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Has obama been indited??

Yesterday, February 13, 2013, I was shocked to hear  Lyndon LaRouche state, unequivocally that "president obama" had been "indited" by a US Appeals Court, in fact the US Appeals Court for Washington DC.

I've been a professional investigator my whole working life and I've learned to take even good news with a grain of sale, because now days if something sounds too good to be true it probably is NOT true.

The use of the word "indited" by Mr. LaRouche has a definite legal definition, i.e., an indictment is a legal ruling (I'm not an attorney so I presume there are attorneys here who could explain the technical side of this better than myself) by a court or grand jury that basically makes a legal charge of, usually a criminal violation, of some law or rule where a violation of such would constitute a criminal offense.  This then often, but not always, carries a penalty of jail or fine or both.

I'm sorry to say that whoever obama is he has NOT been indited for any crime(s)... yet.

What appears to have happened here is that comments, accidental or otherwise, by Mr. LaRouche were taken in an incorrect context, sad to say.

This then has to be filled under the category of an "internet rumor."  Who knows, it may not be in the near future, but for the present we here will need to continue our push for the reinstatement of an honest and legal government.

For those who want to hear and see for themselves the actual misstatement, the website is:

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