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Obama’s Socialist Junk Yard Dogs


Obama, DEMS and Liberal News Media just shot themselves in the foot, not just once but over and over again this past week.   It’s like Obama’s teleprompter short circuited and Soros, Axelrod and Jarrett forgot to send all of them their marching orders and canned speeches to the DEMS and Liberal News Media. 

Hollywood is scrambling for traction hoping to replenish Obama’s campaign by donating to his Super Pac  Jeffrey Katzenberg,  Steven Spielberg , Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman have given Obama’s Super Pac several big injections and to their surprise Obama can’t keep his mouth shut and just keeps blowing his base out of the water. 

Good ole Morgan Freeman should stick with his acting profession because when he starts talking politics he pretty much resembles a person with a couple of loose screws.  Morgan said, “Obama saved the auto industry and protected the health care of every American.  He has led our nation to be more tolerant and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court." 

Could Morgan be referring to Elana Kagan, now one of our Supreme Court Justices who has spent her lifetime trying to subvert and destroy our Constitution.  The person that has condoned and fought for socialism all of her life and now she’s sitting on the Supreme Court bench.

Obama exposed his Socialist underwear when he said, “If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that,” Obama told a crowd in Roanoke, Va., on Friday. “Somebody else made that happen.”  That one comment from Obama gives credence that we in fact have a “rat in our icebox.”4063543176?profile=original

Joe Biden must think we’re all living under a mushroom – talking to a Union in Columbus, Ohio he said, “Joe Biden accused Mitt Romney and Republicans of fostering a business environment that promotes outsourcing.”  Obama and the DEMS gave Fisker motor company 529 million dollars taxpayer’s money and then gave our jobs to the Finnish.

Joe, get a life or get your facts straight the guy that Obama calls his jobs counselor or exotic job czar, Jeffrey Immelt is the very person who ships our much needed jobs to China and other foreign countries.  As we know Obama has a fetish for green companies that have been blood suckers from the gecko. Biden’s touting insourcing and we d­_ _ _  sure know about insourcing at Solyndra, Sun Power and Amonix solar manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas (declaring bankruptcy this past week.)  Only problem with Obama’s insourcing is this – his screwy whims cost tax payers billions of dollars without creating jobs.  Go figure!

Actually on the subject of outsourcing, big companies like IBM and Xerox, Apple have been forced to outsource due to the Government regulations, taxes and EPA restrictions. Until we create an ideal environment for businesses and job growth in our USA, there will be more and more outsourcing.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was delighted to speak to over 1,000 Jews at auditorium of Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; Schultz was prepared to give her audience an old fashioned Obama pep rally, but that didn’t pan out. 

Her audience corrected her, pounced on her lies and rhetoric from start to finish – they were all adults wanting solutions to problems not a 3 ring circus, so once again Schultz didn’t just stub her toe she put both feet in her mouth when she said “There is nothing, and I mean nothing, in the Republicans’ right wing social agenda that appeals to the American Jewish community,” she asserted. From that statement on the war was on and the Jewish Community pretty much chewed Schultz up and spit her out. 

Valarie Jarrett took her usual pot shot at FOX news saying they’re the reason that voters think Obama is attacking successful business people. Obama followed in her footsteps and blames FOX for accusing him of raising taxes and he had the audacity to say on National TV, that he actually lowered taxes.

So Americans what we’re facing daily is a bunch of Alinsky alley cats who will do anything to distract and divide us. ABC news attempted to distract and divide us by insinuating that the Colorado massacre was by Jim Holmes a tea party member – same strategy that the Liberal News used right after the Tucson massacre when they try to pin it on the tea parties and Sarah Palin. 

Following Rolm Emanuel’s advice “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Mike Bloomberg and Charles Schumer immediately attacked our 2nd amendment after the Colorado massacre. 

Brace yourselves for 3 of the worst months of our lives – the Liberal News Media and DEMS will douse us with their daily dose of lies and false rhetoric.  Obama will continue skimming money from taxpayers, consumer goods will keep rising, and unemployment will remain around 15%. Illegal aliens will persist in taking American jobs and free handouts. Our credibility in foreign Countries will continue to diminish and Big Government will grow by leaps and bounds.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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Joe Biden Just Asked Me for $3.00


Joe Biden sent me a personal email today and I felt compelled to answer it.  So nice of him to think about me, but there’s a few things Joe forgot.  I believe in our Constitution, secure borders, a healthy business environment, a strong Military and most of all that our Nation must be restored to “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.”

