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By Oscar Y Harward


Capitol Hill Democrats and the ‘Main-stream’ Medias are criticizing President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.  Most Americans are pleased with Comey’s dismissal.


  1. 1.    Evidence shows Hillary Clinton used her own person smartphones to communicate ‘TOP SECURITY’ information with; allowing war enemies, and all others, to know exactly what the American US Military was doing.


  1. 2.    Evidence shows Hillary Clinton destroyed or may have had the evidence destroying her personal smartphones used to communicate ‘TOP SECURITY’ information.


  1. 3.    Evidence shows Hillary Clinton destroyed or had the evidence destroyed of many thousands of E-mails associated with her government work as Secretary of State.


  1. 4.    Evidence shows Hillary Clinton shows that while enemy terrorists were on the way to Benghazi, Lydia.  Ambassador, Christopher Stevens and others were calling out for military assistance for their protection.  Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton denied this military backup support.


  1. 5.    Evidence shows that Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, State Information Officer Sean Smith, and Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods most likely would have survived had Sec. Clinton provided the requested military support; that was waiting for State Department clearance to protect the Benghazi compound.


  1. 6.    Evidence shows Hillary Clinton with her husband, former President Bill Clinton may have used a quid pro quo system for otherwise, illegally covering huge personal donations.


Other questions must be answered.  Although Director James Comey stated he questioned Hillary Clinton in investigating her.  Director Comey, says he found no reason in seeking an indictment. 


Even worse, While Director Comey says he ‘NEVER’ questioned Hillary Clinton under oath. 


The exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Director Comey requires President Trump’s termination of Director Comey as draining of the swamp http://thefederalist.com/2016/07/07/watch-rep-trey-gowdy-rip-apart-fbi-director-james-comey-about-hillary-clinton/.

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By Oscar Y. Harward

How blinding for Democrat Party leaders, other anti-Americans followers, ‘Main-steam’ Medias, and/or others who continue supporting additional Islamic immigration, their Quran, Sharia Law, and other anti-Christian teachings?   

Many left-wing teachings and other anti-Judeo-Christian instructions start from within the Department of Education.

Islamic Muslims’ doctrines consistently persist they will take over the world; destroying and killing Americans, Israelis, and other members of the Judeo-Christian communities.

It has become strenuous for ‘Main-steam’ Medias to ever identify these killers as Islamic Muslims.

Free loving Americans are enraged of seeing and hearing the beheading massacres created by Islamic Muslims; all around the world.  Democrat Party leaders and ‘Main-steam’ Medias report these atrocious crimes as rare radical Muslims.

The facts will prove differently: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/.

America and the free world are at war with Islamic Muslims; and have been for hundreds of years.  Democrat leaders may be lining their own pockets with Islamic oil-rich nations’ money.

Democrat Party leaders and many members of the ‘Mail-stream’ Medias knowingly support terrorists with their words.  It is a matter of time before Islamic Muslims’ terrorisms arrival on (y)our streets and communities.

Those who depend on ‘Mail-stream’ Medias may be teaching more anti-Americans by reporting left-wing news versions, rather than Constitutional freedoms.    President Trump, and Capitol Hill’s GOP legislators are attempting to reverse these anti-American actions.

Supporters of the Democrat Party, ‘Main-steam’ Medias, and others in refusing to openly condemn Islamic Muslim terrorism, are supporting violence in the USA.

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Thank You, Mr President!


I wanted to inspire all you lovely readers out there ... We are licking our wounds after yet another disappointing show by our, um, Representatives in DC. I participate in the Special Operations Speaks group on Facebook.

They posted the following, including a link to the Bill referenced, and one Patriot replied with a stunning and fresh outlook which I echo! Mr. Tusa shares an inspirational thought ... ENJOY!


, new law flips the power to raise the debt ceiling. It gives the President the power to raise the debt ceiling by fiat. The limp noodle Congress, then by passing a joint resolution, can send a bill to the President to sign to reverse the President's fiat...Which he will VETO.

The President has the power of the purse."

This President continues to shred the US Constitution at every convenience. Will he succeed in his intention to destroy this nation? it's up to US - We, the People!

