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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

kd-1.jpg?width=262When my Right Side Patriots radio partner and friend, Diane Sori and I wrote and published yesterday’s article, “First Amendment Held Hostage in Kentucky,” I had no intention of writing a follow-up article but, considering the comments received after yesterday’s article…I felt compelled to address a few things which some folks out there just refuse to grasp.

Far too many of the holier-than-thou religious Conservatives out there, and one can only guess from some talking points memo, are feigning ignorance which makes them appear foolish…their top question has been…”What law did this woman, Davis, break to be sent to jail?”

That of course was followed by an often repeated, in nearly the exact same wording…”What law did congress pass making gay marriage legal?” And the direct talking points memo statement of…”She’s in jail for her beliefs…not for breaking any law,” was another oft repeated comment being made so…let me make this clear for the terminally religious fabricaters of spin out there…


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Day of Escape

Days of Escape

Escape isn’t real!

Or, will always be until,

Time breaks or crushes 

Upon us like a rash!


Itches or irritations

Life is filled.

Can escape,

Offer a Cure?


Some say, “Yes!”                ”No!’             or      ”Maybe.”

If you replied, “Yes.”           Heal bent                This group

What a mess!                     Everyone’s to           Learns to live 

Not a cure, you a runner.     be unhappy             And survive.


Cruelty is part of life.

Seems that is the deal.

But inbetweens,

Can fly us almost to heaven!


Escape to be and act,

As an ape if you take off 

Your cape of ill will.

Get you going everywhere n every time!


Remember the movie

“Magic Jack?” 

It will improve

Activity in the sack!


Vacations unlimited, 

Short or long,

Escape is only a term.

For brief outlook or meditation of another form.


Made of course,

For those that stick it out

Run away does not deal

How selfish suicides are!


Still suicidal

Doesn’t aggravate

Or Stagnate

I say choose your weapon!!!


So go ahead,

Escape the 

Drapes Plates

Parlor Time.


What does it matter? 

Done right you are dead in the scene. 

Poor little you!! 

This is the only true escape


Left no note,

No Idea this is for real   

This is deal. 

The only true escape


Think again,

Again and again,

A vacation escape

Is much smarter than you think.


Sides, God will 

Holler your name

When it is the time

Your doing fine!  Come home now!

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Obama – Matter of Life or Death

4063511428?profile=original4063511449?profile=originalObama's Mode of Operation




Obama’s mode of operation isn’t a mysterious dark secret and it’s time to remove him from office.  Murder isn’t a stranger to Obama for it’s followed him starting way back during his deep bedded association with the Reverend Wright when he was an active member of Wright’s “Gay Club,” (Down Low Club) which went underground and was pretty much hidden from public view.


The initials of the gay club DLC was identical to the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and therefore provided a guise for Obama and his gay friends.  How shrewd of the Reverend and Obama to name it the DLC club Down Low Club)…


The following events can be researched and proven­ ­- shortly after Obama declared his run for the Presidency in 2007 three of his close friends in the Gay Club (DLC) were assassinated execution style.  Donald Young, Larry Bland were murdered about a month after he announced his run for the Presidency.


Neither murder was solved by police and Obama went his merry way preparing for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Nate Spencer was yet another member and friend of Obama’s who conveniently died during this time. 


Obama definitely leaned towards the gay side; Rohm Emanuel and Obama frequented a “gay club” called Man’s Country. Obama had a fetish for gay white men - I don’t believe there’s a white man in this USA who would stand up and verify that information, but it appears that Rohm and Barack were frequent flyers at Man’s Country.


Enter stage left Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn)’s she’s, shall we say, madam who rented the lower part of her condo out to Obama and Rohm Emanuel for their promiscuous parties.  Something of interest, on Jan.10, 2011 in a Washington, DC former top aide for Rep. Rosa, Ashley Turton was found dead insider her car after it burst into flames.  Ashley was doomed due to her exposure to the lifestyle of Obama, Rohm Emanuel and the BP fiasco. 


Ashley was Rosa’s top aide for seven years and Dan Turton immediately after the death of his spouse was hired by Obama as House of Representative Liaison which pretty much covered up all chances for police to solve the death of Ashley Turton.


It’s pretty evident that anyone who interferes with Obama’s agenda or anyone who might actually expose his treason against the USA sooner or later gets snuffed! 


Andrew Breitbart, a staunch Conservative activist who worked diligently to expose Obama’s war against America mysteriously died at the age of 43 of what some called natural causes.  It’s quite evident that there is reason for suspicion because all of the Liberal News Media within minutes of Andrew’s death claimed he died of natural causes even before an autopsy could be performed.  This was and may well be the worst mistake Obama and gang made – they got the cart before the horse.


Michael Cormier one of the coroner’s doing the autopsy on Andrew Breitbart suddenly died of that was believed to be arsenic poisoning. So now we have two more people dead who could have exposed Obama’s shady murderous trail.


Eric Holder (AJ) probably has a good reason for resisting the interrogation by Darrell Issa and Chuck Grassley – he has been stonewalling the investigation into the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation for over a year.  Two of our finest agents murdered along with hundreds of innocent Mexican men, women and children due to the gun walking operation. 


Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano are the two people who could finger Obama as the man behind the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.  It is a matter of life or death to them and right now they’re fighting for their life by refusing to cooperative with the gunrunner investigation.


Sheriff Joe has not only been receiving death threats, Obama and Holder are trying to stop his “Cold Posse” investigation because Sheriff Joe, like Andrew Breitbart is starting to unravel Obama’s sordid past. The Obama Administration functions under mafia rules and once a person becomes a member they’re either a member for life or??????


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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How to Defeat the Invisible Enemy Within

I'm not surprised by the recent U.S. credit rating downgrade.  But that's not the issue here, only a symptom of very poor representation of the American people in Congress and the Executive Branch.  We must understand clearly what is going on here in our country if we are to reverse this morbid trend.  In this article, I will give some of what I know to be true.   

The atheist communist party has infiltrated all our country's institutions.

First, we have to know the enemy who wages war against us.  The Communist Party is a global political party whose main objective is to undermine and overthrow democracies all over the world along with their supporting Capitalist institutions, i.e., free market capitalism, businesses.  It currently hides in the Democratic Party and to a lesser extent, the Republican as well.  But instead of using the Bolshevik's method of mass violence as was used to overthrow Russia in 1917, they are using Leninism, the idea of incrementalism.  Thus, instead of a sudden military invasion, they do it from within, gradually, imperceptibly, penetrating and undermining through corruption, subversion of Congress, redirecting and guiding the target country down a long road to eventual Communist dictatorship, which includes mass murder and genocide in the order of tens of millions.  This is the method they have used on America at least since the 1900s.  Many people know this intuitively but can't flesh-out the details.  Remember, there in the details is where the Devil loves to play.

Communism is a proxy, front, or cover for a Satanic Cult at its core.

Second, the spirit at the heart of Communism is Satanic.  It took me years of investigating Communistic methods to finally realize that beneath all the methods of deception and trickery characteristic of Communists, was atheism.  Godlessness rules the heart of every Communist.  That explains why the "President" lies constantly with no shame and why Congress makes their wrongheaded decisions which appear strange, psychotic, even bizaare.   Communists HATE Christianity with a passion! (Remember, it was Lenin who said "Religion is the opiate of the masses.")  It is Satan himself we are up against.  Therefore, when we make wise decisions in our government, stick to them and cast votes with the full knowledge that it is actually Satan and his people who we are fighting with Godly positions and voting.

We must understand that the Communists have been waging an all-out war on America for decades:  We have failed to recognize the true nature of our enemy.

So, since Communism is an atheist religion, it seeks naturally to want to destroy God.  But since they know that is going to be very hard to accomplish, their war is targeted at the next best thing, God's people;  Christianity, Capitalism, the Constitution, and just about every traditional western institution.  They wage their attacks primarily through lies and deception, manipulation of our legal system and Judeo-Christian culture, Communist propaganda on television, the movies, newspapers and magazines, and indoctrination through public and even private education now.  They have been feeding us an onslaught of lies for so long, most no longer realize we are constantly being deceived.  The freshest attacks are those made by the awful decisions and excuses made by the majority of our cowardly and wicked governmental leaders about how much to reduce government spending and whether to raise the debt ceiling.  It only takes a little common sense to know that one cannot simultaneously reduce spending by planning to increase it at the same time!

The bottom line is we must not be intimidated.  We MUST have courage to follow through, not wavering.

In the beginning of our country, it was always about Christians building a civilization to glorify God.  The same must be true now for it is still our war.  We must have representatives who have the following:

1.  First, our representatives must pray and draw near to our Father in heaven asking for strength to stand up to the fear, pressure, and intimidation that attempts to pressure us to give in to threats.  We must be the people we were meant to be, to be set-apart, immune from the worldly temptations to compromise.  We are to please God, not man.

2.  Before voting, we must pray to know the right decision.  We must gather together in groups to pray.  Then, we must vote without fear and be strong enough (trusting God completely) to overcome the temptations to compromise that is the norm in Congress now.  Remember that it is Satan who inspires, even demands our enemies to attack us.  (I'm convinced that some among our enemy are actually demon possessed!  Hitler and his immediate officers were Occultists.)  If we stand totally firm, the enemy's mask will eventually come off for all to see.  IF we prove absolutely resolute in our determination to vote the right way regardless, God will intervene on our behalf.  Said another way, IF we remain faithful and obedient, God will go out in front of us!  Before going into any "negotiations", for example, write down what Godly decision you will accept and never deviate from that position no matter how furious the opposition becomes!  Satan will throw fits, but just stay calm and resolute.  God doesn't want us to compromise our faith so why would we compromise with the devil?

3.  We need the prayerful support and encouragement of fellow brothers and sisters.  Throw off pride and selfishness now and call, write, or visit your Tea Party representatives to ask how they are doing and offer prayer and sympathetic companionship to them to help build them up for the next spiritual battle!  Don't just think about doing it and then forget.  When you think about contacting representatives to encourage them, just be obedient and show you have faith plus works, for faith without works is dead! (James 2:26)

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