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Climate Alarmists: CO2 Will Cool
Stratosphere, Cause Dangerous Smog

The Climate Gate scandal may have convinced all of Europe that Man-Caused Global Warming was poppycock,

(although if they'd paid attention, long before, almost 31, 500 American scientists including over 9,400 PhDs among them, announced to the world that global warming was junque science and man-caused global warming was the ultimate in junque science)

but all along the American mainstream liberal media has refused to research the story of East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit’s (CRU) Climate Gate, their willful politicization of science to benefit itself with over $34 million in grant money all the while selling out and attempting to discredit real scientific work and real scientists.

Now on top of that, alarmists trying to win back the Europeans and the Oceanic region (Australia was one of the earliest “rebel” groups) to the notion of global warming, have more junque science popping upon their blog scene. If you were to type “global warming upper atmosphere cooling” into your yahoo browser you’d find 1, 870,022 hits. For example take this website run by the infamous weather underground (You know them, don't you? They're the late 60’s bomb-planting radicals including Obama's good friend and ghostwriter Bill Ayers now a "noted educator."):

The weather underground and a large percentage of the blogsites are now saying, "Oooops, we mean to say 'global climate change,' we meant to say the real problem with carbon dioxide is that regardless of what happens here on the surface of the earth, it makes the uppermost levels of the atmosphere COLDER and then that coldness will cause smog around the globe, and that smog will be dangerous to all life on earth, uh, we think. The new crusade for junque science alarmism then is that air pollution we call smog will soon come from carbon dioxide cooling the upper atmosphere and allowing ozone to drop through two layers and back to the earth: balderdash! Should that happen we’d have a tremendous early warning system to warn us it was starting: we’d see the jet streams around the globe increasing in speed by roughly 60%.

Supposedly, the beneficial repair of the ozone layer (you do remember the growing “ozone hole” around the south pole” in 1985?) has now dramatically increased the probability of carbon-dioxide caused smog according to a recent study by Guang Zeng and her colleagues from New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says that that the repair of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer (in concert with climate change – she can’t drop that junk science, can she?) may do great harm as well as good.

The good, of course, is increased protection from harmful cosmic rays and is not debatable. The great “harm” she describes is definitely problematical and definitely attached to global warming (which, so far as real sciences can say is a myth), which should be enough said, however, let’s understand this new devil aiming to plague us, and let’s understand him well . . . .

Detailed in the May edition of Geophysical Research Letters, the study supposedly revealed variations in atmospheric circulation due to climate change will inevitably cause a 43% increase in gas leaked between the stratosphere and the troposphere, a layer of Earth's air nearer the earth’s surface and our air supply. As more and more ozone is replenished in the earth’s stratosphere supposedly it will also have more opportunities to seep into the air we breathe . Ground level ozone and pure smog are without a doubt dangerous air pollutants, no doubt, but you’ll notice that it’s again all based upon global warming’s junque science and it fundamentally requires ozone to switch directions mysteriously and then mysteriously cross two atmospheric levels going in the wrong direction . . . . hmmm . . . . let’s just go ahead and call that mysterious “switch-directions decision” by the ozone (caused by increases in levels of carbon dioxide, of course) the “Al Gore factor,” yeah!

So it comes down to a leap of faith, global warming alarmists WILL themselves to believe that ozone which they say tends to rise from the earth’s surface and be found near the border between the two atmospheric layers seeks to mysteriously “reproduce itself” in greater numbers by creating the leak from the upper atmosphere and from the ozone layer itself . . . . excuse me, but it sure sounds like conjecture, not science, and wasn’t it conjecture that first said in 1972, we were polluting and pushing ourselves to an ice age . . . and then in about 1988 began to babble incoherently about unescapable global warming. And last Rajjpuut checked, global warming was still little more than a myth pushed for money, power and other political ends.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama, Gore, Joel Rogers Killing U.S.


