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Obama Morally and Spiritually

Obama Morally: 
Common rejection of absolute values such as truth, honesty, decency, patriotism, 
as outlived and impractical, especially among the youth brought up under 
the impact of an unprincipled progressive education.
Obama Spiritually: 
General abandonment of the Judeo--Christian belief in a life under God and man's responsibilities 
as a free moral agent, alternated by seductive demagoguery of materialist humanism and secular collectivism.
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Immigration - 06

Senators, Congressmen

Especially the Immigration Gang of 8 and Supporters


Why do you ask for a Cadillac when you haven’t shown you can ride a bicycle

Why make immigration so intricate?

We have existing Immigration Laws which YOU choose to ignore in violation of your Oath


Instead of 844 pages of complexity (plus who knows how many more amendments),

how about .....keep it simple.

Why enact 844+ pages of “stuff” that only lobbyists have read and will be forgotten tomorrow?


DO YOUR JOB…. Live up to your Oath

Jump all over the Executive Branch for FAILURE to Enforce existing Law.

But most of all, FOCUS on America…. Is your allegiance to 316,000,000 Citizens or 11(33?) million illegals?


Let’s go back to fundamentals, like

Don’t get the cart before the horse……..

TRANSLATION: Border Protection FIRST. Amnesty (or whatever you call it, LATER)


Don’t let the Horse out of the Barn…

In this case…..don’t let the fox into the hen house!



Don't wanna build a fence?

Why not? Fences are Great. Look at the Great Wall of China! YOU can become Famous

Besides it helps to keep out all sorts of things



Remember that old saying Feed a cold, starve a fever?

Well, it applies to our Illegal Immigration FEVER


Just give e verify to visa or amex Let them set the penalties…..but the penalties have to be returned to taxpayers….

Rubio says………..

Marco Rubio: We need to legalize immigrants so they can pay for border security



Are you kidding?

Where is there one single shred of logic/data/evidence that the Illegals are NET contributors?

…unless he means ( political doubletalk) that they will have taxes confiscated from their pay check, while US Citizen contributors pay for food stamps, housing, education healthcare, cell phones …..etc to the tune of $6,000,000,000,000?


With NO attractions (amnesty, jobs, free stuff) who will be interested in sneaking in?

ANSWER: Terrorists…. Which is why we STILL need Border Protection…. Fence +


So………….. KISS……. Keep It Simple, SIR !




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Senators, et al - Immigration

Senator or Congressman

Immigration Reform…. YOU MUST! LISTEN UP

Do we need it?………..DEBATABLE

Have you ever heard of enforcing existing law?


ANY new Bill amounts to trashing existing law…. Capiece?

Numero Uno = Enforce Existing LAW….y’all do understand LAW, eh?


Regardless, you will do what you do………….so,

  • NO Immigration Bill WITHOUT Border Protection up front , #1
    • NOTHING else till ..
    • No Immigration Bill WITHOUT 100% E-Verify #2
    • No Immigration Bill without STIFF E-Verify violator punishment
    • …. Finally, NO GIVEAWAY of MY hard earned tax$$$ as Food Stamps/Rent/Medical/etc
      • My ancestors and I EARNED our benefits…so should ALL others

VOTE NO in the Senate

VOTE NO in the House

Until/Unless we have a bill that “Preserves and Protects America” , YOU are violating your Oath of Office

…..in case you might obfuscate that, re-read the bullets above Border Protection, E-Verify…Capiece?

Violation of Oath is a crime, agreed?

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The Honorable Congressman Smith                                         27 April 2013

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Senator Paul



This morning on Face Book I discovered an atrocity I wanted to make you aware of.

The "Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee" (DLCC) is actively lying to Americans! This is absolutely DISGUSTING and I ask you all put an immediate stop to it!

They are claiming it is the "Right-Wing Extremists" who are dismantling Medicare - and the low information voters have no clue they are lying.... The DLCC fails to mention it was Mr. Obama who took $720 Billion dollars from Medicare to fund his "obamacare", they fail to mention it was this administration that took $2.6 Trillion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund - and then Mr. Obama claimed on-camera that Social Security would be insolvent by 2017...


Gentlemen - these are lies, complete fabrications - and we are tired of it! Those that listen and vote in his favor are those who listen to his arguments - BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE NOT STANDING UP TOGETHER AND TELLING THE TRUTH!