But, not wanting to appear ungracious I took mouse in hand and scripted a brief email to good ole Joe.

Here’s Joe’s email to me and at first glance you’d believe Joe and I were bosom buddies from way back.

 Friend --

Barack's turning 51 in a couple weeks. And when he goes home to Chicago for a birthday party in his backyard, a couple grassroots supporters like you will be flown in from wherever you live to celebrate.

In the middle of a tough election, it's important to pause on occasion and take some time with friends.

What do you say?

We'll cover the flight and hotel for you and a guest -- donate $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to win:

Take it from me. You'll have fun at this one.


My Response:

Well Joe as strange as it may seem to you my family and I have more important things on our plate than celebrating Obama’s 51st Birthday.  A daughter who has lost her home, grandchildren that can’t find jobs and a growing National Debt that has weakened the foundation of our Nation. 

Joe, we now live in a Country that has lost its way due to Barack Obama’s desire to destroy our economy, to stop job growth, to give illegal aliens a free pass and his blatant misuse of taxpayers’ money (stimulus bill) that he calls redistribution. 

Joe, Barack Obama would not want me at this celebration as you call it – to me this celebration is just one more example of how Obama and Democrats misuse our money.  If you haven’t noticed we’re broke and Obama has been campaigning for 1 ½ years on our time and our money. He’s been AWOL for about 3 ½ years now!  He hasn’t been a leader, but a destroyer of the greatest Country in the World.

What do I say?  Joe I say take your air flight, hotel and birthday party and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  I’d eat m y $ 3 for breakfast before I’d willing donate one bloody dime to Obama or the Democrats.  As Always,

Little Tboca

May God Bless Our Nation

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Things are heating up with the recent published globe article citing Obama’s long form fabrication has been forged and the forgery alleged to have been identified here by Sheriff Arpaio:

BREAKING! Arpaio FINDS MAN who forged Obama Birth Certificate!


The March 1st 2012 Press Conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in which a ‘Cold Case Posse’ released some 2200 hours of investigation results finding ‘probable cause’ Obama’s long form birth certificate is really a long formed fabrication as well as Obama’s Draft registration, America is waking up to discover there’s been many a slip between the cup and the lip of their elected representatives.


Understanding the fix Republicans found themselves in when in 2008 they signed on to be the employed silencers on Obama’s gun to the Constitution’s demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ with every Republican Senator voting for the Obama/Clinton co-sponsored U.S. Senate Resolution 511, fermenting the security wanted for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential qualification quagmire as Panama’s most famous son.


Some have wondered why all those Republican Senators and House Congressmen have been so silent- Well now you know the answer! The elephant was painted into a corner by the jackass and has been afraid to come out owing to their own lack of courage for the Constitution’s demands for the Office of the President repeatedly shot down as a Legislative mandate to encroachment.


The fact the Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen was assaulted some 8-10 times with attempts to change it, just since Obama came into existence on the political stage as a Illinois State Senator is a testimony to the Legislative Mandate secured that the Judicial Branch should not be running rough shod over or avoiding.


Americans are catching a glimpse of what one good Sheriff can do as far as using some intelligence in investigation. Lord knows the House and Senate have the same power but are letting the Sheriff do its bidding.

While the Sheriff has been terrific at releasing the results of the investigations of the Cold Case Posse led by lead investigator Michael Zullo in the March 1st,2012 Press Conference, and the upcoming scheduled July 17th,2012 press conference reported to be even more damaging to Obama’s usurpation and identity cover-up, there’s one thing the good sheriff hasn’t done and that is what Cody Robert Judy, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, can and has done.


That is taking the investigation results of the Cold Case Posse to an actual formal legal prosecutor!  


The Sheriff’s job is largely outlined as an “enforcer” of the law in the executive branch of local government and investigator of crime, but the actual prosecution of the actions always is relayed to a member of the Judicial Branch known as an Attorney General.


Cody Robert Judy is the conduit of Sheriff’s Joe’s investigation result to the Solicitor General of the United States Supreme Court currently held by Donald B. Verrilli Jr.


The task of the Office of the Solicitor General is to supervise and conduct government litigation in the United States Supreme Court. Virtually all such litigation is channeled through the Office of the Solicitor General and is actively conducted by the Office. The United States is involved in approximately two-thirds of all the cases the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the merits each year.


