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The Race to the Bottom of the Barrel

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

barr-1.jpg?width=166The race is on.

No, not the 2018 midterm race…not even the 2020 presidential race.

I’m talking about the race to see which liberal can be the most un-American…the race to the bottom of the barrel, and it’s a tight race with the lead shifting with almost every tweet, each interview or statement made by some abject liberal idiot.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of NY and an idiot of the 1st order said last week that, “America was never that great.” Really? When we beat the British in the Revolutionary war…we weren’t that great? When we beat them in the sequel, the War of 1812…we weren’t that great? When we abolished slavery we weren’t that great? When we united north and south, when the south figured out how to grow economically without slave labor, when we won 2 World Wars, instituted the Civil Rights Act, went to the moon, invented things, created things, pioneered things, cured things and did all the other things that have become the envy of the world…we weren’t that great?

I’ve got news for that monumental moron…


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American Greatness Defined

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

maga-1.jpg?width=234Recently, some anti-Trump agitator posted a question on Facebook asking those who support President Trump…”when was America great anyway?”

Obviously, this was a person who doesn’t think America has ever been great, nor should America be great and therefore, the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is a non-starter. This person was also sucking around for an argument, hoping to irritate Conservatives and draw them into some mindless altercation where the poser of the question could then start in with their anti-American nonsense.

With that clearly in mind, and knowing full well that commenting on Facebook simply didn’t provide the necessary space to properly answer that idiot’s question…I decided to dedicate a bit of time to the answer here, in The National Patriot.

To be sure…


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Built Upon a Lie

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori / Right Side Patriots

Albert Einstein once said, “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought,pol-1.jpg?width=199 but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”and how right he is but not for the reason you might think.

Both modern Jewish and Christian beliefs still hold to traditions from the Old Testament in regards to creation with both great faiths believing that Adam was created from the dust and dirt by the hand of God. Also, Jews believe the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac to God the Father and where Christians believe that Jesus was crucified is holy and sacred ground. And built upon this holiest of grounds is also where the First and Second Temples of the Jews were built, and where certain denominations of Christians believe the that Third Temple will arise and be the site of Jesus’ Second Coming and where Jews believe the messiah will first appear.

But what do these varied beliefs have as a common point of reference…simply…the land itself upon which these events did occur and which might possibly see holy events again occur in the future. And that land itself is known as The Temple Mount…an area of only thirty-five acres in the southwest corner of Jerusalem’s ‘Old City’…yet it is the most contested piece of land on Earth. And that contested land sits under…yes under…the Al-Asqa mosque (Masjid Al-Aqsa)…which in Arabic simply means the ‘farthest mosque.’


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The Snowflake’s Blame Game Epic Fail

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Well, the time has come to update folks regarding the Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton recounts in three states…Michigexc-1.jpg?width=191an, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Stein-Clinton was looking for voter fraud in those states…and she, or they, found it.

There was, indeed, voter fraud…on behalf of Hillary Clinton…of which those of us who pay attention to such things knew would happen well in advance of last month’s election…and the recount efforts have now exposed it for all to see.

First…let’s have a look at Michigan.

In Michigan…which was “to close to call” on election night, although in our election night coverage, Diane Sori and I officially, and as it turned out, rightfully called Michigan for Donald Trump days before it was made official…the Hillary Stein-Clinton recount focused the bright light of reality directly where Hillary didn’t want it.

In 50% of Detroit’s precincts, no recount could be done because…the numbers of the votes counted by machines was decisively higher than the number of votes cast by those who signed in at those precincts.

Oddly, if not predictably…


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Uncommon Common Ground

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Lately, I have been regaled with the vile vulgarities emanating from the cult of Trump, as cult-1.jpg?width=118though they believe that myself, and so many others will somehow be swayed by their rabid blindness and suddenly become as complacent as they, themselves are, and simply out of a mixture of sheer anger and blathering moral bankruptcy, cast our votes for their chosen liberal fool.

It’s not going to happen.

