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ANTI TEA Party and anti Climate Change dissenter Newspapers? I heard The Dark Secret Place on KFI Los Angeles (FaceBook page) talking about the LA Times will not publish letters to the opinion page dissenting on human caused Climate Change. I believe that the Long Beach Press Telegram is Anti TEA Party. My message to Suits: "RE: Bill Ives 10/22/2013 Obama is pointing fingers – but this time he is right and Paul V. Bouche 10/23/2013 Misleading headline sends the wrong message

These writers could, if the letters section wanted to offer a forum, have a go at sharin g their rationale behind some things which bother this TEA Partier. I believe that Mr. Bouche gives too much credit to his “lazy thinkers” because there is an obvious lack of gathering and vetting information, and analyzing it. The TEA Party has been maligned and provoked but not reacted with the hoped for response projected upon it by the Left which has the 60s radicals revolutionaries deeply entrenched in it.

I need some clarification because this TEA Partier sees those who support the Progressive Agenda as wanting their team leaders to be a ruling class without checks and balances. That indicates to me that they believe that Madison was wrong when he wrote in the Federalist Papers that men are not angels and we need checks and balances or that laws should not be so long that no one reads or understands them. It does not sound like out of date thinking to me. I see in the Democrat voter of today as a confirmation of the validity of the information in KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov’s 1985 interview.

The Republicans offered several bills which were refused by the Senate. One of those bills required Congress to be covered with Obama Care rather than be exempt from the law which they created. I am a TEA Partier at heart because I believe that a government with too much power is dangerous to personal liberty and a country which does not allow people to enjoy the fruits of their risk and their allocation of time and energy is doomed to join the Collectives throughout history. We see the Executive Branch modifying laws and choosing to enforce or not enforce laws, suing states which pass a law in order to do what the federal government obligated to do, but refuses to do and legally allying with a foreign country against a state in what, pre Obama administration, were the “United” States of America. Governance by fiat is far from our Constitutional Republic’s intended system.I would like to know from these writers:

1. What makes you comfortable supporting a Central Planner who is not accountable and changes the law after it is declared Constitutional because it "is a tax" (jammed through as a budget item using reconciliation because it had to be a budget item, not a tax to pass it using that strategy), but chosen companies and unions and Congress get an exemption from something which was promoted as a “right” and our enjoyment of that right is going to require 16,000 IRS enforcers? Sounds like 1984 Double Speak to me and makes me think that the TEA Party perception is accurate.

2. How do you reconcile the Left’s voter ID opposition because it disenfranchises people with the challenge those same people face with signing up for Obama Care which challenges high powered people? If they are one of the main groups used to justify this federal takeover of American health care, shouldn’t it be easier than obtaining a voter ID? There appears to me to be propaganda campaign to keep the lazy NON thinker in line.

3. How do you explain the huge increase in welfare and poverty during the Obama administration in spite of huge capital sitting ready if the risk-reward analysis warrants an investment? The suppression of full time employment is partially due to Obama Care which is detrimental to companies with over 50 employees. FDR’s treasury secretary testified that they had failed to make good on their promises and had a huge debt to boot. Our fellow Americans who want to work are being held back by the Central Planners hand around the throat of small business. There is a happy Big Business – DC alliance that is doing fine, but the little people are going wanting and the NOT lazy thinker sees that part time employees, people who gave up looking and people getting out of the work force early skews the numbers giving US a better than what is real picture with the numbers that are reported. FDR had to hand off to private enterprise and let the American private enterprise system show the capability of American free enterprise. Crony Capitalism which we have is a Collective suppressing US and the numbers confirm it.

This TEA Partier thinks that we had better get the American working class back active before we lose what we had when FDR made the wise decision to win the war by backing off the intellectuals maintaining restrictive controls and prolonging a bad economy. Thomas Sowell has written several essays about the detrimental effect of unaccountable intellectuals and society and the Professors Lounge mentality compared to the "nothing but an actor" Reagan mentality results brings to mind, “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” -- George Orwell

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Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism,

Racism, Racism . . .

Rajjpuut, who voted against Barack Obama was nonetheless ambivalent about the election of a black president in November, 2008. “Too bad it wasn’t someone with competence and experience who’s got a good head on his shoulders like Clarence Thomas, but this could be a great thing for the country.” How naïve can a Libertarian be? The candidate without proven business or government executive competence and the shortest experience resume with clearly a head full of mush has proven to be not only the worst president in our nation’s history (James Buchanan may have actually been worse overall but Obama’s first 18 months have made Buchanan look sensational so far) but also the most divisive president since Jimmy Carter and Buchanan.

