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            “Mr. Obama has shown an undeniable pattern of associating preferentially with left-wing radicals and outright anti-American sorts  (Van Jones has called for the Revolution NOW and he’s just one of the President’s friends making similar pleas: Trumka for example has called for union violence) and he needs to be judged on that every bit as much as he’s judged on his incompetence.



Obama Preacher Refers to “3/5 of a Human

Being” and Slavery from 148 Years Ago

in Easter Sunday Sermon



             Feeling the need to attend an Easter Sunday service to remove the heat incurred after the President pointedly refused to utter the word “Easter” altogether, Barack Obama found himself back in Jeremiah Wright’s church – well, sort of. If your thesis about Barack Obama is that he is a race-baiting Black nationalist (which is not the thesis or hypothesis of Rajjpuut) this Easter Sunday would have cemented that notion as a highly probable explanation for all things Obama. This time the race-baiting Black victimization sermon came not from Reverend Jeremiah Wright but from Dr. Wallace Charles Smith, a Baptist minister in Washington, D.C. like Rev. Wright a master at driving iron wedges between the races.

             President Obama choice of spending Easter Sunday at the Shiloh Baptist Church, led by its controversial pastor Reverend Wallace Charles Smith . . . at the minimum showed that the poor judgment which got him in Dutch with the American people (incensed by his former pastor, Jeremy Wright saying “Not God bless America but God Damn America”) is still a part of the Obama psyche. Just as Wright when he blamed America for the 9/11 attacks saying “America’s chickens have come home to roost” based his sermons in the era of slavery, Wallace Charles Smith also has a well-recorded history of constantly reminding people of color that they were victims way back when and therefore they MUST now feel victimized and outside of contemporary American culture. Before looking at that history of Reverend Smith, however, which presumably Obama had NOT shared via videotape prior to attending the church, let’s see what Wallace’s Easter sermon was for the Obama family and the rest of his flock on April, 24, 2011.

            Reverend Wallace Smith talked about his own grandson and then somehow segued into a litany of references to “3/5 of a human being” referring to the census status of the slave on December 31, 1862 on the eve of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation . . . that is, he was bemoaning a great wrong that had begun to be corrected over 168 years ago. Tie that into the Easter spirit of uplift and rebirth and renewal if you can!

So we have Washington, D.C. with perhaps 800 Black congregations led by Black pastors all clamoring for the President of the United States to visit them and Mr. Obama winds up front and center at this guy’s church. But perhaps the pastor was just having a bad Sunday? Unfortunately, Reverend Wallace Smith has nothing but bad Sundays it seems. He spends a lot of time talking about White Robes and Jim Crow and a truly surprising lot of the time calling Talk Radio and FoxNews racists almost as if he had a vested interest in his flock only listening to certain media modalities. Mr. Obama, of course, just as he did for twenty years in the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright was legitimizing this radical pastor . . . ah, but you say, “Reverend Smith doesn’t sound that radical . . .”

             Reverend Smith, unlike Reverend Wright, is not a bombastic fire-eater. He speaks in far more muted tones and in a less pointedly anti-White fashion . . . but that’s merely a difference in style NOT in content. The predominant message at Shiloh Baptist is RACE OPPRESSION. Black victimhood is Smith’s credo and Black grievance perpetuation is his undeniable purpose. A thousand years from now and a couple dozen generations of Reverend Smiths we can expect the man or woman in the pulpit to still be Black-grievance mongering because Black victimhood, damnit should never be allowed to end. Whitey MUST pay!

             Reverend Smith is appalled at Blacks who make it on their own without once resorting to Affirmative Action. Segregation, he insists, has never gone away just become a more subtle societal pressure felt most strongly from talk radio and FoxNews and other monsters who insist that Affirmative Action actually hurts Black and fosters Black dependency upon the Federal Government for non-ending handouts. He blames “the plight of the Black citizen” upon continuing White oppression for hundreds of years  -- an oppression now less easily pinpointed (“Jim Crow has set aside his white sheet and now wears blue pinstripes and carries a briefcase . . . Jim Crow**, Esquire.”).  Smith compared Rush Limbaugh to the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens’ Council. In other words, conservatives -  a.k.a. Mr. Obama’s critics – can’t be opposed to his actions because of policy differences but are dyed-in-the-wool racists seeking to perpetuate an Amercan apartheid. For Mr. Smith and many others on the left, disagreeing with progressivism is not only wrong, but evil-deep-seated intolerance and bigotry. Let us remind you, of Rajjpuut’s outlook on this matter in no uncertain terms:

            a)    Barack Obama was elected President of the United States receiving more White votes and a higher percentage of White votes in 2008 than Kerry in 2004 or Gore in 2000 received . . . roughly 48% of the White votes, high for a Democrat.