Up to 90% of the European cap and trade is a fraud according to Europol, the European criminal intelligence agency. "The European Union Emission Trading System has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months," said the investigative agency in a statement. "This resulted in losses of approximately five billion euros for several national tax revenues." The agency, based in The Hague, added that it estimated "in some countries, up to 90 percent of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities." Europol officials aired these conclusions after a raid six months ago.


31,000 American scientists have signed a petition denying the legitimacy of global-warming as real science. Over 9,000 of these scientists hold Ph.D.s. Cap and Trade is intended to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


Mr. Obama admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle his policies will “bankrupt the coal industry.”


Global warming has been proven to be a hoax. Even the ultra-liberal London Times, long-time champion of man-caused global warming has run scathing stories about the fraudulent science being done by the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit (CRU) upon which global-warming theory was based.


It would mean the end of the American Republic. It would mean the end of free-market capitalism. It would mean the end of the best and freest society the world has ever known. The book, Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father,” Obama’s first autobiography that the media refused to read and investigate tells us what the end product he is seeking will look like. Here are the words of father (Barak, without a ‘c’ Senior) and son . . . notice the reference to the advisibility and benefits of “100% taxes” and the old man’s reverence for “scientific socialism - iter alia - communism.”


Mr. Obama has admitted “the price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket” under his cap and trade policies.


Even discounting inflation already underway, Cap and Trade when fully implemented will raise the cost of all American goods and services 67%. CCX (more below) President Richard Sandor admitted that Cap and Trade was a “$10 TRillion industry” (not mentioning its an industry that produces no goods and services but just “taxes” those who do). Slapping a $10 TRillion industry on top of a $15 TRillion economy means that costs will rise and produce a $25 TRillion economy without one single more product or service produced . . . thus prices will rise by 67% on average.


Phil Jones, director of CRU, at the center of the global-warming hoax, besides saying he “considered killing himself” when news of the hoax came out admitted they had deliberately thrown away data so that no other scientists could “replicate their research” or discover and prove their fraud.


Mr. Obama, Al Gore, Joel Rogers, Richard Sandor and about fifteen to twenty more of their progressive/marxist intimates and ten different progressive foundations have set up the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which will make most of them multi-billionaires, billionaires and multi-millionaires at least . . . they have, in short an incredible conflict of interest in pushing this bill. click on the “CCX scandal” pages 1-4


The leader of this conspiracy, Canadian billionaire (ex-U.N. bigwig and environmental kook) Maurice Strong, exposed the group’s purpose in 1990 when he wrote,

“. . . what if a small group of . . . world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about? . . .”

Strong has said he was discussing the plot of a novel he was going to write. Well Michael Chricton (of “Jurassic Park,” “Andromeda Strain” and a dozen other “technology-run-amuck” techno-thrillers set out to write the same novel. Only difference, when Crichton (who is a research junkie) was done studying the matter he had written a novel about a conspiracy to dominate the world based upon fraudulent global warming data, fraudulently manipulated which the Climate-Gate Scandal has shown to actually be the case . . . . His 2005 novel “State of Fear” is actually an expose of the global-warming hoax and several characters resembling Strong, Joel Rogers, Al Gore, Richard Sandor and Barack Obama play major roles in the novel.


Joel Rogers, the mastermind of the nuts and bolts (Creator of the Apollo Alliance and “the New Green Deal”) behind the whole conspiracy and the CCX rip-off has admitted that even if we brought the entire American economy to the level of 1900, the effect on global temperatures would be minimal (0.2 degrees) by 2100 and their stated aim of bringing the world’s carbon emissions back to 1980 level is impossible but that the whole thing is actually a power grab.