I know you are Honest men and I apologize if my remarks offend you  - but folks... you MUST stand together and tell the truth LOUDLY as there are far too many Americans who feel their vote does not count, that they cannot make a difference, that it's too much trouble.... and as a result - they fail to vote in elections - and we have seen the results of that. Low voter turnout, voter apathy, have been reasons why the Democrats won seats and Conservatives did not.

We need to change that and #1 on that list of things to do is stand together and speak the truth LOUDLY! Senator Paul and Senator Cruz do this on a regular basis. Texan's need to hear the truth from their elected and I ask you to stand with these other two and demand accountability from the Democratic party for lying to Americans in their attempts to gather votes in their favor!

I ask that you engage your peers to do the same!

With all of these scandals now surrounding the White House, we need to bring Truth, Honesty and Justice back into our Government!




Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas




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Fax to Sen. Graham ( R???? - SC)

Numbers USA is a terrific Organization.

You can send a Fax to your politician (canned or customized) and they DO NOT BEG for $$$

Here is a fax I sent to Sen. L. Graham (R???-SC)

If you are from SC…….. copy and paste this or dial up Numbers USA

Graham needs to be brought back to earth!

I sent this to Sen. Graham.

He needs to hear from you too

  = = = = = = =

Mr.                                                                              4-21-13
Address blanked out

Phone blanked out

Senator Lindsey Graham
U.S. Senate, 290 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Graham:

It is disappointing that you keep telling the media that South Carolina's voters are "sold" on an amnesty for illegal aliens. This is not the case and you know it! I hope you will start putting the needs of South Carolinians ahead of the wants of illegal aliens!

You say you're not feeling the heat like you used to on illegal immigration and amnesty. Just how much heat do you need to feel before you start taking the concerns of South Carolina's voters seriously? Giving any benefits, let alone a "pathway to citizenship" to illegal aliens, is incredibly unpopular in our state and we've made that loud and clear. Unfortunately, you insist on pushing forward on legislation that would do just that.

You also say you won't back down on this issue. I wish you would fight this hard for unemployed South Carolinians as you are for your cheap-labor employers who are backing an amnesty.

Know this...... IF you won't back down and start representing SC Citizen Taxpayers, you will have one vociferous foe in 2014.
I can not afford a Senator who misrepresents my positions.

An American for sovereignty,



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Zionists: What if Ron Paul is Right about Iran?

I love Israel. I love my country, and the land that God gave my family. I would fight and die for this place. I live here. I am not a peace activist. Nor am I a warmonger. I don’t believe in peace treaties with anyone whatsoever, nor do I believe in going to war under shaky pretenses.

I’m 28. Much of my high school and college career occurred during the end of Oslo and Arafat and Barak’s meeting at Camp David, and the subsequent outbreak of the brutal and bloody 2nd Intifadah murder spree. Watching every single suicide bomb on the news right after it happened, as a high school kid, drove me mad with rage against Islam and “terrorists” and Arabs. I hated them for their method of murder and killing my Jewish family. It is hard for me to describe the dehumanizing emotions I had.

The emotions were so strong that any attempt to attach “motives” to “terrorist” actions made me react impulsively and with disgust at whoever suggested that terrorists even had “motives”. I just wanted them dead and out of my country. These are classic “neocon” feelings. We’re good, they’re evil, that’s it, end of story, if you even try to explain anything you’re getting us all killed.

Now, if you identify with these feelings, let me ask you a few questions. Try to clear your head and see things from above for a second.

Were any of America’s wars since World War II necessary? What did any of them accomplish? How many people did they kill? Did America have to go into Vietnam? Why? Did they have to go into Korea? Why? Did they have to go into Iraq? Why? Did they have to prop up the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia? What about Egypt? Was involvement there necessary? Did we really have to overthrow the Iranian government in 1953 in order to install the Shah?

WHY? Why did America have to do that?

What is the point of all of this? What has it accomplished? What would the world look like today if none of this ever happened? Would September 11th have happened? Would there be a “War on Terror?”

What the hell IS the “War on Terror”? Who is “Terror”? How does the war end?

The answer to this is actually pretty simple. The standard reaction is “America did all this for her security.”

I used to believe that. But I no longer do. America is not secure. She is a nation teetering on the biggest bankruptcy in world history, and running on the fumes of borrowed Chinese money. Her citizens are poorer and more dependent on handouts that they get from a government running on borrowed Chinese money.

