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A Most Fictitious Farewell…Now Get Out!

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

ofw-1.jpg?width=228Just this past Tuesday night, a spectacle of spectacles took place in Chicago. In what is arguably the nation’s biggest gun-free…target rich zone, where more than 750 murders took place in 2016, a 58% spike over the previous year, and where a total of 4,368 people were shot last year…

Obama gave his farewell speech.

For the record, in the liberal gun-free Mecca of Chicago…more than 90 people have been shot so far, since January 1st of this year.

But there he was, Mr. Gun Control, and the nation’s leading firearms salesman for 8 years running, licking himself all over…much like my dog does in front of company…telling the assembled socialist collective what a great job he’s done leading our nation…from behind.

Frankly, I was surprised he didn’t drag his butt across the carpet when he was finished, but let’s have a look at some of the highlights from that spreading of manure.


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By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Yesterday, in “Cruz IS Eligible – The Facts…Part 1 of 2,” I began to provide indisputable eli-13.jpg?width=196facts regarding the Constitutional eligibility of Ted Cruz while also exposing the falsehoods of Trump’s followers and birthers.

Allow me to continue presenting those facts and further exposing the birther lies, because there is now an article out there being spread by low-info birthers which states, “NATURAL BORN CITIZENAs the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.” (The Natural Law as understood by the Founders in Article II of the US Constitution)”

First of all…Article II never mentions “natural law,” and second…the fact of natural law, as understood by the Founders and Framers would have been vastly different than what the birthers claim it was, because they hope that nobody does the proper research.  Blackstone wrote of natural born both as it pertained to England and to the American colonies, and in his writings, Blackstone is quite clear, in that “natural born,” whether they be from England or the American colonies included all those born “in” the lands under British sovereignty.



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By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Once again, now as their candidate, Donald Trump, faces not gathering enough delegates eli-1.jpg?width=155to secure the nomination on the 1st ballot at the convention, Trump’s low-information followers are screaming more birther propaganda


I’m not trying to change the minds of Trump’s blind followers here. There is little point in that as their minds are made up with little to no care for the end result. In that way, they’re like lemmings…blindly following their chosen leader over a cliff. No…this article is for those whose eyes are still open, and have yet to make their 2016 choice who might be influenced by Trump’s low-information voter propaganda.

In order to not be fooled by Trump’s fools…real information is needed so…here it is.

Ted Cruz is eligible to run for, and hold the nation’s highest office, and he is a natural born citizen.

Without research and proof…those words would mean nothing more than the words of Trump’s blind followers harping and hawking the Cruz is ineligible propaganda so…allow me to give you the proof that he is eligible and a natural born citizen.

Let’s start with the most recent and work our way back.


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MOOOchelle's Commencement Cud-Chewing

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

Of all the blithering…blathering nonsense.heifer-1.jpg?width=149

There seems to be a few points the dictator’s wife of record left out of her graduation speech last weekend and I am more than happy to fill in the blanks.

MOOOOOOOchelle Obama gave the commencement indoctrination at Tuskegee University last weekend and during her 30 minutes of shame…she did her damnedest to incite racial hatred.

Among her words were those related to racial overtones in America as she spewed forth…

“They’re rooted in decades of structural challenges that have made too many folks feel frustrated and invisible, and those feelings are playing out in communities like Baltimore and Ferguson and so many others across this country.”

Oh really?


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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots oncprworldwidemedia.net

REB-1.jpg?width=266It DIDN’T take long for the gnashing of liberal’s teeth and the wadding of their collective socialist, anti-Israel panties to go into full effect over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech before a joint session…minus slightly more than 50 liberal Islamic regime ass-kissers.

Former Ayatollah of the House…Nancy Khomeini, who turned her back on Netahyahu, shot out the door and ran as fast as her varicose vein-ridden legs could carry her straight to the nearest open microphone to shed Botox-laced crocodile tears.

“I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech – saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.”

Give it a rest you old moonbat. Nobody’s buying your snake oil today.

Then of course…there was Chris Matthews over on MSNBC who told all seven of his regular viewers that…

Oh…this was just priceless…


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By Craig Andresen on August 3, 2014 at 5:58 am

tnp-eagle.jpg?width=245By the time you’re finished reading this article, your teeth will be on fire unless you happen to be a liberal Obama voter, in which case you will claim you see nothing wrong, try to make up excuses that blame others or simply try to laugh it off as nonsense but even the most Kool Aid inebriated know, deep down, that something is wrong.

VERY wrong.

