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New York City has been seriously endangered by terrorists three times in the last 43 years, but most Americans only know about two of those attacks. In a related story, two days ago, Timothy Geithner, did tw0 things the Obama administration has shied markedly away from . . . he spoke the truth and he praised George W. Bush . . . therein lies a tale . . . .

Our country has been under serious attack from within for at least 44 years. Two Columbia University socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven published an article on their “Cloward-Piven Strategy” in a 1966 article in “The Nation,” "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty" argued that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits, and that a welfare enrollment drive would create a political crisis that would force U.S. politicians, particularly the Democratic Party, to enact legislation "establishing a guaranteed national income.” Their ideas were based upon those from two books of Saul Alinsky the infamous self-avowed Neo-Marxist community organizer from Chicago. More on Cloward and Piven later . . . .

Those of you who have read Alinsky’s horror masterpiece “Rules for Radicals” know that the main progressive trick is to relentlessly stay on the attack while creating situations in which they’re perceived to have the moral high ground (at least by their own activists and the left-leaning very sympathetic media). Where will they attack? Anywhere that a perception or an actual weakness can be found. Back about March 20, 2007, Dick Morris wrote a great editorial blog that day, three leading progressive Democratic spokespersons were on the attack against Republicans, totally unfairly in retrospect, but George W. Bush and the Republicans around him seemingly went “quietly into that dark night” and refused to defend themselves except in the most milquetoasty of ways.

The four main areas of progressive attack at that time were all bogus 1) supposed corrupt individuals (Stephens and Delay were eventually cleared); 2) Iraq the unwinnable war and the “War on Terror” in general; 3) the economy; and 4) the dismissal of a set of United States Attorneys. Truth fought for resolutely in these four areas might have changed today’s situation dramatically. This fourth situation was the least important at the time but has become very important today. Let’s look at all four of these problem areas more closely . . . .

#1 Nancy Pelosi made a big deal about “draining the swamp” but today the truth can finally be appreciated. Of about six corrupt Democrats that ought to have been in her gunsights only two are now looking at ethics trials. As for the main Republicans, Delay was finally cleared just last week after never seriously being at risk, Stephens died in a plane accident in southeast Alaska, being cleared a few months after losing the election for his senate seat. Most importantly, the loss of Stephens’ senate seat in a very close election in 2008, has allowed the Obama agenda to do an incredible amount of damage by providing that all-important 60-40 cushion. The Republican Party, not having its own truly active ethics policemen on the one hand (a failing that needs to be corrected immediately); giving every “appearance” of inpropriety on the other hand; and not standing behind its members on the third hand allowed this to happen in utterly wimp-like fashion. Truth alone is not enough to ensure that necessary conservative values like fiscal-conservativism and Constitutional conservativism will win the day, Truth needs to be defended energetically.

#2 Bush did NOT mount a spirited defense of his approach in Iraq (the “Surge” or “New Way Forward” was now two months old) generally speaking he remained mum although the news was almost immediately good. While there is much to be recommended in an approach of “under-promise and over-deliver” in comparison with the inanities of the opposite Obama-like notion of HYPE-HYPE-HYPE and more HYPE over-promising and dramatically under-delivering . . . you’ve got to communicate! For example, Rajjpuut saw a History Channel exclusive on the very day of the bus bombings in London that revealed the incredible successes of the U.S. War in Terror and how they were brought about (of perhaps 500 great success stories they admittedly covered only 14-15 in the segment, but it was impressive!). Now clearly, one does NOT want the CIA revealing its most impressive tactics, but for several years of outstanding work being reduced to a 90-minute show on the History Channel (does anyone besides Rajjpuut watch the History Channel) is definitely NOT getting the record of success across. Just revealing once every couple months the nature of some success stories (perhaps themselves six months old) that would have been helpful but instead we got nothing. Compare that preferred approach with the demoralizing “rely on luck”/man-caused disasters/ and “there is NO war on terror” strategems that seem to highlight the Obama approach and you get the picture.