Michael Tusa's reply: Thank You Mr. President! Yes, I said THANK YOU. Never before in the history of the United States of America has this nation been so sharply divided, a Congress so torn apart, people so passionate about the issues, whether you stand on the right or the left, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. We all are concerned about the direction our nation is taking. This will increase the tone of debates and politicking from the local neighborhood group leaders all the way to Washington D.C. and all races in-between. People will not be so "ho-hum" when listening to debates, examining the issues, making uninformed decisions when going to the polls. As of this October and the fiasco of the "Divided House", "Divided Senate", and "Divisive President" WE have listened, WE have learned, WE have paid great sacrifices in money, paychecks, jobs, taxes, blood, sweat and tears, cost of living, and peace of mind knowing we live in the greatest nation on earth. BUT, we are AMERICANS. We WILL sacrifice, we WILL bear the cost, we WILL emerge from this fog ever so stronger, ever so more determined to keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights on solid ground, more determined to add height to the Statue of Liberty that she will stand above all nations, build a flagpole flying Old Glory that can be seen from horizon to horizon. And be the example of truth, justice, liberty and freedom that the world has known and expects of us. A nation where God can look down, smile and say "I BUILT THAT!" Yes sir, we thank you Mr. President for a painful wake-up call. A call that will result in truth, justice, and liberty that will stand tall in the future elections and cowardice and dismay will stand shaking and quivering in its boots. Lovers of the United States of America! We ARE coming back. We are coming back like the rain in a hurricane, we are coming back like every grain of sand we shed blood over on Iwo Jima, Normandy, Saint-Mihiel, San Juan Hill, Fort Sumter, Yorktown, Lexington and countless other battles. For all of you unbelievers, all of you non patriots. Hell IS coming. Its coming to the issues, the debates, the street corners, door to door, house to house, business to business. The American Voters are coming with it.

Thank you again Mr. President. I leave you with the words of another famous person who also angered the American public. Japanese Imperial Navy Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto "I fear all we have done today is to awaken a great, sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve".......

Note: I have been asked to give my permission to share this post. The word and permission is given my fellow PATRIOTS. Godspeed to the retaking of America!!!

So are we AWAKE yet? Ready to make some tough decisions?

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While I think we must be able to track terrorists the government must follow the law and not make the law, as they go especially when the AG is the only approval needed. Obama says no spying at the NSA on citizens, well that is not true, ( LIE). No real story out there, so Benghazi or as Hillary stated what difference does it make? A big lie. Mis-direction, unconstitutional actions, abusive executive orders, excessive regulations, murdered Ambassador and three other Americans, dozens of Embassies attacked and recently shut down. Defeated Islamic terrorist (LIE) which caused us to shut dozens of Embassies, Run a way agencies regulating the US to death and blatantly going around our weak kneed Congress, Emails and phone calls collected and read but denied until Snowden leaked, 

Now Hillary is going to be glamorized by the NBC, CNN and others. The President praised her a the best or one of the best Secretary of States we have ever had , ( Payback for Clinton's endorsement). REALLY? Remember Hillary hitting the reset button with the Russians,( Which was not translated correctly and they laughed at her about it) ,  gave in on EU defense missile shield, decimated the Space Program and paying the Russian's 60 million USD for a space ride in older crafts than our shuttle, openly pined about taking our nuclear weapons down to zero or as close as possible,  unilaterally. The Russians have zero respect and fear of the US and demonstrated that with Snowden's Asylum. Dozens of Embassies attacked, Ambassador and 3 other Americans murdered , recently shut down embassies due to defeated terrorists (NOT), Benghazi cover up for illegal weapons and ambush, jailed video maker for offensive film, ( Still in jail for violation of something), What difference does it make comment, Sounds like her comment on Bill, " If I do not care why do you", Throw in Whitewater, while she was a crazy kid, ( Her and Bill both had their law license at the time), Commodity trade which was not legal and where a big Clinton support LOST $100,000, her youthful legal defense team work for the black panthers and then work on the Nixon impeachment investigation. Her progression at Rose Hill Law Firm progressed when Bill's career, etc.

We know when Diane Lane portrays Hillary it will be a rosy uplifting story of struggle and wonderful dedicated public servant who has sacrificed much for her country. Can you say exaggeration? Fluff? A drooling bias pseudo docudrama?   