And now the top #1 Reason to Reject Obama’s Cap and Trade bill:


Obama has threatened to create five million green-tech jobs. Spain, which about 13-14 years ago was the #1 booming economy in the European Union with only 3% unemployment did a study of what went wrong with their green-initiative. Today Spain has 21% unemployment and the worst economy in Europe except for Greece; many companies have left Spain. video is a year old, made when Spanish unemployment stood at 17.8%

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama's Media Free-Ride Shows No Sign of Abating
After receiving three of the most fawining years of media coverage in candidate, nominee and presidential history, Barack Obama is so-dissatisfied with his treatment at the hands of the press that he now has several initiatives in the works to dramatically curtail freedom of the press. It seems our president’s narcissism is so great that every time even the faintest negative coverage appears he is totally shell-shocked.
Item #1 Fox Cable News Channel has been the subject of constant Obama administration disdain and complaint since Day 1 of his presidency. Obama was notably silent when Fox and other media attacked G. W. Bush for his spending policies and other perceived weaknesses. Negative news is just not ever considered fair.
Item #2 the president is setting records for dodging the press, Fox News as well as all his toadies at ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, and CNN have all complained as Obama has now stretched his record for going without a press conference for well over nine straigt months now.
Item #3 each of the last ten or eleven Obama attempts at press control during demagoguery and demonization exercises (for example toward the TEA Party, Arizona’s new immigration laws, withering attacks on Wall Street, British Petroleum etc., etc.) has witnessed the mainstream press immediately adopt the preferred Obama hate-term verbiage (exactly as presented by Robert Gibbs and others) in discussions over the next ten days or so without bothering to actually investigate the stories behind the Obama vilifications.
Item #4 Stories that reflect anti-Obama realities are just not covered. For example,
A. the climate-gate scandal in East Anglia University where worldwide temperature data was fudged, manipulated and ditched to more properly reflect a “global warming” that is NOT in fact occurring . . . has not materialized now five months after the thousands of CRU e-mails were leaked.
B. Coverage of the Obama/Gore et. al CCX scandal is non-existent in the mainstream media. Since the conflict of interest story would cost Americans 40% of their economy to legislated carbon exchanging that would benefit the Obama-Gore-Sandor-Rogers founded and funded CCX (Chicago Climate eXcange) partnerships by TRillions of dollars . . . and since this story is no longer possible in Europe where the whole continent is now utterly skeptical about global warming but global warming is still giving credence in America thanks to the mainstream media’s deliberate refusal to cover the Climate-gate story . . . the media has now become the story.
C. Likewise the media’s refusal to cover the CCX crews’ strange gyrations to save the bankrupt Shore Bank of Chicago is incredibly self-serving to Obama.
D. The media has not mentioned Obama’s failure to respond to incredible flood destruction in Tennessee and tornado disasters repeating in Oklahoma and nearby areas. Comparison to the comparable Hurricane Katrina treatment of the G.W. Bush efforts are shocking.
E. The media nine days after the fact began echoing the Obama liturgy released that day that the administration had been “on the job since day one” regarding the BP gulf oil spill.
F. None of the mainstream media have covered the fact that federal safety inspectors have deliberately given British Petroleum “passes” on 1990 and 1994 safety standards for offshore drilling.
G. None of the mainstream media have covered the fact that federal safety standards required ten individual fire booms (aimed at preventing exactly the sort of fire, explosion and leak that BP experienced) be on hand at each drilling site and that BP had ZERO fire booms available.
H. None of the mainstrem media has focused on the fact that BP has another site 55% deeper pumping out 450% more oil with the very same lax safety ambience which the federal government has NOT insisted upon improving.
