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Cloward-Pivenist Obama
Calls FOX News 'Destructive' to America

Every Psychology 101 student is introduced to “projection,” a typical defense mechanism wherein under even the slightest stress; the subject tends to accuse everyone else of his own obvious weaknesses. In this case a man who’s spent time on the front lines for ACORN deliberately seeking to bring America down (by forcing compliance into knowingly bad loans forced by Progressive** Democratic legislation) now is accusing the FOX News organization of being ‘destructive’ to America. In oral commentary and as revealed in an 8,000 word interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Mr. “How can I best undermine the American economy?” compared FOX’s cable news channel to the William Randolph Hearst news organization’s crusading for Hearst’s own political advancement in the early 20th Century. As usual Mr. Obama’s analogy covers up his poor job performance and other more sinister behavior now and in his past.
His hatred for FOX News is obvious, but Mr. Obama has, apparently, no problem with toady media prostitutes like Rolling Stone, N.Y. Times, Washington Post and MSNBC asking “Please, may I, Oh Great One?” before rubbing their noses between the cheeks of their “anointed one’s” buttocks and planting the sweetest, most worshipful of kisses therein. As always, Obama uses the nearest available punching bag to distract the voters from the less than marvelous job he’s done as President of the United States . . . because FOX is no respecter of Obama’s competence or goals, this is their third swing at discrediting “The Most Trusted Name in News.” A very strong argument could be mounted that President Obama is the single-most ‘destructive’ force America has ever encountered. Far worse than the Cold War era Soviet Union; the Nazis and Japanese in World War II; or even our own Civil War. If, on the 1-10 scale running from principled patriotism to utter treason, FOX News rates a 0.25, then clearly Mr. Obama rates an 11. Rajjpuut says unabashedly, “Thank God for FOX News, without FOX there is no TEA Party movement to hold the G.O.P.’s and Obama’s Dems’ feet to the fire. And without the TEA Party this last 19 months, America is already a Marxist nation.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**The United States had the highest private home ownership in the world, so clearly our system was NOT broken. Nevertheless, CRA ’77 and Obama and Clinton and progressive Dems^^ and ACORN took the percentage of “highly-suspect” home loans from 0.24% in 1975; to 0.51% in 1985; to 14.2% in 1995; to 34.1% of all home loans in 2005. Before ACORN began pushing CRA ’77 compliance loans under 3% down payment were almost unheard of, 15% of loans in 2005 were made with 0% down payment including for homes of $500,000.
^^The Progressive Dem’s 30 year history of CRA ’77 (the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977) includes Bill Clinton producing three expansions (’95 twice and the steroid version in ’98) to Jimmy Carter’s law and also an immediate regulatory “reform” as he took office in 1993; and Barack Obama as an ACORN lawyer brow-beating and shaking down lenders uneager to make horrific home loans to people with zero chance of repaying their mortgages short of winning the lottery. ACORN (which put Clinton in the Arkansas governor’s mansion for 12 out of 14 possible years after their creation in Arkansas in 1977; and then into the Oval Office) discovered after Clinton’s ’98 steroid version of the mortgage-guarantee CRA ’77, that it was just as easy to put illegal aliens into $400,000 homes as it had been earlier to put slightly poor people into $120,000 houses. The exact same (Cloward Piven Strategy and Alinsky Tactics) process and goals as Cloward’s, Piven’s and Wiley’s NWRO’s seven-year campaign to overload the welfare system which resulted in the Bankruptcy of New York City and the ensuing federal government bailout. A horrible law was created to fix what wasn’t broken; deliberate operations were undertaken to overload the federal system created by the new law; a regulatory fix and three further expansions of the law and ACORN street tactic were applied to overload the housing system. As part of the ACORN attack, Mr. Obama then and now as our first Marxist President has a vested interest in the total collapse of American capitalism.
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