In the last debate on December 15, every Republican presidential candidate talked about how they were going to A) Cut the budget and B) Massively expand the military. None of them realized the apparent contradiction here. Why? Because there is no substance to any of these war hungry power driven men with no souls. They fight not because they believe in something. They fight because it gives them power. Saying they’ll cut the budget will give them power. Saying they’ll massively expand the air force and the “modernize” the navy while at the same time dealing with a $15 trillion debt, this is just mad. It’s simply mad.

I wonder now if any of them are even conscious of the words that are coming out of their pandering mouths. These smiling, grinning, nonsensical people convinced that America has to put a no fly zone over Syria now and other such EXPENSIVE nonsense that CHINA  is running out of money to FUND.

Ron Paul’s strongest point in the debate was when he asked Mitt Romney, the guy talking about cutting the budget while  massively expanding the air force, the following question:

“How are we going to do that? We don’t have any MONEY!”

For those who can see the humanity in Ron Paul, who aren’t brainwashed by fearmongerers like Bachmann who say that if he becomes president Iran will nuke the US, you could read the horror in Paul’s face. “How am I on the stage with such…people? Is there anyone behind any of these shiny veneers? Do they even realize they are not making ANY SENSE?”

Every candidate, including Obama, is drunk on power. They go to war not for security, but because, as president of the most powerful country in the world, they can’t resist playing with their toy armed forces. And they CAN’T RESIST coming over here, to Israel, and telling us exactly how to make peace with our neighbors.

What if Ron Paul is right? What if September 11 really did happen because America simply can’t mind her own business? What if none of these undeclared wars ever had to happen, and 2 million vietnamese and Iraqis were still alive today?

If you ponder that question seriously, and it flicks a light on in your head and you recognize the possibility of it for even a fraction of a second, you can do one of two things:

1) Shut that recognition down immediately and go back to thinking America has no blame in any of this

2) Allow yourself to ponder further, ultimately culminating in a sudden rush of remorse that millions had to die for this pointless nonsense and you just didn’t realize it.

Whether it’s War Making or Peace Making, America feels they have to be in it all. What if Ron Paul is right? Imagine if he were president. Would he have forced Arafat and Barak to sit down and pretend to be friends at a meeting that was destined to explode in a murderous intifadah? Would he, like Clinton, pressure Israel to invite Arafat back into Israel to “make peace” with him? Would the second Intifadah have ever broken out? Would the first one? What if America simply left us alone to handle our own issues? Would any of the death and murder that drove me into a rage in high school ever have happened?

I remember when Obama ran and said something about talking to Iran. I thought it was a really really bad idea because I was a neocon back then. But I also never trusted Obama for a second and knew he was just saying this to get power. I knew he was just as fake as the rest of them and I didn’t believe in his “change” nonsense. I saw right through it. There was no human being there. Just a political veneer.

But Ron Paul is a real person. When he speaks to you at a debate, it’s a bona fide human being talking there. Imagine if we had one of those in the White House. Do you think the Ayatollah would chill out just a bit? We could back off each other, get some perspective? The White House could back the heck off of me in Israel and leave me alone? And if we feel like Iran is a threat over here, to let us deal with it how we want to deal with it without calling him up and asking permission like a lapdog?

What the heck does Iran have to do with America? Are they going to cross the Atlantic in the aircraft carrier that they don’t have and nuke Manhattan? Are they going to use their intercontinental ballistic missiles they don’t have and bomb Washington DC?

No. What America has to do with Iran is this: America thinks it runs the world. And there’s an annoying brat in Persia that America thinks has to be put in line. But it’s really none of America’s business. Leave Iran alone. All America is doing by threatening Iran is endangering me in Israel. Let us deal with it if we have to, but stay in your own hemisphere.

Don’t you think the world would be a much less scary place if there was a HUMAN BEING in the oval office?

What if Ron Paul is right?

What if?


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What are we allowing our government to do? I have long been a seeker of honesty in our government and I agree that we need to regain our freedom to create value and be wealthy, happy and at peace within our country. For so long we have had our rights to happiness and prosperity taken away in order for career politicians and other cheats to make their unearned living at the expense of us, the hard working individual American. I believe that the only function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill the purpose of human life which is to prosper and live happily. If there was a party that could guarantee that function of government and could prove its intentions in an honest way, I would join it in a second!We are so overshadowed by big governmet that we can no longer see our dream forest for the crooked trees! remI invite all Americans to comment on this blog and perhaps we can make some very real changes happen before we implode as a nation.
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