I. None of the mainstream media has seemingly read the Arizona Immigration law, but instead give positive coverage to protestors of a law that is far more “immigrant-friendly” than the federal laws they’re based upon and which go to immense lengths to prevent racial profiling. Instead the mainstream media again have spent three weeks mirroring the Obama party line on Arizona’s laws.
J. None of the mainstream media is actually calling for the president to see to it that the federal Immigration people start doing their jobs in Arizona.
K. None of the mainstream media think it’s significant that five key officials in the Obama administration have been lambasting Arizona and yet, admitted they have NOT read the bill. Specifically Holder and Napolitano’s ignorance and vilification amounts to criminal behavior.
L. None of the mainstream media is willing to take Obama to task for its administration’s unwillingness to use the simple and accurate term “radical Muslim jihadists.” Nor have they taken the administration to task for its policy of homeland security by luck.
M. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is directly setting out to control the internet.
N. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is setting into motion laws that would make the “tone” of criticism of politicians a crucial matter placed under control of the government.
O. Barack Obama has already three times illegally employed the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) to back his political agenda and, of course, received a pass from the mainstream media.
P. The media refuses to notice that Barack’s promised openness, honesty, transparency, and cleaning up of Washington’s political games has not only NOT materialized, it has NOT even been attempted.
Q. Barack Obama is still on honeymoon with the mainstream media and still allowed to say, “it’s all the Bush Administration’s fault." Even though Obama has now quadrupled the deficits and tripled the national debt.
R. The mainstream media has shown no urgency to explore the character of the Obama administration itself and the laws it passes and the abuses it drops upon the Constitution. The word “socialism” is certainly taboo.
S. The mainstream media has allowed Obama to play the race card for three consecutive years now. 48% of Whites supported Obama which is more votes and a higher percentage of white votes than Kerry or Gore received. Only 4% of Blacks voted for Mc Cain. Allowing Obama to use the racism ploy is a hideous distortion of the truth.
T. Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s recent anti-semitic rants as well as his original “God Damn, America” comment received only a wrist-slap from the mainstream media and Obama’s twenty-year connection to Wright has been totally unexplored.
U. The media has refused to cover Obama’s connections and support of communist Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign in Kenya. Willfully overlooking that Odinga signed a pact with the 10% Muslim populace to make shariah law the law of the land a la the Taliban, if elected. Nor have they covered Obama’s speeches to the Muslims while wearing muslim garb. Nor the riots arsons, killings etc. against Christian and other religions conducted by Kenya’s Muslims which got Odinga made part of the cabinet of the man who defeated him.
V. The media refuses to read “Dreams from My Father” Obama’s first autobiography and to explore the communism of Barak (no “c”), Sr. specifically calling for Kenya to consider 100% taxes upon the rich; nationalization of foreign businesses and redistribution of wealth from non-Black Kenyans to the black populace.
W. The media has not explored Obama’s statement that “I have always been a Christian, never attended Muslim schools and never practiced Islam.” The statue of 10-year old Barack in the Muslim school he attended for parts of three years (1969, ‘70 and ’71) and his four plus years in Indonesia is willflly overlooked by the mainstream media. The more the man lies, the more they love him.
X. In short, the mainstream media has abandoned its job and become merely a cheerleading arm for Obama’s administration and the great man himself.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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What's a Poor TEA Party to do?