#3 NOT getting the truth about the ECONOMY out to the American people was Bush’s biggest failing and its evils are plaguing us still today. In November, 2003, James Stack of revealed a graph he called the “Housing Industry Bubble” (housing prices had soared, yes, but stocks in the housing industry had risen an amazing 1300% in a relatively short time) and began talking about a coming “sub-prime lending crisis.” We had ample warning, you see. Bush and the Republicans saw the problem within a year themselves and sought to correct things with a bill in January, 2005 that would have undone most of the steroid-like ills brought about by the 1998 final version of mortgage-guarantee legislation. They were defeated.

Finally in July of 2007, enough Democrats agreed that a problem existed to pass a heavily-diluted law based upon their January, 2005 efforts. It proved to be way too little, way too late, but it did enough good that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recognized two days ago that Bush had saved our bacon. Without Bush’s administration passing that law, Geithner said, the recession would have been much, much deeper and housing prices would have dropped far, far lower. Americans that watch FOX News find this out three years later, most Americans inundated by the mainstream media (MSM) will never find this out . . . much like the successes in the war on terrorism, this underlines a severe problem with simple communication.

More importantly, Bush did NOT use the bully-pulpit of the presidency to expose the facts behind the economic threats facing the nation in January, 2005 when they first tried to pass their bill and stop the sub-prime lending crisis in its tracks . . . it’s a long and sordid tale that needed to be told (besides the two attacks on the World Trade Center in 1992 and then on 9/11/2001 by Islamist extremists, American terrorists attacked the city between 1967 and 1975) Bush and his administration and conservatives in general failed us by NOT informing everyday Americans about this internal attack and its continuing endangerment to our system and our people:

A. Cloward-Piven and George Wiley in 1967 create the National Welfare Rights Organization to implement C-P Strategy and bring about their “Guaranteed National Income.” They put almost seven million newbies onto the welfare rolls and by 1975 New York City is bankrupt and required a federal government bailout; New York State just missed bankruptcy. Cloward, Piven and Wiley did not achieve a guaranteed national income but they proclaim success publicly and on his mentors’ advice, Wiley moves to attack weaknesses in voter registration and housing as the next focal area for “manufactured crisis” strategy. He doesn’t have long to wait.

B. Jimmy Carter sweeps into office with a wave of progressive Democrats in November, 1976. In 1977 they pass the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) which for the first time requires really bad home loans be granted. Thankfully, it’s a very poorly crafted law and lenders can sidestep it fairly easily. Some background: Americans between 1946 and 1998 had the highest home ownership in the world 62-65%, the system is the envy of the whole planet. Only one in 404 loans in 1975 is made with 3% or LESS downpayment. ACORN is established in Arkansas in 1977 by a George Wiley lieutenant named Wade Rathke (later he’ll start up the SEIU union) and immediatedly moves into voter registration and housing and by 1980 becomes a chief backer of Bill Clinton, who’ll become the first ACORN president.

C. By 1985 only 1 in 198 home loans in the country have been made with less than 3% down payment. ACORN isn’t having much success but they’re patiently refining their C-P and Alinsky shakedown approach. Soon lenders will, as a matter of course, accept the “necessity” of making horrifically bad loans to recipients with virtually no chance of ever repaying their mortgages.

D. In 1992, George H. W. Bush fails to veto a bill with an expansion in CRA ’77 to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac even though he detests the idea. Why? It’s a small part of a much larger bill. A horrible example of why large, complicated bills can be so dangerous. Bush only was over-ridden on one of his 44 vetoes during his four-year term, too bad he didn’t make it 45 vetoes, eh? ACORN now has something to bite on and things get rapidly worse for the country from this point forward.

E. Bill Clinton sweeps into office. He immediately gets the Motor Voter Act passed with Cloward and Piven standing right behind him during the signing ceremony (a photo of which you can find in about twenty places on the internet).

F. A community organizer in Chicago named Barack Obama begins working as a lawyer for ACORN in late ’94 and immediately begins shaking-down home lenders in the area. In ’95, Bill Clinton gets two expansions to the CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantee idea passed. Meanwhile ACORN has learned its craft now a horrific 1/7 of all home loans are made with less than 3% down payment and Freddy and Fannie are on the hook.

