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4063553467?profile=originalEver since the 2009 GM bailout by “progressive” big government ended the pensions of 20,000 retirees at Delphi auto parts manufacturing, the White House and the Department of Treasury have laid the blame on the steps of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

Internal government emails have been obtained that show the U.S. Treasury Department, run by Timothy Geithner, was behind those termininations.  All 20,000 of the pensions seem to have been ended strictly for the reason that those retirees did not belong to labor unions.


Perhaps the National Labor Relations Board was too busy preparing to harass another private sector company planning to hire non-union workers to get involved.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder has yet to file any criminal charges against top Wall Street bankers 4063553511?profile=originalwith connections inside the Department of Justice or who had made political donations to the 2008 presidential campaign of the current White House occupant.

Over the years, both the Oval Office and Holder have talked tough, aggressively attacking big fat cat bankers, blaming their reckless speculation for the 2008 financial collapse.  The Government Accountability Institute has found that Holder still has not “filed a single criminal charge against any top executive of an elite financial institution.”


All talk no action.  Sound tough for the union organized OWS crowd, but do nothing to upset potential campaign donors.  The heck with credibility, the “progressive” Party Pravda will run interference for the re-election campaign.

Overseas, Iran has vowed it will not allow Assad to fall in Syria.

"Iran will never allow the resistance axis – of which Syria is an essential pillar – to break," said Saeed Jalili, Iran's Supreme National Security Council secretary.  The "axis of resistance" includes Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, all of which are anti-Western and openly hostile towards Israel and the United States.

Assad reassured Jalili by saying: "The Syrian people and their government are determined to purge the country of terrorists and to fight the terrorists without respite.”

If Assad is overthrown, Iran will lose influence over Syria and a crucial link to Hezbollah.


4063553483?profile=originalCould it be that Muslim Brotherhood influence over the White House has surreptitiously led to policies that support the creation of a regional Caliphate?  What other way is there to logically explain policies that support rebellions to overthrow some Middle Eastern dictators, but not support rebellions hostile to the Iranian regime or its allies?

With so much baggage for the White House to carry through the campaign, their “Priorities” are to have their “progressive” allies run misleading ads that attempt to tie Mitt Romney to death.

Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting the Oval Office is running a new ad that blames Mitt Romney for a family losing health insurance which contributed to a woman dying from cancer.

It apparently makes no difference to the “progressive” super PAC that Romney left Bain Capital years before the GST Steel bankruptcy in 2001.  In addition, the cancer casualty Ranae Soptic died in 2006, long after the GST plant had been closed.


In another move to distract attention away from the dismal economic performance of the White House, the Oval Office occupier was overheard whispering to a top fundraiser that GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney wants to name Gen. David Petraeus as his choice for Vice President.


The White House was more than happy to clutter the news cycle by dismissing the Drudge Report.  Anything to keep the pathetic economic record of the White House out of the headlines will suffice.4063553498?profile=original

Press Secretary Jay Carney reminded reporters to “be mindful of your sources” when asked about the Petraeus rumor.  “I can say with absolute confidence, such an assertion has never been uttered by the president.  And again be mindful of your sources” said Carney.


And so it goes for the most open, transparent White House in American history.  They are more than happy to talk about anything but their own record.


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Harry Reid Is Not the Only Liar

4063552504?profile=originalFrom the floor of the United States Senate chamber, without a single shred of evidence, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently charged that for ten years Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney paid no taxes.

Is not the legal system in the United States based on the presumption of innocence?  Did Harry Reid grant himself the authority to alter that, or did he obtain permission from the White House by fiat?

Since when is it the business of the Senate Majority leader to take to the Senate chamber microphone and accuse a political opponent of a serious crime while presuming him guilty and demanding he prove his innocence?  Is not Senate business the job for which Reid was elected?  How does making this unsubstantiated charge fit in with conducting the business of the United States Senate?

It would be bad enough if this Harry Reid distraction from the failures that define the post-fad institutionalized “progressive” left’s Oval Office tragedy was an isolated incident.  For a “man” in what has historically been a prestigious position to make such outrageous charges without a single shred of evidence exceeds extremely egregious.  But sadly, an overview of the political landscape shows that it is not just Harry Reid who is engaged in spouting lies, uttering distortions and intentionally creating or parroting misinformation.

The White House re-election campaign has sued Ohio over a state provision that gives three extra days for 4063552431?profile=originalearly voting to members of the military.  The administration and the “progressive” Party Pravda pushed back hard, claiming that the lawsuit did not intend to target military voters.  That claim is pure, unfiltered bollocks.  Over the decades, “progressive” Democrats have sought to suppress military votes.  In 2000, when “progressive” Democrats were passionately seeking to steal the Florida Electoral College votes from George W. Bush, they actually succeeded in disqualifying military ballots.


Then there is the 2012 case of “progressive” Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.  Despite having blue eyes and blonde hair, she claims that she is “Native American”.  The “evidence” she presents to support her claim?  Her mommy told her so.

4063552555?profile=originalNever mind that her claim was rejected by the Cherokee Nation, and that an investigation of her family tree offers no support for her assertion.  In the meantime, while Warren claimed she didn’t know whether or not Harvard had ever promoted her Native American background, the Boston Globe reported: “For at least six straight years during Warren’s tenure, Harvard University reported in federally mandated diversity statistics that it had a Native American woman in its senior ranks at the law school. According to both Harvard officials and federal guidelines, those statistics are almost always based on the way employees describe themselves.”

Such a deal!  Lie about your heritage so your application to work as a member of the Harvard Law school faculty is given preferential treatment.  When your lie is discovered, say it must be true because mommy said so.

On the latest airing of FOX News Sunday, host Chris Wallace caught White House re-election campaign 4063552523?profile=originalchairman David Axelrod in a lie about “Recovery Summer”.  Axelrod repeatedly stated that in 2010 he never spoke about the administration’s imaginary “Recovery Summer”.  Evidence shows he did exactly that during an interview with David Gregory on the NBC program Meet the Press.


As it turns out, “Recovery Summer” was, in and of itself, another oft trumpeted “progressive” fabrication.

Then there is Fast & Furious.  The White House and their “progressive” co-conspirators dreamed up the “perfect” way to convince Americans that more rapacious “progressive” big government infringements on their constitutionally protected gun rights were needed. 

What was that “perfect” plan?  To intentionally allow hundreds of deadly automatic and semi-automatic weapons to walk across the southern border and into the hands of known criminals in Mexican drug cartels.  The cover story would be that the government intended to track the guns and catch cartel higher ups red handed.

4063552532?profile=originalNever mind that zero effort was made to track the guns.  None of the guns that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the Department of Justice let walk were capable of being tracked by GPS.  Once the guns crossed the border, there was no way of telling where they ended up.

Instead of providing any evidence to support their tracking claim, the DOJ and the White House asserted they were merely continuing a program established by the Bush administration.  The difference between the two policies discredits that assertion.  The far fewer number of guns that were allowed by the Bush administration to leave the country had been equipped with GPS tracking devices.

After the House of Representatives Investigative Committee caught U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in a lie and demanded additional information from the DOJ about the Fast and Furious scandal, the White House exerted Executive Privilege, which cannot be used unless the White House itself was involved in the activities under question.

Former White House “green jobs czar and self-avowed Communist Van Jones, and complicit “progressive” Party Pravda dogs assert that the GOP and the Tea Party “Want to hurt Americans economically so they can gain politically.”

This statement flies in the face of the fact that in order to gain politically, decades of “progressive” 4063552498?profile=originalDemocratic policies quite nearly destroyed the global economy through “progressive” big government social engineering in the U.S. housing market, have skewed American tax codes in favor of dividing Americans into separate economic classes and punishing the successful while rewarding the unsuccessful, have set about to destroy the concept of a traditional two parent family, dismantle the military, make more people dependent on “progressive” big government “entitlement” programs and allowing an unrestricted flood of illegal alien invaders into the country in hopes of buying the votes of their children with “progressive” big government handouts.

Still want to cling to the claim that “progressives” are the adults in the room?

At least RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is willing to call Reid a 'dirty liar'.  ABC’s George Will compared Reid’s actions to McCarthyism by saying: “Look, in 1950, Joe McCarthy went to West Virginia, didn’t know what to tell to the Women’s Republican Club of Wheeling, West Virginia, so he said I have in my hand a list of 205, we think that are — 205 communists in the State Department.  (He) didn’t have a list.  Harry Reid doesn’t have any evidence either.  This is McCarthyism from the desert.”