The mainstream media when discussing the TEA Party mostly performs a continuous non-stop conversation using the Obama propaganda-nonsense re-using their progressive-labels, terms like “racists, hate-mongers, astro-turf, stupid, extremists, and violent.” You can hardly hear the term “TEA Party” on the air without one of those nasty six propaganda adjectives attached somewhere in the "news" coverage. Only very rarely does the lamestream media try to talk sense or semi-sense about the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party phenomenon. When they do, they mostly seek comparison with Ross Perot’s bumbling political attempts in 1992 and 1996 or call it “a third-party movement,” or even compare them to Ralph Nader. They could be right, but hopefully NOT. Rajjpuut believes Perot failed miserably and accomplished just exactly the opposite of what he hoped to do. By splitting conservative voters, he ensured dramatically easy victories for the progressives and nothing more . . . a very sad legacy.

The TEA Party has a huge opportunity awaiting and at this stage (things might be dramatically different in 2012, 2014 and 2016) the worst thing that group can try to do right now is to raise a bunch of money, field a slate of candidates and seek to elect them as a political party. That would playing the Ross Perot card and playing it very, very weakly. The fact is, Americans are fed up completely with politics and politicians and political parties. Fiscal-conservatives and Constitutional-conservatives (the largest voter-bloc in the country) are especially fed up with politics, more fed up with politics than any other group in America. Politics-as-usual like Ross Perot tried, is precisely the easiest way to waste this moment in history. This moment in history, if handled rightly can be considered: the TEA Party moment! Never has America needed a more intelligent grass-roots movement than it does right now. So what can be done? What should be done?

To succeed at anything it helps to know who you are, exactly who you are and who you are NOT. The TEA Party movement, at its heart, gives conservative people an outlet, more importantly, it gives them hope that their voices can be heard. Right now that is a very huge role to play; and it is right now the best that they or you and I can expect; and most importantly IF they truly play that role properly, the TEA Party can make a huge difference in America and can accomplish many of the things that conservative people in their hearts most pray for.

To succeed at anything, it also is very important to know just exactly what you’re up against and who are your friends and who are your enemies. That the present progressive-dominated Democratic Party is the enemy of the TEA Party seems fairly obvious. Many folks believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Many folks believe the Republican Party is the TEA Party’s friend. Let’s think a little on that. The Republican Party as it was created in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin would be precisely the TEA Party’s very best friend. Today the Republican Party of 1854, 1856, 1858 and 1860 would be called “Libertarians,” which means fiscal-conservatives, constitutional conservatives and live-and-let-live liberals so long as you don’t “tread on me.” That was a party that stood for something. That was the Republican Party that freed the slaves. That was the Republican Party that eventually replaced the once proud Whig Party which by 1852 had become an effete party trying to please everyone at once that commanded about 26% of the national vote. Those Whigs were, however, someone we need to understand right now.

The American Whig Party itself arose when the original Republican Party lost its vigor and vision and somebody was needed to oppose the takeover by the executive branch and denigration of the Congress by Andrew Jackson (they called him “King Andrew," the Whigs did) and the Democratic Party. According to Wikipedia: "Whig" was then a widely recognized label of choice for people who saw themselves as opposing autocratic rule. The Whig Party counted among its members such national political luminaries as Daniel Webster, William Henry Harrison, and their pre-eminent leader, Henry Clay of Kentucky. In addition to Harrison, the Whig Party also counted several prominent war heroes and national figures among its ranks, including Generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott and former Lt. Colonel, western explorer and demi-whig California Senator John C. Fremont (the Republicans’ first presidential candidate). Abraham Lincoln was a Whig leader in then frontier Illinois. Except for a few spotty victories here and there, the Republicans who eventually replaced the Whigs were not at all successful until six years later and helped ensure virtually complete control of the country by the Democrats in 1854, 1856 and 1858 which proved to be some of the most volatile and violent years ever and led directly to the Civil War.

So the question remains, is the Republican Party the friend of the TEA Party? And the answer is . . . mostly NOT. Or most properly, NO, NOT yet! If the Republican Party had stuck to its core-philosophies of fiscal-conservativism and constitutional-conservativism over the last twenty years (twelve years under Republican presidents Bush I and Bush II) the nation would NOT now be in the shape it’s in. In fact, by possibly hijacking TEA Party votes en masse without later adhering to TEA Party desires for real meaningful conservativism in 2010 and future years . . . the Republican Party could prove to be as huge an enemy as the progressive Democrats. Right now, as I write this, there are probably eighty to a hundred rather cynical Republican politicos out there, looking at the TEA Party as a “nifty little parade” and planning exactly how they can jump in at the front and lead it.

All that being true, Rajjpuut believes it’s fair to say that the Republican Party has lost legitimacy among fiscal- and constitutional-conservatives. Once burned, twice cautious. The TEA Party would do best to stay independent of the Republican Party and yet NOT stand in direct opposition to it, the Republicans are, after all, the only ones opposing the Obamanations now going in Congress. That Republican opposition has been crucial and the Republicans share many conservative values at least nominally . . . .