We, those of us in the #NEVERTRUMP #NEVERHILLARY #NEVERBERNIE camp, have something that the cult of Trump will never have…


First, we have self-respect. We true Conservatives, have stood proudly and unwaveringly for the Constitution, for the very foundation of Conservatism, for the true vision and legacy entrusted to us by our Founders and Framers and we have steadfastly defended the notion that what is needed, at this most critical of moments with regard to our history and our future, is a true, Constitutional Conservative.

But, far more important than our self-respect…


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Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!!

4063828298?profile=original( Happy Birthday to this GREAT President Ronald Reagan! )

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!!

I Liked Ronald Reagan Very Much!! In Fact I voted to Him back in the 1980′s!! Ronald Reagan was a GREAT President and we all will miss him!! God Bless Ronald Reagan, his Wife, Family and Friends!!

Ronald Reagan was in Office from 1981 to 1989, he was our 40th. President of the United States of America!! Ronald Reagan Kept His Oath to the CONSTITUTION and BILL Of RIGHTS!! Praise Jesus Christ for this missed Great President!!



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With the rise of Islam, there is also a rise in anti-Semitism in the world. I guess its time to look at the better side of the issue and how it affects all of us. Jews with their great contributions to civilization are in many ways a microcosm of humanity in general. They have suffered much for their specific role in what I see as God's salvation plan for all of us, regardless of race, creed or national origin. Others may have differing opinions to spew, but the time has come to again see the Beauty of what God has wrought in the midst of inevitable wars and threats of wars among the sons of man. It goes all the way back to our first common parents – Adam and Eve if you will. When Cain slew his brother Abel out of envy and disobedience, it set the mold for all future conflicts.

God loved both Abraham’s offspring, Isaac and Ishmael equally and honored his covenants with them. Isaac, the forbearer of the Jews had a prophetic messianic mission Christians see fulfilled in Jesus the Christ. Jews aren’t ready for that conclusion, but they are not lost in the eyes of G-d.  They’ve borne their burdens steadfastly. King David was “a man after G-d’s own heart!”

Ishmael, the forbearer of the Arab peoples and Islam, could be the sand grit (pun intended) to irritate a world that has become too comfortable and power lusting at the top while seeing drastic human population reduction as their eugenics ideal of a wonderful, pristine “green” Earth devoid of undesirable people. Ishmael must learn that a hand extended in love is far more powerful than one yielding a sword. Isaac must remain obedient to G-d and love the Goya of all faiths and cultures.

Humans, being what they are have yielded the same misguided envies that drove Cain to slay Abel. It’s that God-given free will we exercise so poorly! We see it played out today in an epic spiritual battle that is getting nastier every day. Treating the situation as politics as usual, we do so at our own peril. It runs much deeper and requires a complete redirection of our collective moral compasses. In the end, it is not the Satan-coveted bloodshed and promiscuity that will prevail, but Love and an appreciation for the true diversity of mankind. Our Creator endowed us with myriad gifts and talents and gave us the right to discover, develop, and exercise them in a responsible way as good stewards of Creation and the souls of those we influence. This true diversity is an all-inclusive offset to the temptations that drive men and women to seek sexual satisfaction outside the marriage covenant between a man and woman through which society thrives and survives.

I’m writing as a Catholic Christian who researched an idea of how the biblical Adam and Eve our first parents were given a promise of redemption as they left the Garden.. How would that promise be passed down from generation to generation over about 55,000-60,000 years of human growth and migration? There were no books, no stone tablets that could be carried as humankind grew and dispersed about the planet. There is DNA however. Science has proven we did indeed come from a common human parentage from East Central Africa, regardless of race, creed or ethnicity.  What are we fighting about? Donate blood – anyone can use it if it’s their type! You may actually save a life.