Now is time for all American Patriots to expose the coordinated lies that are being and for decades have been spewed by “progressive” Democrats and their seditious allies within the institutionalized “progressive” left.

Maybe, just maybe, there are enough intelligent undecided swing voters with sound moral character remaining to ensure that “progressive” hopes for re-election end up where they belong, in the ashes.


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It's a Duck!

I think Republican’s and Tea Partier’s keep making a basic mistake; getting tangled in the tar babies the administration keeps setting in our path. We find ourselves debating these tar babies, and time marches on. Time is the friend of the corrupt. While we are fighting the right hand, we are unaware of what the left is doing.


          I urge you to pass the tar babies by, and reduce the actions of our foes to the lowest common denominator, and then act accordingly.


          For instance, Eric Holder, ‘If he looks like a duck, walks like duck and quacks like a duck… He’s a duck!!!’ If Obama, Pelosi, Leigh come to his defense, Well? ‘Birds of a feather, flock together.’ I think we have a flock of fowl. Ducks that is.


          Remember why they create these Tar Babies, ‘The devil is in the details.’


          We need to be ashamed because, ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.’


          Holder needs to go jail and Obama needs to be impeached now; because, ‘Action speaks louder than words.’


                                      George Henry Nichols

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Obama’s Strategy to Destroy Our Nation


Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.  Ronald Reagan

No, this isn’t propaganda this is the writing on the wall.  Here’s what Obama has accomplished in his 3 ½ year reign as dictator of the USA.  He’s destroyed our economic power and sicked EPA on all businesses big and small. Many businesses have downsized or closed their doors and others are in a holding pattern afraid to hire or expand their businesses.

He’s increased our National Deficit over 5 trillion dollars and refused to balance our budget.  Daily the Nation’s debt is increasing about $3.93 billion per day and each citizen’s share surpasses 50,000.  Here’s an interesting tidbit from Cicero: "The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled."-Cicero. 106-43 B.C.  Americans etch these words on your foreheads – this is the only way we will retrieve our Country and place it back on its once very strong foundation. 

It took Obama over a year behind closed doors to craft Obamacare – it’s an albatross around the necks of the private citizens, the medical field, the insurance companies and has hidden taxes, a death panel (call it whatever you want) and definitely will push granny and grampy over the cliff.

The Obama’s green company scams of is just that – his big bundlers benefited from the scams and taxpayers lost billions of dollars on companies like Solyndra, Sun Power, Tesla and many more.  Fisker Automotive Company was financed by Americans.  Americans not only lost millions of dollars, but Fisker subcontracted the Finish to manufacture the new electric cars.

Fisker’s $97,000 vehicle bankrolled by Americans via the DOE is over a year behind in their schedule - a couple of vehicles have finally been delivered to customers. Throw the Chevy Volt into the mix, which is literally a time bomb with botched batteries and slopped up charging systems and you have an accident waiting to happen plus millions of taxpayer’s money lost and gone forever. We haven’t heard the last of the GM debacle – Obama rolled out the red carpet for GM once again misusing taxpayer’s money to fund an incompetent company with a gob of over - paid CEO’s that dug their own hole and ran with their tale between their legs to Obama. 

What about Obama’s favorite vulture bundler and crook – Jon Corzine?  The Liberal News media runs and hides every time they hear Jon Corzine’s name – they won’t touch this subject with a ten foot pole.  

Obama has declared a peaceful Martial Law, which is a fire drill for the time he deems it necessary to pass a full blown Martial Law which will stop the Presidential Election thusly keeping his job intact.  He was hired for an 8 year run by his puppeteers and he’s not about to relinquish the office of Commander in Chief.

What about the Senate hiding behind closed doors passing bills and spending millions of taxpayer’s money – Obama & the Senate are passing bills right and left prior to the November 2012 election?   Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) voiced concerns that the Senate passes over 90 percent of legislation without any debate, without amendment, and without a roll call vote.

How’s that for treasonous acts against acts against our Nation – no one gets to read these bills, there isn’t any transparency and Obama & Reid are using the hatchet against all Americans hoping you’re preoccupied with his  class warfare and racism tactics to notice what he’s doing while we sleep. So for those gleefully running around refusing to vet this imposter – you may not be “birthers” but you’re verging on stupidity – we have terrorists in our midst and on our turf as we speak.   

Let’s quit playing childish games the buck stops at the Commander in Chief’s desk and he is responsible for the GSA’s lavish conferences, vacations and sick entertainment.  He’s responsible for the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation that has killed hundreds of innocent Mexicans and 2 of our border agents; the DOJ website quite clearly states that Obama funded 10,000,000 and ear marked it for the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation. 

The OIG (Office of the Inspector General) notified Congress, Holder, Napolitano, ATF and Obama about the dangers and problems that the gunrunner operation posed way before Jaime Zapata or Brian Terry were murdered.  He’s responsible for high unemployment, our weakened Military, our unsecured borders, reduction of our nuclear capabilities and the blatant misuse of taxpayer’s money. 

There’s no nice way of defining the actions of Obama the person some call our Commander in Chief – he is an imposter engaging in 3 ½ years of deception.  He defies our Constitution, threatens the Supreme Court Judges and places himself above the laws of our land. All of his Czars are Communists, Marxists or extreme radicals who are his “gophers” of choice – all of these strays are foot loose and fancy free preparing our Nation for Obama’s New World Order. 

Obama’s actions and motivation the past 3 ½ years have been with the intent to overthrow our Government.  In 2009 he literally robbed our “piggy bank” taking 787 billion dollars for his slinky redistribution agenda.  On his watch our credit rating was dropped, our debt ceiling raised, inflation is nipping at our heels, gas prices are a bloody mess and our National Deficit has gone off the Richter scale.  

Obama has been in the attack mode since he took office in 2009; he’s a narcissistic dictator who has attacked our businesses, our religious freedoms, our 2nd Amendment, our Constitution and our freedom of speech. 

Girma Tassew /May 3, 2009 discusses the pathology of a “dictator.”  Obama fits the DNA of a dictator or autocratic ruler and below are a few of the most obvious symptoms. 

  • Continual claims for attention and admiration
  • Cold and uncaring behavior toward others
  • Other people are seen only as an extension of the self      to be manipulated and/or eliminated as needed; an inability to relate to      people as people or separate from oneself
  • Inflated/exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Regardless of his citizenship, his past or his relationships Obama has intentionally and willfully harmed one of the greatest Nations in the world; he must be removed from office prior to November 2012.  It’s our duty to protect our Constitution and defend our Nations from all enemies; this isn’t an option, this is a responsibility and that is included in our citizenship.  Ask yourselves one question – are you better off now than you were in 2009? 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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4063494041?profile=originalAs a black conservative Tea Party patriot, I have been struggling with what I should do, if anything, in response to the rash of incidents of racial violence resulting from the Martin/Zimmerman case. Folks, a great evil is running the show in our country right now.

Prolific race-hustler Al Sharpton is heralded as a hero. http://bit.ly/IIUZR5 Attorney General Eric Holder ignores the New Black Panther “dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman. http://bit.ly/HM1Aiq Three major TV networks are caught manipulating facts of the Martin/Zimmerman case to fuel racial hatred and anger. http://bit.ly/HchWtZ Minister Farrakhan tweeted referring to the Martin/Zimmerman case, “Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon and very soon, the law of retaliation may very well be applied.”http://yhoo.it/GPnyxc

Even a nut case white supremacist group have thrown their hat, or skinned heads, into the ring, threatening violence. http://bit.ly/IsEp8G

Rather than showing pictures of 6'3” seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin, nearly every TV news broadcast features pictures of Trayvon as an adorable little boy in his little league football uniform. This is done by design to further the media's storyline: innocent-little-black-boy-murdered-by-evil-racist-white-man. Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic. To further the mainstream media storyline, the New York Times has deemed Zimmerman, a “white” Hispanic. http://wapo.st/HilSiA

I do not know what transpired between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. I do know that the Race Industry has gone to extraordinary, dishonest lengths to promote its innocent-little-black-boy-murdered-by-evil-racist-white-man storyline.

Even president Obama despicably and masterfully fueled the flames of racial hatred by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. http://bit.ly/HTrpcO As a seasoned professional politician, president Obama surely knew his comment would up the ante of black rage.