It would be a hopelessly stupid mistake to run candidates against Republicans in 2010, because it would ensure progressive Democratic victory and more Obamanations. The TEA Party needs to show it’s hand clearly as opposed to the progressive elements of the Democratic Party which dominated the senate debate and most of the house debate. And the TEA Party needs to show itself as opposed to at least 90% of the Obama administration’s “transformations.” So far great things have been achieved by simply holding candidates’ feet to the conservative fire. Is that a perpetually winning formula? What’s to be done? What is the wisest course for the TEA Party? What’s best for America?

The secret for the TEA Party lies in knowing who they are. The TEA Party is a leveraged group of disenchanted conservatives (about 52% call themselves Republicans; 29% say they’re Independents and 19% call themselves Democrats) who are discovering their political voices. The two key words are the term “leveraged” and the term “disenchanted.” Let’s talk plain English here: leveraged means “potentially powerful.” Disenchanted means “fed up completely.” The TEA Party then is a potentially powerful group completely fed up with the political scene in Washington, D.C. and most of their state capitols.

Rajjpuut repeats . . . the TEA Party then is a potentially powerful group completely fed up with the political scene in Washington, D.C. and most of their state capitols. That is the truth and the truth can set you free. So what is the political reality right now?

Democrats according to a recent Rasmussen survey constitute 36.0% of the voting populace and Republicans 31.6%. That leaves 33.4% of potential voters unaffiliated with either party. There are more unaffiliated voters than Republicans and almost as many as the number of Democrats. Many of those unaffiliated voters are sympathetic to what the TEA Party movement stands for; many of them call themselves Independents . . . and as we’ve seen the make-up of the TEA Party is roughly 50% conservative Republicans, 30% conservative Independents and 20% conservative Democrats and virtually all of them are completely fed up and before the TEA Party came along, they were feeling pretty damn powerLESS. But it’s easy to see that if the TEA Party holds the politicians of both parties’ feet to the fire . . . they and “unaffiliated” groups actually control the political process because neither major party holds anywhere near a majority of the voting public's allegiance. It’s just a matter of proper leadership and wisely plotting the course of the groups’ activism and quite frankly, it doesn’t appear to Rajjpuut to be a necessarily expensive process. More on this later . . . .

For the most part, the TEA Party sympathizers belong to a group of people that Rasmussen calls “mainstream America.” The group of people that are largely responsible for frustrating mainstream America Rasmussen identifies as “the Political Class” How does Rasmussen delineate the two groups? Glad you asked . . . .

Rasmussen said in his January 31st survey that 65% of potential voters hold Mainstream views while only 4% hold Political Class views. When “leaners” are factored in 76% of Americans hold Mainstream views and only 12% hold Political Class views. Specifically, polling showed 76% of voters generally trust the American people more than political leaders on important national issues. Seventy-one percent (71%) view the federal government as a special interest group looking out mainly for itself, and 70% believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors. On each question, a majority of Republicans, and Democrats and unaffiliated voters shared those views. Rasmussen’s results would agree with Rajjpuut’s thinking that the Political Class believes that the politicians know what’s best for America and they are the experts and should be left alone to run the country.

Politicians and folks with government jobs, especially those cushy government jobs tend to belong the Political Class. In Rajjpuut’s memory the highest that Mainstream has ever surveyed is right now and the lowest that the Political Class has evered surveyed is right now. The lowest Mainstream numbers he ever remembers were around 49% and the highest political class numbers were roughly 26% or 27%. The lesson to be learned from this? There’s a lot of disenchantment out there and that disenchantment, if properly channeled is a potentially powerful force . . . a force for positive change.Let’s look specifically at why Mainstream voters are so fed up. Recent top gripes include these taken from the mouth of a mythical typical voter:

1. Politicians throwing money around in hopes of curing problems they created by spending money unwisely in the first place. Since unfunded obligations now have reached $108 TRillion, I’m highly upset.