Obama is desperate to be seen as a player on the world stage. He’s been bitch slapped up one side of the stage and down the other throughout his time occupying our nation’s highest office.

Our enemies neither respect nor fear him.

Our allies simply, and for damn good reasons, don’t trust him.

Einstein said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and I submit that the laws of physics also apply to liberal politics.

Let me just give you a couple of recent examples.

First, the action…

Obama tells Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel to “show restraint.”

And the reaction?

He gives Hamas $47 million U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The action…

Obama tells the world that American Muslims has been instrumental in weaving the very fabric of our nation.



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By Craig Andresen on July 22, 2014 at 5:55 am

hamas-1.gif?width=292Hamas’ charter, Article 7, calls directly for the killing of all Jews on a global scale and, in Article 15, the Hamas charter directly calls for the destruction of Israel.

Both the United States and the European Union recognize Hamas as a terror organization.

Last month, in June of 2014, Hamas and the ‘Palestinian’ Authority entered into a “unity agreement” meaning that the Palestinian Authority is now the defacto “government’ of the terrorist organization, Hamas.

The “unity agreement” was carefully crafted to barely meet certain requirements that will ensure continued financial support from…the United States and among those requirements are that the PA continue to recognize the state of Israel, renounce violence and honor past agreements with Israel.

As those criteria are diametrically opposed to the charter of Hamas…the “promises” briefly outlined above…are not worth the toilet paper upon which they have been written.

Need proof?

Hamas has launched more than 1700 rockets into Israel from Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas has NOT altered their charter ONE BIT to remove the calls for the murder of Jews or the destruction of Israel…


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My friends, what we see here is a real failure. I'm not talking about the FAIL videos that we see on the Internet, I'm talking about a failure that has a palpable and negative affect on people. I have served our country, but I am not a hero. The heroes are those who are suffering needlessly while waiting on a system that needs to be dramatically improved. The heroes are those who have put their lives on the line for your freedoms, it doesn't matter what conflict they were in, the fact is they were willing to sacrifice so that you can maintain your freedoms.
It is time that we stopped… We simply need to bring common sense and decency back into America. How much money are we sending to other countries or how much money are we giving to special interest groups? How much money are we literally throwing away on things like multi-million-dollar websites that are complete and utter failures of the most embarrassing kind? How much money will we allow (it is you and I, my fellow Americans, who decide what the government can and cannot do by way of those whom we elect) our government to throw away on things that DO NOT help our country in any way, fashion, shape or form?
I have heard too many times some politician, during a campaign, making promises that we will not have any more homeless veterans or that the veteran healthcare system will be fixed or, or, or,… just sickening as we see that those promises go unfulfilled.
This particular issue hits home for me rather dramatically as I will very soon be reliant upon that very same Veterans Administration for my personal healthcare needs. Please understand that I think the vast majority of those who work for the VA are, themselves, patriots who are trying to do the very best they can for the heroes of this great nation. But without proper management even the best intentions will have caustic and devastating effects - those effects are something that you and I are party to. I am placing the responsibility, inasmuch as I am able to, upon you and I as we are the ones who have voted (or have chosen not to vote) for the people that currently hold the highest offices in our country.
The time for half measures and staying home because you don't think voting will do any good, or you don't like something about the people that are running, or using some other excuse for not voting, is over! It is time to step up, it is time to bring the responsibility for this country back upon ourselves. We need to take care of our citizenry. We need to give a hand – up to those who need it and we need to ensure that proper care is given to those who have fought for this country.

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4063727034?profile=original        Are black leaders refusing to acknowledge

                    that the buck stops with them?

Fifty years have passed since Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s noble "I Have a Dream" speech bellowed forth down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and into the homes of America. It was not just a speech filled with words to trigger emotions but was a set of guidelines that were meant to lift up a nation of all people to find the better angels in each American.

Each word and each sentence and passage was crafted to remind America about the fierce urgency of now and to hew out a pathway for economic justice and civil rights that would build a bridge of unity across the chasm of America’s divergent cultures.

Yet fifty years later it appears that the finger pointing, and the name-calling and the segregation of the mind and of the spirit and even of the black culture in poor urban areas appears to be more separate and isolated now. Are black leaders refusing to acknowledge that the buck stops with them?

Certainly one can point to the many countless examples of African Americans being able to eat, drink, visit and even pay for accommodation in the hotels and motels across the nation as progress. But is that all that Martin Luther King wanted for all Americans?