Obama, the consumate expert in straight-faced lying, convinced those who voted for him that he would be efficient, super-competent, run the most open, accountable and honest administration in history; the first “post-racial” president; the most bi-partisan president in history and would “bring us together. Six amazing promises that have all earned him a grade of F-.

We have heard the word “racism” from Obama and his administration at least one-hundredfold as many times as it was heard by the Bush administration in its full eight years. He has played politics (both by invoking “racism” and by insulting the Republican party) at least fifty times more often than George Bush did in his entire two terms. How did this happen?

In a poll last week, 55% of Americans labeled Barack Obama “a socialist. Unfortunately that’s a realization they’ve arrived at 21 months too late and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. How did this realization escape voters? Barack Obama campaigned like a left-center version of Ronald Reagan and continually appealed to the best instincts of voters who, thanks to the liberal media protection of Obama (they never ever got close to truly vetting his background) never actually saw that Obama was the singlemost radical left-wing senator in American History . . . nor did they see items like this (linked immediately below) by his Kenyan birthfather, Barak (with no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. who discusses 100% tax on earnings and about six other sparkling communist desiderata:

Barak, Sr. was the subject of Barack, Jr.’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” and one reason 80% of those who voted for Obama know virtually nothing about his background is that his childhood, his mother’s and grandfather’s politics, and this book were never vetted. This man’s dreams were the “Dreams from My Father” that Obama, our president wrote about, lo these many years. 90% of Americans would never support a communist, but 54% of American voters did support a communist thanks to the liberal media’s great work in protecting him from scrutiny. Only FOX News did any kind of job vetting this man’s past.

When Obama’s own racism was exposed along with the racism of the good Reverend Jermiah Wright of “God damn, America” fame, the liberal media (or more correctly over 400 members of it plotting together via a 13-year old e-mail connection called “JournoList” (yes, with an ‘o’ in the center) conspired to barely cover the story and to set out calling key Republicans and other Conservatives, you guessed it: “racists” to detract attention.

Now any time anyone opposes an Obama bill, program or initiative, not only does the Obama administration yell, “Racist, racist!” but often before the administration even knows it’s under attack, the liberal media is interviewing some Democrat who will call anybody who opposes any Obama idea as having racial motives. This is the man who’s promised to bring us together and now it’s quite obvious he has planned to advance his objectives by tearing us apart all along.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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CNN Tries Obama-Realism, Hops Out of Barack’s Bed

Oh, those lovers’ spats! Following the revelation of the 13-year+ JournoList-scandal -- in which over 400 different journalists, bloggers, pundits, other media folk and university professors, all of the liberal persuasion, were plotting how to cover the news and how to protect Barack Obama and cut down opponents like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and John Mc Cain and even going back to female journalists and feminists “biting the bullet” rather than attacking Bill Clinton for his shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky – there does seem to be a bit of difference in the tone of the media coverage of President Obama in the last week.

Rasmussen Reports which had been documenting a gradual drop in positive stories about the president over the last eight weeks . . . showed an upsurge in positive remarks about Obama in the media from roughly 43% the previous week to just over 50% last week. But the biggest Obama-toadies of all MSNBC via surprised with 60% of its Obama references negative -- a drastic shift. CNN showed a slightly higher percentage of negative references to Obama and a much higher percentage of neutrally-toned realistic stories covering both sides of the issues. So all the newly enhanced positivity for Obama came from ABC, CBS, The NY Times, Washington Post and the big online news agencies.

We’ll have to wait and see if the other liberal media jump on CNN and the way they did when ABC broke the story of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s preacher, ranting, “NOT God Bless, America – God Damn America! The JournoList reaction then was quite bitter that one of the liberal brethern would betray their pact, break from the herd and get a monster scoop like that . . . but then they all came together and agreed how best to cover the story up by ignoring it and painting Mc Cain as a racist, wasn’t that nice?

