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his is going to read like a list.  Please forgive me because I want to be informational.  

I want to showcase my information to readers will get an idea of what I have to offer.

  • PDF (Very fitting for Informatics) registries-linking-records-methods-draft-131107.pdf  You should be able to find it by putting that in a search engine.  The title is “Linking Data for Health Services Research; A Framework and Guidance for Researchers.”  This should be relevant to all hanging around the informatics on health.  Plus, those that want to learn about the information.
  • This is a link to 52 phone apps on health put out by our government.  From pregnancy, quitting smoking apps, mental health, to primary care provider help and more.
  • Directory of Health and Human Services  

             Here is a trick. When you are trying to track down an employee put only 3 or 4 letters of the first name and last name.  You may have to play around with it a little but I promise you can find the email address and more. 

    Power that is brokered by the agencies through rules and regulations is staggering.  Change is never fast because of all the firewalls, roadblocks and hiding that go on.  Part of my mission is to break this process down.  Call it an informational enzymatic digestive action working on cyberspace at trans-dimensional warp speed and Scottie in heaven is working on the engines to help us in the endeavor.   So pass it on and let’s take back what so many, including my father, brothers and more have fought to preserve in the form of freedom; even those that are warped with no sense of duty, respect, courtesy or moral aptitude have a right to it.

  • BGUsersManual2011.pdf  ”Beginnings Pregnancy Guide & Beginnings Parents Guide  Evidence Base and Guidelines for Effective Use  It matters what a mother knows It matters more what she does Sandra Smith, MPH, PhD Downloaded from For information or training, call 800-444-8806″ 


  •  ” Your gateway to information about the brain and brain research.”
  •  Public Health Image Library (PHIL)   Photographs, Illustrations, Multimedia Files.  I do not know if all the images are free to use in newsletters are not.  It does come from a government source.  It is  a good source of images to use in healthcare documents.
  •  Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems where there is information for people with brain injury; from fact sheets, caregiver help to on and oTBI Today Newsletter
  • Go to the menu under learning tools and you will see many wonderful parent helpers; book builder, science writer tutor and strategy tutor on how to help with study skills.

  •  A good short brief newsletter to stay up to date for primary care family health care doctors is AAFP smartbrief. “News for family physicians and healthcare providers.  

 This was a mixed bag of informatics.  I hope this is useful to those I want to serve. 

Please checkout!  Let us know what you would like to see in healthcare today. 

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