So yes, as Christian and as patriot, I wondered, what should I do to help calm the storm of Martin/Zimmerman related racial violence? Should I rally black conservatives to denounce the violence and call for unity at a press conference? No, the liberal biased mainstream media would not cover such a press conference. Non-victim-minded blacks do not fit the media-desired image of America. Blacks who love their country without resentment toward fellow Americans who are white are as repulsive to the mainstream media as showing Dracula the cross.

Well, what about a racial peace rally – blacks and whites standing together, singing songs and talking about unity. No, Obama's SEIU thugs and/or the New Black Panthers could exploit the event by showing up to assault patriots.

Remember Kenneth Gladney, the black conservative who was beaten and sent to the emergency room by SEIU thugs at a town hall meeting during the health care debates? http://bit.ly/OCx7g Many believe Gladney's beating was in response to Obama White House's clarion call to “push back twice as hard” and get in the faces of those opposing Obamacare.

The mainstream media will never tell the truth about black-on-white crime. When reporting incidents of black-on-white violence, the media walks a tightrope, bending over backwards to avoid mentioning race. And yet I heard a report on the radio in which the reporter, without hesitation, up front and in your face said five “black” men were shot by a “white” male in a white pickup truck. This type of story fits the racist image that the media desires to portray of white America. According to the media, blacks are ALWAYS the victims and never the aggressors. http://bit.ly/IBgnXa

So how do we right-thinking, decent Americans counter all the racial hate, evil and violence, fueled by media and the Obama administration, that's contaminating our great country?

Mary is away, up north visiting family. Thus, I found myself in the grocery store checkout line with my shopping cart one-third full. An elderly white gentleman in line behind me had two items. “Excuse me sir – you can go in front of me.” He gleefully replied, “Thank you very much.” After the cashier had bagged his items and given the elderly white gentleman his change, he thanked me again.

I thought, that's it! For now, until God leads me otherwise, I can simply continue doing what I, along with millions of my fellow Americans, do every day: seize every opportunity to spread racial harmony and kindness. I know that sounds corny, but I know it is the right thing to do.

Despite what the Race Industry would have you believe, a majority of Americans are not at each other throats, divided along racial lines. However, this is unquestionably the agenda of the Race Industry. Incidents of race related violence are on the rise since the Martin/Zimmerman incident. http://bit.ly/HJ1djA

Most Americans are over “the race thing.” Americans live, work and play together just fine. Interracial marriage is far from being the big deal it was in the past. Unfortunately, it is the mission of the mainstream media, the Obama administration and race profiteers to keep the Race Industry alive and profitable. These people (race instigators and exploiters) are evil.

Therefore, it is up to us – proud responsible Americans – to continue sowing seeds of racial harmony, brotherhood and peace.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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DEA, Eric Holder’s DOJ

Laundered Drug Money

For Mexican Criminal Cartels



            If you thought Eric Holder deliberately letting Mexican drug cartels buy automatic weapons in this country and then allowing them to take the weapons across the border unimpeded was a terrible idea . . . “you ain’t heard nothin’ yet, Pilgrim!”  It’s been a terrible week for Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ); Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security Department; and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Department as well.  Their combined inanity is being exposed by Darrell Issa’s Congressional Investigation.  Just as Operation Fast and Furious’ “gun-walking” stupidity which killed an American Border Patrol agent and at least 300 (Mexico recently raised these numbers) Mexican citizens was exploding in Obama’s Attorney General’s face and dropping his reputation even lower . . .  with CBS News showing us memos indicating that Holder proposed 1) not to ever tell anyone about the Operation Fast and Furious (OF&F) gunwalking fake-sting project and 2) resulting border violence was to be used as an excuse to pass much tighter and onerous gun restrictions on law-abiding Americans. . . things have taken a hard left turn for the worse.  Yes, that’s Eric Holder leaving Carlsbad now heading toward Carlsworse as Mexican authorities have discovered that in a pathetic OF&F-like scheme, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been laundering drug money for those same Mexican criminal cartels and allegedly “facilitated tran$fer of million$ of dollar$” directly to the coffer$ of those monster mobsters. 

         The biggest surprise of all may be that recently the mainstream media (MSM) has begun to do its job.  As mentioned in recent Rajjpuut’s Folly blogs: CBS News upped the ante on OF&F with three recent document revelations from Lois Lane, ace girl reporter (better known as Sharyl Attkinsson, CBS’ Washington Bureau investigative JOURNALIST.  That word is written in capital letters because it’s been a long time since Rajjpuut felt admiration for any MSM journalists).  Now the “Old Gray Lady,” a.k.a. the New York Times has decided to stop running interference for President Obama and his incompetent and crooked White House crew and also do some actual journalism.

         According to the N.Y. Times report,  “in operations supervised by the DOJ and orchestrated to get around sovereignty restrictions,” drug enforcement agents “laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels.”   Immediately after the Times published their “money-laundering” article, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa announced he is “expanding his investigation of Operation Fast and Furious and the DOJ to examine reports of DEA-facilitated money laundering.”  Holder’s DOJ released a public statement disclaiming the practice as “perfectly ordinary.”  The DOJ also said they were seeking to trace the drug money’s path and that they had been “working collaboratively with the Mexican government” on the efforts to fight more widespread money laundering.  Mexican officials including President Felipe Calderon denied the report and said that Mexico was not aware of the Times’ article and not aware of the DOJ scheme either.

         The similarities to OF&F are unmistakable:   it appears that, at best, AG Holder was furnishing narcotics traffickers with American DEA laundered drug proceeds reportedly in an attempt to discern how those funds moved and who did the moving.  Rajjpuut says, “at best” because there is also the possibility none of this was merely incompetence and idiocy, there’s also the possibility that we’ll find the DOJ was “100% in cahoots” with some mighty slimy and powerful and dangerous criminals.

         The DOJ’s and DEA’s joint statement contradicted the Mexican denials and put those two agencies at odds with the Mexican government, “As our partners in Mexico have stated, the joint investigations to detect and   dismantle money laundering networks have led to important advances and detentions in each country.  The cooperation between the United States and Mexico is based on principles of shared responsibility, mutual trust and respect for the jurisdiction of each country.” 

         Obviously, the Mexicans and Calderon are saying NO SUCH THING!   Who do we believe?   If OF&F is any indication, leaving Mexico in the dark about operations that cross international borders is not a new plan for Eric Holder’s DOJ.   On Dec. 8, AG Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee that he still has not briefed Mexican officials, including Attorney General Marisela Morales, about OF&F.  Calderon’s press secretary Sota said, “The Mexican Government did not know.   It’s important to stress we have begun an investigation by our Attorney General Morales to establish responsibilities, and in any case to investigate if there was any involvement. But the government did not have any knowledge of an operation of this nature.”

          Jorge Ramos, host of the Al Punto TV show, emphasized that according to the N.Y. Times report “Mexican agents participated” alongside DEA agents.  Curiouser and curiouser, no?  IF the Mexican government was NOT involved, it’s beginning to look like criminal corruption rather than mere incompetence by AG Holder and his folks . . . IF Eric Holder doesn’t resign or get impeached, American justice no longer exists.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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Ace CBS Reporter Attkisson Nails OF&F and

Obama/ATF Corruption Assailing 2nd Amendment


     Just when all appeared lost and it seemed like the mainstream media (MSM) was eternally in the tank committed to supporting an ultra-corrupt Obama administration come hell or highest seas, CBS News shocked us with some actual journalistic backbone!  CBS News, which apparently has a White House informer blowing the whistle on the goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has acquired documents showing that the original intent of Fast and Furious was to crack down on gun ownership and erode honest ordinary patriotic Americans’ Second Amendment rights.  For the third time now the breakthrough in the “Gun Walking Scandal” has come courtesy of one CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson . . . .

     While the rest of the MSM has gone out of its way to enshrine every Obama White House lie, red herring and false accusation as Gospel TRUTH, Ms. Attkisson has repeatedly attacked the beast in its lair.   The latest E-mail and other earlier documents obtained by CBS News shows that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using Operation Fast and Furious (whose weapons have already killed at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent and at least 200 Mexican citizens) as a lever to gain tighter gun regulations in the United States.  

     The chronology begins in April of 2009, three months into the new Obama administration.   Claiming that guns sold north of the border in America accounted for 90% of the weapons and 90% of the deaths from drug cartel violence**, Obama made a speech in Mexico alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderon.  The President said, “This war is being waged with guns purchased not here, but in the United States. More than 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border. So we have responsibilities as well.”   It was about that time that the administration brushed off an old Bush administration program, Operation Gun Runner, which conducted ongoing gun stings to crackdown on illegal arms sales and re-named it “Operation Fast and Furious,”  (OF&F).  And how exactly did OF&F differ from Gun Runner?   Four great differences emerge . . . .