Notable is that coverage of the JournoList scandal itself in the mainstream media (MSM) was virtually non-existent but much defense of the now defunct liberal listserv’s Journolist was everywhere else present among the internet commenters on all things gloriously liberal. Much like Climate Gate, the Obama donor list, DOJ Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, the Obama connection to ACORN and to the sub-prime lending crisis, the Van Jones Scandal, Obama’s communist upbringing, the communist essay written by Obama’s Kenyan birthfather, the NAACP praising thugs who beat up a Black entrepreneur they called an “Uncle Tom,” ACORN document shredding scandal, ACORN child prostitution ring scandal and CCX conflict of interest cap and trade scandal, and DOJ decision NOT to prosecute Black crimes against White victims . . . it appears yet again that for the most part, the MSM has decided they serve the public best by not shedding light on any liberal weaknesses.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Most insightful TEA Party sign: "What difference does it make what this placard says. You'll call it racist anyway."
Leftist Journalists in Denial as 13+ Year,
400+ Person Rigged-News Conspiracy Exposed
If the most infamous progressive blogsites are any indication . . . it’s corruption as usual from the world of left-wing journalists today four days** after their shoddy little conspiracy was aired in public. The liberals involved in the JournoList (yes, spelled with an ‘o’ not an ‘a’) conspiracy aren’t saying much of anything, holed-up you might say. The vast majority of the rest of the progressives online are also tending to pursed lips also. But there are a few brave liberal souls criticizing Tucker Carlson at for “revealing people’s private e-mails” Really? 400 person e-mail groupings comprise “private e-mails?” The Huffington Post, is perhaps the most audacious in brassing it out by repeatedly denying the possibility that “journalists are uniting to push a specific agenda” and referring to the Journolist as just “a place where you can get together to discuss issues freely.” Now that is brassy, stupid, but brassy.
Other progressives are calling the whole thing “innocent” and, “as usual blown out of proportion by the right-wingers.” Let’s see, evidence shows that 400+ left-wing journalists, bloggers, professors and various media-connected types discussed how to deflect attention from Barack Obama’s connection to his pastor Jeremiah Wright by picking any famous conservative, “Barnes, Gingrich, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, it doesn’t matter and then accusing them of racism.” Yeah, that’s a totally innocent case of plotting to manipulate the news to protect Barack Obama. And since the same process has been rampant since the Great One was elected, the journalistic charge to serve as “Watchdog” for Democracy seems to have been missed by these brave liberal souls.
The liberal, but reasonably fair, is finding that they’re being shunned by other left-wing bloggers and journalists because they’re actively searching for answers and GASP, truth! A couple of commenters on liberal sites obliquely accused politico of having “its priorities skewed all out of whack.” One referenced this long-time favorite link of Rajjpuut’s:
as evidence that “You can’t count on Politico . . . always been red (as in red-stater or Republican) on important issues.” Guess that's what lefties get for choosing truth over politics, eh?
The ability to be outrageously candid on Journolist sometime went to people’s heads. Joe Klein of Time Magazine forgets about the JournoList altogether in one uncharacteristically open moment and exposed his biases for the outside world criticizing the entire Liberal media for being too “hard on Barack Obama instead of giving him the support he deserves.”
Others on the left say, JournoList's influence has been highly exaggerated. Oh yeah, we’ve got women telling the boys to just take one for the team just as they had to back in ’97 feeling all dirty for NOT attacking Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky affair . . . for example Katha Pollit of the Nation: “The people who attacked Clinton on Monica were prissy and ridiculous, but let me tell you it was no fun as a woman and a feminist, waving aside as politically irrelevant and part of the vast rightwing conspiracy Paula, Monica, Jennifer, Kathleen, Juanita, the Avon Lady . . . .” Getting people to drop what they perceive as ethical behavioral standards and biting their tongues doesn’t sound like any small thing to Rajjpuut. In fact he can’t imagine the circumstances under which he’d sell out his personal beliefs so that he could then sell out his journalistic integrity . . . .
Others call it “a pretty professional group that’s been screwed up by the right-wing.” Do they call it "professional" for one woman to say, “. . . if Rush Limbaugh were dying of of a heart attack in front of me, I’d take immense pleasure in watching him writhe on the ground and seeing his eyes bug out . . .”
Little things mean a lot to these people: such as articles NOT mentioning the political party of Democrats in trouble with the law or involved in other scandals, but calling out Republicans even for the most minor of offenses; or repeated coverage of Republican scandals, but little emphasis and one-time mention of even more serious Democratic corruption. Then there’s the quoting of Democrats repeatedly about the undocumented but purported racism of Republicans and TEA Party members without even trying for balance in the stories. The highly evocative accusation becomes the story every time. And most crucial of all, repeated instances of unproven stories and unproven accusations showing up ceaselessly in the liberal media as if they were proven items from history witnessed by a thousand quality eye-witnesses.
The story about the N-word being hurled “23 times” at Black congressmen on the day Obamacare was passed has been printed at least 10,000 times in newspapers or on the internet and likewise broadcast ad nauseum, and yet with all the cameras and other video equipment in evidence that day, still no one has claimed Andrew Breitbarts reward of $100,000 for solid video evidence of just one instance of the N-word being used by a TEA Party member.
The same is true in spades for the accusation that one Black congressman that day was spit on . . . no evidence at all, just accusation; and indeed the supposed recipient of the spittle has NOT come forward to talk about this experience though purportedly he’s a highly respected Black congressman. Rajjpuut would have high respect for him if he came forward and told the truth, something like, “There was a lot of people there and it was pretty scary, but NO, nobody spit on me and I never heard the word ‘nig__r either.” That would be what an honest man would say, but no one’s saying that either . . . better to let sleeping racist accusations lie.
In other words don’t look for the JournoList revelation to change the way the leftwing tries to manipulate the media coverage or non-coverage of news in this country. Indeed, they’ve shut down Journolist but already, they’ve got a replacement going called Cabalist.
It remains to be seen if the leftwing journalists will return to true journalism or continue in their “lapdog ways.” Their criticsim of ABC for breaking the Jeremiah Wright story was incredibly bitter. They’ve already completely avoided the Climate Gate story for almost nine months, the Chicago Climate Exchange Scandal Story for at least five months, and they completely avoided the Van Jones scandal except on the final day when they wrote up the story of how Van Jones had resigned as Green Jobs Czar with no mention at all of the scandal involved. It appears since the Journolist and its particulars is NOT making the mainstream media’s front page or even page 25, they’re going to try to pretend their little news-rigging faux pas never happened either. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**actually, the first clear “cracks in the leftwing armor really occurred almost a full month earlier:
but Tucker Carlson’s new blogsite The Daily Caller ( was so new and so little-known that it was quite awhile before the story went viral on conservative websites, talk radio and FOXNews. This is the story that broke open the leak in the dike:

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Journalistic Conspiracy Documents Emerge,

400+ Individuals Involved

What are the top hundred** stories the mainstream media have failed to include in their newspapers or broadcasts? Why?

Rajjpuut can say it again, “I told you so.” The fact that only certain kinds of news with certain kinds of emphasis seems to ever get into the mainstream media has long been noted by journalistic watchdogs. Now it’s not just an obvious but unprovable fact, now that viewpoint has been documented. Documents, most e-mails and a few “commentaries” have been recently discovered and tied to a group of over 400 mostly journalists and other media people as well as a few academicians who apparently conspired to make Barack Obama president by suppressing stories that could hurt him politically and by substituting stories attacking Karl Rove, Mc Cain and others in the so-called “right wing” as racists, etc. Information from the e-mails themselves indicate the conspiracy to control the news goes back at least thirteen years.

Hundreds of e-mails and other documents captured from the infamous “liberal listserv” calling themselves “the Journolist” (yes, spelled with an ‘o’) made up of prominent mainstream reporters, management, academics, and pundits -- was apparently every evil thing which conservative critics like Rajjpuut said about it. Over 400 individuals are involved.

One wonderful piece of journalistic integrity comes from Spencer Ackerman more famous for his left-wing attack blogs than real journalism who talks about the necessity and the methods for covering up the Wright story:

"Part of me doesn't like this sh*t either. But what I like less is being governed by racists and warmongers and criminals."

Ackerman went on:

I do not endorse a Popular Front^^, nor do I think you need to. It's not necessary to jump to Wright-qua-Wright's defense. What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a rightwinger's [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.

Ackerman is infamous for his blog “Attackerman” and his reporting position at the Washington Independent. Ackerman suggested that the group not only avoid running the story of Wright saying, “Not ‘God Bless America,’ God Damn, America” but that all that was necessary was to find some Republican bigwig, “. . . it doesn’t matter who, Karl Rove? . . . and accuse him of racism . . . that gets them tied in knots.”

So we have the so-called “fourth estate” that the original Founding Fathers put so much faith in . . . who they believed would keep the politicians’ feet in the fire and keep the people informed and protect the people from the potential abuses of government . . . we have these ignoble members of a once noble profession conspiring to change living history and pre-arrange the outcome of a presidential election. Makes Rajjpuut far less proud of his Journalism degree . . . Ouch.

This conspiracy can apparently be literally called a “vast left-wing conspiracy” after all. Here’s one of them referring back to the leftist press’ treatment of the Monica Lewinsky scandal:

Katha Pollit of the Nation:

The people who attacked Clinton on Monica were prissy and ridiculous, but let me tell you it was no fun, as a feminist and a woman, waving aside as politically irrelevant and part of the vast rightwing conspiracy Paula, Monica, Kathleen, Juanita

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Popular Front means "communism"

** Rajjpuut’s Top Dozen? These stories would almost certainly have changed history if they’d been properly and fairly reported.