G. Bill Clinton gets his ’98 expansion of mortgage-guarantee law passed putting the whole system on steroids. ACORN goes into overdrive shaking down lenders so that people without ID; people without jobs; people claiming foodstamps as “income”; people with horrific credit ratings; people without rental history; people on welfare; and illegal immigrants qualify for home loans . . . many of them “qualify for $500,000 homes. This is 1998, by 2005, 1/3 of all home loans will be made with less than 3% down payments.

In November, 2003, James Stack of starts publishing his “Housing Industry Bubble” chart and warning of the impending sub-prime lending crisis and you know the rest . . . however, you know it NOW; why didn’t the conservatives warn us over and over and over and over again until Americans got the picture . . . even if voters didn’t take it seriously at first, it would certainly have explained a lot of things later, no? So we have a literal provable and obvious case of two internal terrorist attacks on the USA; the bankruptcy of NYC in 1975 and the financial collapse of 2007 and the Republican Party did NOT have the wherewithal to put them both before the voters for as long as it took????

#4 Let’s talk about a less complicated and less dire example of the progressives’ ability to manipulate truth and create havoc, but one that's very important right now . . . we can use it as a good example of how they work and of what Bush did wrong . . . .

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Department of Justice, under Obama’s appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez, is perhaps the most dangerous organization in the government. Without belaboring the point they might steal the 2010 and 2012 elections. For example, the dropping of the already won case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers actions in November, 2008 in Philadelphia; the oral order from Fernandez to a roomful of DOJ employees not to prosecute cases where the victims are White and the perpetrators Black; and worst of all, instructions from Fernandez that the DOJ “had no interest in allegations of Motor Voter Law improprieties because that’ll just reduce turnout.” Tie all that into ACORN’s activities and you see we could have a problem at the voting booths. Let’s talk about Bush’s problem . . . .

A surprising example of the impotence of the Bush Administration arose with the dismissal of a bunch of U.S. Attorneys. An immediate, prolonged and vociferous attack on the Administration was mounted by the leftist Democrats. It was also a totally-fabricated and phony “scandal” which the Bush Administration met with a whiny half-hearted defense, cowardly backtracking and concessions instead of forthrightly counter-attacking with full exposure of the underlying lies. Bottom line, the Bush DOJ was immaculate compared to today’s Kangaroo operation under Obama. Let’s refresh your memory . . . .

First of all, the DOJ has the legitimate power and authority to dismiss U.S. Attorneys at any time for any reasonable cause . . . or even without cause. There is no civil servant U.S. Attorney class who got their on merit by passing an exam. They are a part of the executive branch and are assigned by the Attorney General to work prosecuting different areas as the Administration in power sees fit. And what exactly did the EMPLOYEES in question do that caused them to be removed? They all pulled Julie Fernandez-like incompetencies! That’s right it seems they all deliberately went light on prosecuting or even pursuing voter fraud cases. They were removed and replaced with attorneys that the DOJ assigned to vigorously prosecute the voter fraud statutes, such as they are (conservatives in 1993 called Clinton’s Motor Voter Act a “license for voter fraud”). A President has the right without qualms to remove any person who serves at his pleasure. Can a president be unethical in doing so? Of course, think of Richard Nixon and his attorneys general and special prosecutors. Was that the case in Bush’s firings? Not on your life. And, like namby-pamby teddy bears the Administration hemmed and hawed like school boys caught with a Playboy hidden in their history text.

Conservatives, Libertarians (like Ol’ Rajjpuut) and Independents have been

very unhappy campers in this country for quite awhile, most of the time they

find themselves voting Republican and biting their tongues or voting for an

ineffectual 3rd Party. The Republican Party has not stood by their promise of

fiscal conservativism and Constitutional conservativism for the most part and when they actually did, they’ve proven virtually gutless in the process.

Why Bush, Rove, AG Gonzalez, etc. didn’t take the moral high ground and on a case by case basis expose the crucial type of cases these attorneys were refusing to prosecute is anybody’s guess . . . but it amounted to INCOMPETENCE. Truth is not enough. TRUTH NEEDS TO BE MADE OBVIOUS AND TO BE DEFENDED VIGOROUSLY! Hopefully, today’s conservatives have the stomach to do the hard work for as long as it takes until our nation is once again free.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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