As a Candidate for President of the United States in the Democratic Party, Cody Robert Judy has a very unique and tangible standing that has been used to dismiss nearly 95% of the eligibility cases from the judicial branch.

The employment of the Solicitor General’s requirement is found in an organ of the United States Government called the Federal Election Commission , (FEC) , and what that Federal sponsored commission might be doing that is undermining the Republic?


See the first question on Cody’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari for the U.S. Supreme Court found on page ii outlines the office of the FEC as a culprit that amounts to aiding and abetting candidates who are not qualified in Federal election races according to the demands of the Constitution,as well as the Mailing Declaration found after page 38 showing the Solicitor General address.


Whenever a federal agency’s policies are called into question in a Petition for Writ of Certiorari the Petitioner must file a copy with the Solicitor General as is noted by U.S. Supreme Court Rule 29(4)(b) and also the Act of Congress that certified Obama’s eligibility by the Electorate.


This amounts to Government protection of unqualified candidates by securing for those unqualified candidates Government cover, especially in the solicitation of campaign contributions to those trusting citizens contributing under a false pretense of a Candidates qualification or eligibility to run, not to mention the Republics peril.


At the heart of America is a Constitutional Republic that represents a very unique form of Democracy where ‘We The People’ are represented as ‘individuals’ who can stand up against the mob and win. Might isn’t right, when it comes to trampling individual rights and if each individual’s rights are not stood up for very quickly ‘We The People’ are subverted to another form of Government such as a fascism-dictatorial government, or an elite Oligarchy much more associated with totalitarianism or despotism.


As an example the rich in America are about to find out that Tax- Mandates that run into Health Care insuring 45 million new consumers all at once will soon be found a strategy to stay poor rather than an incentive to progress which has always been the problem in varying degrees of socialism. Unwilling to yield the claim that it works, ultimately the frustration goes to war as the diversion.


So .. first they try to insure you with socialism, then they kill you when it doesn’t work, one way or the other. I think Donald Trump recognizes this with his claim that Obama will start a war before or to win the election. The result will be catastrophic loss of life that socialist were so worried in a false pretense of insuring, not to mention the complete disregard of passing on the debt to future generations who can’t vote right now.


Taking A Stand is not always the easiest thing to do, but Cody Robert Judy has done it, Taking A Stand for the Constitution’s demands for a ‘natural born citizen’.

Originating out of a “Georgia Administrative Court” Cody received the first ruling by a Judge on the merits of ‘natural born citizen’ that he appealed directly to the Superior Court. Three other petitioners emerged out of that Ballot Challenge also, but Cody’s complaint was the only one to include Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse 2200 hour investigation and probable cause results.


In a spectacular timing coincidence Sheriff Joe released the results of the Cold Case Posse March 1st,2012 and Cody’s response to Obama’s Motion to Dismiss was due March 2nd,2012. Cody was able to use Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse results in the first Judicial Branch Court, the results of which made the investigations findings very appealable to every higher Court.


Cody’s case begin in 2008 as a Presidential Candidate who filed in Federal court against McCain and Obama, in 2010 testifying at the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL in New York, and he continues in 2012 his appeal as a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party from New Hampshire’s Ballot Challenge to New Hampshire’s Supreme Court and into the Georgia Ballot Challenge, Georgia’s Superior Court then on to the Georgia Supreme Court- the first State Supreme Court to have the findings of the Cold Case Posse results included!


Today, the process of appeal was finalized in the highest court of the land. Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse results have entered the U.S. Supreme Court through Cody Robert Judy’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari and have been appropriately glued into the weavers beam of the Solicitor General’s Office (as integral as Goliath’s spear was to Goliath), a  person appointed to represent the federal government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States. 


You can help by spreading the intricate word that forms the pattern formed by the loom of which the weavers beam is associated and help Cody as a modern day David fighting the Goliath of the eligibility silence of the U.S. House and Senate ultimately through the U.S. Supreme Court!



Help Cody’s campaign now to broadcast the commercials and strengthen the campaign with your contributions that have the first and most devastating chances of not only eliminating Obama from the 2012 Presidential contest, but repealing Obamacare based on it not being signed by a legitimate President of the United States, and most importantly securing Obama’s usurpation in the history books as exactly what it was, illegitimate, ineligible, and a constitutional crying shame in the history books as an example for us all to remember to uphold our United States Constitution.