            1)     CBS’s Sharyl Attkinsson put it like this on the Early Show on CBS, “New e-mails that we now have . . . add to some documentation that we already had that show government officials NEVER planned to reveal publicly their role in letting those guns fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels but planned to use the end result to argue for new gun regulations that they wanted, and you can read more about that story on our website, CBSNews.com.”   In other words, where Gun Runner was a real sting that netted illegal arms traffickers virtually immediately . . . OF&F deliberately adopted a “hands-off approach” that allowed its guns to cross the border UNIMPEDED with the goal of using later discoveries of these weapons as compelling reasons to crack down on the rights of legal gun ownership in America.

            2)      Whereas, Gun Runner had targeted all illegal gun sales, OF&F aimed directly at getting its guns into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels, the so-called “Big Fish” and did so very quickly instead of carefully building up actionable arrest justification, OF&F was aimed at getting the weapons into illegal hands as quickly as possible period.  The ATF agents on the ground who were shocked by all this, christened the practice “Gun Walking”

            3)    With its emphasis on getting weapons to the cartels, OF&F put much heavier weaponry in these criminals hands.  The never-shrinking violet, Rush Limbaugh, commented upon Attkisson’s revelations this way, “. . . We arranged for thousands of guns, long guns, automatic, semiautomatic, AK-47s, machine guns, bazookas, whatever, to end up in the hands of drug lords, right out of gun stores, gun shops in Phoenix, just walked outta there right across the border into Mexico, into the hands of the drug cartel and the cartel was supposed to do with those guns what drug cartel people do, start using them, bam, bam, you’re dead. They did. Hundreds of people died as a result of these guns being walked out of Phoenix gun shops and others along the border. And in this period of time our border agent got killed.”  Two OF&F weapons were found at the agent’s death site; and later one of the heavier weapons Limbaugh refers to even brought down a helicopter carrying high-ranking Mexican drug officials killing everyone on board.

            4)    Unlike Gun Runner, the folks on the ground quickly became alarmed by what was going on.   Criminals got weapons but then were NOT arrested, what the hell!  Immediately this set off a chain of complaints and whistle-blowing that reverberated all the way to the Administration’s upper echelons, where the Attkinsson E-mails also came from.  Somehow the Obama upper-level muckety-mucks never ever could imagine that the people working for them would be decent, honest folk shocked by such abuse of power and its results, thousands of ultra violent criminals being abetted by the U.S.A.

     What’s the upshot of all this?  Someone in the Obama administration engineered a program where some of the worst criminals in the world get hold of American guns that we just give them, but they (Obama, Holder, etc.) don’t tell anybody any of that. It’s made to look like either the drug cartel could just cross the border walk in anywhere in America and buy all the heavy arms in the world and walk back across the border or  some really rotten Americans could walk into the gun stores, buy those guns, cross the southern border and sell them to the drug cartel. Then everybody would be surprised with the revelation that the guns were sold in America, lots of people would die, and the conclusion according to Limbaugh is, “See, we have got to have more control over guns. Look at what happened here.”  Ms. Attkisson and some heroic whistle-blowers changed all that. 

     Yes, yes, FOXNews has been covering this story like a poodle with a slipper in its mouth for over fifteen months now.  But everyone who understands real journalism expects that from FOX and then despite the facts that like so many other stories this one would be totally ignored by all the MSM.  Real journalism, heroic journalism by CBS . . . that’s something new and wonderful.    Attkisson didn’t just follow FOX’s lead, she dug deep and got her own leads and those leads have been devastating in their effect on the Obama circle-the-wagons efforts.

     Oh, by the way, President Obama’s speech, in that joint press conference with Felipe Calderon in April, 2009, referred to “Gun Runner” by name and said we could “expect some good results.”  This was when the first E-mails with the new name “Operation Fast and Furious” began to show up.  The fact that Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the ATF and Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security have all been stonewalling the Congressional Investigation into Fast and Furious tells you everything you need to know about how widespread this Obama corruption goes.  The fact that AG Holder’s second in command, wrote a response to the investigators ten months ago that deliberately misled the investigators tells you where the probable heads will eventually roll from.    After responding to congressional subpoenas with tens of thousands of pages of 100% blacked-out documents expect Holder to be impeached for obstruction of justice.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



**  Even counting the thousands of Fast and Furious weapons, current official U.S. government statistics put the actual number at 17% of the drug cartels' weapons originating in America.

Read more…
“Mexican attorney general, Marisela Morales, now estimates at least 200 Mexicans have been killed with Fast and Furious weapons -- among them, a powerful Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle that downed a Mexican federale helicopter.   Morales calls OFF a ‘betrayal’ of her country. In a Los Angeles Times story she said she first learned about Op Fast and Furious from news reports. American officials never briefed their Mexican counterparts on it, Morales says. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Marisela, Eric Holder and the Obama administration has been quite calculating on stonewalling the world on this one.”
AG Eric Holder Caught in OFF Lie
By Earlier-Dated Memos
            It’s an oft repeated truism of political life that the “crime” might get you; but it’s the cover-up that always nails the lid on the case . . . so let it be for scurrilous Obama administration bad-boy U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Here’s just one more story that the mainstream media (MSM) has been hiding from you for months now as Eric Holder has been playing a rearguard, stonewalling hand for three months now . . . the facts keep slowly dribbling in to Darrell Issa . . . just last week a third gun from “Bordergate” was implicated and has now been linked to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, whose death in Arizona last December at the hands of Mexican bandits created the crack now threatening to break the scandal wide open and destroy the career of Eric Holder and his so-far “mum” underlings.
Holder -- who’s denial of knowledge about Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) in July of this year (OFF is the rogue and ill-conceived Obama administration offshoot of the Bush Administration’s less well-known Operation Gunrunner), is plastered on internet videos all over the world – the AG received at least two e-mails updating OFF information nine months prior to stating that he’d only recently learned of OFF in October, 2010 and even before that in July, 2010 and . . . worse luck for the AG, both memos indicate prior knowledge can be assumed since they are operational updates not presentation memos.
            The denials by Holder and the recent revelations, of course, spurred California Representative Darrell Issa to ask for a special (outside, non-DOJ) prosecutor to look into OFF and the involvement of Holder’s Justice Department. The festering mess known as “Bordergate” in some circles took an ongoing and successful Bush sting program to capture illegal gun sales and went two giant steps too far by deliberately seeking to sell automatic weapons (34,000+ so far) to members of Mexican drug cartels and then, instead of making an arrest . . . just allowed the guns to cross the border. So far about a hundred of those guns have turned up at crime scenes including the death of two U.S. Border Control agents and several dozen Mexican citizens.  Tidbits of information suggest great involvement by the Homeland Security Office and by the Whitehouse itself.
            It seems also that Holder’s DOJ manipulated knowledge so that FBI information about the identities of the gun buyers was kept away from Department of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives and Tobacco members who had been running Bush’s Operation Gunrunner for several years. Many ATF agents who have become “whistle-blowers” tell stories of their great upset when they found that guns sold to known Mexican criminals were being deliberately allowed to cross the border. Several ATF agents and administrators have already lost their jobs as Holder’s DOJ casts about wildly for scapegoats. Mexican officials meanwhile have been conducting their own investigations of American gun-supplying to drug cartels. 
To say that the stench in Washington is getting stronger is to repeat the obvious. Besides OFF; Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform committee is also investigating the Solyndra and Light-Squared scandals . . . but it’s hard to imagine that either of those corruptions will catch up to OFF’s reeking stupidity and malfeasance. The insanely idiotic idea was to trace cross-border arms trafficking, and allow the gun-hating Obama administration to then prove the oft-repeated claim that 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexican drug war zones originate in the US.  Well, their efforts DISproved it; the actual statistic is closer to 17 percent. But, as Issa’s committee continues its investigation a major international scandal has been born.
Mexican attorney general, Marisela Morales, now estimates at least 200 Mexicans have been killed with Fast and Furious weapons -- among them, a powerful Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle that downed a Mexican federal helicopter.   Morales calls OFF a “betrayal” of her country. In a Los Angeles Times story she said she first learned about Fast and Furious from news reports. American officials never briefed their Mexican counterparts on it, Morales says.
Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Marisela, the Obama administration has been quite calculating on stonewalling the world on this one. Eric Holder’s DOJ has inflamed Issa’s committee -- turning over subpoenaed documents only ultra-slowly and heavily redacted (sometimes only words like “the,” “a,” “and,” “an,” and “that” NOT being blacked out in long memos turned over to Issa) and also making witnesses unavailable and transferring or retiring implicated officials such as former “temporary” ATF head Kenneth Melson. Issa has publicly accused Holder , et. al of “gaming” congressional investigators. “There is an ongoing cover-up of a pattern of wrongdoing,” Issa noted last week. “Even though I have subpoena ability, I don’t have the ability to lock people up for contempt until they fess up and give us what we want” hence the call for a special prosecutor.
As noted in a blog two weeks ago, there have now been 76 serious Obama administration scandals about which Rajjpuut has informed his readers . . . and now the MSM is finally covering three of them. The only other one of those 76 scandals touched lightly upon by the MSM so far in the first two and a half years under Obama was their pseudo-journalistic expose of problems associated with environmentalism related to the Gulf Oil Spill (they deliberately missed the whole scandalous part of the story that Obama himself and Interior Secretary Salazar both knew of critical problems with Deep Horizon up to two weeks before the explosion). Now the MSM is really looking hard at Solyndra and Light-Squared and trying NOT to get involved with OFF, but slowly, slowly they’re finding themselves dragged into Bordergate as the evidence mounts and the circle of corruption** expands.  
Solyndra, of course, is a story of monumental incompetence and crony-capitalism that’s already cost the taxpayers $535 million.   Malfeasance is still a very strong possibility as the Obama administration agreed to a deal in which last-minute Solyndra investors would be paid first in case of bankruptcy, before the taxpayers.   The Light-Squared scandal involves the Obama administration seeking to pressure and change a Four-Star Air Force General’s testimony about the dangers of a communication invention sold by an Obama supporter’s broad-band company which mal-affects other battlefield communications and global positioning and thus would have made in-close bombings and artillery very risky for our soldiers in the field. Yes, the “hits” do keep coming . . . and finally the MSM is starting to play them.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** We feel like a broken record here, but about a dozen FAR more serious scandals from 2009, 2010 and earlier this year have all gone totally UNreported by ABC, NBC, CBS, and Cable channels CNN, MSNBC and Headline News. Only FOXNews is looking into Obama’s corruptions. Whole books someday will be dedicated to the “Journ-O-List" scandal; the Carbon-Trading Scandal known as CCX which even FOXNews barely covered; and whole encyclopedias can be filled up with the “Cloward-Piven to Wiley to ’73 Crash to NYC bankruptcy to Rathke to CRA ’77 to ACORN to Clinton to Obama to meltdown” scandal . . . . Rajjpuut (who was once a pretty fair country feature writer and also his J-school’s Academic Excellence Award winner lo’ these many years) blames 97% of the country’s present horrific state and ongoing predictable future financial problems on the MSM which is picking winners and losers in politics and refusing to do its time-honored job in keeping the country aware of government corruption, incompetence and malfeasance.
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                                                 Obama Plays Political “Gotcha”