My premise, like many before me, including the Magi and the Star of Bethlehem, is that the promise of redemption was written in the stars and constellations – easily discerned from their more ancient names. For example, the constellation in Virgo called “Berenice’s wig” was originally Comah, “the Longed For.” It depicts a virgin girl holding a small boy called “Shes-Nu” – the Desired Son. It is the very first of the most common and beautiful subject of painters; Madonna and Child. Aristotle noted in 332 BC that the Greek mythology of his time was “a perversion of ancient wisdom.” How ancient? This is as ancient as human (spiritual) history gets. I don’t know what the beings were who preceded God’s dealings with our first parents any more than I can answer my 4 year old cousin’s question back in 1944 – “Mommy, how high do you go to get to the top of up?” … or what’s beyond the furthest star, or how long ago is eternity past? Humbling mysteries all.

Civilizations rose and fell, with each evidencing conflicting religious and power drives – for good and evil. In that sense, all civilizations are alike, yet they are all different. They seem to carry the same hope for salvation and eternal life and the same vision for ruling the world around them.. Even the Aztecs in their mythology were waiting for a woman to appear on the hill of Tepeyac in today’s Mexico City. The appearance of Jesus’ mother Mary to Juan Diego in 1531 accomplished the conversion to Christianity of 10 million Aztecs in less than 9 years and ultimately the conversion of the entire Western Hemisphere that led to its first Pope in 2013. The maguey cactus tilma with a seam down the middle where she implanted her miraculous portrait is still with us. The portrait has been subject to weather, candle smoke and deep scientific investigation, a bombing, and still retains its amazing color and story. She is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Even the stars on her cloak reflect the constellations visible on December 12, 1531. This Jewish mother of ours sure got around – even to inspiring Mohammed to declare her the most important woman in Islam 800 or so years earlier.

What else does this have to do with the Jews? With each Tribe of Israel having a Zodiac sign, they are like actors in a school play where 12 children each carry a sign telling part of a story with its various components. The story was laid out in the stars in 48 constellations for Adam and Eve so all humankind can share in the hope. The story begins at Virgo and ends at Leo - 180 degrees opposite the starting point of the astrologers. It is further verified in an Egyptian temple where a sphinx with the head of a woman and the body of a lion rests between Virgo and Leo - the beginning and the end of the story. According to the Virgo to Leo sequence, a virgin born Desired Son will suffer, overcome and free all mankind and end up as the Lion of Judah who will reign forever –a wonderful prophetic story of hope thousands of generations have shared with their children as they gazed into the heavens. I know, I did it with my kids and they begged for more. That’s why I’m not so quick to buy the detractors’ idea that Christianity drew its religious thought and ritual from pagans. Pagans before Christ had to have a sense of the plan in the stars, but were not n a position to project its fulfillment as were the Jews. The thread running all the way back to our first parents ties God’s covenant with them to our time and beyond.

Jesus observed Torah in his time on earth and never negated it, only to chastise those leaders who put unnecessary burdens on the people, and to fulfill myriad promises and prophecies. Later, in a vision to the Apostle John in the New Testament Revelation, he alluded to "the synagogue of Satan - those who say they are Jews, but are not!" In the Zodiac, the sign of Israel is Pisces - two fish bound by bands to a monster that appears to be the evil one. One fish is striving for its heavenly reward when freed from this earthly trial (God's Chosen People). The route to Ursa Minor in Cancer, the gathered flock of Israel, is through Andromeda in chains to the freed Cassiopeia. There are 4 constellations in each zodiac house that tell the whole story displayed in the stars God named.

The other fish of Pisces is seen swimming upstream in the opposite direction of the flow of the redemption story in the Zodiac stars and constellations. In my opinion, this fish defines "the synagogue of Satan" referred to in Revelation. It has cost millions of Jewish and Gentile lives; for this fish and its Gentile counterparts’ disobedience and idolatry.

I couldn't help seeing the connection between a California Jewish Senator who not only publicly and under the table disdains and fights Constitutional rights, but blazes overseas business trails for her husband. This includes participation in the insanity of the former Vice President rejecting the purchase of his failed “Current TV Network” by the very patriotic Blaze TV in favor of a sale to Al Jazeera. With Sharia favoring, therefore Constitution hating ownership on our own soil, it becomes just another nail in America's coffin. It would have been better to appreciate her beauty and accomplishments in ways that are actually peaceful and productive.

