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Establish IRS Fraud Relief Fund

Dear Congressman Issa:

I want to thank you for your tremendous effort in exposing the unethical business practices of the Internal Revenue Service. I’m writing to request that Congress establish the FIRST (Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax) Relief Fund.  Chairman Issa, I estimate there are hundreds of thousands of honest American taxpayers who have been defrauded by the Internal Revenue Service.  I believe Congress has a duty to provide financial restitution to taxpayers who have been victims of the IRS.  Listed below is how the IRS scams billions from taxpayers by shear intimidation and by putting the fear of God into honest Americans. 

 IRS Fraud via Electronic Tax Notices

The IRS sends out hundreds of thousands of tax collection notices. These are electronic letters that are generated from information accumulated by the IRS.  It’s been my experience that those notices are accurate less than 10% of the time and it’s probably closer to 5%. Stated another way, 90%-95% of the notices unnecessarily scare the hell out of honest Americans.  But even worse is the fact that thousands of Americans are going to pay fraudulent tax bills because they don’t have anyone to help them or they are afraid to stand up to the IRS.

 IRS Demanded $557,000 & Clients Owed $290

During the last three years the IRS sent my clients electronic tax notices totaling $557,000.  The actual amount owed by my clients was $290.  Since I don’t fear the little man behind the green curtain, I was able to eliminate nearly 100% of the monies sought by the IRS. Congressman Issa this is a fraud waiting to happen against 140 million taxpayers. The majority of these folks don’t have the luxury of paying a CPA or tax expert to tackle the IRS on their behalf.

 Stop Reverse Tax Gap

Congress commits valuable resources to studying ways to reduce the Tax Gap.  I would implore Congress to study the devastating impact caused by the IRS collecting billions from honest taxpayers via their electronic money machine.  The reason taxpayers send money to the IRS should be based on factual information and not intimidation.

 IRS Targets Grandma with Alzheimers vs Large Tax Corp

Last year I blew the whistle on a national tax preparation company for defrauding the US Treasury of $17 million. The IRS did nothing. In contrast last month the IRS sent my mother a letter indicating if she didn’t file her 2011 tax return the IRS would file one for her. My mother’s 2011 AGI was $0 and her Alzheimer medical care was $41,000,  My mother’s net taxable income was negative ($46,000).  Why doesn’t the IRS spend their so-called limited resources on recovering billions from large tax corporations rather than harass an 81 year old grandmother with Alzheimers?


Chairman Issa, taxpayers who have been defrauded by the IRS should be repaid in full plus interest for any monies collected through intimidation rather than by tax code enforcement.  Please introduce legislation to create the FIRST Relief  Fund.  The Fraudulent Internal Revenue Service Tax Relief Fund will help victims of IRS abuse.  The fund should be funded by Congress and operated by professional experts from the private sector with no previous government employment history.  There are over 400,000 CPA's and another 400,000 tax professionals who could easily fill the demand for competent administrators and investigators.  The STRONG ARM tactics of the IRS need to be retired immediately.  I look forward to hearing you.



Randall C. Sorensen CPA


cc:   Senator Alexander    Senator Pryor                Congressman Gowdy

       Senator Cruz             Congressman Boehner   Congressman Marchant       

       Senator Grassley       Congressman Camp      Congressman Ryan

       Senator Hoeven        Congressman Crenshaw                


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What a stark reminder from history that intimidation was used to enslave a country.  The citizens lived in fear that they wold have uninvited thugs in their homes threatening them with violence if they did not cooperate.

Neighbor turned on neighbor and children spied on their parents. Make no mistake this could happen to any Nation if the wrong people are in power.  The citizens must be alert and proactive to defeat any actions that would constitute dictatorial policies by their own government. 

Check out this video and even though it's from a movie you'll see a depiction of the SS tactics .