With Second Gibson Guitar Raid


          The same Obama administration – already threatening to kill thousands of airplane manufacturing jobs in South Carolina for being politically incorrect; and complicit in the 35% unemployment in and around Fresno, California (courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency’s stupid ban against farm irrigation) -- is now attacking the Gibson Guitar Company, maker of arguably the world’s most desired musical instrument.  Gibson is not Stradivarius but its artisan-built, American-made guitars are in more hands the world over than any musical instrument short of the Hohner Harmonica, a mass-produced pocket instrument.

According to Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, his company, the iconic maker of the Les Paul and Firebird X electronic guitars, is being unjustly harassed by the federal government after an August 24th raid by armed agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on two of Gibson's Tennessee production facilities and its Nashville headquarters.  According to Juszkiewicz the feds confiscated nearly $1 million in rare Indian ebony, finished guitars and electronic data the second time in two years that Gibson's factories have been raided by the feds because of unfinished rare woods used to build its guitars.  Notably and gutlessly failing to make a presence in the raid were Eric Holder’s@@ Justice Department and the Federal Labor Relations Board who most probably were the initiators of the action   . . . almost all U.S. guitar makers other than Gibson are union shops owned by Democratic sympathizers.

"It was a nightmare," Juszkiewicz said, "We had people sitting making guitars. We had no weapons” when the gun-wielding Feds crashed their business sites.  Gibson Guitar has always made a good-faith effort to follow the law, he said.   Juszkiewicz and virtually all other U.S. guitar makers all use the same woods in their products, there didn’t seem to be any reason for singling out Gibson for the raid.  Politics may be behind the raid according to Gibson’s lawyers.  Juszkiewicz, who has contributed to a few Democrats in the past, is a vocal anti-Obama Republican and he runs a non-union shop.  The National Labor Relations Board loaded down with Obama appointees and union activists has already sought to twist the nation’s fair labor practices law by seeking to prevent Boeing Aircraft Company from creating a new plant and thousands of jobs in South Carolina, a “right to work state” by implying that the new plant would harm Boeing’s union workforce in Seattle, Washington. 

It comes down to this:  by purporting to uphold an Indian law about shipping unfinished Indian ebony (actually India freely trades in many types of unfinished woods from their country including this one and several variations of this one), the feds are in effect saying that only finished wood from India (creating Indian jobs and killing American ones) may be used in Gibson and other guitars.  The federal agents involved have said that the wood involved “is too thick to be a veneer” and as an unfinished wood cannot be brought into the country.

Juszkiewicz and his Gibson attorneys insist the wood is legal under Indian law because it's a finished product -- a fingerboard that gets attached to the neck of the guitar and they have letters from the Indian government to prove it they told CNN.  Certainly this appears to be carrying political correctness way too far . . . federal agents with guns raiding a well-respected company instead of using a subpoena to gain the information needed.  Let us not forget the disruption in Gibson’s daily business and the confiscation of over $1 million in inventory; and confiscation of records.  One other little detail, shutting down Gibson would put more than 700 workers out on the streets.  Juszkiewicz is keeping the company running, "We have not been able to make some products, but I'm not going to lay people off," he said.         The problem is, we have no recourse," he said. "These guys have investigated us for two years. They came in twice and shut the place down."

According to CNN, Juszkiewicz and Gibson await judgment on the earlier case, which involves rare wood from Madagascar confiscated from Gibson's factories in 2009. Meanwhile, Juszkiewicz has NOT been able to get the wood or guitars confiscated in that raid returned.  Even if it were returned would it still be in usable condition after a two year hiatus?

"Why is big government spending our tax money to harm ordinary citizens and small businesses?" Juszkiewicz asked online yesterday.  As it stands right now anyone in the country owning or selling a Gibson Guitar is in danger of arrest for violation of the law and/or obstructing justice.  The Justice Department, through a spokesman said it only goes after the big companies selling “contraband products,” not the individuals or small businesses.  Why is Rajjpuut not comforted by their reply? 

On another front the TEA Party and other political conservatives opposed to big government interference are citing the two Gibson raids as further evidence that the Obama administration is killing American jobs.  In 2009, the TEA Party cited the EPA for playing a role in the 35% unemployment around Fresno, California created by prohibiting vegetable farmers from irrigating their fields (saying they were endangering a three-inch fish, the delta smelt which tended to wander into irrigation piping**).  Re-elect Obama for life in prison.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


**            Let us say for the sake of argument that this is a reasonable thing to do rather than bureaucratic nonsense.  Two things come to mind:

1.        No such action ought to be allowed without final Congressional approval

2.      The EPA ought to be commanded to come up with a feasible, affordable alternative to save the damn dumb fish, for example

a.       Installation of a wire or metal grid sufficiently far from the pipe intake that the little guys would run into rather than getting sucked into the pipe, OR

b.      Some sort of chemical or audio device that would scare the little fish away:  possibly by smelling like or sounding like a larger prey fish.

Killing jobs and driving food prices higher without first seeking a more common-sense cheap alternative is so reprehensible and so stupid that it’s hard to imagine anyone but a progressive nincompoop holding anything but utter contempt for the EPA.  And notice that the responsibility must be the EPA’s and not the farmers’ who are NOT deliberately trying to make the damn fish extinct.