I'm in no position to judge anyone, but discernment is a wonderful gift from God would we choose to apply it. I see the likes of ("Jewish") legislators from the East and West Coasts in particular, many members of the ACLU, Emily’s List, Daily Kos and their America-hating ilk, openly violating G-d's laws and Jewish tradition, colluding with the enemy at the expense of all. One has to wonder what synagogue they "attend" and which god they serve. (We Gentiles have our own “churches, temples and mosques of Satan!” Too many infiltrate Congress, shilling for terrible corrupt handlers in the White House or worse, “killing; thinking they are doing God a service.”)

Being a microcosm of the human dimension, Jews with their two fish of Pisces, the same heaven-bound hope versus stubbornness and idolatry is being played out all over the world. It can and will be better. G-d honors his covenants even if we fight him all the way.


I wrote a 335 page book on the subject of God's plan of salvation for all humankind. “God’s Prophetic Zodiac plus BELs and Whistles on Human Behavior” ©2007 Gerald V. todd in print or download.

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Obama’s administration has produced the greatest ever reliance on the state in US history. Never have Americans had the option of being so dependent on welfare programs as today.

What is welfare dependence and what does it deliver to the despot or dictator. If a person becomes lost in the vacuum which is non-work, they lose a number of basic but fundamental freedoms. Life as a non worker is one of marginalization, ones sense of value is lessened, and you lose self confidence and independence. Your choices become increasingly limited as the financial trap is set. You don't get to choose your clothes as you can't afford. You can't choose your food as you can't afford and you don't drive the car you want as you can't afford. However, you can get welfare assisted clothing, food and even a mobile phone thanks to the great leader.  The great leader provides for you as you have no other choice. You don't have the freedom that comes with earning a living wage. 

What frightens a welfare slave? Well what frightens everyone? Having things taken away, no money, food, totally losing everything?  The strategic benefit for the despotic regime is that you provide the things. You control everything! You control fear! Someone disagrees with, you take away the things. You blame dissenters for the problems and the fact that no ambition can be fulfilled. They don't believe so they are anti-progressive, an enemy of everyone. After all if they succeed the great leader will not be able to give you things anymore. One day a citizen wakes to find they have no say, choice or chance.

When a person works and chooses their work destiny is based on their effort, their determination and inherent drive to succeed. America is about the chance to succeed without limits. You can drive a Bentley, wear Hugo Boss or eat at any restaurant you choose if only you work for it. That is not unfair. The successful did build that.

The nice liberal term of art for Socialism or Marxism is now social justice. Lets face it its redistribution by any other name. This holds “there should be no disparity in society between the rich or the poor, the lazy or productive”. Its utopianism at its most naive and simply results in mediocrity.  The famous comment from Soviet Workers “While they pretend to pay us we will pretend to work” defines its danger.

Conclusion, socialism isn't about social welfare, social care, social justice or even concern for your fellow man. Its a delivery model for power; its a methodology by which you make an underclass without power or hope. What socialism presumes is that a small elite of theoreticians know better than the majority and therefore, democracy doesn't work as the voters are just not competent. 

Our danger, once you reach the level when a majority of the populace is totally dependent on the benevolence of a great leader, and his bi weekly check. Then democracy fails and we become a dictatorship.

Obama and his key advisor's are socialists, and they do think they are the smartest in the room. We have a great leader in waiting.

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Please take a moment and send "Money Bomb" to Allen West, Republican Congressman from Florida for calling Obama a "Marxist 3rd World Dictator" on Great Van Sustarn Show on Thursday night.
Please donate $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $25.00 or what ever is reasonable to Congressman Allen West. Congressman West is not affraid to call Obama out for being: "Marxist 3rd World Dictator". Give this man some money. Congressman West has no fear. Other Congressman and Senators need to take a page from Congressman West and take off their Ballet Shoes and take Obama head on, as has Congressman West.
Please help this man. He is a great man. We need more like him.