Contribute to Cody’s campaign here:



The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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Obama’s Liberal Junkies


This headline depicts the idiotic thought process of the Liberals - MSNBC Host: 'I'm Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Soldiers Heroes Sun May 27. In honor of our brave Military, American citizens should remove these terrorists from our turf. 4063519551?profile=original

Take a gander at a few of the Liberal Obama worshippers and meet the Liberal junkies who spew a “false ideology”.

They’re not the smartest creatures in the turnip patch, but they religiously sit up, beg, roll over and play dead for their puppeteers.  They are the Communist, Marxist and Rothschild zombies or robots and they’re pre - programmed, brainwashed and unable to function on their own.  

Chris Mathews from MSNBC, the man who gets a tingle up his leg when talking about Obama not only lost his tingle, but lost his marbles too on Jeopardy.  Chris exposed himself as a rather senile disturbed human being when it comes to “smarts.”  Without Soros pulling his strings and writing his script Chris like Biden isn’t safe on the streets by himself; he’s an accident waiting to happen.  

Valerie Jarrett possibly could feign poor eyesight, but her “I’m the Queen” attitude at the Alfalfa Club was over the top.  Jarrett ordered one of our high ranking officers in full dress uniform to bring her a glass of wine.  Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser has a distinguished nick name that has hung onto her like glue.  The White House gophers have dubbed her “the Worst White House Aide:”  Valerie is the one who had a White House tantrum  and threatened to walk if Obama let the CIA and Seals snuff Osama bin Laden.  Funny thing is neither Obama nor Jarrett had enough clout to stop the CIA and Seals from finishing their job.  Hats off to the CIA, the Navy Seals, Hilary Clinton, Rear Admiral Edward Winters and Leon Panetta for a job well done. 

Maxine Waters another one that idolizes the ground Obama walks on lost her composure and gave the Black Caucus an ear full about Obama’s lack of engagement in the African American community; Maxine was mad because Obama told the African Community to suck it up, stop grumbling and quit complaining.

Waters is the one who said that the Government has the right or power to seize control of private industry.  Waters also said, “"If [the big banks] don't come up with loan modifications and keep people in their homes that they've worked so hard for, we're going to tax them out of business."  So much for intelligence!

Good old Joe Biden reminds us that it doesn’t take brains or political correctness to fill the shoes of Vice President.  Joe never worshipped anyone but “Joe” and he provides the comedy for the Obama Administration by hook or by crook.  Biden is like a stray dog, he’s never been particularly fond of Obama and no one at any time can predict where the stray is going to make his next dump.   Obama has tried without success to keep Biden under lock and key, but Joe is rather illusive and totally resistant to rules and regulations. 

Then there’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz who isn’t exactly the perfect mouth piece for the Democrats.  She’s the Raggedy Ann with the big hair always putting her foot in her mouth.  Debbie would make “Pinocchio” hide his head in shame; her inflammatory crude language makes her Obama’s “Junkyard Dog,” definitely not his attack dog for she bites everything that moves including the Tea Parties, Conservatives, the poor, the Military, the Catholics, unborn babies, the Jews and of course Scott Walker.

In the early 1990’s David Axelrod was given the dirty assignment of mentoring and preparing Obama for the position of Command in Chief.  David sold his soul to the puppeteers years ago and now he’s stuck in the White House as Obama’s janitor.  David tags along after Obama mopping up his messes and putting out his fires.  It’s a dirty job, but I guess someone has to do it. 

The Obama worshippers aren’t exactly what one would call a brilliant articulate group of low lives, but they are faithful followers of those who have worked years to destroy our Nation.  There remain an enemy of our beautiful America; they’re dangerous pawns or gophers in the political chess game.  We must fight back – It is our duty as United States citizens to protect our great Nation.

Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.
Ronald Reagan


May God Bless America

As Always,


Little Tboca

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UN DAILY NEWS from the

14 May, 2012 =========================================================================


A group of United Nations independent experts today called on the European Union (EU) to take the lead in promoting the adoption of a global financial transaction tax that would offset the costs of the current economic crisis and protect basic human rights.

“Where the world financial crisis has brought about the loss of millions of jobs, socialized private debt burdens and now risks causing significant human rights regressions through wide-ranging austerity packages, a financial transaction tax (FTT) is a pragmatic tool for providing the means for governments to protect and fulfil the human rights of their people,” said the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Magdalena Sepúlveda.