Unfortunately, it appears that instead of lifting African Americans from poverty, and providing educational freedom and liberty from the conditions that shackled them as former slaves, in many ways the conditions have worsened. Are race-based excuse baiters covering up the real problems?

In 1963, there were more families who were headed by a father and a mother in the black community. According to the 1965 Moynihan Report in 1960 approximately eight percent of black babies were born out of wedlock. Now the percentage is 72.3 percent as of 2008.

Black children are dying in escalating numbers at the hands of young black murdering thugs. There are not being beaten by racists thugs, or by police using hoses or being lynched by the KKK. Instead, black children are being murdered by their own. Where are the marches and the outcry for the hundreds of black children that were murdered?

In the hometown of President Obama, 108 of the 500 plus murder victims were children who were murdered by blacks in Chicago in 2012.

Was that the fault of white people who were engaging in nefarious racist actions? Of course the answer is no. The real question is, have civil rights leaders been making money off of these problems by refusing to confront them? Are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton afraid to march for the black community’s freedom from this murderous violence?

Why are the fear mongering and race baiters silent about telling the real truth concerning how King’s Dream has gone sideways in the black community, and they are tolerating it.

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Ryan knows the numbers and just how bad the economy is !


I have said I would not vote for Romney but this is why I will !

Part 1,  get elected  [ Romney/Ryan must lie to the fools in order to  do this]

Part 2, After election tell the public that they were mistaken and the economy was worse than they thought !

Part 3, End the FED and return to PM Based money and cut the budget enough to save the USA along with a

           total change in the tax system [ I suspect it will not be based on labor income ]

[ may be a false hope on my part]

How big must the cuts be?

You don't want to know but way bigger than you would accept unless you were desperate, and you will be.

  you will hate to read this but you should read it or you are one of the fools





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Why I won't vote for Romney


Why I won't vote for Romney


Because I want to defeat Obama.

The Romney argument from day one has been 'you have to vote for Romney because he's the only one that can beat Obama'. I won't vote for Romney precisely because I know he will lose to Obama. A few examples as to why he'll lose:


Romney's positive approval rating has been 20 points below even McCain and Dole's who both ended up losing. It will probably start to rise with the end of the primary, however this is before the Obama Nasties open fire with both barrels, and Romney is a very target rich environment.


McCain lost to Obama by five million votes. The retort is 'yes but the luster is off Obama this time', true, but the luster has never been and never will be on Romney. The apathy on the right is every bit as apathetic as the apathy on the left. However in addition to apathy there is almost a disdain on the right for Romney and the GOP. Romney will lose three types of voters. 1. Unmotivated voters who won't bother to turn off 'Dancing with the Stars' to go vote. 2. Voters like myself that know Romney is a liberal and are disgusted with the dishonest corrupt campaign he and the GOP have run. 3. Voters that hate Romney so much that as soon as the word 'Romney' leaves your mouth the conversation is over. So from where is Romney going to get his votes?


Romney is so stiff that it makes it almost too painful to watch. Part of his historically low 30 percent approval rating is simply that he is not a likeable candidate. It just seems as if he doesn't quite know how to relate to humans. The following video (cookiegate) of Romney talking to supporters is a perfect illustration of Romney's legendary awkwardness. If this were an isolated event it could be overlooked, but it's more the rule than the exception. http://thehill.com/video/campaign/222467-romneys-cookie-joke-prompts-cookie-gate-attack


Both Romney and Obama are desperate to avoid their records, causing them to run a vapid, mud slinging campaign with both candidates trying to bring the other down, rather than building himself up. Perhaps this is why we spent the last few weeks arguing about the value of stay-at-home-moms, roof carriers for dogs and yes dog meat. However this kind of campaign will not help Romney, on the contrary, this type of campaign is tailor-made for the democrats. Democrat voters are the quintessential mind-dead-voter. All David Axelrod has to say is: are you really going to fire the first black president? (Chris Matthews is already promoting this) and 'hope and change', or the 2012 equivalent.


If Obama wins the world will end

If Obama wins the earth will fly off it's axis, spin out of control and explode. In addition to the dishonest and corrupt campaign, the GOP has been forcing Romney down our throats since the primary began. As Americans we are genetically predispositioned to raise our middle finger whenever someone tells us we HAVE TO do something. The main argument for Romney is that we can't afford another four more years of Obama. The question is never raised, can we afford eight years of a liberal republican? I would argue, muddling through four more years of Obama is preferable to eight years of a directionless liberal Romney. Does anyone anywhere really think Mitt is going to bring a backbone to the table. On the budget battles Boehner and McConnell have caved every single time to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham even pleaded with the republican leadership, 'don't shut down the government or we'll get blamed'. Coulter might have an adam's apple but she has no cojones. Is Romney really going to stand up to Ann Coulter?