Go to:

and please give. Evebn a little is a help.
Thank you and God Bless.
Alex Abrams, Orlando

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“If the folks in the Gulf were angry about the six-month drilling moratorium Obama sent them, this is a permanent moratorium on Gulf oil drilling operations . . . did you even notice? Put down that %&$(*$@%)#$% remote! Our country is being sent down the toilet and you’re watching television?” Rajjpuut

Would you Vote to Give America Away to the U.N.?

For all those of you who just can’t believe that America and the American dream are expendable in progressive-Democratic** eyes, open your eyes NOW. The United States House of Representatives under Democratic control (specifically led by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer) and only needing a simple majority to pass any bill just voted to put great chunks of our oceans, our coasts and our oil under control of the United Nations. Would you vote to do that? Would you authorize your representative to do that. The Senate will soon take this matter up for vote. Would you authorize your state’s senators to vote for this?

Yesterday in this Rajjpuut’s Folly blog . . . .,_republican_leaders_submit_to_obama_lies.thtml

we showed you a monstrous truth that apparently the Republican leadership hasn’t got the brains, guts or testicles to put out before you. Today’s truth about the so-called “CLEAR ACT” HR 3534 . . . .

shows you just exactly what happens when Americans are too busy watching their sit-coms and Irreality TV shows and too busy to pay attention to what the progressives (“we need to ‘progress’ beyond the outdated and flawed United States Constitution in order to bring about a Utopia here on earth”) in government are doing to us. In a nutshell . . . while most Americans are twiddling their thumbs and dipping their potato chips into unhealthy triple-cheese concoctions the global-thinking progressives in the House have just voted to give away our land, oceans and adjacent land masses and even the Great Lakes to an international body which will make us pay $900 million per year 2040. Would you vote for that? Would you authorize your rep to vote for that; or your senator to make it a law this coming week?

HR 3534 is designed to put America back into the year 1905. But it is far worse than that . . . . It is first of all: UNCONSTITUTIONAL. HR 3534 mandates membership in something called “the Law of the Sea Treaty” without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate as is required of all treaties the country enters into. It creates permanent obstacles to normal American energy operations. It will be a permanent roadblock to American and drive American companies out of the Gulf permanently, delay future drilling, increase dependency on foreign oil, and will implement climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate. If the folks in the Gulf were angry about the six-month drilling moratorium Obama sent us, this is a permanent moratorium on Gulf oil drilling operations . . . did you even notice? Put down that %&$(*$@%)#$% remote! Our country is being sent down the toilet and you’re watching television?”

We won’t dwell on how evil all this is, after all, you deserve it if you’re not paying attention and especially if you voted for progressives in the last three elections (about 85% of the Democrats and 10% of the Republicans in the House and Senate) . . . but, now that your eyes are open, are you going to let them pass this bill in the senate without a whimper from you?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the progressive control of this country is now pushing 100% for Marxist aims . . . two months ago, a liberal think-tank did a poll in which 55% of Americans said the label “socialist” was fitting for Obama . . . well 90% of Americans haven’t paid attention. Obama is a Marxist and Marxists think globally (Workers of the world, UNITE!) and in their thinking, not just rich Americans but all Americans must “suffer a little” to redistribute wealth globally for the benefit of all (From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.) and if you haven’t the brains or guts to realize what’s happening, it’s called a “Fire Sale” on America.