            b)    John McCain received roughly 4.5% of the Black vote less than 1/10 of that 48%. Since Racism obviously does exist, the questions here are: “Which group is the most racist?”  “Does harping on an unchangeable past and emphasizing unchangeable ills  from almost fourteen decades ago as carried out by Black Separationists like Wright, Farrakhan and Smith help or hurt the Black community in its efforts to gain the American Dream?”

            c)    It is entirely likely that folks like Barack Obama, Reverend Wright, the Democratic Party as a whole, and you, Reverend Smith, have a vested interest in keeping the Black citizen in victim-mode and helplessly dependent upon the government . . . .

            d)   It is entirely probable that the vilification that self-made heroic Blacks like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Florida freshman Representative Allen West constantly receive from people like Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, the Democratic Party as a whole, and from you, Reverend Smith, has done more to hurt today’s Black Community than all the vile acts of the Ku Klux Klan put together.

            e)    President Obama’s judgment is clearly the topic of discussion here: his long relationship with Wright; and then showing up in a church dominated by another like-spirited and like-minded radical hate-mongered (Smith) tends to push three possible conclusions upon us: 

                     1)              This is where President Obama is comfortable because this is what President Obama believes in his heart of hearts . . . or

                     2)             President Obama makes very poor decisions about who he associates with and who he puts into positions of responsibility around him (Van Jones, Eric Holder, Anita Dunn,  John Holdren, Bill Ayers, and even Michelle Obama (“This is the first time I’ve been proud of America”) are all radicals seemingly twenty times more likely to criticize this country than to stand up for her or to seek to advance her traditional goodness.

                     3)             Mr. Obama is comfortable only among the people mentioned because he does not believe that America is good. Van Jones recently joined an organization seeking legal rights on a par with humans for Mother Nature and everything within her.

                     4)             Guilt by REPEATED association is NOT the same as “guilt by association.” As much as Obama defenders like Alan Colmes like to point at every similar criticism of the Anointed One Barack as unfair and resorting to “guilt by association,” the fact is that singular acts are one thing and constant, continual and brazenly repeated acts are quite another. Mr. Obama has shown an undeniable pattern of associating preferentially with left-wing radicals and outright anti-American sorts (Van Jones has called for the Revolution NOW and he’s just one of the President’s friends making similar pleas: Trumka for example has called for union violence) and he needs to be judged on that every bit as much as he’s judged on his incompetence.


       In a related story, Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who resigned when his radical past, his vile insults against Republicans and his 9/11 Truther membership came to light is now pushing for a “new global architecture of environmental law” that would give Mother Nature the same legal rights in our courts as human beings.

      Rajjpuut would certainly like to be able to sue Mother Nature for the loss of my mother to mosquito-borne encephalitis almost forty years ago; and then there’s all those times I got sunburned and the cat’s scratching up our carpet  . . . . Oh, sorry, Van Jones isn’t joking. 

      Self-admitted communist, Van Jones is now a spokesman and one of the newer board members of the “Pachamama Alliance” in Nancy Pelosi’s Land (San Francisco) of Nuts . . . seeking to extend human rights (complete with enforceable laws) to nature itself on the international scene, ah me . . . these are the kinds of radicals the President has surrounded himself with (all the while declaiming the “extremism” of the TEA Party, FoxNews, and talk radio?) and it definitely appears that these radicals are NOT loyal Americans . . . by extension, the President’s own patriotism comes under question. Question their loyalties  . . . and you again, by extension, question the President’s loyalties, his greater agenda . . . .

      Just by coincidence, another “spokesman” lost his cushy job the other day . . . The AFLAC Duck got fired, long live the new AFLAC Duck. “Why?” one might wonder did the AFLAC Duck get fired and what has that got to do with the price of Chinese Tea or with Obama and Reverend Smith?  Or with “loyalty” for that matter?

      In essence, the AFLAC Duck, or more accurately the long-time voice of the AFLAC Duck is gone because he knew nothing of common sense and nothing of loyalty. AFLAC’s reinsurance business is well-known in this country but their biggest customer by far is Japan.  Actor Gilbert Gottfried lost his position for making controversial remarks highly critical of Japan. Apparently Mr. Gottfried didn’t realize that he was working for two separate entities: AFLAC itself and AFLAC’s customers. Mr. Obama would do well to learn a lesson from the AFLAC Duck, for he too is working for two separate entities: the American people and more especially the American Taxpayer who pays his check (reduced now to only 53% of Americans). It’s almost as if you’re President of a left-wing Black nation and uninterested in the other 84% of America that is neither Black nor left-wing progressive. You work for us, Mr. Obama, all of us; but it sure looks like you’re enthusiastically at work for those who hate this country and the rest of be damned. 


