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4063720869?profile=original                  Why did McCain Presidential Campaign Silence Palin discussion 

                                on Rev. Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?

When truth is prevented from ever reaching the ears of the American public during a presidential campaign the consequences can often be tragic. Consider the case of the 2008 mainstream media cover up and strict avoidance of Obama’s long time connection to Black Nationalist minister Jeremiah Wright and his firebrand racist comments. The media shackled the truth and allowed then U.S. Senator Obama to skate all the way to his election as president.

What is even worse was former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s recent revelation that the John McCain presidential campaign actually banned her from talking about Rev. Jeremiah Wright or anarchist Bill Ayers. Think about the repercussions of how an informed American public could have at least had the opportunity to discuss as well as evaluate this information with the fullness a vice presidential candidate’s focus would have offered.

Typically it is the vice presidential candidate who is given the task to reveal the underbelly of the opposition’s campaign and bring attention to issues that a presidential candidate seeks to avoid discussing.

But instead of engaging in a fully spirited public campaign discussion that would have given Sarah Palin the ability to point out these glaring inconsistencies she was silenced. She is right to be appalled. The nation needed to see a presidential campaign question how a former community organizer from Chicago’s south side managed to have his state senate campaign launched in the living room of the co-founder of the violent anti-war group Weather Underground.

The nation needed a Republican presidential campaign demand the details on how Obama embraced the racist-laden preaching of Rev. Wright. Instead, Palin was forced to stand on the sidelines and watch the McCain campaign throw the towel in without even a whisper.

What this did in effect is to undermine the ability as well as the intelligence of the American people to make a determination to evaluate the fitness of a presidential candidate who offered shadowy explanations for his past record of radical and socialist associations.

The mainstream media was given a pass by the John McCain campaign to not look deeper into Obama’s past associations because they wanted to write a narrative that was actually race-based. McCain campaign appeared to not want the truth about a known radicalized element in Obama’s past; because it would somehow upset the voters he was seeking to convert to support his election as president.

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I have studied these Scriptures (Book of Daniel) out again having been taught these principals a few times by various pastors.  Dr. David Jeremiah teaches these principals again and gives an admonishment to the people (believers) that He will, in fact, judge this country of the United States of America for their wickedness if they don't turn away from idols and back to Him again.

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:

For men will be lovers of themselves. lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,

traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

having a form of godliness but denying its power.  And from such people turn away!

2 Timothy 3: 1-5

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4063621611?profile=originalOn Friday, in the closing days of the presidential election President Barack Obama encouraged his supporters in Ohio to head to the polls on Tuesday with hateful revenge in their hearts.  He shouted out that this election result must be about revenge and not about America’s noble principles, values or even future.  This runs counter to his post 2008 election, when he implored Americans to accept his word that he would usher in a new type of non-partisan presidency. 


Instead Obama’s presidency and campaign degenerated into the most partisan Chicago-style thuggish character assassination campaign mugging the nation has ever witnessed


Obama used revenge as his clarion call to battleground state, Ohio, to top off the last hours of his campaign. Is hate and revenge truly what undecided voters are searching for?  Should Americans embrace the insidious nature of his closing argument for the courtroom of the American public?  Consider how the true nature of Obama has lowly become unmasked.  His hate-filled attack ads were reminiscent of his religious mentor and teacher Rev.  Jeremiah Wright.


Why should Americans be surprised?  This president lied about being present when his religious mentor Rev. Wright spoke with venom in his voice about hate. Remember, in 2003 he shouted from his pulpit, “God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America!”  Obama after doing some fancy verbal footwork, around the issue, quickly threw Rev. Wright and his association with him, under the bus.


So, Obama is not unfamiliar with hate or with use of revenge as a useful tactic.  Contrast Obama's behavior with Romney’s revenge voter edict. Romney insisted that Americans should go to the polls on November 6th, “to vote “for love of country!”