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”. . . and then there’s welfare . . . . Obamacare created 388 brand new government agencies or offices and a whole new welfare culture so that now the whole mess (national debt; unfunded liabilities (in Medicare, Social Security and the federal side of Medicaid), Obamacare, Medicaid funding by the states; and welfare + interest will amount to roughly a $225 TRillion obligation. The Gross Domestic Product of the whole world is only about $56 Trillion, roughly one fourth of the mountain of debt and obligations we’re now facing. How can this be handled without impoverishing our children and grandchildren? Without reducing the nation to 4th world status?” Rajjpuut

Crocodile Tears of the Left

Flood America with Corruption

as the “BIG LIE” Dominates

Part V: Victim #5, The American Dream

Loyal readers are advised to skip ahead as we give a brief review. In this blog series, we’ve been exposing the self-described “victimhood” of progressives at the hands of their evil, racist, etc. conservative oppressors and showing you where the real victimhood is . . . .,_then_dismemberment_part_i.thtml

The highlight of part I of this blog series (the link immediately above), and it was difficult to pick a single highlight with “TRUTH” the victim, was this well-documented statement:

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

The fact that such a statement is made NOW, 44 years after the chain of events began producing that statement is something that every American ought to be aware of, just as every American ought to be aware of the identities of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and be able to articulate what Cloward-Piven strategy is . . . the fact that most Americans are totally ignorant of these things means someone hasn’t been doing their job. In Part II the victim was journalistic integrity . . . .,_then_dismemberment___part_ii.thtml

In Part III of the series we examined how the false victimhood of the progressives (we must “progress” beyond the outdated and deeply flawed U.S. Constitution) has created another real victim: “Responsibility” in the guise of the rising numbers of single-mother-families (a problem obviously created by everybody else’s sexism, according to feminists). As the irresponsible notion of deliberately choosing a single-parent family drags down all of society (see this link) destroys the American family and creates a new impoverished class in the country . . . .,_then_dismemberment___part_iii.thtml

Economics is a very simple area that the left has sought to hijack with the creation of their own branch of economic science called Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics only sort of explains what happens in Socialist and Totalitarian regimes, that’s why there’s about 80 different schools of Keynesian economics out there. Rajjpuut gives the basics of real (Classical) economics which NOT surprisingly explains everything that happens in any type of political system pretty much perfectly. Classical economics is not the same as Obamanomics, not at all. Taxing and spending and government interference boondoggles (GIBs) and government spending boondoggles and the deficits and debt they create are the antithesis of common-sense classical economics as we saw in our 4th installment . . . .

And while the left and their media sycophants are crying, “racists, sexists, bigots, etc. all day long proving themselves always the long-suffering victims and conservative Americans always the eternal oppressors, the fifth REAL victim of all these progressive-victim tales is:

Victim #5: The American Dream

The American Dream is a simple, beautiful thing . . . from the start people came here to find freedom from the heavy hand of big government they’d known in other lands. They continued to come here during the last 233 years because freedom was incarnated in the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States (itself based upon the Declaration of Independence) knowing that the Republic created upon America’s shores was a Meritocracy, that every man or woman who came here would find no real obstacles to their American Dream, to build a good life and open to all of them was the opportunity to leave their children a lot better off then they themselves started out. Thanks to a Century of Progressivism, the American Dream is on the endangered list . . . .

The American Dream is endangered because the very core principles of this nation have been set aside for far too long now. Thrift; industry; equality before the law; capitalism; freedom itself; integrity; and small, non-interfering government that lived by these principles

has all but disappeared from the American scene. The meritocracy has virtually vanished. Thrift has been replaced by personal, corporate and particularly government excesses and debt creation. Industry? Why? 48% of the people pay no taxes, the industrious and the job creators are taxed relentlessly as their 52% supports all the rest of society, most shamelessly, a bloated bureaucracy of unionized government workers who almost can’t be fired no matter how poorly they perform.

Repeatedly hard-working, hard-studying men and women who seek to advance themselves by entering important civil-service fields like the fire-department, police-department and first-responder medical crews find that it does no good to ace the test . . . because affirmative-action critics will steal the positions the hard-working/hard-studying folks actually earned; “capitalism” has become a dirty word and PROFIT has become the dirtiest of vile words as freedom itself has been perverted in a thousand ways . . . most often by abusing the once honored word “reform.”