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With all of the support given to Chris Dorner after his murder spree I find myself looking for a person I can call a hero for “standing up for himself”.  I found him in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all                         places.  The Tulsa story didn’t get the same publicity Dorner garnered but the story is essentially the same.  Dorner is in the process of being canonized by leftists across this nation for murdering people who had nothing to do with his firing from the Los Angeles Police Department over questions of conduct.  I don’t know for sure why he was fired, and no one probably ever will know as the truth won’t be allowed to see the light of day.  The Los Angeles Police Department will cover their tracks and whitewash the affair, as will supporters of the actions taken by Dorner.  No one cares what the truth is, only that their side wins.  It doesn’t help that the LAPD took to tossing a hail of bullets at anyone driving a pickup truck in California without bothering to find out who was in the vehicle, but that is another issue. 

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Protect our Second Amendment


By Oscar Y. Harward


Based on our Second Amendment freedoms, it should be ‘unconstitutional’ for law-abiding citizen(s) be required in any state to complete any government form(s), other than a ‘legally valid’ Photo Identification (ID), prior to purchasing any hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.


An ‘instant’ National Instant Criminal Background Check System investigation should and would immediately ‘qualify or deny’ each individual’s right to purchase a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol. 


Use of a hunting rifle, shotgun, a pistol, etc., was addressed by our Founding Fathers only as “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  


Many left-wing elected and appointed officials, and other activists who yearn in abolishing the Second Amendment often refer to these armaments only as hunting guns; rifles, shotguns, and/or pistols, but their characteristic descriptions are not metaphors from our Founding Fathers.


The ‘right of the people to keep and bear Arms’ discussions were referenced by our Founding Fathers only as a form of protection for individuals, their families, and a protection ‘from’ a lawless and mutinous government.


Any and all ‘elected and/or appointed’ government officials, who require, create, and/or command a recorded public record of purchasing, owning, and/or possession of a weapon, as defined, are themselves the ‘lawless’ in creating and recording additional illegal and unconstitutional freedoms, legislations, and/or regulations.

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4063409159?profile=originalLiberal feminist attorney, Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Sharon Bialek described a Herman Cain totally alien to the man I know.


Think about this folks. Suppose someone came out of nowhere to make totally out-of-character sexual harassment allegations against your dad, pastor, husband or friend. You would give your dad, pastor, husband or friend the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. This is called loyalty and friendship.


You would not go along with the politically correct way of thinking by demanding your dad, pastor, husband or friend prove they are not guilty. You would insist the burden of proof be placed squarely on their accuser where it rightfully belongs. I mean, we are talking about possibly destroying a priceless possession, one's reputation.


When Republicans or Conservatives are accused of sexual harassment, the left says the facts do not matter; only the seriousness of the charge. Anyone daring to question the accuser of a Republican or Conservative is attacked for being “pro sexual harassment” and a hater of women.


The arrogance and hypocrisy of the left continues to amaze me. ALL the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment were called liars and sluts by the left and the Clinton administration. Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. In an effort to discredit Jones, Clinton adviser, James Carville said, “Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there's no telling what you'll find”.


Gloria Allred never came to the defense of Paula Jones or ANY of Clinton's numerous accusers. For crying out load, during his 1992 campaign, a Clinton staffer coined the term “bimbo eruptions” after being assigned to deal with women who might come forward alleging extramarital affairs.


Clinton was given a pass because he is a liberal Democrat. The left which includes the National Organization for Women and the liberal media are not about empowering women as they claim. They are really about furthering liberalism and a socialistic/progressive agenda.


If the left truly cared about empowering women, they would not despise Sarah Palin as they do. Palin should be their poster girl; the epitome of a powerful successful woman both inside and outside side of the home. If the left truly desired to offer women a “choice” regarding abortion, they would not have a cow when a mother is persuaded to birth her baby rather than abort it.


My comments have nothing to do with defending Cain as a presidential candidate. While I hold Cain in high regard, I have not formally endorsed anyone. However, I smell the disgusting putrid odor of the left attempting to destroy ANOTHER black conservative.


Does the name Clarence Thomas ring a bell? In 1991, Democrats brought Anita Hill forward with charges of sexual harassment against black conservative, Clarence Thomas in a strategically planned “left wing” effort to deny Thomas a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. They failed.