If Obama wins, the next two Supreme Court justices will alter the makeup of the court. Nonsense. Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Roberts aren't going anywhere. Kennedy probably isn't either. If he does, his replacement still has to be confirmed by the Senate. You simply don't confirm anyone less conservative than Kennedy, next problem.


We need someone with a spine. The only republicans in the last thirty years with guts were Reagan and Gingrich. Both shut down the government several times and Newt even forced Clinton to say “the era of big government is over”. Will Romney ever shut down the government, will he ever stand up to the liberals when they cry about draconian cuts? He's not going to fight the liberals because in truth he is a liberal and we all know that the democrats will keep spending until we become Greece. Just like the liberals in Greece kept spending until it became so bad people started committing suicide. We are on the exact same path and a liberal republican is barely going to slow us down on our inevitable run off the cliff.


Going on offense.

I started to write a section about forcing a brokered convention, but the more I wrote the more I realized, any candidate coming out of the GOP convention this year will still have to be GOP approved. In other words we'd still end up with a total bucket of mush, like Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels, better, but not good enough for the mess we're in today.


Don't get me wrong I still think we need to flip off the GOP every chance we get. Such as:

  1. Voting for Ron Paul in the remaining primaries as a protest vote.

  2. Changing party affiliation to independent and telling the GOP why you're switching.

  3. Stop sending money to RNC.

  4. Throw your remote at the T.V. whenever Karl Rove shows up.


No, this time I think we need to go big. We need to enlist a true conservative as our third party nominee. We don't need a third party, at least not at this point. We just need a true conservative to represent us as a third party candidate in the presidential election. We'd still vote for the best republican in each race for congress. Many say this is a suicide mission, but I disagree. Rather I would argue that voting for Romney in this environment is the true suicide mission. Yes I've heard the argument over and over that Ross Perot is the reason we ended up with Bill Clinton, but had Ross Perot been a better candidate he could have actually won. He was shooting up like a rocket until he pulled out of the race, only to come back later and he still got 20 percent of the vote. Ross Perot was not a good candidate but we have time to find a truly great conservative candidate to represent us.


Not only was Ross Perot a poor candidate but H.W. Bush was not a horrible candidate either. But this time Romney is a horrible candidate. Also Clinton does not even come close to Barak Obama on the socialist meter, so things are very different this time. Can you imagine a true conservative debating these two liberal Bozos, with their socialist medicine legislation hanging around their necks?


As for the question, can a third party candidate really win? I'd point to Murkowski in Alaska who beat her republican rival with a write-in campaign and she wasn't even on the ballot. Granted our candidate will be underfunded but so were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and they still won states where they were outspent 10 to 1. On the other hand our third party candidate will start with a huge base of disenfranchised conservative voters in which to build on. The contrast between the conservative and the two liberals will suck voters from Romney until he's no longer viable. This happened recently in the Colorado Governor's race where the conservative independent destroyed the republican candidate making him into a non factor. Once Romney is made a non factor voters will turn to replacing the worst president in U.S. history.


In summary

If we don't stand up to the GOP this election we'll be be facing another thirty years of Doles and McCains and Romneys. We won't last thirty years with more Doles and McCains and Romneys. If Obama wins we muddle through for another four, but have another shot in four years for a true conservative. If Romney wins, the dramatic 'change of course' needed to save this country will not occur for at least the next eight years.

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This is not the same Democratic Party we grew up with.
I did not leave the Democratic Party.
They left me.
The entire Democratic Party is loaded with "Progressives" who are nothing but Marxist, Socialists, Communists, Maoists , etc. They are as far extreme left as possble. That is why no bill can get thru Senate. So many Left Wing Extremist that they are unappraochable.

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: Don't use the term piracy Obama for non commercial file sharing of copyrighted files because that is a misuse of legal terms. Piracyis when you rob boats and non commercial file sharing is when peopleshare files to one another. Is that simple for you Bushama?