Citizens are becoming aware that the word “reform” attached to a bill doesn’t mean anything is ever improved, it only means that government is expanding, spending is going up and taxes too . . . and the last time Obama, Pelosi and Reid showed integrity . . . . well, it hasn’t happened in Rajjpuut’s lifetime. Our ever expanding, ever spending, ever interfering government is the problem and the political class (the politicians and bureaucrats within the government) is the only group who benefits while the rest of us suffer. The biggest losers, the biggest victims? Our children and grandchildren.

Our $14 TRillion national debt is multiplying geometrically as this is being written. But that’s small potatoes. Since 1935 for Social Security and 1965 for Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid, the progressives have established these three entitlement programs as “pay as you go, set-aside” entities . . . but of course, the progressives in congress have seen to it that we never pay as we go, we never set aside the money collected for these purposes . . . the result? We now own $115 Trillion in unfunded liabilities (promises made to our people – often our aged) that we have not one single dollar set aside to pay off these promises.

On top of that as all three of these unfunded liabilities grow . . . the new Obamacare program will between 2019 and 2024 bankrupt every state in the union as they force states to fund the greater role for Medicaid required by that law. And then there’s welfare . . . . Obamacare created 388 brand new government agencies or offices and a whole new welfare culture so that now the whole mess (national debt; unfunded liabilities (in Medicare, Social Security and the federal side of Medicaid), Obamacare, Medicaid funding by the states; and welfare + interest will amount to roughly a $225 TRillion obligation. The Gross Domestic Product of the whole world is only about $56 Trillion, roughly one fourth of the mountain of debt and obligations we’re now facing. How can this be handled without impoverishing our children and grandchildren? Without reducing the nation to 4th world status? Can it be done?

Yes, it can and it can be done simply (but definitely NOT EASILY and definitely NOT QUICKLY). Barack Obama is committing the country to the path that Republican Progressive Herbert Hoover and Democratic Progressive Franklin Roosevelt took which turned a simple panic into first a depression (under Hoover) and then a Great Depression (under Roosevelt) that lasted over twelve years. The strange thing is that Roosevelt ran against the big government, big spending philosophies of Hoover and promised to revert to the strategies of Harding and Coolidge (cutting taxes by 47% and taxes by 49% and paying down 30% of the national debt) and then, of course, FDR pulled a Barack Obama on the country doing such things as confiscating the people’s gold (forced) at $20.76 per ounce and then devaluing the paper dollars he’d given them to $35 per ounce – stealing almost 70% of the value of the gold he’d confiscated.

The reason he won the election in 1932? Hoover was totally unpopular and FDR was promising common sense solutions that the people knew worked because they’d seen them work in making the “Invisible Depression” of 1920-21, well “invisible” . . . .

One proviso, our current situation and our current direction is much worse than what Harding faced taking over from progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson . . . so how tough could things be? Imagine elimination of Obamacare; government spending reduced 60%; taxes reduced the same 60%; and a commitment to reduce the national debt by 12% per year . . . does that sound austere to you?

Then consider this, let’s say, the problem with the economy and the national debt is wiped out in five years . . . NICE! Not so fast! Remember the $225 TRillion total we mentioned? Well that’s taken care of perhaps $16 TRillion and all the states are meanwhile going bankrupt and the federal government as well because of state and federal government pensions going through the roof to our unionized state and federal employees . . .

So we’re talking about letting states fail (go bankrupt) and state and federal workers getting their contracts renegotiated markedly downward and we’re talking about our wonderful union employees “pulling a Greece” and holding the country hostage with street violence . . . simple is one thing, easy solutions are yet another . . . .

Next Time: First Crocodile Tears, then Dismemberment Part VI

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Mighty Dollar In Trouble

Mighty Dollar Madison NC Franchise closes due to continuing economic failure throughout America

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: This is a exclusive special report by USWGO

Cropped Picture of Mighty Dollar of Madison NC closed down forever

Many that thought dollar stores will actually do well in a depression style economic collapse is sadly mistaken. According to Brian D. Hillthat is not just a founder of USWGO but also a skilled photographer,and a reporter, he found out after wanting to take a trip to MightyDollar that's located in 706 Rockingham Square in Madison, NC 27025,is unfortunately shut down due to the increasing economic failures.

