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From the West Side to the Wailing Wall


Black & Bulletproof: An African-American Warrior in the Israeli Armytells the intriguing story of one man’s journey from the terrors of“thug life” to a position of honor in the Israeli military.

Standing at a checkpoint in Israel with his assault rifle pointed over the headsof Palestinian Arabs, Marcus Hardie reminds himself, I am the good guy.Hardie was born and raised by his grandmother in a poor neighborhood onthe outskirts of Los Angeles, a black youth stuck in the urbanghetto. He survived the ghetto and graduated from college and lawschool, Marcus Hardie seemed destined for a future far from the violentsurroundings of his childhood, an upbringing filled with urban gangwarfare. He showed promise in California’s political scene, rising toan important position in the Governor’s office. No one would haveimagined, though, that he would soon become an elite anti-terroroperative in one of the most violent places in the world: The MiddleEast.

Marcus Hardie was groomed for a position of power in the Republican Party. This memoir deeply explores the inner working of a political party. This is the book you want to read this political season.

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"It Ain't Just The Size” is written to be interactive and this interactivity draws readers into the conversations. It Ain't Just TheSize tells the story of Lance and Princess as they find their way tolove, what happens as these two find their way to love is the meat andpotatoes of drama and literature. Hardie's characters recitepoetry, talk politics, live their lives and dole out philosophy. ItAin't Just The Size will be featured by Menstuff.org and otheraffiliated sites beginning August 30th on the “Today” page.

Menstuff.org is an educational website which serves a diverse men's community (pro-feminist, recovery, re-evaluation counseling, men'srights and spiritual). Menstuff.org lists thousands of on-site men'sbooks, men's resources and hyperlinks to hundreds of events,periodicals and groups. It also provides information on hundreds ofmen's issues regarding positive change in male roles and relationships(including abuse, aging, divorce, fathers, health, mid-life,multicultural, relationship, sexuality, violence, work, etc.)

It Ain't Just The Size is filled with pop-culture, humor, psychology, politics and drama, yet Hardie manages to include revealingdiscussion on having healthy relationships and avoiding abusive ones.This book also shed a much needed light on the Domestic Violence thatis suffered by not only women, but men as well. Here is what reviewershave recently said about It Ain't Just The Size:

"Solid advice for both Women and Men"-Million Dollar Book Reviews

it is a must-read! Indeed.” -Book Reader's Haven

"Hardie’s unflinching courage to open up and sustain dialogues on multiculturalissues, as well as his persistent engagement with everything that iswrong with American society, certainly makes a lasting contribution tothe struggle."- Push Nevahda Review

Hardie successfully mixes Hip-Hop references, pop culture, conspiracytheories, common sense, comedy and hot button issues into anentertaining literary gumbo” -Joey Pinkney

Powerful”-Terry A. O'Neal

If you want real talk about how to deal with real issues. This is the manual you need to read.”- E. Utley Ph.D


It Ain't Just The Size is available online everywhere

ISBN 978-1593306472

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