This is what I support politically about non commercial file sharing:

  1. I support the legalization of non commercial file sharing
  2. I support the end of Product Activation or legal rights to use activation workarounds for those that legally purchased the softwareand/or operating systems
  3. I support The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent sites that are going against the corporate monopoly the RIAA and MPAA has over the musicindustry and movies.
  4. I also support that companies need to treat their paying customers with more respect and stop forcing them to get permission to usesoftware they already paid for. Just do something such as if it'spirated then no tech support then that will force those that need helpfrom the company to legally purchase the software and get tech supportand thats money worth spending.
  5. I will never purchase anything from Microsoft again until they remove Product Activation from all of their products, and Linux couldsound nice.
  6. I will never purchase any product that has product activation or forced Internet access install. When I pay for software I expect I willbe able to keep using it until it becomes totally obsolete. I will onlyuse operating systems without product activation.
  7. I also support that older versions of Windows should be released under Public Domain such as DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95.
  8. I also will support the artists I enjoy listening to but I won't ever purchase music with digital protections on it because it violatesmy rights to reverse the audio data (Heck it could have subliminalmessaging which is illegal for advertisers) and it will violate myrights to put music I pay for on CD Players.

It made me feel as though Obama doesn't care about the oil spill victims when Barack Obama was setting a plan just like George W. Bushto crackdownon piracy which means more control of our own private lives. I amfor The Pirate Bay staying afloat and I am also for a File sharingsupporting political Party which thinks non commercial digitaldownloading and sharing should be allowed and totally legal and thatcommercial piracy and bootlegging should be punished under law.

Even if I dislike Michael Moore and his socialist views I do agree that sharing should be allowed as long as you don't make a profit out ofit and if The RIAA is losing money it has nothing to do with filesharing. The true reason the RIAA and MPAA is dying is because they keepforcing people to pay for the same movies and music in differentformats such as video tape (Tape cassette), then DVD (CD), then blu ray(WMA DRM), and then whats next. The economy is in bad shape and we justhad a oil spill and now all of the sudden Barack Obama has the nerveto say lets crackdown on piracy. Right now file sharing is not whatObama should be foscusing on right now he should be focusing every dayon the Oil Spill till it's disappeared.

I support The Pirate Bay now why? Because you have more freedom, independent (aka Indie) artists can finally havea network to publish their creations on, and a lot of times anymorewhen you legally pay for software you cannot use it without someforeign telephone assistants permission (Darn I hate calling into thoseand foreign tech supports suck most of the time and don't understandmuch of what you are saying and they make us get permission to usesoftware with these people). I think Activation workarounds should belegal because Activation is a pain for those that legally purchased acopy of any software or operating system plus their tech supportdoesn't care about you purchasing their software. The fact of thematter is once your treated like a criminal you have to repurchaseanother copy of the software and/or operating system. That is why Ithink activation workarounds should be legal and non commercial sharingshould also be legal is because if people like the software and canafford it they will buy the software but if they cannot afford it theyshouldn't be forced to pay hundreds of dollars. Also for those who havepaid for software I don't want to call in to Microsoft or any company,I just want to use the software and/or operating system because I paidfor it and they don't do this for Laptops that have preinstalledsystems, and they don't do this for TVs when we buy it they don't makeus activate our TV Sets.

Can you imagine being forced to activate your Music CD? Could you imagine being forced to get permission from the government anytime youput music on your MP3 Player?

As long as people don't make money off of software and operating system sharing I think it is OK and not a crime. If we start makingsharing copyright contents a crime it may even land poltical activistsin jail as well because some show news videos from corporate mediaoutlets and others may show parts of a documentary and if a crackdown onpiracy happens then this can also lead to political prisoners,activists being arrested for showing copyrighted content to make apoint. I know that's under Fair Use but even those exceptions havelimitations and the Obama Administration will look for loopholes toarrest activists and take away their fair use exception.

So Mr. Obama will you stop doing the same thing Bush did? Will you stop blaming non commercial file sharing and activation workarounds forthe economy and start trying to fix America like you promised when youwere a Candidate and drive out the illegal immigrants? Obama will youstart repealing NAFTA trade agreement and put a stop to GAT? Of courseyou won't you rather go after innocent customers who has decided theyrather find a way to avoid activating their copies then activate thembecause activation is annoying and makes the product you pay for totallyworthless and many advocates against Product Activation agree.

Micirosoft why don't you just stop product activation then maybe piracy will crackdown by itself!

I support the pirate bay and will add them to my list of links because they have helped the Indie community and made people more freesince they can work around product activation people can be more freeand not a slave to Microsoft and other companies strict licensingnightmares.