@@  Mr. Holder’s justice department is, as you read this,

1.                            Joined with HUD, also leading an attack upon Westchester County, New York, the most highly-taxed real estate in the country; calling the area “segregated and racist,” the Attorney General and other Feds are seeking to force Westchester banks, etc. to grant sub-prime loans to “racially diverse individuals.”  Isn’t that what caused our recent financial meltdown?

2.                           Denying all knowledge (already proven to be a lie) of the Fast and Furious “sting” program that put 37,000 weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels and allowed them to be taken freely across our southern border where they’ve been implicated in hundreds of crimes.  “Justice” Department, Mr. Holder?

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New book scandalizes ATF and DOJ...

BEIRUT ARIZONA Operation Fast and Furious

The Gunwalker Scandal Connecting Mexican Drugs, Gun Control and Islamic Terrorism

Charly Gullett

They called it "...the perfect storm of idiocy."

The Gunwalker scandal encompassed the resources of multiple Federal agencies including Eric Holder's Department of Justice, the DEA, CIA, FBI, DHS and the ATF; it was the most profoundly misguided law enforcement effort in our nation's history...but it's only half the story.

Before the scandal was finally exposed two Americans lay dead. US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed in a fire-fight with a drug cartel rip-crew and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata who died in an ambush deep in Mexican cartel territory. The scandal is they both died in gunfights where the criminals left behind firearms supplied originally by agents of the ATF in Operation Fast and Furious. Worse, it appears the plans had been to intentionally traffick firearms to Mexican narco-terrorists and then blame American gun owners and gun stores in order to leverage onerous anti-rights gun control legislation.

The meticulously footnoted research in this book details how the ATF and FBI use a computer program called "e-Trace" to collect private information on law-abiding citizens and then with a digital portal called "Armas Cruzadas" provide that information on American citizens to over thirty foreign governments, many of them with long histories of corruption.

Here is the story that has not been told about the much larger and more dangerous source of Mexican cartel firearms-an international culture of crime that includes the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, their state sponsors of terror in Iran and Syria as well as Central and South American Islamic radicals and incredibly...our own US State Department. Revealed here for the first time, it is an alliance known to Federal law enforcement since at least the 1970's. It is now largely funded not only by Iran and Syria, but by American Muslims funneling cash for radical Jihad through illegal money-laundering operations back over the same shared Arizona trails used by their drug cartel partners.

This exposé includes "Secret" US embassy cables proving Eric Holder lied to the American public about Mexico's "iron river of guns" and the number of firearms found at Mexican crime scenes; confidential emails between ATF agents looking for data to support President Obama's gun control agenda; Federal court documents filed by Sinaloa drug cartel officers revealing a deal with the US Government to trade information on competing cartels in exchange for guns in the Operation Fast and Furious venture.

Extensive endnotes detail the complete and stunning investigative reports by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) as well as the infamous Muslim Brotherhood's Explanatory Memorandum revealing their strategic and violent plan for the takeover of the United States.


You can read the books introduction here...


Read more…

America's final stand.

People, with Obama's rule and liberal assaults America will not be America by the end of this year. Just think, what American President in all American history has ever assaulted the American Character like this traitor has? He has called us racist, tea bagers, right wing radicals, un-American, terrorist, uneducated and most of all he has blamed the people for his liberal arrogance in this debt crisis, once again passing the blame to the very people trying to fix the problem.

You may not sit idle any longer, if he and his liberal agenda is not removed our future will have no life. We will live in a nation lost and forgotten for the freedom and the rights we once possessed. Our children will hate us for taken their future and their happiness away.

They will believe what is told of them by liberal overlords that freedom is a danger and if we wish for peace and security we must give such rights away.

Liberals have no truth and no morality, they call you monsters for wanting a true and equal representation, they call you radicals for wanting fiscal responsibility when the truth it is not that we the American people have a spending problem it is they, and they alone.

We as most all Americans have cut spending and understood the consequence of such unwarranted indulgence. We know that it is impossible to live where more money is going out then what is coming in. We made the hard adjustment and cut back, why is it they, the liberals in power have not, instead of meeting such unsustainable endeavors with responsible governance, decided more spending and more governmental expansion and less liberty to be a logic and rational solution?

The White House blames you for the downgrade when you for the last couple years have been ignored. They have not listened to the people since Obama has taken office and now they blame you for their treason? We said HELL NO!! No more spending!! We said no more expansion and we damn sure said no more governmental intrusions!! And now they are faced with their complete ineptitude and high treason of their liberal doing, once again blame you.

You must expect that liberals and more specific, governing liberals, will not take what is needed and do the right thing. No, they will continue and continue until the legacy of this United States becomes one of corruption and greed. History will know us as monstrous as Adolf Hitler and his third Reich.

The time has come to move on D.C. with numbers that represent the truth, we have no choice but to demand the immediate removal and prosecution of all liberal leaders for their crimes of high treason. Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Soros and all others backing the destruction of the greatest nation know to man, the USA.

These puppet masters know exactly what they are doing and will blame the American people for the collapse of civility. I am begging all of you who still loves this great nation to fall on D.C., I am begging all of you who still believes the USA to be the greatest nation on Earth to please fall on D.C. and make the world take notice. Show those corrupted deceivers that America will not fall without a fight, that America, should we cease to be will not go on their terms and we will illuminate the freedom and the passion of a people blessed by Gods wonderful mercy and we will be heard once more.

You do not have the benefit to believe someone else will do it for you anymore. You must stand for your nation and your people now!! You must rise and demand justice for the crimes against America and the crimes against our children and for the crimes against our right to exist free. You must rise now!! America is falling and she can not survive without you, will you allow the lives of our founders to be lost in vein? Will you allow the sacrifice of our past brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who gave everything including their very lives to be free to mean anything less then those of the free and of the brave? Will you allow every single life giving in the belief it was for freedom to be erased and forgotten?


Our pledge to America:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." One nation, Indivisible, Justice for all.. Do these words mean anything to any American anymore? Since liberals seized the nation we have lost our American Unity and have been intentionally divided with justice for only some. This is not America!! The American government must have the permission of the governed to have the right to govern. We have given these liberals no such permission and in fact have asked for its revocation. We have demanded a readdress of our grievances that has gone unanswered. We have demanded the adherence to the written document of the American spirit, the Constitution, and they have ignored as well as circumvented it. We ordered the government to rectify its illegality of the representative to denounce the falsified rhetoric and application of the represented.


Holder, the face of America's legal representation, has violated his position and American law by his racist misuse and intentional racial divide by applying racist factors to the implementation of his due process. He is no longer the valid legal face of the American people and is due for removal and for an accountable seizure before Justice demanded by the laws of this land. Holder has also participated in the behavior of high treason by advocating the sale of American weapons to enemies of the state and by allowing unauthorized passage and permissions of criminals and their sales of illegally controlled substances on American soil.

He has also shown favor to liberal states by attacking conservative states for alleged contradictions that impeded federal jurisdiction, yet had no mention nor legal concern towards liberal states with a clear and illegal obstruction to said very same contradictions, ie immigration laws and sanctuary cities. Holder is in violation and is guilty of high treason and high crimes against the American people and the position he currently holds.


Pelosi, A congressional traitor who deceived the American people in the passage of the Liberal take over of the privatized sector of American Health Care. She broke the law by intentional deception over more then 4-5 years. She issued intentionally charged rhetoric of both race and political lines in an intentional course to cause civil discourse and violent liberal assaults on peaceful protests. She has used public funds for non public meetings and events. She has advocated violence against oppositions of her political ideology. She has used charged rhetoric that led to violent protest in immigration debates which led to many charges of damaged property and civility. She had knowingly made false statements and allegations of racism and bigotry while in representation of a congressional official. She has misinformed known facts and made political charged accusations of intent against many individuals including the American populace. Pelosi is in violation of high crimes against the stability of the United States and the continued discourse of the American people. She must be removed from power and barred from ever seeking any political position for the remainder of her life.


Reid as the third prong to the Obama, Pelosi triad has been in violation in the very same nature to that of both Pelosi and Holder. His crimes are high crimes and no less in violation then Pelosi and Holder.


Soros is no politician, this man has violated many nations by subverting the sovereign laws of these nations. He has used his vast wealth to under mine national security and civil discourse, His crimes effect many lives and should be brought before an international tribunal to answer for such crimes. Currently his assaults have taken rise in London and the US with London so far experiencing the worse. He is a enemy to all free nations and should his actions be brought before a system of free unhindered justice it would reveal his enormous guilt.


