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An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

Most Illustrious Excellency,


I would discuss a matter with you today which has a direct bearing on the health of the American people.

Since you are the doctor who knows best what ails our nation AND given your active role in being a true champion of the American people; I come to you with hat-in-hand, to plead my case for true healthcare reform.

There are some politicians who pay lip service—in their job application for high office—when seeking the approval and support of the American people, but their insincere  assertions only function as an echo chamber  for their product line, which is nothing more than a hollow political slogan.

These cynical  politicians promise the world to  those they consider sheep to be shorn.  Their motives are transparent in nefarious intent, to the people who must suffer the tripe they spew, in lieu of a concrete plan to improve the life of the average American.

The “Big Cheese” (with legs) lies to us, telling us if we buy into  his healthcare plan:  “You can keep your doctor.” 

Then comes the final pronouncement—at the end of the sales pitch; we hear the word, “PERIOD;”  as if such faux “reassurance,” were designed to end all debate in the  establishment  of a foundation on which the American  people can rely.

Such counterfeit claims are as good as the “gold” of a fractional reserve banking system.  In short, the “account” is eternally in arrears, as it is the "fuzzy math" of thin air.

The paper it is printed on, is as worthless as the treaty promises of the "Great White Father,"  which were made to the red man.

The alleged “messiah” who promised to control the tides on his inauguration to the apotheosis of the American presidency,  has taken a perfectly good healthcare system --which was the finest in the world-- and reduced it to rubble.

The  healthcare "solution" he has established, is nothing more than a hot-rush heroin “fix,” to be infused into the veins of a dying republic.

The American people cannot eat Politicalspeak-- burned into stone-- as if it were the staff of life.

Such empty promises from our elected officials go down the collective gullet of the American people, like a golf ball, greased with snake oil.

Like the Native Americans who were concentrated on U.S. government  reservations;  We the People, have been confined and reduced  to specially designated  “spheres of influence,” where our collective voice is drowned-out,  by  the  yapping of coyotes.  Our voice as a people is “Gone With the Wind.”

We “rule” like the Biblical Moses,  insofar  as our law-giving staff, is nothing but a common stick, designed to rule over the scorpions of barren wasteland and NOT our manifest destiny as a people.

We have been stripped of the royalty of self-determination.

Americans  find themselves collectively, as a lone voice, crying in the wilderness AND like Moses of olden times;  We feel the despair of losing our lordship over the land and the sacred halls of our ancestors.

We the People, have been reduced to "lower than the dust" status.

Our concerns are considered marginal at best, as we now lack “standing” in the land our forefathers built.

The banks and corporations have grown up around the people—as  President  Thomas Jefferson  had envisioned would one day occur—to displace us  and steal our patrimony:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, (i.e. the business cycle”) the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property,  until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Even now the people are witness to corporations forcing American employees to dig their own graves, by training the foreign slave labor which will replace them.

This paradigm paves the way for the ascendancy of Big Brother and the attendant Orwellian state.

Our interests have been surrendered as “implied consent” to special interests.

Soon Americans will be tagged like livestock, under the guise of an alleged national security threat.

That threat has been introduced by the government.  That is the way the game is played, by what George Washington fingered a  “dangerous servant” and  “fearful master.”

The people are not witless, to the wiles of the international bankers, nor how they deprive the people of the benefit of their own government, by controlling  our politicians as if they were so much penny candy, to be bought.

“I have never seen more Senators express discontent with their jobs…I think the major cause is that deep  down in our hearts, we have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country.  Deep down in our heart, we know that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy.  We have defrauded our  country, to get ourselves elected.”—Senator John Danforth

Government has  NO PLACE in the realm of healthcare, nor should it intervene between the relationship of  the physician and the patient.

There is however one specific area  of healthcare, where the government can actually atone for the historic wrongs  it has committed against  the American people.

That permissible area is medical marijuana legislation to protect the sick and elderly, from fast-buck artists.

New laws are needed which make "weed" more accessible to the afflicted.

Due to the theft of my country, poor planning on my part and a major disability which plagues me; I find myself reduced to the status of "ward of the state."

I defy my assigned fate as a "useless eater."

I seek to  atone for my own folly and personal misfortune, by now addressing  you and our alleged “public servants,” with bold conservative colors.

“Robin Shooteth His Last Shaft.”

The issue which I would raise in specific, is the use of medical marijuana and how something the American people clearly approved, has now been systematically denied and thwarted by the big business of the medical establishment.

I have been suffering from heart disease for more than four years (since 2010) and I just got out of the hospital only the day before yesterday.  I am already feeling I need to go back.  I am just that sick.

I did not sleep last night, because I was struggling to breathe, under the new medication.

I feel horrible from the ravages of the disease and I find no relief from ANY of the prescription medicines prescribed to ameliorate my suffering. 

These medicines not only amplify the suffering, from horrendous side effects; they introduce new pathologies.

I now have extensive skin cancer, which was sudden in onset, from the use of the heart poison Lisinopril.

I went to the dermatologist for excision and biopsy, just one day out of the hospital.