According to a news release from the UN office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), estimates suggest that at its lowest rate the FTT would yield about $48 billion across the Group of Twenty major economies, with higher rates offering up to $250 billion per year to offset the costs of the enduring economic, financial, fuel, climate and food crises.

The call from UN experts comes a day ahead of the Group of Eight Summit of industrialized countries, which will take place in Camp David in the United States.

“EU countries must take bold leadership now to pave the way towards what should eventually be a global FTT,” the UN experts urged, welcoming recent EU proposals to implement the financial transaction tax across the Eurozone.

Countries such as the Republic of Korea have implemented similar taxes in non-discriminatory ways to raise resources to achieve the right to development. The FTT, experts argue, would also help stabilize financial markets by discouraging speculation, and therefore mitigate the type of volatility which led to the 2008 financial and food crises.

“Food prices have twice spiked dangerously over the past five years, and could easily do so again,” stressed the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter. “The FTT will likely reduce hot capital flows that fuel speculation, drive price instability and wreak havoc on the right to food worldwide.”

“A global FTT is not a silver bullet, but it would help relieve sovereign debt load stemming from the financial crisis, shift the burden from ordinary citizens to the private sector which caused the crisis, and significantly enlarge government fiscal space for spending on desperately needed economic and social rights programmes.” said the Special Rapporteur on foreign debt and human rights, Cephas Lumina.

The FTT would provide governments with an opportunity to act on their commitments to sustainable development and to take a step to advance development and include marginalized populations, said the Special Rapporteur on human rights and international solidarity, Virginia Dandan.

“When the financial sector fails to pay its share, the rest of society must pick up the bill,” Ms. Sepúlveda emphasized. “It is high-time that governments re-examine the basic redistributive role of taxation to ensure that wealthier individuals and the financial sector contribute their fair share of the tax burden.”

What about "Dear Leader"? Think he isnt for this?

Remember when Joe Biden wanted the same thing?

“For years, American manufacturers have faced one of the highest tax rates in the world. We want to reduce that by over 20%. We want to drop the rate, particularly, for high-tech manufacturers like you, Mr. President, even further than the 20%.

We want to create a global minimum tax, because American taxpayers shouldn’t be providing a larger subsidy for investing abroad than investing at home."

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Democrats Jumping the Obamacare Ship


Vice President Biden, Leon Panetta, Ben Nelson, Richard Daley, Barney Frank, Ben Miller, Brad Miller and a slew more say “No.”

"Obamacare Bad Medicine"


The one thing you can bank on with Barack Obama is this – he is a habitual liar and will say or do anything to buy votes.  Obama hid behind closed doors over 400 days crafting “Obamacare.” 






A trillion Dollar Budget buster

Thousands of Americans losing their existing Healthcare plan

Seniors – access to good healthcare dwindling due to medicare changes

Families premiums increasing

Obamacare stacked with hidden taxes

ObamaCare is simply Socialized health care



Democrats against Obama care – just the tip of the iceberg











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The average Joe filed as a candidate for President yesterday. It may take a few days for things to develop but that provides time to build the web site and the momentum.


Check it  tweet joe at @joein2012 the blog will be up later today. E-mail:


Facebook friend Joe at theaveragejoeforpresident.


The main street media does not even need to know, but they will sooner or later.


God made us the richest nation in the history of the world by providing us with the resources and the knowledge to use them. The financial disgrace of our nation occurred because of a lack of moral dependence on Him for guidance in the decisions made by individuals and a lack of checks and balances over businesses and government officials. Digital money and fictitious legal entities allowed for uncontrolled speculation without accountability.


We are near the end of the experiment of the Republic form of limited government envisioned by the founders of the United States of America.

Our Government is now the largest employer in the world. It tells more people what to do and when to do it than any dictator in history. Government spending in the private sector to create jobs is never effective, digging holes and refilling them with dirt only results in high paid ditch diggers. It adds nothing to the economy; this "redistribution of wealth" in the public good is nothing other than political corruption, the purchasing of votes for political gain and power.  What next? Internal social unrest or international pressure, they have already started this phase in the last few days?


Imagine what happens when the US dollar is no longer the world's business currency! What happens when countries refuse to buy our bonds?