George Soros is not just a "spooky guy", he is far, far worse as his hands bare the blood of millions. If one were to connect the dots of today's and many past fatal occurrences it would no doubt all end to one man.....George Soros.

George Soros is not guilty of any one sovereign law, he is guilty of many laws of an international scope. His crimes include economic destruction to mass chaotic slaughtering of many human beings. His punishment must be more severe then some corrupt politician. If I were to preside and be responsible for his sentencing, he would receive no punishment less then the death penalty. However I do not and I ask all free loving human beings to do their best to bring this evil man to the forefront of international awareness. He can be defeated, but only if he can no longer hide from the truth.


There is nothing more needed to say about this illegitimate leadership of the United States, other then his crimes of high treason and of high crimes against the American people. He has deceived the world of his intentions and have placed complete liberal control over the global market. He has repeatedly attacked the American people and he has repeatedly behaved in a liberal manner the not only contradicts the oath of our American president but also violates that oath.

He has refused his legal obligations to uphold the laws of the land as well as to protect the American people. He has given rise to illegal immigrants and a unhindered path of access to American benefits and value their criminal activities over the constitutional rights of actual American citizens. He has enacted several legislation's that violate his and the congresses limitations of power and has placed the United States in economic peril. He has shown an ignorant disregard to his responsibilities and refused the logical path for economic recovery.

He has created positions of power that only Congress themselves can grant, these seats of power are not bound to Congressional oversight and thus have no authority to answer to other then the executive branch. He has violated the 2nd and 1st amendments as well as sent an uneccasery shockwave of confusion jolting global financial systems and undermining the role and importance of the United States as a viable power.

This president is not suitable for a continuance as our Commander and Chief.

Obama is guilty of crimes of treason and of high crimes themselves, he has broken many laws and has implemented the now inevitable destruction of the United States. He is a traitor to his position and to the United States and must be brought before justice to answer for his high crimes.


__Other Political Traitors__
DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American socialism)

Vice President Joe Biden (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Misinformation, Threats, Constitutional circumvention)

D.Presidential Candidate John Kerry (Racism, Constitutional Circumvention, fraud and Hate Speech)

__Traitors in Media__
All other liberal media both written and watched

__Traitor Organizations__
Congressional Black Caucus
Nearly all Liberal backed orgs.

America please take a stand and boycott and protest and bring global awareness to all of the above. They can not destroy if they can not hide. God bless America and all who supports true freedom and equality.

Read more…


The whole of government consists of the art of being honest.”
Thomas Jefferson
Obama Lies 26 Times in Friday’s,
Saturday’s Speeches on Debt-Ceiling Debate
Holder’s Lies May Bring Administration Down
                As the pressure mounts on the economic front and in the debt-ceiling debate with the loyal opposition, President Obama is becoming more and more comfortable unabashedly piling up “Frequent Liar Miles.” Mr. Obama is now well set to fly non-stop around the globe for the next 84 years. Allow us to present some of the low-lights of our mendacious Liar-in-Chief’s recent utterances: the big picture about the Debt-Ceiling argument according to Mr. Obama is that he says he believes “in a balanced approach.” That single lie should, in all honesty, be worth about a three hundred normal, old fashioned cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-lies while crossing all ten fingers behind your back . . . but propriety demands we only count it as one puny lie, alas! 
Of course, Mr. Obama when a senator told us that the attempt by then President Bush to raise the debt-limit indicated an ineptness in government . . . so Mr. Obama talks to the American people out of both sides of his mouth . . . often at the same time . . . but that’s not surprising anyone anymore . . . just par for the course. President Obama most definitely does NOT believe in a balanced approach. Mr. Obama is the most radical occupant ever to sit in the Oval Office. He has displayed tunnel-vision and one-track loyalty toward rapid expansion of government at any cost. Where is Mr. Obama’s ballyhooed “balance” with regard to energy policy?    As you can verify in the links below: he has sworn in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that his energy policies will “bankrupt the coal industry”; and will “necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket” . . . is that balance? 
http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=HlTxGHn4sH4
And make no bones about it, energy costs and the cost of DEpendence upon foreign oil is a big part of our economic woes and our debt and spending woes.
            He has taken $787 Billion from the taxpayers to create a stimulus program that produced one job for every $678, 000 in subsidies but refuses to consider leaving the taxpayers holding their own money and allowing the free market to create jobs for, oh say, $180,000. Is that the balance he’s talking about? He has given us the most swollen bureaucracy in the history of the country producing one new government job for every 2.3 jobs lost because of the subsidies’ negative effect on the economy . . . surely he’s not calling that “balance.” Rajjpuut is feeling so UNbalanced by all the president’s lying that in this blog he’s only been able to deal with one among all the recent false Obama output . . . Ouch!   Mr. Obama believes we can spend, borrow, and tax our way to prosperity . . . that is surely the product of an UNbalanced mind, eh? Speaking of UNbalanced minds    . . . .
            By the way as the link above shows, President Obama seems to have no monopoly upon lies within his administration.   According to charges raised by Black freshman Florida Representative Alan West, Obama’s attorney general and incompetent-in-chief, Eric Holder, on April 2, 2009 (was he writing this speech on April Fool’s Day?) in Cuernavava, Mexico, told a Mexican audience about a "major new effort” to deal with the violent Mexican drug cartels.
 I would like to thank the Mexican and U.S. experts who have worked so hard on this issue.  On our side, Secretary Napolitano and I are committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico.

            Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels.  My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion.  DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.
          Holder, of course, recently lied to House Chairman of the Oversight Committee Dan Issa and said he had no knowledge of the badly bungled “Operation Fast and Furious” which altered the Bush game plan in “Project Gun Runner.”  Holder admitted to only learning about Operation Fast and Furious seven weeks after its role in the deaths of two Americans (one Immigration agent and one Homeland Security officer) was going viral on the internet.
Project Gun Runner, which was in effect when Obama and Holder took office, was an ongoing sting operation which caught Mexican and Americans in the middle of transacting arms deals and arrested them. The ill-conceived and badly botched Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) actually allowed the purchases of tens of thousands of weapons to take place and attempted to follow the guns into Mexico. Of course with almost no variance, once the guns crossed the border, all trace of them was lost unless they wound up at the scene of a crime . . . as they did in the deaths of the two American officers. Mexican officials are enraged, as they suspect that the sharp recent rise in deaths on their side of the border was exacerbated by OFF weapons. They claim that thousands of Mexican citizens may have died from bullets sprayed from OFF weaponry.  If you’ll re-read the Holder quote above from April, 2009, you’ll notice that it appears that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Obama were aware and complicit in the creation of OFF as well. 
Besides its obvious stupidity, OFF featured Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Holder’s Justice Department deliberately withholding information from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF or just ATF) which had been conducting Bush’s Project Gun Runner so that the ATF spent huge amounts of time trying to piece together information already in the hands of the other three federal departments (such as the identity of the arms traffic ringleaders in Mexico and the U.S. Was this by design? It appears to be so, because it took ATF a long time to figure out that OFF was dramatically different (and flawed) from Gun Runner. Once ATF discovered this the agents in the field began to howl like stuck pigs about the foolish operation. Of course, right now the ATF is turning tons of documents proving all this to Chairman Issa’s Oversight Committee even while Holder and the Obama administration is trying to push the blame upon the ATF and stonewalling Issa’s committee.  Notice:  not only does it appears that OFF began not later than early April, 2009, notice that in the link above on the second video clip which is President Obama meeting with Mexican President Felipe Caldero`n and answering a reporter’s questions by referring to “gun tracing” initiatives. It appears that President Obama was in on this from the start. Ah, lying, it gets contagious doesn’t it? 
Rep. Allen West has revealed all this and added:
"Eric Holder has to be brought before an investigative committee and if those charges are warranted he needs to be held accountable but at least the President needs to realize that Eric Holder needs to be removed from the Department of Justice or else I believe President Obama is complicit and in approval of the actions of his Attorney General."
 The $64,000 Question is, of course, WHY?  Why was Operation Fast and Furious created?  Why was the temporary head of ATF never replaced by the Obama administration?  Why was temporary ATF Director Ken Melson and the entire ATF deliberately kept in the dark about what exactly OFF was and what was going on in OFF?  Why was Holder referring to "Project Gun Runner" in his speech; why would he publicly alert anyone about a sting project created by the Bush administration?  Why was OFF designed to allow weapons to get all the way into Mexico where we have no jurisdiction?  Is there a logical answer to these questions?
The problem solving principle known as "Occam's Razor" (lex parsimoniae -- "the simplest explanation requiring the least assumptions is most likely the correct one") holds the likely answer to all these questions.  Melson was left in charge of the ATF and he and the ATF were not kept current on exactly what OFF was because they were being set up as scape goats.  Even as late as last week, the ATF whistle-blowers who'd been complaining loud and long about what was going on in OFF and about the change in emphasis and tactics were still referring to OFF by its name under the Bush administration (back in the days when it worked and made logical sense) "Project Gun Runner."  The purpose of all this:  to give Obama data backing up the left's claim that 90% of the guns owned by the Mexican Drug cartels came from American gun sales.  Obama has long been promising the anti-gun fringe of his supporters that he would outlaw automatic weapons . . . apparently thinking that the best way to do this was by helping the Mexican drug cartels get their hands on thousands of automatic weapons -- your tax dollars at work corrupting the world!
Let's see how long it is before the mainstream/lame-stream media begins to cover this boondoggle and the cover-up!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Pelosi, Reid, Progressives Practice