I have been on the proverbial  “drug roller coaster,”  totally victimized by Big Pharma, which grows fat on the death and disability of our people.

The practice of using  poisons, which  corporations peddle and force onto medical patients, is comparable to  Warren Buffet saying  “NO” to development of the Keystone Pipeline, so as not to interfere with his railroad transport  profits.

Never mind that 65% of the American people support such a move. One rich man rules over the majority.

I was told  only days ago, in the hospital,  that I could NOT access medical marijuana in the hospital setting, despite the fact that I hold a valid medical marijuana license.

I was forced to use dangerous narcotics, such as Dilaudid and Morphine to relieve the pain which wracked my body.

No form of marijuana was even available there…but it is available outside the hospital setting, if one wants to pay Big Pharma  sixty- four dollars, for a single tablet.

I hold two valid marijuana prescriptions; one from from a medical marijuana doctor; the other from my cardiologist--who is on the cutting edge of medicine.

I was denied the use of a beneficial herb, created by God, to relieve the suffering of mankind and directed instead by the medical establishment to use dangerous narcotics.

No wonder I feel like Hell incarnate!

You, Sir, are a doctor who understands such things and you may be our next president, or vice president.

As a medical marijuana  patient, I see that scads of money is being made by someone and that the poor are forced to oftentimes forgo Marijuana treatment,  due to the outrageous expense of the product and the "Mother May I?" Rules of Order associated with its use.

 The dispensaries operate under the transparent fiction that  customers are “donating” their money to a charitable foundation and that the product would otherwise be freely available.

Such a ruse, only insults the intelligence of Americans who purchase marijuana for whatever reason.

Based on my own personal  frustration with the system;  I seek redress of grievances on behalf of all Americans, who suffer and cannot gain real relief  from the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs.

It is my fondest hope that you and Senator Sessions will form a coalition of senators to “go to bat,” once more, on behalf of our suffering people, who often fall prey to the snake oil salesman.

Please “get the ball rolling” immediately, to ensure that valid medical patients may receive their  marijuana medicine, without any more bullshit.

Thank you,  Sir,  for being a noble public servant, who continually stands with the American people and never seems to receive the accolades you so richly deserve.

I salute you and Senator Jeff Sessions as men of quality…”manly men” as it were.

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For the past decade the Democrats have managed to defy gravity by bolting together an unlikely coalition of the richest and poorest Americans. It’s no secret. Ever since President Bush’s re-election in 2004, the pattern has been clear. People making above $100,000 and below $40,000 vote Democratic. The people in the middle vote Republican.

But now that top-bottom coalition is about to come apart, or lose its majority status at least. And the issue will be one that may loom larger than the debacle of Obamacare — the Keystone Pipeline.

Forget all that business about Barack Obama being the first African-American President, the child of poverty and discrimination who fought his way to the top through sheer brilliance and doggedness. Sure African-Americans vote 90 percent for him and form an indispensable part of his coalition. But Obama hasn’t done a thing for them since taking office except increase unemployment.

POLL: Should the Keystone Pipeline be built?

No, the real Obama is the one who came out of Harvard and Chicago Law Schools, picking up everything he knows in the faculty lounge. That’s where he met the people who taught him that middle Americans are frustrated yahoos “clinging to their guns and religion,” the ones who set him on the lunatic path of believing that what the weather is going to be like in 50 years is the most important issue facing America.

Obama’s critical support comes from the upper crust of America, the citizens who live comfortably sheltered in academia and the non-profit sector, who don’t care much about electricity or the manufacturing economy but who honestly believe that we can shut down the whole middle portion of the country and turn off the lights in order to save the world from the “pollution” of carbon dioxide.


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Defeat the Lujan Amendment

While Americans are focused on the implementation of ObamaCare and the battle of the budget, the House is preparing to vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Ben Lujan (D-NM) that is a dry-run to kill the Keystone Pipeline and other economic development projects across the nation.

The House is scheduled to consider a non-controversial land-swap deal in Arizona. Liberal Rep. Ben Lujan (D-NM) is preparing an amendment that would give the Secretary of the Department of Interior the power to designate the site a Native American "cultural site" killing the project in its tracks.  The amendment is a dream for radical environmentalists who could use the amendment as a precedent to kill other developmental projects like Keystone Pipeline.

Supporters of the Lujan Amendment define "cultural sites" as anywhere where our original inhabitants' lived, prayed and worshiped would be barred from new development. 

Some Republicans are supporting the amendment perhaps not recognizing its a camel's nose under the net.  If this precedent is applied in the future it would have a destructive impact it would have on road construction, home building, land swaps, or even the development of the Keystone Pipeline.  

The amendment would give environmentalists another tool in their arsenal to stop development of any project they do not support.  Worse yet, there is little doubt, courthouses across the nation would be flooded with lawsuits from the radical environmentalists demanding "cultural site" designations anywhere and everywhere construction is proposed.

Contractors, road builders, pipelayers, and construction unions should be up in arms over the amendment but no one seems to realize its potential impact.   One government official should not have the power to stop economic development across the nation.  But if the Lujan amendment does become law, the Secretary of Interior would have that power.  Overnight he would become one of the most powerful government officials in the nation.  The Lujan amendment must be defeated.