Imagine that, “love of country.”  Not unique for a true leader who truly loves his country.  Not unique for a presidential candidate who believes in building up a nation and its future instead of a president stumbling through  four years of mediocrity, incompetence and multi-trillion dollar deficits.

But think about it a minute.  What was President referring to when he asked supporters to take revenge to the polls on November, 6th?   What type of revenge could he be considering?  After all the “Blame Bush” rhetoric is a dog that will not hunt anymore.  Could it be a diversion away from his unwillingness to leave no one behind in the murders of four Americans in Benghazi?  Could it be that the October surprise is that Islamic world tour apologies will no longer cut it with the American public, grown tired of excuses?


Worst yet, could President be a real life Manchurian Candidate who through is youthful foreign travels and Muslim upbringing is truly contemptuous of America as a Judeo-Christian nation?  So consider again the narcissistic placement of the word “revenge” in taking it to the polls on November.  Is Obama a possible foil for socialism or other “ism” that was hatched by his ideological mentor and admirer of Satan, Saul Alinsky?  In fact it was Saul Alinsky who gave a supportive nod in his book, “Rules for Radicals to Satan.  ( read more )

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Wright’s Racism and Hate Speech History

Not Just Some Recent Aberration

For the naïve among you who somehow believe that Barack Obama is an honorable man and a statesman . . . and who still believe that Barack Obama is NOT a racist . . .

Obama, in his speech in mid 2008, disavowing Wright in Philadelphia, said you'll remember, “Not once in my conversations with him have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms, or treat whites with whom he interacted with anything but courtesy and respect.” Yes, and Adolf Hitler wasn't a national socialist and never said anything against Jews, Gypsies and so-called "November Criminals, either . . . But Wright did give Louis Farrakhan an award which seemed bothersome, since Farrakhan is a much-discussed antisemite. Obama, defending Wright, claimed Farrakhan’s work with ex-prisoners had been the inspiration for the award. But neither the award citation nor Wright’s own description made any mention of ex-prisoners. Instead the award citation explicitly was given for Farrakhan’s “lifetime achievements” whatever they might have been . . . .

Wright and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, you see, have a long history of being "great minds running in similar racist ruts." Farrakhan can't seem to avoid making anti-Semitic and anti-white comments, regularly documented by the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League’s website; and Wright himself is one of the Anti-Defamation League's favorite love-to-hate-him personalities. Wright has often dissed black leaders for avoiding mention of Farrakhan’s name.

During the 20+ years Obama listened to Wright's sermons, hate speech was Wright’s main stock in trade. America, he said, created the AIDS virus to kill off blacks. His church’s website and newsletters throughout the period of Obama's membership have featured numerous anti-semitic rants. After the "God damn America!" sermon, Wright eventually was disavowed by Obama. But speakin of Wright in Philadelphia, Obama lied about his self-described longtime friend and adviser, to deflect attacks on his own judgment and patriotism, “Not once in my conversations with him have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms . . . " etc., etc. ad nauseum and the mainstream media declined to chase down the story and the truth. Obama also claimed that Wright had grown up "in the ghettoes in the 60's with memories of doubt, fear and humiliation," but actually Wright had lived a privileged youth, another Obama lie which again the media didn't choose to track down.

Obama often uses Adolf Hitler's famous propaganda technique "the big lie" and surely everything Obama's said about Jeremiah Wright qualifies as a monster lie so outrageous that no one would think anyone would have the temerity to speak it, were it not true. From his first autobiography, "Dreams From My Father" (the title of his second autobiography "The Audacity of Hope" came from the title of a Jeremiah Wright sermon; the fatherlike role of Wright is amazing in Obama's life even though the reality of Rev. Wright is clearly 100% the opposite of every myth Barak, Jr. has built up and the mythical persona he's made himself appear to be) to virtually every statement about his past to all his public statements, Obama has carried on a string of fantastic lies unchallenged by the mainstream media . . . only one thing is obvious the "Devil we know," Jeremiah Wright, is not one-hundredth as dangerous as the man who lies about him and for him . . . Barack Obama . . . indeed, Rajjpuut has found only one "important" statement that Obama's ever made that was not a lie: "I am NOT a socialist, I'm not." No he isn't a socialist, Barack Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool communist** and listening to Jeremiah Wright's "Black-Liberation Theology" (which is based entirely upon the teachings of Karl Marx) must have been a great comfort to him.

