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4063792749?profile=originalEdward_Snowden- Pryed open the door on massive NSA collection of Millions of American

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Are your private conversations safe from Obama administration NSA snooping? According to a U.S. federal judge, your “U.S. Constitutional rights are being violated daily by the collecting of dialing records of all U.S. calls in America,” according to the LA Times. It appears that the Fourth Amendment’s strict ban on unreasonable searches by government was abolished by the NSA massive data collection efforts, suggests the court.

This marks the first time in the history of the nation that a federal judge has ruled that the collection of these records were not within the scope of the government legitimate right to collect possibly invasive private phone data. The court stated that the rights of innocent Americans not under suspicion of terrorist activities should be protected. U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon was clear about the possible violation of the Constitutional rights of Americans by NSA surveillance activities.

The top secret data mining activities came to light earlier in the year due to the public revelations of former NSA analyst Edward Snowden. Judge Leon stressed, “Today’s computerized gathering of all dialing records represents a new threat to privacy that was not fully recognized in the past,” according to the LA Times.

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The ever liberal leaning Supreme Court has struck again and California will have to release another 10,000 prisoners. Can not violate the Eighth Amendment for Cruel Punishment, of course the cruelty to the public of sending out thousands of criminals is not a consideration. Never mind that while these prisoners probably have it better than military soldiers have it they are over crowded and must be released. Why not put them in military tents? While this is going on the State is confiscating guns from citizens and is getting tough on the law abiding people every day. Wow, one more reason to go to Texas or somewhere else where you can still defend yourself and where they punish criminals.


These days with activists judges we have animals and criminals feelings or well being considered foremost while law abiding or just plain humans are not, i.e., Snail darter and water in California and now the over crowded prisoner release.

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