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I Support The Pirate bay

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61% NOW Say “Government, STAY OUT!" of Housing Markets
The latest Rasmussen Reports poll says it all . . . ultimately, that infamous creature H.L. Mencken called “Boobus Americanus” gets exactly the sort of government it deserves. Clearly, the great unwashed masses called for and deserved Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the progressive Republicans and Democrats now poisoning our system and they got ‘em. When it comes to politics and government, ignorance is NOT bliss and for far too long the Boobus Americanus has willfully remained glued to their sitcoms and IRreality shows and ignorant of economics, politics, the Constitution and political history.
According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 61% of Americans say it is better for the economy when the government stays out of the housing market. That’s an eight-point jump since September and only 21% believe the economy is helped by the government using taxpayer money to subsidize new home buying as is currently the case through government programs begun last year. Much more importantly, 95% of Americans do NOT realize that the government has been guaranteeing mortgages to Americans who can NOT afford them for thirty-three years now – that is the government has been forcing banks and lending institutions to knowingly make bad loans since the passage of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) under Jimmy Carter. The latest programs from Obama are scheduled to end over the next six months during the first fourteen months under Obama, these programs have made the housing market even worse then they were and currently foreclosures are higher than they ever have been.
Look at those statistics: 61% believe it’s best when government stays out of the housing market altogether. 21% think the government helps the housing market and 17% don’t know what effect government interference boondoggles (GIBs) like mortgage guarantees bring. Only abject ignorance can account for these statistics. In September, only 53% doubted GIBs make the housing market stronger. Americans willfully stay ignorant and then they’re shocked, absolutely shocked when things go wrong: that’s the sad history of Boobus Americanus.
A year ago President Obama announced a national mortgage assistance plan and Americans did NOT jump up in arms knowing that four different mortgage guarantee programs by the government, or more correctly by progressives in the government (those who believe we must “progress” beyond the Constitution) were the driving forces of the sub-prime lending crisis that brought us to our knees. Americans continue to show little short- or long-term confidence in the housing market, and belief that the family home is a wise investment has fallen to its lowest point ever in our history. 64% of adults say it is at least somewhat likely that government intervention in the housing market has made it possible for people to buy homes that they can’t afford. That figure includes 32% who say it is very likely (the only intelligent people in the survey?) while the most foolish 28% believe it is not very or not at all likely that the government programs encouraged people to buy “too much house.” What rock have they been living under for the last 33 years?
The New York Times in April said “the Obama administration’s $75 billion program to protect homeowners from foreclosure has been widely pronounced a disappointment, and some economists and real estate experts now contend it has done more harm than good (DO YOU THINK?). … Treasury officials appear to have concluded that growing numbers of delinquent borrowers simply lack enough income to afford their homes and must be eased out.”
The New York Times has been backing progressive causes and progressive politicians since John the Baptist first took swimming lessons and only now do they tell us that government interference in housing is a bad idea? What, pray, NYT do you think about government interference in every other non-government sphere of our lives?
Let’s first look at the sad and deplorable history of this GIB (government interference boondoggle) called ‘mortgage guaranteeing.’ Since World War II the United States’ already high rate of home ownership tends to vary from 61-65% depending upon the economy, the highest in the world. The CRA ’77 under Jimmy Carter, forced banks to make bad loans in the inner cities to potential buyers they would have rejected in a heartbeat for earnings or credit history. In ’92 Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae, the two semi-federal mortgage companies were forced under the CRA program to help guarantee such mortgages, Bush #1 was not crazy about the idea but an election was coming up and he would NOT veto.
Under Clinton, in ’95 and again in ’98 forced loan expansion continued within CRA continued. The ’98 expansion put the whole system on steroids and with the help of ACORN put us into our present debacle. ACORN with lawyers like Barack Obama (he worked for them in ’94- 96 at least) shaking down banks and other lenders forced terribly ill-advised loans to people with no rental home address; no ID; no job; horrific credit ratings; and even to tens of thousands of illegal aliens. Americans have shown no interest in this problem . . . and the mainstream media has only been too glad to keep them in ignorance about this monstrous progressive gutting of our financial stability. Let’s look at reality a bit more closely.