Ya'll live long, strong and ornery,

** in "Dreams From My Father" Obama never mentioned that his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham and his mother Stanley Ann Dunham were communists and his birth father Barak (no 'c') Hussein Obama, Sr. was also a communist as shown here:
You'll remember from reading "Dreams From My Father" that Obama Senior's dream or lifetime love for Kenya was socialism and "fairness" but here we find out that it wasactually "scientific socialism inter alia communism." And we learn more about what's really going on when we see him in this essay discussing the advisability of 100% taxes upon the rich; takeover via nationalization of foreign businesses; and out and out transfer of wealth from Kenya's European and Asian citizens to its black ones.

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When will Obama denounce racism by Blacks?

Civil Rights “Always about Becoming White,”

Sez Jeremiah Wright

It’s a real shame that the mainstream media has continually refused to do simple “fact checks” on the jet-stream of lies spouting from Barack Obama’s lips. Being raised by a radical mother might have contributed something to that, but apparently, Obama learned a lot at Jeremiah Wright’s knee. The pattern he’s shown in the last seventeen months is always the same (nothing about real government and real leadership, but rather) a continual campaign-mode attack upon his opponents’ perceived motives as stated by Obama (and NO actual discussion of issues with facts ever). Wright himself has been attacking the “White establishment” for at least twenty-five years which wouldn’t be that bad (there are problems), but like Obama, he just comes up with attacks on motives never with facts relevant to any purported issues involved.

A couple days after Reverend Jeremiah Wright first came to the attention of most Americans by preaching, “. . . not ‘God Bless America’ but God Damn America,” Barack Obama said he’d never heard anything objectionable from Wright during the twenty years he attended Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. After ten days heat from the media, Obama denounced Wright for his “inflammatory rhetoric.” Eventually, Obama left Wright’s church to still the outcry. Strange that Obama hadn’t heard anything “nasty” from Wright before . . . because since then Wright’s been making headlines for the same old crap roughly every 20-25 days.

For Ol’ Rajjpuut, who believes that the worst racism in this country comes in from those calling everybody else racist (only 5% of the Black voters voted for McCain, for example, while Obama got almost 48% of the White vote which is more than either Gore or Kerry received) the Reverend Wright’s latest outrages seem to back up Rajjpuut’s thinking . . . . one wonders if this wouldn’t be a great time for Barack Obama to again distance himself from Wright and to GASP! actually criticize Black racism. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Wright has truly outdone himself this month already. Former Obama mentor, Reverend Wright, infamous for numerous anti-semitic statements has twice just recently re-affirmed his belief that “Jews are running this country” and while “educating” folks at a theological gathering he didn't pull any punches in other areas either . . . .

A. At a recent Chicago seminar, Wright claimed that there was little real difference in race issues between the United States today and South Africa during its apartheid years.

B. Claimed that the civil rights movement was a joke whose only purpose was to help Black people in “becoming White.”

C. Told his seminar audience, “you will NEVER be a brother to white folk,” because racial divisions in this country are forever too deeply entrenched. Rajjpuut wonders who might be doing the entrenching, eh?

D. Added that “White folk done took this country, you’re in their home and they’re always gonna let you know up about it.” He said this control over blacks was created by a poorly designed American education system that was “by malignant intent” not educating Black students.