We have stood idly by for 40 years allowing the problem to grow worse. As a nation we should feel the urgency of the financial problem, it could wipe out life as we know it in the USA in a matter of days.


What is lacking is the competence of those politically responsible to make the hard decision and take action.


Almighty God, help us not to look at the immensity of the task before us, but help us to look at the immensity of our all-powerful God. With humankind many things are impossible but with You, our Father, nothing is impossible. We want to trust You for supernatural workings in our lives and in the duties before us. As we go about our daily activities help us to see the answer to the question “who is your neighbor?” Help us to understand why it is important to come together as a nation not of individual free men without a purpose beyond our own desires but as people focused on the need to create a unified nation of individuals with strong Christian morals based on the 10 Commandments.


Lord we live in an open society, which can't be ruled but can be broken. The details of our decisions, our determination and how we function is available for the world to see. Our enemies seek to drive a wedge in, get their fingers on it -- and control us for their benefit. They won't need a whip – the yoke of oil and our own need for pleasure will do their work for them. They use the strength of our system of government against us. Our whole country is for sale and, thanks to our addictions to trinkets and oil; we gladly hand over the dollars to buy it from beneath us.


Lord, forgive us; provide us with the aspiration, ingenuity and the integrity to focus our efforts in ways that bring the greatest joy to you.



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4063382852?profile=originalThe Joe McGinniss Sarah Palin book, “The Rogue” is the left's latest hate letter to God fearing patriotic Americans. Make no mistake about it folks. The McGinniss attack along with the other numerous attacks on Sarah Palin are really about attacking you; mainstream Americans with traditional values. 


Since her extraordinary upbeat VP nominee acceptance speech in 2008, I have wondered. What did Palin specifically say to prompt such immediate visceral hatred from the left? I have come to realize the answer is her celebration of God, family and country.


How dare Palin praise traditional marriage, motherhood, Christianity and American exceptional-ism; all of which are an anathema to the left. Thus, the left's hatred of Palin is really hatred of mainstream America; particularly tea party patriots.


That is it in a nut shell and explains why the left so desperately seeks to destroy Palin. They hate America and all who love our extraordinary country.


The left is indoctrinating our kids into believing America is the greatest source of evil in the world; all other religions are superior to Christianity and homosexuality is superior to heterosexuality. During the “Gay Pride Day Celebration” at a middle school, kids were taught to give things a try before deciding whether they like it or not.

Apparently, Obama agrees.


Palin in the White House would be a major fly-in-the-ointment toward furthering the left's secular/progressive agenda.


In typical left wing fashion, McGinniss attacks Palin for her Christian faith and then accuses her of not being Christian enough. Thus, trying to portray Palin to be a hypocrite. It is pretty obnoxious when godless liberal progressive zealots accuse godly people of falling short of Christ's standards. This tactic is satanic and evil.


Even some liberals say the McGinniss Sarah Palin book scrapes the bottom of the barrel of indecency by showcasing undocumented allegations from weak anonymous sources. The McGinniss book is simply another sleazy hit piece to destroy this extraordinary Christian woman who is to the left's horror, admired and loved by millions.


Like every other attempt to destroy Palin, the McGinniss vile piece of trash will fail. Yes, if you believe the liberal mainstream media, it would appear the left has won the PR battle convincing folks on both sides of the political aisle that Palin is unelectable.


The Bible speaks of evil appearing to be all powerful spreading itself like a huge oak tree only to crumble and disappear in an instant. Palin is a Christian. God's Word promises, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper”.


Now let me see, whom do I choose to believe, a despicable ungodly evil liberal mainstream media or God?


As I have stated on numerous occasions, the political battle in America today goes beyond Republican vs Democrat. It is a spiritual battle of good vs evil; right vs wrong.


The left is repulsed by all things decent, godly and patriotic. Palin, like all of us, is far from perfect. However, she still symbolizes goodness and embodies wholesome traditional American principles and values. Thus, the light which emanates from this American icon is as repulsive to the left as showing Dracula the cross.


Mr McGinniss you and your fellow progressive Obama minions are pitiful. The Bible, the very book which your side despises commands that we Christians love and pray for our enemies. Therefore, in obedience, you are in my prayers.


Meanwhile, if Palin throws her hat into the presidential ring, I boldly predict she will win defeating your socialist/progressive, “Mister-I-Vow-To-Fundamentally-Transform-America”, Barack Hussein Obama in a landslide.


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my
Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the
American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin




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