One More Christmas Rape upon Voters

            You may recall that just 43 days ago, America’s voters showed their extreme dissatisfaction with the powers that be (and "business as usual") in the country's seats of government.  Besides attacking incumbents in general on the national and state level . . . Democrats (as the party controlling the House, Senate and Oval Office) netted a loss of 63 seats in the House of Representatives; 6 Senate seats; 7 governors; and at the state house level some 692 individual state congressmen were lost. Depending upon how you crunch those numbers this was the biggest disaster suffered by one of the major political parties since 1938 (on the national scene) or 1928 (nationally plus state-by-state). 
            Despite this comeuppance aimed at big, out of control government and even bigger out of control spending . . . Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have set their gangs loose upon the American public with nothing less than voter rape and murder of the Constitution in mind . . . .
Item: The Pelosi-led house has still not passed a budget and has no plans to do so, in defiance to their Constitutionally-mandated role in Washington.
Item: With the biggest tax-hike in the history of the country scheduled for January, 1, 2011 (when the Bush Tax Cuts all expire), Nancy Pelosi -- who’s had four years to deal with this matter -- has still not passed an extension to those tax cuts.
Item: Without any openness, bi-partisanship or concern for the voters, the Harry Reid led Senate has produced a 1924-page Omnibus spending bill costing $1.1 TRillion in new spending and featuring 6036 earmarks at a cost of $87 Billion.
Item: Before passing an extension to the Bush tax cuts; the House has produced another huge bill aimed at effectively grabbing off 8% of all western lands and killing jobs in the logging; mining; fishing; and recreational industries to appease the radical environmentalists supporting the Democrats. At present roughly 49% of all far western lands now belong to the federal government; and another 10% of this land is under severe federal usage-restraints. Thus if this bill becomes law, 7/12 of all far western land will be removed from the tax rolls of the states and added to the bankruptcy that Obamacare’s new state mandated Medicaid costs will produce would move bankruptcy of ALL 50 of the United States back from 2024 to 2021.
Item: Also attached to the Green-takeover bonanza would be a huge amount of acreage along the southern border with Mexico turned into wildlife sanctuaries which would prohibit Border Patrol Agents from operating there and thus effectively opening the floodgates to illegal immigration even wider than they already are. This occurs one day after a Border Control Agent was killed by illegal aliens in the United States.
Item: Congress is refusing to look at a bill which would undo all the harm done to central California vegetable and fruit farming by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) decision to suspend irrigation to protect the 3” Delta Smelt population. Occasionally, smelt die by swimming close to the piping intake and getting sucked in. Some parts of Fresno County suffered 40% unemployment thanks to this EPA edict.
Item: Once again Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is placing huge bills before the senators that no one has read; bills which the public knows nothing about; and once again Reid is planning to keep them voting through Christmas Eve on his pork-laden; big spending bills. Doesn’t it all make you proud to be an American?
Item:  Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, whose Justice Department last year gave Christmas-celebrants such heat, is now suing a school district for not allowing a Muslim teacher to take off (without pay) to travel to Mecca as part of a pilgrimage that all Muslims are encouraged to take some time in their lives (like maybe after retirement?).  Mr. Holder’s decisions 1) to NOT win a case already won by the (the New Black Panther defendants refused to show up in court) Bush administration concerning voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place; 2) and his decision to attack Arizona for passing a law to control illegal immigration; 3) and his decision to try 9/11 attack planner KSM in New York City; 4) and his decision to Mirandize the Underwear Bomber and get him to clam up and lawyer-up before intelligence operatives could deal with him . . . have got patriotic Americans wondering who’s the biggest threat: our Justice Department or the terrorists?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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“Recently the airwaves in Florida and across the nation have been filled with hate-motivated attacks on incumbent Representative Alan Grayson which can only be described as vicious hate-mongering concentrated upon Grayson’s perceived lack of integrity, intelligence and his overall incompetence as a human being. We will provide data proving that this perception and the numerous racist utterances that accompanied it, proved prejudicial in the most recent election."

Now All those Mainstream Media

Claims of ‘Racism’ Make Sense

Despite the fact that those monitoring hate crimes have yet to define exactly what an “ignoramus” is; or that “incompetents” have never before been labeled officially as a racial minority, Attorney General Eric Holder has released figures purportedly proving that since the creation of the TEA Party, anti-meathead racism** has risen dramatically. Specifically, Holder claims that the Obama administration and Pelosi and Reid chambers of Congress have suffered relentless attacks based upon “racially-motivated” hate crimes which his office will begin prosecuting after the New Year. When questioned by reporters about the validity of the new “Ignoramus” minority classification, Holder said, “Perhaps an example will suffice . . . . He held up a large black and white picture of a familiar member of Congress . . . .

“Recently the airwaves in Florida and indeed across the nation have been filled with hate-motivated attacks on incumbent Representative Alan Grayson which can only be described as vicious hate-mongering concentrated upon Grayson’s perceived lack of integrity, intelligence and his overall incompetence as a human being. We will provide data proving that this perception and the racist utterances that accompanied it, proved prejudicial in the most recent election. Our office will not allow such spurious onslaughts to continue . . . indeed, I have myself endured such brickbats.” Nobel Peace Prize recipients Al Gore and Barack Obama, Holder claimed, have also been the victims of anti-meathead racism.

Holder refused to comment on reporters’ questions about rumors that the Justice Department had already moved on several TEA Party organizations “guilty of prejudicial behavior against incompetents.” More on this crucial story later . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Understanding “Racism”

For readers who have trouble getting a hold on “racism” claims in the mainstream media here are the heretofore unwritten rules determining whether or not official racism occurs. These are the most up-to-date politically correct guidelines available . . . .

1. Racism against majority races is impossible.

2. Racism by minorities against other minorities, (for example, one Black calling another Black an “Oreo” or an “Uncle Tom”) is impossible

3. In case of claims and counter-claims, “Ties go to the Democrat.”

4. The terms “cracker,” “honky,” “offay,” white-trash,” “moon,” “pale-thing,” White-boy,” “albinos,” “blue-eyed devils,” “Cavemen,” “Semen,” “Ghosts,” “Caucasheets,” “Sheets” “Whitey,” “Gomer,” Gringo, Gringo-Salao, Rednecks, Massah, Mayonnaise; Sandwich Semen, Pastyfaces, Palefaces, Not-so-friendly Ghosts, Peckerwoods, Flour, Trailer Park Trash, TPT, Wonderbread, etc. when used by Blacks or other minorities to describe Caucasians are 100% NEUTRAL terms and never to be considered racist.

5. Racial intimidation by Minorities against Whites is impossible.

6. Anti-Asian quota systems at colleges are justified and not racist. Similarly all-claims against Affirmative Action policies as "reverse-racism" are unjustified.

7. Sexism is a form of racism. Men are CRUD and White Men are PALE SEWER CRUD.

8. Regardless of any actions undertaken, the Holder Justice Department and the Obama Administration are post-racial entities.

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If anyone had any doubt whether this administration is all about race and overturning the constitution for their social justice, what has just happened in the United States Department of Justice should open anyone's eyes. The dismissal of the Black Panthers lawsuit was purely political and racial -- not the rule of law. It's payback time.

BLACK PANTHERS: Former DOJ Attorney Makes Explosive Accusations

Finally! -- a whistleblower http://bit.ly/axozsz

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