Since the USA had the world’s highest rate of home ownership (typically 64%) then the free market system must NOT have been broken. Congress’s “repair of the free market system was a huge attack on the landlord class. That is, an attack on the self-made man or woman . . . those most exemplifying the American Dream. Most Americans are too busy keeping up with the Joneses these days to truly understand the American Dream.
Most Americans foolishly believe that millionaires got their money from mummy and daddy and live flashy lives with mansions, glitzy cars and a jet-set lifestyle. This may be true for some Americans but it is NOT the way millionaires are made and it’s definitely untrue of most millionaires. The typical self-made millionaire family consists of two married teachers or a teacher married to someone with a profession. They are frugal and keep their debts ultra-low. They might try a bit of investing in the stock market, but most typically they buy a bit of rental property (houses, condos, townhouses and apartment buildings) and become landlords and landladies. These are the people that CRA ’77 and its expansions targeted: the very best in America. Almost surprisingly they wind up with assets of two or three million dollars . . . and what exactly is their crime? They provide low-income workers and transient workers (some of whom are not low income) with affordable housing. For this service they are vilified by the progressives who pass laws to make their financial existence perilous.
Back to Rasmussen’s polling: 67% of Americans believe if someone cannot afford to make increased mortgage payments, it is better for them to sell their home and find a less expensive one, a 10-point increase from December 2007. Just 23% now say it’s better for the government to assist them in making their payments. In December 2007, 54% placed the blame for the mortgage crisis on “individuals who borrowed more than they could afford” -- while this is true, in their ignorance Americans put no blame on ACORN; no blame on progressive politicians who passed four ever-increasing GIBs; no blame on shake-down artist lawyers like Barack Obama; no blame for the mainstream media that conveniently never chose to cover this story; and, most importantly of course, no blame for themselves for NOT staying informed and for NOT voting against progressive policies and politicians while always looking eagerly for the next free lunch (GIB or GSB**) from them. In other words Americans either still remain ignorant of the truth or they are willfully denying our reality and their role in creating it.
And one last bit of statistics from the Rasmussen Reports story: Four percent (4%) say they or someone in their family received government help in the past year to buy a home or meet mortgage payments. Ninety-three percent (93%) say they did not. Six percent (6%) of Democrats and five percent (5%) of voters not affiliated with either major party say they or someone in their family benefited from government housing help in the past year, compared to one percent (1%) of Republicans (you know them, the self-made millionaires). Rajjpuut would add that the single best way to help the poor is to ensure that you never become one of them and end up competing for their resources. The second best way to help the poor is to step out of the free market’s way (by cutting taxes Ronald Reagan created 21 million jobs in his eight years in office). The third best way is to cut government spending.
Here's something else most Americans don't know . . . . Our progressive president Woodrow Wilson left us with a depression as great as the one inherited by the much-ballyhood progressive Democrat FDR who inherited a mess from Progressive Republican president Herbert Hoover . . . but no one ever heard of that depression. Why?
President Warren G. Harding and his Vice-President Calvin Coolidge (after Harding died in office) cut BOTH taxes and spending by roughly 50% and the problem cleared up by mid 1922. within 19 months of them taking office. In contrast, Roosevelt who ran under pledges to act like Harding and Coolidge and cut both taxes and government spending acted instead like Barack Obama and proved himself a liar when he made those pledges, thus extending the Depression to almost a dozen years until the war bailed him out. Not to mention FDR’s stealing American’s gold by forced confiscation at $20.76 an ounce and than inflating the American currency to $35 an ounce . . . an almost 70% overnight inflation. Europe and the rest of the world had a Depression, American suffered a “Great Depression” thanks to Roosevelt’s GIBs and GSBs. Think about this Roosevelt created 40 brand new federal agencies with 40 new laws. BHO with his Obamacare – one law – created almost 390 new agencies. Enjoy your free lunch, Americans!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Government Spending Boondoggles (GSBs) and Government Interference Boondoggles (GIBs) UNIFORMLY hurt the economy and the taxpayer but they are UNIFORMLY popular because no one has read or understood these simple, brief truths:
and, of course, the man who wrote “Dreams FROM My Father,” Barack Obama did not mention that his birth father’s dream included 100% taxation . . . and the media never investigated and/or told us either:
and you’ll note that politico.com like the NY Times above is a very liberal and even progressive source . . . so perhaps there's hope for America.
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Obama, I just have a couple Questions??