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China Deal Benefits Obama Donors

China Deal Benefits Obama Donors

Administration-approved takeover by Chinese oil company provides Obama backers windfall

BY: Andrew Evans
March 2, 2013 4:59 am

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Treasury Department for records pertaining to the department’s decision to grant a Chinese government-backed company access to oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico, a move that will benefit Obama donors.

The Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) reached a “definitive agreement” with Nexen, Inc., a Canadian energy company, announced on July 23, 2012, to buy all of the company’s outstanding public shares. Nexen has holdings in the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, giving the Chinese government access to millions of barrels of Keystone XL and Gulf reserve oil.

Nexen’s holdings in the Gulf, coupled with the Chinese government’s ownership of CNOOC, meant the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States had to approve the takeover, which it did on Feb. 12.

The secretaries of several major executive departments—including treasury, state, defense, and homeland security—sit on the committee.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for information on the deal in November, but the Treasury Department did not reply within the mandatory 20 days. Judicial Watch then filed suit on Feb. 14 to get access to the documents.

Judicial Watch noted that several prominent fundraisers and donors to President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign stood to make a windfall profit from the Chinese corporation’s expansion in their press release announcing the suit.

David Shaw founded D.E. Shaw and Co., which massively increased its shares in Nexen in the third quarter of 2012, according to its SEC reports. Nexen’s stock rose almost 50 percent the week of the announcement, which was early in the third quarter.

Shaw bundled between $200,000 and $500,000 for the Obama campaign in 2012. He also sits on a presidential advisory council, Judicial Watch noted. D.E. Shaw and Company did not return a request for comment.

Frank Brosens is another prominent Democratic supporter who stood to gain significantly from the merger. His firm Taconic Capital bought at least 6 million shares in Nexen in the third quarter of 2012 but sold all of them by the end of the year. Taconic did not return a request for comment on their investment strategy.

Brosens, like Shaw, has close ties to the current administration. He was reportedly Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s first choice to run the bailout program in 2009, and was a major donor to the Democratic National Committee in the 2012 cycle. He also bundled between $200,000 and $500,000 for Obama’s campaign in 2012.

Judicial Watch also pointed out several other organizations with close ties to the administration stood to gain from the merger.

The lawsuit comes as the president’s campaign-apparatus-turned-dark-money-advocacy group has come under scrutiny for providing donors access to the president.

“With one ill-chosen action, the Obama administration has managed to undermine our strategic interests and reward its corporate cronies,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, in the released statement.

The Treasury Department did not return a request for comment.

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Oil Drilling Ban: The Destruction of America

I thought this was worth re-posting from my blog in light of Obama and the democrats' decision to delay, and attempting to end, the Keystone pipeline. This country has thousands of miles of pipelines through which we pass various types of oils and chemicals with almost no major problems. It has to be obvious to the American people at this point that the left in this country want to make us dependent on what they believe to be poorer nations. Obama and the left are using oil to redistribute wealth to the poorer countries. Through this process they are destroying this country. Too often we are reminded how the USA uses 25% of the world energy resources. Those people are ashamed to be prosperous Americans, all the while reveling in the technological advancements that this country produced.

originally posted December 2, 2010

Today President Obama announced through the Secretary of the Interior that he has placed a seven year moratorium on new drilling in the eastern gulf, as well as a five year ban on Atlantic drilling. After the BP platform accident Obama placed a six months moratorium on gulf drilling.

Those on the right have been telling us from the beginning that the ban on drilling was never lifted. We had the leftwing media telling us the gulf ban only applied to deep water drilling. We know now that we were right and that the lame stream media was lying to the people. The ban after the BP accident applied to all new drilling and was never lifted.

We are at a time when every politician and individual in the country is calling for energy independence, yet we have a government that is banning oil drilling. The federal government recently took control of millions of acres of land in Utah and Alaska that could have been set aside for new sources of oil, while at the same time we import oil from our enemies at record rates. This is the same government that sent $3 billion to Petrobas to help explore drilling off the coast of Brazil. Do I need to mention that George Soros owns 3 percent of the mostly state owned Petrobras? Petrobras is the lone operator of all oil fields in Brazil.

This is just more evidence this president wants to see this country fail, while pushing his green agenda. With less oil and coal being produced, this puts companies like GE in control with their green energy projects. GE just happens to be a large supporter of Obama and the democrats, as well as owner of NBC, MSNBC, and a host of other cable channels. We are now exporting record tonnages of coal to China so they can make cheap products that put US manufacturers out of business. The left has deemed coal and oil bad and is forcing the reduction of its use in the USA. While we reduce the usage of oil and coal, China increases theirs.

There is no logic to this madness unless you are willing to accept that Obama and others on the left are willfully destroying this country. I ask; will the sheep that accept being groped and photographed naked in airports accept rolling blackouts? Honestly, I think they will. I believe most of the American people are so hypnotized by the things they see and hear on television that they will fall for anything. The fight to end this madness is left to us few free thinkers

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