E. Most incredibly of all, Wright assailed the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. for advocating nonviolence. “We probably have more African-Americans who’ve been brainwashed than there were brainwashed South Africans,” Wright said. Think about that . . . Wright is now comparing nonviolence in South Africa as advocated by both Mohandas Gandhi and (during the nonviolent demonstrations across the segregated American south as advocated by) Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . compared them and their actions to brainwashing. Didn’t a fellow called Yeshua or Jesus or something also advocate “turning the other cheek”?????? Indeed, isn’t Wright a pastor at the Trinity United Church of Christ?

The fact is that TRUTH is the biggest casualty every time Obama or Wright speaks. This seems to be something the media is totally UNinterested in. All they do is air attacks from the perpetually crusading/campaigning twosome and never carry out the most basic of journalistic duties and do checks on their so-called facts that are spouted. With friends like the mainstream media, Americans don’t need enemies like Wright and Obama.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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According to the Jerusalem Post website article linked above, Rahm Emanuel is eating crow for the Obama Administration. In the wake of Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan (a Jew) to serve as a justice on the United States Supreme Court, Emanuel (also Jewish) attempted a song-and-dance for proponents of Israel including a group of Rabbis called together for a meeting at the White House. Obama, of course, did NOT attend the meeting but sent David Ross to allay the rabbi’s fears. Ross who is not religious (his mother was Jewish, father Catholic) showed more guts at the meeting in calling for Israel to abandon its nukes, if they actually have them as the U.S. is convinced) as part of a 'Nuke-free Middle East' than Obama did in feigning pressure on Iran’s nuclear development. The headline for the JP article read “Emanuel to rabbis: US 'screwed up' “ which told about 1/10 the story in Rajjpuut’s line of thinking.
This has been an important mainstream story for fourteen months now, nay, has been a mainstream story since at least the moment when Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for president in 2008. Like the Climate-Gate Story; like the CCX-Scandal story and like Obama’s denial of a Muslim background (he was a “prize student” while attending Muslim school in Jakarta), information about Barack Obama or his policies that Barack Obama doesn’t wish to become matters of public debate are routinely sloughed-aside without further adieu by the mainstream Obama-worshipping media. Rajjpuut will digress briefly:
(The ultra-liberal London Times has run several stories exploring what all Europe already knows: “global-warming” is a hoax. Therefore any policies, especially economy-crippling, expensive policies like “cap and trade” (now they’re calling it “America’s Power Act”) which is now being debated in the U.S. Senate are hoaxes in themselves.,8599,1732518,00.html (The American magazine Time online ran a BS article here on Richard Sandor treating him as if he were the Mother Teresa of environmental-capitalism. The truth is, however, begun to be found here in the four expandable charts near the bottom (just click on the ¼ arrow to see all of them one at a time): the full truth is here:
and one last aim to get truth out in the case of Barack’s Muslim schooling, here’s the Muslim elementary school he attended for parts of three years 1969-71; he also attended other Muslim indoctrination earlier; Obama has said repeatedly he’s ALWAYS and only been a Christian and that he has NEVER practiced Islam or attended Muslim schooling): So Obamamessiah and his administration have told us lies and are seeking to rob the American people in a ploy that will destroy our economy by raising prices of all commodities in America 67% soon after Cap and Trade becomes law and yet the mainstream American media covers not 3%, not 2%, not even 1% of these issues . . . but 0%. Back to the Jerusalem Press story which is yet another that the mainstream media are also choosing every single day NOT to cover . . . .
The larger story, of course, is how Obama has mis-treated our allies while running around bowing and scraping and apologizing to America’s enemies. Emanuel tried to bridge the gap with worldwide proponents of Israel at the meeting, saying that Obama’s administration has “screwed up the messaging” about its support for Israel over the past 14 months, and it will take “more than one month to make up for 14 months. . .” Right, they didn't express themselves as carefully as they should have . . . No, Mr. Emanuel, No Mr. Obama . . . it's NOT your words, but your actions that are causing this situtation . . . .