Excuse me Mr. Obama, I mean President Obama, Sir. Um . . I know you're busy, and important and stuff. I mean, running the country is very important and -- ah -- I hate to bother you, Sir. I will only take a minute. Ok, Sir?See, I have these missing pieces that are holding me up, and I was wondering, Sir, if you could take time out of your busy schedule and help me out. You know, no big deal, just some loose ends and things.Hey, you have a nice place here! The wife sees houses like this on TV all the time and says, boy, she wishes she had digs like this, you know? Is that painting real? Really? Wow! I saw something like that in a museum once. Oh, sorry Sir. I didn't mean to get off the track.So if you could just help me out a minute and give me some details, I will get right out of your way. I want to close this case and maybe take the wife to Coney Island or something. Ever been to Coney Island Sir? No? I didn't think so....Well, listen, anyway, I can't seem to get some information I need to wrap this up. These things seem to either be "Not released" or "Not available." I'm sure it's just an oversight or glitch or something, so if you could you tell me where these things are I have them written down here somewhere -- oh wait. I'll just read it to you.Could you please help me find these things, Sir?1. Occidental College records -- Not released2. Columbia College records -- Not released3. Columbia Thesis paper -- "Not available"4. Harvard College records -- Not released5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released6. Medical records -- Not released7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available8. Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available9. Law practice client list -- Not released10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released12. Record of your baptism -- Not available13. Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?)_14. Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one?15. Why were you getting "foreign student aid" as a college student?16. Which countries "passport" did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981?17. Where did the extra 300+ million overseas donations come from for the campaign?18. Where did the stimulus money really go?19. Where did the 2.2 Trillion that disappeared through the Federal Reserve go?20. Why did you get kickbacks from Fannie Mae for over 10 years?21. Why did you issue an Executive order protecting your records the first day in office?22. What was the supposed New York photo-op really about?23. Why did you pledge 100 Billion$ of our money to the world bank?24. Why did you create the new office of healthcare commissioner in your branch through an executive order back in March 2009?25. Why do you have over 35 Czars?26. Why did you say there are 57 states?27. Why did you refer to your daughter as "Maya" and not correct it?28. Why have you blocked 9/11 families from investigating Saudi Arabia for a link to 9/11?29. Why are you stalling on the investigation of Ft. Hood?30. Why are you letting the Justice Dept. refuse to cooperate in prosecuting the Black Panthers?31. Why are you having at least one party a week at the Whitehouse with expensive bands while the economy is in such trouble?32. Why did you pay 18 million$ for an upgrade to a single website?33. Why did you stay in a hotel while speaking in New York for 7,500$/night for 4 nights?34. Why are you spending another 1.1 Trillion on the economy when the first nearly 1 Trillion resulted in fake jobs in fake Congressional districts?35. Why have completely ignored science and Climategate?36. Why are you offering bribes for votes with our tax money for your agendas?37. Why are you threatening our national security by threatening to close a base hosting strategic air command in a state whose Senator refused to vote for your healthcare takeover?38. Why did you print up a fake certificate of live birth using an image template from the Internet?39. Why are you ramming through unconstitutional legislation left and right not allowing any transparency for Congress and public in viewing any of this legislation before taking votes?40. Why is ACORN still getting massive government funding and eligible for up to 8 Billion?41. Why did you give the CEO of the company (General Dynamics)that hacked the passports during the campaign 900 million just after you got in office?42. Why did the blueprints for Marine One get leaked over a "shared folder" with Iran on your watch?43. Why did you have Marine One updated and totally remodeled when the military said it wasn't necessary?44. Why did you meet at least twice and have your picture taken with the "DinnerGate" crashers years before they supposedly crashed the White House State dinner the day after ClimateGate?45. Why is China telling you not to spend anymore money?46. Why did you fly the Chinese Flag on US soil near the White House property during the Chinese 60th anniversary?47. Why have you said you taught Constitutional Law but when asked about the Constitution, Constitutional Scholars say you know nothing about it?48. Why is the CIA Professor who taught your International Relations class at Columbia now your top foreign policy advisor?49. Why is a property in Chicago using your brother-in-law's wife name paid for by a known Al Qaeda front company that was investigated for working on the sprinkler systems 3 days before 9/11 (Magic Plumbing of NJ)?50. Why did you defend a known Iranian front operation as a Lawyer that was funneling US money to Iran science and technology sectors under the guise of "The Iran Earthquake Relief Fund"?51. Why did you sign an executive order during the Christmas holidays giving diplomatic immunity upon INTERPOL.Oh and one more thing Mr.. President, I can't seem to find any articles you published as editor of the Harvard Law Review, or as a Professor at the University of Chicago. Can you explain that to me, Sir?Well Mr. Obama at this point - we seem to be getting a place where the puppy needs to use the lawn.. By the way you probably have a great lawncare company to clean up the, well he is not puppy anymore. Oh, but hey -- listen! I know you're busy! If this is too much for you right now -- I mean -- tell you what. I'll come back tomorrow. Give you some time to get these things together, you know? I mean, I know you're busy. I'll just let myself out.I'll be back tomorrow.. And the day after. . ..What's that Mr. President? Who wants toknow these things?We the People of the United States ofAmerica ! You know, the ones that vote.
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