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Obama Administration Denies Blacks Can be Racists
Over nineteen months after it occurred, the Black Panther voter intimidation case is in the news again courtesy of FOX News. It was a big deal back when it happened and it’s now become a very big deal. Of course like Climate Gate, the story never got covered originally by the mainstream media and now when it amounts to a monstrous cover-up it’s still not being covered. Yesterday, abetted by the media’s insouciance the road not travelled, known as “Black Racism” actually went on to fork onto four separate paths.
Item: The case of the Nation of Islam’s New Black Panthers’ voter intimidation at a Philadelphia voting site has been dropped after the case was actually won by the Department of Justice under the Bush administration. One Obama political appointee to the DOJ, a Ms. Fernandez is on record for telling a room full of DOJ employees not to pursue cases where the perpetrators are Black and the victims are White. Only one of the Black Panther defendants received any “punishment” and that was less than a slap on the hand. That defendant has been shown on video telling Black crowds to kill “crackers” and to kill their “cracker babies.” The Panthers are claiming that one Glen Beck and one Sean Hannity from Fox News are racists for pursuing the story . . . .
Item: The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) went on record as saying that the TEA Party must be denounced as racists. The NAACP claimed that signs with the word “nigg_r” had been found at TEA Party rallies; and that Black congressmen were called “nig_ers” repeatedly on the day that Obamacare passed. Actually, A) one such sign was brought into one TEA Party rally by an infiltrator and that man was accosted by six or seven TEA Party males and his nasty sign was torn up immediately; and B) One Andrew Breitbart of blog and column fame was covering the Obamacare event and he denies that any of the so-called racial taunting ever occurred and has offered a $100,000 reward for any video evidence that even one time the word “ni-ger” was used. So far his money is safe.
Item: The same NAACP has entered into the case of a Black vendor beaten up by a preacher and other members of a Black church. The victim was a capitalistic Black man who made a killing in 2008 selling Obama buttons who was now selling, among other merchandise, a large button showing Obama smoking a joint (marijuana cigarette for the innocent among you) above the slogan “The Audacity of Dope!” At an NAACP meeting the thugs arrested by the police were praised and the victim was dissed repeatedly with the words “Uncle Tom” bandied about constantly.
Item: The aforementioned Ms. Fernandez, Obama political appointee to the DOJ, also decreed in more than one meeting of the DOJ people that there was “no interest” in investigating “Motor Voter Law” violations because it would “just cut down on voter turnout.” Wow! NOT removing duplicate voter names, NOT removing deceased voter names, NOT removing invalid voter names and instead allowing roughly 55% of America’s precincts to receive more votes than they have registered voters is A-OK according to Ms. Fernandez.
You may recall that Richard Cloward and Frances Piven of Cloward-Piven Strategy infamy and an associate of theirs, a Black radical named Wiley, created the NWRO (National Welfare Rights Organization) to test out C-P Strategy’s premise of “overworking and destroying the system” as a radical tactic they hoped would lead to a national guaranteed income law. The threesome bragged later how it took them less than eight years to bankrupt New York City (1975) and just missed bankrupting New York State as well. Cloward and Piven then advised their followers to work on housing and voter registration. Wiley was key in creating ACORN to do just that by taking advantage of ill-conceived mortgage-guarantee laws: Carter’s 77 CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) plus four expansions: in ’92 adding Franny Mae and Freddie Mac, two more in ’95 under Clinton and the steroid expansion also under Clinton in ’98 which allowed ACORN to single-handedly create the sub-prime mortgage crisis. That same Cloward and Piven were standing directly behind Bill Clinton at the signing ceremony for the Motor Voter Act which wise observers called “a license to unending voter fraud.” And now Ms. Fernandez is refusing to enforce even that drastically weakened law . . . and, of course, ACORN had its day in voter registration also . . . .
What do all these items above have in common? Two things: ignorant progressivism^^ and Black RACISM. Rajjpuut suggests that Obama totally refuses to acknowledge even the slightest possibility that Black Racism could exist, while repeatedly returning to accusing all his political enemies of racism for opposing Obama agenda programs. Less than 5% of the Black vote went for McCain while Obama received almost 48% of the White vote (more and a higher percentage than either Gore or Kerry got) . . . so who are the real racists when it comes to voting?
By the way, one Hillary Clinton was robbed of her party’s nomination in 2008 by the surprising fact of Barack Obama’s winning 13 of the 14 caucus states** using illegal bussing and voter intimidation. At the time it was big all over the internet but the mainstream media refused to cover it . . . and today Barack Obama is still their “anointed one.”
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
^^ Progressives since about 1901 have been showing by their actions that they regard the U.S. Constitution as something that needs to be "progressed beyond." At their own meetings they refer to the Constitution as "outdated" and even "ill-conceived and inadequate." Mr. Obama, who was simultaneously teaching in Chicago a course in Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and a Constitutional Law course, has been quoted as calling the Constitution "a document guaranteeing 'negative rights' only" while pushing an agenda in line with FDR's "Second Bill of Rights."’s_“second_bill_of_rights”_led_to_today’s_$124_trillion_problem.thtml
** Several of these states featured primary voting combined with caucuses and HRC had won the voting segment in most of them but her supporters were overwhelmed at the caucuses by various dirty tricks like chains and locks on doors; being out-shouted; and, yes, multiple instances of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers. The Democratic Party and the media pretended these instances didn’t occur.
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