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Some Americans ALL the Time

That great American philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does,” in other words not by their words but by their deeds do we know who people actually are. The next time you hear someone who loves America called a racist, sexist, or a fascist or whatever, by the left wing progressives or the liberal media remember, that despite all their efforts to change history the Democratic Party is . . .

. . . the party of slavery which justified the practice as “economic necessity” for the plantation system of cotton- and tobacco-growing.

. . . the party of slavery which forbid Black’s learning to read.

. . . the party of slavery which condoned White males raping Black women.

. . . the party of slavery which insisted upon creating new slave states as the young nation expanded westward, just to keep themselves in power.

. . . the party of Robert E. Lee who summarily hung John Brown for freeing slaves.

. . . the party of flogging slaves for minor violations; and hanging them for trying to get their freedom.

. . . the party of selling slaves for profit and breaking up their families.

. . . the party of Jefferson Davis who presided over the Confederacy which was created to keep slavery intact and inviolate.

. . . the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

. . . the party of Dred Scott and allowing slave-chasers to pursue runaways into northern states.

. . . the party of Jim Crow laws for almost 100 years.

. . . the party of ‘separate but equal’ for almost 100 years.

. . . the party of lynching.

. . . the party supporting honor killings by husbands of unfaithful wives.

. . . the party of Woodrow Wilson, the greatest racist who ever occupied the White House.

. . . the party of D.W. Griffith, the racist film-maker who premiered his racist masterpiece “Birth of a nation for Wilson in the White House.

. . . the party of Woodrow Wilson, who first created the idea of propaganda and proved to be the most Fascist president in American history jailing those who talked against his administration; closing down newspapers opposed to his agenda.

. . . the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who prolonged an ordinary downturn 8 ½ years (until the Second World War saved the economy) into a GREAT Depression.

. . . the party that segregated the armed forces under Wilson.

. . . the party of FDR who forced people to relinquish gold at $20.76 an ounce and then raised the price of gold to $35 per ounce effectively stealing 61% of all private wealth for the government.

. . . the party of Richard Cloward, Frances Piven and George Wiley who deliberately used Cloward-Piven Strategy to bankrupt New York City and just missed bankrupting New York State.

. . . the party of Wade Rathke (Wiley’s lieutenant) who created ACORN and the SEIU and sought to use ACORN to get what Wiley’s National Welfare Rights Organization could not: guaranteed national income.

. . . the party of Jimmy Carter who created the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) which required mortgage companies to make very bad loans that ACORN could take advantage of.

. . . the party of the Black Panthers as clearly Fascist a group as the last half of the 20th Century ever created

. . . the party of Bill Clinton, the first ACORN president, who oversaw three expansions of CRA ’77 and creation of the Motor Voter Act which he signed in a ceremony with Cloward and Piven standing directly behind him.

. . . the party of ACORN which used the weak Motor Voter Act to attempt all sorts of voting fraud.

. . . the party of ACORN which used the various CRA ’77 expansions to get zero-down payment $300,000 homes for people without ID; people without jobs; people who listed food stamps as “income”; people with horrific credit ratings; people without even a rental history; people on welfare; illegal aliens; and all manner of people who had NO hope of ever repaying their home loans.

. . . the party of Barack Obama who worked parts of three years as an ACORN attorney brow-beating and shaking-down lenders who tried to avoid making bad loans to deadbeat clients . . . Barack Obama who slashed the brake lines and fouled up the steering cables that put our national economy “in the ditch.”

. . . the party of ultra-left progressives who jumped all over George W. Bush for firing U.S. attorneys that refused to prosecute voter fraud; voter intimidation and to investigate allegations of Motor Voter Act discrepancies.

. . . the party of Barack Obama, a community organizer who taught classes in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals” in conjunction with ACORN.

. . . the party of Obama appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez, who dropped the case of the New Black Panthers intimidating White voters in Philadelphia and threatening a Black poll watcher with a beating; who also instructed Department of Justice (DOJ) employees NOT to pursue cases of voter intimidation or other crimes against Black perpetrators if the victims were White; and instructed DOJ employees to cease investigations of Motor Voter Act discrepancies “because that will just lower turnout.”

. . . the party of Barack Obama who gave us in one law (Obamacare) almost 390 new government agencies.

. . . etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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White Critics Accuse DOJ, Rile Obama,

Barack Disbands DOJ, Creates DoI-J and DOS-J

Boldly shouting, “We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution,” Barack Obama at a stroke eliminated any and all further criticism from legions of constitionally-aware Americans by disbanding the Depart of Justice (DOJ) and immediately replacing its functions under aegis of the Department of Injustice; and Department of Social Justice . . . immediately the liberal media lauded the move as a “brilliant stroke,” Iluv Vem at the N.Y. Tripe, “magnificent move, a long time coming” from Kleine Joe at Times underhandedonline, and over 400 individual messages of praise from JournoList.toadies.

“I see the problem, now,” said the President as he dodged accusations of reverse-racism, “it was a matter of putting the proper name to the thing that was getting in the way, all the time.” Much like Nancy Pelosi telling unbelieving listeners, “the problem is we’ve been calling it the ‘public option,’ when its really the ‘consumer option.’ So simple to correct,” folks with commnsense all around the globe immediately began banging their heads against the wall and yanking chest hair out at the president’s latest power-grab and refusal to require any accountability by his administration.

The problem all began** with a voter-intimidation case against four paramilitary attired Black Panthers in Philadelphia, accosting White voters with a nightstick and verbal abuse; and a Black poll watcher was threatened with a beating, in 2008. The case won by the Bush DOJ, was dropped by the Obama DOJ nearly 17 months after taking office. Obama-appointee to the DOJ, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez also has been quoted as telling a roomful of DOJ employees that the department had “no interest in cases where Black perpetrators accosted White victims” and that the DOJ would no longer investigate irregularities in the Motor Voter Law “because that might dampen turnout.” Ms. Fernandez was obviously speaking of voter turnout by the dead, by previous residents that had moved, by illegal felons, by non residents, by duplicat names on the rolls, and other irregular voters . . . . which if stymied would decrease voter turnout. “Can dead men vote thrice,” Ms. Fernandez?

In other futurenews, the Obama Department of Social justice has been empowered to spare the president and other Democrats from researching specious opportunities to yell “Racist Pigs!” at conservatives; and protect welfare cheats from annoying prosecution. ACLU employees are lining up on the Whitehouse lawn in hopes of becoming part of the new DOSJ. And in a related story, Federal Judge Susan Bolton has been arrested for not having up-to-date rabies shots after her recent ruling against the state of Arizona immigration law; Bolton's innoculation status had first been brought to the now defunct DOJ's attention after an outcry by the Southwestern Kennel Club Veterinarians Assoc.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

**sadly, the entire paragraph above in green type is 100% true!
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