But the battle was brutal. The liberal media tried to assist the Democrats by digging deep into Thomas' life including investigating the movies he rented from his local video store. Their desperate quest was to find anything they could use to destroy Thomas' character. Anita Hill's graphic claim of a pubic hair on a soda can will live forever in infamy. Stay tuned folks for a Cain accuser to surface with allegations of a pubic hair on a pizza.


The liberal media's enthusiastic attack and attempt to destroy Cain, a black conservative, is deja vu all over again. In both incidences, the black conservatives were on the threshold of winning extremely powerful positions based on their merit rather than the left's sacred cow, Affirmative Action.


And come on folks, you have to admit the timing of this scandal is extremely suspect. The moment Cain stunned the political intelligentsia by becoming the front runner, these women decided to come forward with 20 year old “vague” allegations.


Then, right on cue, kicking the scandal up SEVERAL levels, Sharon Bialek comes forward alleging that Cain is not just a passive sexual harasser, but a predatory bully as well. Clearly, Bialek's over-the-top allegation was designed to be the “knockout punch” for the Cain campaign.


I remember a comment a woman made to me years ago during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill scandal, “Something MUST have happened between them!” I thought, “Wow, despite no evidence, Thomas' reputation is tarnished for life”. Thomas, as other black conservatives, paid a huge price to escape the liberal plantation. His scars are deep and life long.


I do not know Cain's accusers. However, after conversations, interactions over the past few years and witnessing his graciousness towards everyone behind the scenes, I admire and respect Cain. The man I know is a gentleman of character and faith. So please forgive me for not accepting the word of strangers and politically motivated spokespersons; especially knowing the modus operandi of the left.


Far too often, whenever one of “ours” is targeted by the liberal media and the left, Conservatives immediately run for the tall grass to distance myself. Until proven wrong, I believe and stand with brother Cain.


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem
and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

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Perceiving the Infinite

Using Your Psychic Gifts

Psychic experiences are a natural part of our everyday lives. People often have difficulty accepting that they have been blessed with psychic abilities because without a frame of reference it is almost impossible to identify an extrasensory experience and to distinguish psychic sights, sounds, and sensations from the projects of the unconscious mind. To some extent, every human being on the planet is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, although most people discover that they are naturally adept at one more than the others. When you trust in and take steps to hone your innate clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, you will enter a new realm of being in which the universe, your higher self, and your spirit guides lovingly conduct you toward a more aware existence.

Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the ability to see with the mind’s eye. An individual who has honed their clairvoyant abilities may be able to see in their mind’s eye events in a remote location; to witness incidents that have yet to occur; or to perceive shapes, colors, and other images that are physically invisible. Clairaudience, which means clear listening, is the ability to hear sounds not physically audible. A person with the gift of clairaudience perceives psychic information as auditory resonance and may hear angelic voices, music, or other sounds. A clairsentient, or clear feeling, individual is able to sense physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in the form of seemingly unearthly scents, touches, and movements. Each of these psychic abilities can manifest themselves within us voluntarily or involuntarily. It is natural for us to have these abilities; we need only practice.

Developing your psychic talents is a matter of releasing your fear of seeing, hearing, or feeling inexplicable or disquieting stimulus. Before you attempt to consciously tap into your gifts, ground yourself to anchor your mind in the present to disconnect from any involuntary psychic experiences you may be having. Concentrate on your intuitive responses to the world around you and notice any sights, sounds, or feelings that enter your mind. If you trust your perceptions, you’ll discover that each psychic impression you receive will be in some way relevant to your experience—even when that relevance may not be immediately recognizable.DOM
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It is a curious fact of nature that somehow our minds find a way to transform into physical reality the things we think about most. If you expect to fail, you can be sure that you will, and if you find something negative in every opportunity, nothing will ever work out positively for you. Fortunately, the reverse is also true. If you are a happy, positive person, you will attract positive things. You can keep your mindset positive by eliminating negative thoughts the moment they begin to creep into your conscious mind. If you dwell on the negative aspects of every opportunity, you will never accomplish anything worthwhile. Be prudent about the risks you take, but don't be paralyzed by fear of failure.NHF
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