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



** Allow us to nitpick.   Rev. Smith's characterization of Jim Crow above is very, very strange. It’s as if he's got present-day Whites becoming Jim Crow and White-favoring actions and White-favoring laws becoming Jim Crow laws. In point of fact, “Jim Crow” and “Jim Crow laws” has always referred to Blacks themselves and to the segregationist laws originally designed to keep Blacks “in their place” and subservient to the White Supremacist Segregationists.  In Rajjpuut’s not so-humble opinion, Affirmative Action so treasured by the Black Community and the preachings of you, Smith, as well as Wright and Farrakhan are the real Jim Crow laws in this day and age.  We must protest the deliberate pretense by the mainstream media that this Sunday's sermon never happened just as the "God damn America" speech by Reverend Wright never happened . . . Mr. Obama has repeatedly put his character (or lack thereof) on the line for all to see, and the left-leaning media, continues protecting his image as always. 


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History-Changers Fool

Some Americans ALL the Time

That great American philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does,” in other words not by their words but by their deeds do we know who people actually are. The next time you hear someone who loves America called a racist, sexist, or a fascist or whatever, by the left wing progressives or the liberal media remember, that despite all their efforts to change history the Democratic Party is . . .

. . . the party of slavery which justified the practice as “economic necessity” for the plantation system of cotton- and tobacco-growing.

. . . the party of slavery which forbid Black’s learning to read.

. . . the party of slavery which condoned White males raping Black women.

. . . the party of slavery which insisted upon creating new slave states as the young nation expanded westward, just to keep themselves in power.

. . . the party of Robert E. Lee who summarily hung John Brown for freeing slaves.

. . . the party of flogging slaves for minor violations; and hanging them for trying to get their freedom.

. . . the party of selling slaves for profit and breaking up their families.

. . . the party of Jefferson Davis who presided over the Confederacy which was created to keep slavery intact and inviolate.

. . . the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

. . . the party of Dred Scott and allowing slave-chasers to pursue runaways into northern states.

. . . the party of Jim Crow laws for almost 100 years.

. . . the party of ‘separate but equal’ for almost 100 years.

. . . the party of lynching.

. . . the party supporting honor killings by husbands of unfaithful wives.

. . . the party of Woodrow Wilson, the greatest racist who ever occupied the White House.

. . . the party of D.W. Griffith, the racist film-maker who premiered his racist masterpiece “Birth of a nation for Wilson in the White House.

. . . the party of Woodrow Wilson, who first created the idea of propaganda and proved to be the most Fascist president in American history jailing those who talked against his administration; closing down newspapers opposed to his agenda.

. . . the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who prolonged an ordinary downturn 8 ½ years (until the Second World War saved the economy) into a GREAT Depression.

. . . the party that segregated the armed forces under Wilson.

. . . the party of FDR who forced people to relinquish gold at $20.76 an ounce and then raised the price of gold to $35 per ounce effectively stealing 61% of all private wealth for the government.

. . . the party of Richard Cloward, Frances Piven and George Wiley who deliberately used Cloward-Piven Strategy to bankrupt New York City and just missed bankrupting New York State.

. . . the party of Wade Rathke (Wiley’s lieutenant) who created ACORN and the SEIU and sought to use ACORN to get what Wiley’s National Welfare Rights Organization could not: guaranteed national income.

. . . the party of Jimmy Carter who created the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) which required mortgage companies to make very bad loans that ACORN could take advantage of.

. . . the party of the Black Panthers as clearly Fascist a group as the last half of the 20th Century ever created

. . . the party of Bill Clinton, the first ACORN president, who oversaw three expansions of CRA ’77 and creation of the Motor Voter Act which he signed in a ceremony with Cloward and Piven standing directly behind him.

. . . the party of ACORN which used the weak Motor Voter Act to attempt all sorts of voting fraud.

. . . the party of ACORN which used the various CRA ’77 expansions to get zero-down payment $300,000 homes for people without ID; people without jobs; people who listed food stamps as “income”; people with horrific credit ratings; people without even a rental history; people on welfare; illegal aliens; and all manner of people who had NO hope of ever repaying their home loans.

. . . the party of Barack Obama who worked parts of three years as an ACORN attorney brow-beating and shaking-down lenders who tried to avoid making bad loans to deadbeat clients . . . Barack Obama who slashed the brake lines and fouled up the steering cables that put our national economy “in the ditch.”

. . . the party of ultra-left progressives who jumped all over George W. Bush for firing U.S. attorneys that refused to prosecute voter fraud; voter intimidation and to investigate allegations of Motor Voter Act discrepancies.

. . . the party of Barack Obama, a community organizer who taught classes in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals” in conjunction with ACORN.

. . . the party of Obama appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez, who dropped the case of the New Black Panthers intimidating White voters in Philadelphia and threatening a Black poll watcher with a beating; who also instructed Department of Justice (DOJ) employees NOT to pursue cases of voter intimidation or other crimes against Black perpetrators if the victims were White; and instructed DOJ employees to cease investigations of Motor Voter Act discrepancies “because that will just lower turnout.”

. . . the party of Barack Obama who gave us in one law (Obamacare) almost 390 new government agencies.

. . . etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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