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And others may have attended the Florida State Tea Party Convention last November where I was invited to do two presentations on the Middle East.

My name is Gerald A. Honigman (Jerry, to you), a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs, is widely published, and whose work goes after Obama with a vengeance. Check out this one example to see what I mean...


Now, remember Newt's comments on the fake "Palestinians" and how everyone jumped on him for that--including Romney?

Please see my own laid back--but potent--You Tube on the same subject...



Here's my own timely new book on these subjects (in a dozen major universities so far, but written in short, easy to read chapters) which provides a far more accurate perspective than is found in too many other sources...

http://q4j-middle-east.com .


E-mail me either at Honigman6@msn.com for it, or get a beautiful, personalized, hard cover copy of my book at the above url via Pal Pal


Glad to be joining you now!

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