1. Obama was raised communist by a communist mother and grandfather. In fact virtually nothing from Obama’s mysterious past has been properly “vetted” by the mainstream media (MSM).

2. Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” was invisible in the two years leading up to the election. What was revealed about him in that book? Where would investigation of the book lead? What was the “dream” from his birth-father? Here’s an old Barak, Sr. (no ‘c’ in his name) essay showing his interest in “100% taxes,” redistribution of wealth, taking wealth from Kenya’s European and Asian population and getting it into the hands of the Black populace, etc.

3. Climate Gate: here’s a piece from the ultra-liberal London Times:

Notice the similarity between the corruption of scientists “fixing” the science so that so-called “Global Warming” appears like a straightforward fact instead of a questionable theory and the corruption of the “JOURNOList” reporters in creating the news environment by suppressing anti-liberal stories and making up other pro-liberal accusations, etc. The biggie for Rajjpuut has often been his question “Where is NOW (the National Organization for Women)?” Or “Where are the feminists?” when certain stories such as how Sarah Palin is portrayed in Newsweek pop up . . . now all these double-standards are explained as clear and simple MSM willful bias.

4. Obama uses dirty tricks to steal nomination from Hillary Clinton

5. DOJ scandal ongoing

A) Black Panther voter intimidation case won by Bush Administration is largely set aside by Obama’s Department of Justice Deputy Fernandez.

B) Fernandez tells roomful of DOJ employees there is “no interest” in investigating or prosecuting voting cases with White victims and Black perpetrators.

C) Fernandez tells roomful of DOJ employees that enforcement of the Motor Voter Law is their lowest priority.

6. Obama and Gore and dozens of their cronies will become hundred billionaires if/when cap and trade legislation passes via their connection to CCX (the Chicago Climate Exchange).

7. Full exposure of the Obama-ACORN story (he was an ACORN attorney shaking down lending companies to pressure them to follow the exact shadings of bad mortgage-guarantee laws that forced them to make knowing bad loans to clients who could NOT afford to repay them . . . this is the root of our sub-prime interest scandal that led to the collapse of the economy.

8. The Obama inner-circle. Most of Obama’s czars and most cherished inner-circle folks are avowed communists. Van Jones was just the most visible. The Van Jones scandal story was covered by FOX news for three months and the MSM ran one story only that on-such-and-such-a date Van Jones resigned with no indication that any scandal actually existed.

9. Obamacare is every day being proved to be 100% of everything the Republican opponents said it was, but none of this is being covered in the MSM:

A) Socialistic

B) Cuts deeply into Medicare

C) Dramatically increases deficits

D) Funds elective abortions

E) Does NOT control costs

F) Will require large amounts of rationing

G) Will take power of life and death out of doctors’ hands and put it into the hands of a “committee”

10. ACORN scandals

A) prostitution set-up scandal

B) voter-registration scandals

C) their role in getting housing loans for people without ID; people without jobs; people with bad credit ratings; illegal aliens, etc.

D) ACORN document-shredding scandal in California

11. Ongoing and continuing stories that the TEA Party is racist

A) supposed “N-word” repeatedly yelled at Black Democrats on capitol steps will be rewarded with $100,000 bounty for video-tape showing even one instance. Money has NOT been collected because it never happened.

B) Infiltrator with “N-word” poster at TEA Party rally is pushed out by TEA Partiers and his sign shredded. MSM only ran 5 second story of man with sign at TEA Party meeting, not the swift retribution and policing by TEA Party.

C) TEA Party “spitting incident” widely reported by no documentary footage is shown despite hundreds of cameras in the area

D) NAACP calls TEA Party racists while NOT condemning the Black Panthers in their voter-intimidation incident; and while NAACP members at same podium call a BLACK entrepreneur an “Uncle Tom” for selling “Audacity of Dope” buttons (Obama with a joint in his mouth) while praising the Black preacher and others who beat the man up. The same man made a fortune two years ago selling Obama for President buttons.

12. And the #1 story which the MSM has refused to air: the connection of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven who with George Wiley in 1975 brought about the bankruptcy (which they bragged about) of New York City and almost of New York State by overloading the welfare system by using Cloward-Piven Strategy in hopes of forcing the Democratic Party to create a national guaranteed income in response to the chaos they foresaw. How the pair said the next areas of emphasis were voter-registration and housing. How Wiley helped create ACORN and how ACORN abused the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77); and the four expansions of it (’92 added Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae; it was expanded twice in ’95; and the steroid version came out in ’98) to give us our sub-prime lending scandal and financial apocalypse and what part ACORN and Obama together played.

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