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Calling a Spade a Spade,
Evil, Evil and
Sharia Law, Evil
                Those apparently few American voters who are both aware and sane got another slap to the side of the head last Wednesday when Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed that the Obama administration planned to raise taxes on small business owners so that the size of government would not shrink . . . I kid you not. Mr. Geithner and Mr. Obama are clearly in denial of the fact that 64% of our new job creation comes from small business growth. 
This incredibly absurd stupidity is par for the course among the progressive** left in economic matters . . . but no one seems to be paying attention to their stances on feminism, human rights and freedom of religion and speech in this country which have become so convoluted that even the progressive left is finding it difficult to know which group deserves slander in the name of political correctness and which groups do not. I refer you to Sharia Law; Radical Islam; and teaching of Jihad to children with cartoon characters talking about the beauty of becoming a martyr for Allah and using phrases like “kill the Jewish monkeys.” Surely political correctness ends where simple and easily discoverable truth about EVIL begins, no?
According to the progressive left, Radical Islam is NOT to be criticized. Those who criticize the fruits of the Radical Jihadist Muslims as Bill O’Reilly did October 14th of last year on the ABC program “The View” . . . will earn the eternal scorn of the left for being “racists and extremists.” O’Reilly’s factual statement “It was Muslims who killed us on 9/11” was the stimulus for two of The View hosts, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the show’s set that day. Radical Islam under the cover of being moderate folk interested only in freedom of religion has already instituted Sharia Law in the United Kingdom and seeks to expand Sharia Law not only into this country, but into a dominant role in this country. They (the radical Jihadists) already have Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department supporting CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in their suit against the state of Oklahoma because an Oklahoma Law prohibiting Sharia Law was voted in by an aware public. Truth, it seems doesn’t matter. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/cair/
What exactly is Sharia Law: to begin with, its legal sanctions are what in the U.S. Constitution are called “cruel and unusual punishments”: beheading, public stoning, public whippings, public caning; cutting off hands; etc. ad nauseum. The crimes that bring these harsh punishments are beheading for apostasy (deserting Islam and converting to another religion); beheading for homosexuality; cutting of hands for thievery; stoning for adultery; caning for a woman guilty of public immodesty; and various types of death penalties may be meted out for blasphemy against Allah. The progressive left which has long championed human rights in the United States all those times when we so egregiously violate them; and specifically homosexual rights; abortion rights; and female rights calls all who disagree with them in any fashion “extremists,” racists,” fascists and Nazis” even when Sharia Law is being attacked by clear thinking patriotic Americans for violating human rights; homosexual rights; abortion rights, child or adult slavery or the rights of women. Supposedly there is no contradiction between allowing Muslims access to Sharia Law in the United States and the United States Constitution? And the many individual state constitutions?
The matter of public modesty legislated against women by forcing them to wear the burkha is utterly shocking. Where is the National Organization of Women (presumably NOW is right where they were during the Monica Lewinsky affair when they said not word one against the philandering sexual harasser Bill Clinton? Or when conservative women are abused in public discourse and even called “stupid c_nts” by liberal commentators) why do they say nothing against Sharia? The twisted laws emerging from the Quran (or Koran) are based upon the evil notion that a man is not responsible for his actions if he rapes an “immodest” woman. Indeed any woman, even one in a burkha, hoping to bring charges of rape must provide three MALE witnesses to be heard in court and have any chance of justice being done.
The Sharia laws on homosexuality are clear, unless homosexual rape is perpetrated upon a slave in a Muslim household . . . which is truly A-OK and all right, of course. Heterosexual rape of slave women is, naturally OK, too. These slave women are immodest, of course, required to be naked from the waist up . . . so that’s some understandable justification for rape, eh?  
The much ballyhooed “Arab Spring” that Barack Obama (who attended Muslim school for parts of five years and has a statue of himself at ten years old standing in his schoolyard in Jakarta (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8500974.stm) has liberally praised on numerous occasions . . . in Egypt is all about burning Coptic Christian (10% of the population of the country) churches, killing their members; and quite righteously also yelling “Kill the Jews Kill the Jews” before liberal journalists who seldom or never translate what’s being chanted.   This was all predictable, to anyone who saw the shocking survey of Egyptians back in November that showed that Mubarak or no Mubarak 87% of Egyptians favored Sharia Law and 92% favored beheading for apostasy.   
Arab Spring is just a way to claim Democracies are arising . . . when in truth: jihadocracies are the fruits of Arab Spring.  By the way recently an Egyptian high official opined that the reason that the economy hadn’t exploded into prosperity since strongman Mubarak was ousted, was that “raiding” had pretty much ceased. He was talking about raiding Black Africa and all around the world to obtain slaves for sale which is one of the most lucrative occupations in Egypt and the Islamic world. Of course the presence of one or more slaves in a Muslim household is the easiest and surest way to improve the family’s standard of living.
“What in the hell,” you are probably thinking is the motive for this stunning alignment with Islamic terrorists; Sharia Law; and just plain evil by the progressive left? In case you missed it, the much-discussed “Revolution” is underway. During “THE Revolution” the enemy of my enemy (capitalism; the U.S. Constitution; and American freedom and power and wealth) is my friend . . . as you’ll soon see when the lamestream-mainstream media; Code Pink; Bill Ayers; Bernadette Dorne; George Soros; and the Unions all come to the support of the radical Islamic 2nd “Freedom Flotilla” which will in a few weeks try to run the Israeli arms blockades again this year.   These (the progressive left) are the people who are controlling our country right now and most Americans are too lazy, or too ignorant, or too stupid to see EVIL right in front of their noses. Or . . . nowadays is it just politically INcorrect to bring the matter of EVIL to anyone’s attention?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Progressivism is the doctrine that we must “progress” beyond the ‘ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution’ if we are to ever make “progress” toward an earthly Utopia. You’ll recognize the direct influence of Communist theorist Karl Marx in those words, no doubt. American Progressivism is an offshoot of Britain’s Fabian Socialist movement. They named themselves after the Roman general Fabius who eventually defeated Hannibal of Carthage (remember him crossing the Alps with war elephants?) after a nearly twelve-year war of attrition. Here’s the Fabian Socialists’ infamous stained glass window from the London School of Economics: note the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing society emblem of the Fabians; and the stack of socialist reading material:
Rajjpuut thinks of progressives this way:  at least half an hour every week they make some public pronouncement that amounts to “praying for” their fellow man. The other 167 ½ hours of the week they’re busy “preying upon” their fellow man.

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