After Obama disowned him, in the wake of his “God-damn, America!” comment, Wright stated in a June 10, 2009 interview that he had still voted for Obama for President, despite the raging controversy. He said,"them [sic] Jews" within the administration are keeping us form speaking to each other. Wright also according to Wikipedia suggested that Obama did not send a delegation to the Durban Review Conference in Geneva, because of Jewish pressure, saying: "[T]he Jewish vote, the A-I-P-A-C vote, that’s controlling him, that would not let him send representation to the Darfur Review Conference, that’s talking this craziness on this trip, cause they’re Zionists, they would not let him talk to someone who calls a spade what it is."
Under attack immediately from the Anti-Defamation League, Wright modified his statements the next day, saying that "I’m not talking about all Jews, all people of the Jewish faith, I’m talking about Zionists." Wright also took that opportunity and endorsed the anti-Zionist books “Judaism Does Not Equal Israel” and “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” and said, “ethnic cleansing the Zionist is considered a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don't want Barack talking like that"
The Jewish proclivity for voting liberal has got them into problems here. On the one hand, Barack Obama appears to be willfully erasing his Muslim background and many Muslims are anti-Israel. On the other Obama has denied hearing any Anti-Semitism from Wright, even though the hate-words seem to spring unbidden to the man’s lips repeatedly. On yet another hand, Obama willfully embarrassed the Israeli Prime Minister in Washington, D.C. and both his Vice-President and Secretary of State claimed offense at Israeli policies. On yet another hand, Obama’s seemingly deliberate shilly-shallying on Iran has accomplished nothing except allowing fourteen months to pass rapidly while Iran builds its A-bomb and practices hitting targets with its missiles. On the fifth hand, Ross is telling them at the meeting that Obama is against Israel having the bomb and will seek to eliminate that capability (more stridently than he‘s thus far opposed Iranian activity in the nuke field? hmmmm).
“During the elections there were doubts about President Obama’s support for Israel, and now they have resurfaced,” Emanuel said, “But concerning policy, we have done everything that we can that is in Israel’s security – and long-range interests. Watch what the administration does.” Rajjpuut demurs . . . what Obama’s already done says it all. He has deliberately embarrased and discomfited an ally and given them severe doubts about where his ultimate sympathies lie. But truly the issue goes deeper, it goes back to Obama’s lies about his Muslim background and it goes back to the Anti-American and Anti-semetic rhetoric of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for twenty years and yet Obama says he never heard any Anti-American or Anti-Jewish attacks in the church ever. Amazing how Reverend Wright put on his worst behavior when the cameras were on him, but never before . . . .
These things happen when you get into bed with a progressive who wants to destroy the U.S. Constitution (to “progress well beyond" that f"lawed document”) which he vowed “to preserve, protect and defend.” The token Jewish presence belies the truth, Obama is Anti-Israel at his core. Just as he hides the truth by hiding from words of truth such as “Jihad” “Terrorism,” “Radical-Islam” and “Muslim-extremists” when dealing with “incidents” threatening or taking American lives, he is hiding the truth from Jews who desperately want to believe he’s a good man and on their sides. Hitler, to his credit at least, told the truth about his anti-semetic beliefs openly . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Using the word “vitriol” to describe the Glen Beck program, Barak Obama once again tried to marginalize conservative voices angry at his fiscal mismanagement and transformation of America into a socialist nation. Anyone who's listened to Glen Beck would be more likely to compare him to Martin Luther King than to Louis F. or other hatemongers. The man who for 20 years sat in his pew listenting to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s real vitriol and never once objected until the media visited the church and recorded Wright saying “God Damn America!” has absolutely NO wiggle room. He is the hatemonger in this country and he is the Liar in Chief in this country and he is the #1 Hypocrite in the country and he is clearly destroying the fabric of this nation and choosing to accuse real American patriots of Nazi-like tactics to cover-up his own abominations, Rajjpuut says, “Impeach the Obamanation!”

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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