After seeing that it was closed the USWGO Founder decided to take pictures of the closed down store to show the world how bad Americaseconomy is getting. The official website of Mighty Dollar is at

USWGO hasn't yet contacted Mighty Dollar company for comment regarding the Madison NC franchise shutdown or found a reason why theshut down has occured but further investigation finds that it is theeconomy that gut Mighty Dollar from Madison NC.

In the parking lot at the shopping center where Mighty Dollar is located the pavement in the one area is degrading while not receivingany repair.


So while President Barack Obama says that he will not rest until he brings more jobs, which would restore the economy, the economy isslowly sliding from a Recession, to a Depression, and maybe to the endof the United States of America.

Also before the store had went out they used to sell everything as a dollar including First Aid ointment which would be mainly $2 to $3 inmany other places, then merchandise was not being stocked as well, tosome merchandise not being stocked anymore, and then well you know theyclosed down.

So why would dollar stores go out of businesses since they would sell more due to the fact that prices are going up everywhere? Becausethe price of raw material is being inflated due to the economic failureplus the Federal Reserves excessive printing of money thus causing adevaluation of the dollar next to it's competitors the Yuan, Yen, andEuro.

If raw materials go up then either prices must rise, packaging must be reduced, quality of the product must go down, or quantity of theproduct has to go down.

Already gas stations are reducing their bottled drink sizes from 24 fl oz to 20 fl oz while keeping their prices the same or little bithigher.

Even at Walmart it is now a memory that you can buy a good priced drink that would be 24 fl oz.

If raw materials keep going up in prices then the people may start rioting in the United States over their standards of living and/orquality of life slowly faltering into the dirt.

If seeing a Mighty Dollar being closed down including a Martinsville VA Restaurant hardly getting any customers isn't a sign that theeconomy is falling and that we are in a Depression then we don't knowwhat is.

In the news other countries have either riots or massive revolts over the massive inflation of prices on everything. The same thing ishappening to America so dollar stores all over America may bethreatened by the fact that raw materials can go up in price.

Here is another picture showing even closer how the great Madison NC Mighty Dollar isn't Mighty anymore.


once another great mighty mega store along with many carts for shoppers to use is now another closed down economic tragedy not tomention more jobs lost.

Does it just look like the economy keeps getting worse? Please add your input to the comments below.

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Author: Brian D. Hill; Help from TheWryEye one of our Authors

Source: USWGOAlternative News

The documents I have been sent detail that the organization RAP (Restore America plan) is sending a criminal complaint against QueenElizabeth of Britain aka the Crown of Britain because while BP doesn'tcare about the Oil Spill mess and the United States Government(Corporate America) is doing hardly anything to deal with the Oil Spillthe American people wants accountability for the Oil Spill so one ofthe guardian elders 'Charlie Miller' of RAP is going after the BritishGovernment as well to hold them responsible since they take many taxdollars out of the investors of BP.

So what is the purpose of this well it is to bring attention to the Gulf Oil Spill to hopefullyenable money to be set aside and finally end the dreadful Oil Spill.

Since the Oil Spill has hurt precious sea life, hurt thousands to hundreds of thousands of fishermen, effecting Mexican waters, and doingmore damage then any other Oil Spill in the history of Oil Spills it iseffecting Maritime Law which means BP has violated Maritime Law.

So the whole point of the maritime faxes is that since the oil spill wasat sea there has been evidence that a International Maritime Law hasbeen broken and somebody has to be held accountable for the oil spilland the cleanup. Yes this brings pressure to bear on some veryimportant parties and will force the right people to wake up and takenotice that their are people that know how to take them to task. Forthem not to listen could freeze many important funds and assets. Sothey have to pay attention now.

The Maritime faxes are attached here: TheFAX Queensigned.pdf, FaxcoversOnly 6-14-10NN.pdf, EmailGroup Contacts.doc,BP NOTICE TO THE CROWN.TIF

Here are some screenshots of the faxes:



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