2. Big company CEOs flying private jets and collecting big salaries while receiving billions of dollars of our bailout money.

3. Government telling us we must give up our freedoms and privacy if we ever want to be secure.

4. Politicians trying to control every aspect of our lives for their own benefit has got me boiling mad.

5. Politicians spending our children’s and grandchildren’s money to fund “set aside” programs that they refused to set aside funds for.

6. The mainstream media aligning itself with the political class virtually 100% of the time.

7. Angry citizens with legitimate gripes being labelled racists, extremists and dangerous violent by the Obama administration and the mainstream media.

8. Everything about the Federal Reserve Banking system and how it helped bring us to this fiscal sinkhole we’re in is totally aggravating to me. Now I understand my dollar is likely to be worth seven cents in about five years.

9. Government refusing to protect our borders.

10. Stimulus money spent without our approval.

11. Stimulus money not creating jobs but just being looted.

12. GM using a bailout slush fund of our money to “pay off its debt five years in advance when it only had one profitable quarter.

13. Chrysler now needing another bailout, their third, since I know good friends who’ve lost homes, cars and hope, I find this infuriating.

14. Some being called “too big to fail” being rewarded for their failure while the ordinary citizen who through no fault of his own has to fear losing his job is just taxed more to cover the bailouts.

15. Politicians, especially the Obama administration abusing the Constitution or using it like toilet paper.

16. Greater taxes and greater spending instead of really stimulating the economy by reducing government spending and slashing of taxes.

17. Government abusing the word “reform” when they only mean “greater government control.” REFORM means “making things better” and that’s not happening with the clowns now in office making our decisions. It’s enough to make you want to vote every one of the bums out of office.

18. Major legislation being passed by the slimmest possible vote margins instead of with 90% approval and both parties involved in crafting wise laws.

19. Having the largest (Baaken Fields) oil reserve in the world within our borders and paying an arm and a leg at the gas pump.

20. Knowing that in Europe (where their media even the ultra-liberal London Times keeps them informed) public opinion has now roundly rejected the notion of “global warming” in the face of the Climate-Gate revelations of scientific mal-practice and corruption of statiscal evidence and yet being faced with cap and trade legislation that will cost a minimum of $220 billion per year. Our media hasn't even run stories on Climate-Gate.

21. Seeing irrigation stopped in California and vegetable prices rise so that the EPA can protect a three-inch long fish. Let the EPA figure a cheap way to keep the fish safe and let farmers irrigate. 40% unemployment in parts of Fresno County is ridiculous! Have politicians NO common sense? I find it mind-boggling.

22. Seeing our tax money go to increase the size and complexity and interference-capability of the federal government when it should be going to increasing the number of jobs the private sector can create.

23. Hearing that a VAT (valued added tax) is about 85% likely after November’s elections on top of increased taxes for 2011 created by letting the Bush tax breaks expire and on top of horrendous income taxes.

24. Seeing that our president is 100% convinced he and only he knows best for us, and whatever thoughts we have about what an American government ought to look like and how it ought to be functioning are totally ignored.

25. Seeing that every day America, and everything good and strong and great about it, is being threatened by “transformation” that is becoming more and more of a nightmare. A big part of that nightmare is that our teachers are seemingly teaching that America is evil and needs to be drastically changed. Since those drastic changes include teaching first graders about homosexuality, trans-gender operations, and cross-dressing . . . I’m highly upset.

26. Seeing that the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX with Gore and Obama and Goldman Sachs as prominent players) stands to make, by their own admission, "Ten TRillion dollars selling and producing nothing, but just for handling cap and trade dealings in this country when I know that global-warming is NOT true and cap and trade is not needed just infuriates me. That's a severe conflict of interest for both men and yet the mainstream media won't publicize it.

The list above includes many of the problems that conservative, good and patriotic people are trying to cure when they become politically active by joining or sympathizing with the TEA Party. What can they do but gripe? Does anyone listen?

