater tactics.

            b)  That the architects of that collapse were the architects of ACORN which took advantage of Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA '77) and four expansions by Bill Clinton (three legislative and one regulatory edict expansions of CRA '77) to FORCE banks and mortgage companies for three decades to knowingly make stupid loans to unqualified home buyers without jobs; without credit; whose only “income” was food stamps; and even to illegal aliens.

            c)  Never admit that the cheerleaders while all this was going on (and while one of our major parties was selling out to the progressive-left) was CPUSA, the Communist party.

            d)  Never admit that the biggest funder of our current president; of “Occupy Wall Street”; and of several major progressive foundations (e.g. Code Pink; Tides Foundation etc. which are also funding the President and Occupy Wall Street) is octogenarian George Soros, the money-manipulator and currency dealer known as “the man who broke the bank of England” (and five other currencies) and that George Soros the world’s 6th largest man looks to become the world’s far and away richest man when, not if, the dollar collapses.

e)  Never admit that the elephant in the room while all this was going on in Washington and elsewhere is the mainstream media (MSM) . . . which has chosen to abandon fair and balanced and relevant journalism to support the politicians and the extreme political left to make all this madness possible.

f)  Never admit that you count on the voters to be “useful idiots” and to entertain themselves with sit-coms and reality TV rather than defending their own freedoms and our once-great nation.  Ultimately, they’re at fault even beyond the MSM.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,





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A) Based upon a 1966 article by two neo-Marxist professors (Richard Cloward and Frances Piven of NYC’s Columbia University) advocating a (GNI) or guaranteed national income as the solution to poverty in America . . . Cloward, Piven and George Wiley created the (NWRO) National Welfare Rights Organization in 1967 to test out Cloward-Piven strategy. In two years they used browbeating and street tactics to add 6.5 million people onto the welfare rolls. By 1975 they’d added 8.2 million and bankrupted New York City and nearly bankrupted the whole state of New York. The trio did not get GNI, but bragged about their great achievement and Cloward and Piven told their followers to use their strategy to attack housing and voter registration.

B) Shortly after progressive Jimmy Carter’s democrats created the (CRA ’77) Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 to force mortgage companies to make bad home loans to clients who could not be reasonably expected to ever repay their loans, Wiley’s lieutenant Wade Rathke (later founder of the SEIU union whose present leader Andrew Stern has visited the White House more than any other individual) already working on NWRO in Arkansas for Wiley was told to create another community organization there.

C) Rathke created ACORN (initially the “A” in ACORN stood for “Arkansas” only later would it come to mean “Association) that same year. They (ACORN) were somewhat ineffective at first in the housing arena but they did help elect William Clinton to the governorship in 1978 and keep him their for 12 of the next 14 years. In the next 21 years CRA ’77 would be expanded four times (three times by Clinton) and benefit greatly from “mortgage-guarantee regulatory review” ordered by Clinton in 1993, his first year in office. That same year Clinton oversaw the passing of the Motor Voter Act which gave ACORN a twelve-lane highway to voter registration fraud. In the official MVA picture of the signing ceremony, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven stand almost directly behind Clinton as he wields his pen.D) Clinton oversees two CRA expansions in 1995 and the steroid-version expansion of mortgage-guarantee legislation in 1998. As a result: highly risky loans (those written with under 10% down payment) increased dramatically and utterly insane loans (with less than 3% down payment required shot through the roof. Here’s the timeline:

1966 Cloward-Piven strategy is published

1967 NWRO is created with Wiley at its head

1975 NYC goes bankrupt and is bailed out by the federal government. Cloward, Piven and Wiley brag about their great deed and C-P followers are advised that the next emphasis areas must be voter registration and housing

1975 less than 0.24% of all home loans @ less than 3% down 1/404

1977 Jimmy Carter is inaugurated. CRA ’77 is passed. Rathke creates ACORN in Arkansas.

1978-1992 ACORN supports Bill Clinton, keeps him in office for 12 of the next 14 years until he becomes the first ACORN president in 1992. Over the years ACORN voter drives “register” tens of thousands of voters in Arkansas, only trouble? They never deliver a single “preferred party-Republican” registration form to voting authorities.

1985 just above 0.50% of all home loans @ less than 3%

down 1/198

1992-1995 CRA ’77 is expanded three times by congress

1993 Bill Clinton’s regulatory review of CRA ’77 puts ACORN on overdrive now they’ve truly got the law and the president on their side

1994 ACORN lawyer Barack Obama begins work brow-beating and shaking down home lenders so they’ll grant stupid loans

1995 roughly 14% of all loans are ill-advised @ less than 3% down

1998 Clinton passes the steroid version of CRA ‘77

2002 ACORN perfects their ploys and discovers that for little more trouble than getting a $120,000 loan they can put a destitute person in a $400,000 home.

2003 Investment advisor James Stack of’s website starts running a chart on the “Housing Industry Bubble” in November, ’03 which he’ll continue running until about April 2008. Stack claims that not only are home prices in a bubble (risky high level) but the housing industry itself, construction and mortgages particularly have risen to 1400% of their 1996 values. On top of this, Stack pinpoints a coming “sub-prime lending crisis” based upon poor people who can’t afford their mortgages being put into very expensive homes.

2005 34% of all home loans are presumably bad business decisions @ less than 3% down; many of them 0% loans granted after ACORN shake-downs to clients without I.D.; without jobs; with horrific credit ratings; with only food stamps to list as "income"; without even a rental history; all sorts of welfare recipients; illegal aliens; and others who have no business with a mortgage loan.

2005 The Bush administration has seen enough, in January, 2005 they offer a bill to erradicate the sub-prime lending crisis and undo much of the CRA expansion, particularly with regard to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and to Clinton’s ’98 steroid-version. The bill is soundly defeated.

2007 Finally, in July, 2007, enough conservative and moderate Democrats have understood the crisis and a watered down version of the original January, 2005 Bush initiative is passed . The bill proves to be far too little, far too late and the country falls into financial chaos . . . but the new law does enough that three weeks ago Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner praised Bush for saving the country from truly serious problems.

Today, when he and his administration and other progressives are not at work playing the “racism card,” Barack Obama delights in saying that Conservatives created the present mess and blaming everything that happened on the Bush administration that preceded him. The truth is sinister but must be acknowledged. The progressive-wing of the Democratic** Party has deliberately undermined the economy and Constitution of this country and must be made accountable. Who best to do the accounting and to banish the progressive-wing from their midst for eternity? The real Dems must do the deed.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** A strong and honorable Democratic Party supporting the Constitution is needed.

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