Politicians really DO tend to listen, especially when it’s nearing election day. Let’s look at the legacy of the TEA Party influence so far. Four elections*** with three resounding victories and one almost-miracle so far. In other words, the TEA Party activism is bringing about change and it’s not even involving huge expense. So why would, should the TEA Party people change a winning formula? They shouldn't. They're doing more to help the country with minimal expense and without becoming a vote-seeking political party then either of the two major parties combined-- don't change a winner!

The TEA Party also has a tremendous new tool at its disposal and to Rajjpuut’s knowledge it has NOT used it so far, more's the pity:

The TEA Party created this wonderful instrument the “Contract from America” and it’s not using it at all: huge mistake!

The ten items (voted on by sympathizers from the original twenty-one TEA Party concerns) in the Contract from America are perhaps the wisest set of values identified by any political group since the Magna Carta. In brief form, here they are:

And the top ten are…

1.Protect the Constitution

2. Reject Cap & Trade

3. Demand a Balanced Budget

4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform

5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government in Washington

6. End Runaway Government Spending

7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care

8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy

9. Stop the Pork

10. Stop the Tax Hikes

The TEA Party created this wonderful instrument and it’s really done nothing with it. The whole nation needs to educated as to what the TEA Party stands for, and not this brief listing above but rather a full and complete picture. For example, 71% of supporters regarded the #1 item on the list “Protect the Constitution” as important enough to be in their top ten from among the twenty-one items voted upon . . . but “Protect the Constitution is too vague. Their original document which Rajjpuut was NOT able to find, (How smart is that, TEA Party?) required every bill proposed in congress to reference the Constitution of the United States and to cite the provisions of the Constitution that allowed the bill to be considered.

So what’s a poor TEA Party to do?

A. Continue with the winning formula of educating and attracting more members compatible with the three main concerns: constitutionally-based government that’s fiscally-conservative, open^^^, transparent and accountable; and that represents the minimum government necessary to work for the people.

B. Practice high standards and non-violence at all times no matter what.

C. Continue holding the feet of all politicians of every political party and the independents too, very close to the fire. Evaluate all of 'em against the ten planks of the "Contract from America."That is the winning formula. Look for those who espouse and practice conservative minimalist government; and, if they don’t keep their word, kick them out next time and elect someone who respects the Contract from America who will keep their word.

D. EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! Imagine how much better America would be today if over the last twenty years Americans were educated and truly aware of what was going on in Washington. Imagine how much better Americans will be in 2020, IF 67% of Americans this year learn the ten TEA Party tenets in the Contract from America and 55% of Americans decide that those ten tenets are important.

E. Love America, read about America and study what America is really about and pass that on to your children and grandchildren.

F. By the way, by at least 2016, we should consider making congress a part-time entity, say 160 days every other year. We don’t need politicians and lawmakers, we need to elect statesmen and stateswomen who tinker with the people and the capitalist system the least and spend no more than necessary. Human nature being what it is, lawmakers tend to make laws whether they're needed or desirable or wanted or not, limit the possible mischief by limiting the time available for making laws.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


*** That is, two big wins in New Jersey and Virginia; and a really huge win in Massachusetts and helping an unfunded conservative oust the ultra-progressive Republican funded with $1 million of Republican money from an upstate New York race and almost defeat the semi-conservative Democratic candidate in the election.

^^^ Open means that perhaps 85% of what the congress does is NOT done behind close doors and both parties and the media are invited.

^^^ Transparent means that bills are clear, simple, short and easily understood and placed online for all voters to read-over 96-120 hours before the first procedural voting begins. Amendments (earmarks) not having anything to do with the fundamental purpose of the bill need to reference the constitution or better yet, be cut altogether from all the bill.

^^^ Accountable means that congressmen and the president honor our established processes; and the constitution; and the will of the voters and are willing to discuss these and the entirety of the bills they're voting on with the media and the people and to ensure that they do NOT personally profit in any way from the bill they're supporting.

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