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Where Are We Headed?

What is the direction that America is taking?   Have we lost our sense of direction? Is it too late to restore our Constitutional values and our Founding Principles?

These are serious questions that should concern every American citizen.  Our future as a free nation may very well be at stake, and most citizens don't even have a clue that our nation is hanging on by a thread.

We are financially strapped, morally bankrupt, and unemployment and our healthcare system is in a shambles.  These are just the tip of our runaway iceberg.

It is time for Americans to come together to rethink the American Dream.  It is time to put America first and to rekindle the fire of freedom and liberty.  America is the last bastion of hope for the world.  If we fail now all hope for future freedom will be lost.

Wake up my fellow Americans and rise to the challenge.


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  The fact is, that conservatives are just plain ordinary people. We are not intrusive, however we resist being intruded upon. Because we are a people, that do not like being intruded upon, we like a small government with limited powers, and an ear that hears the voice of the American People, and a heart to represent the people, rather than force its will upon them. The following statement is not intended to represent all conservatives, nor the Tea Party, it is intended to help you understand me.

  I love my God, I love my country, I love our founding, Our Constitution, and the American People. I don't push my views, or my religion on others, but am willing to share them. All I ask is that others be willing to do the same, and where we disagree, that we be respectful of each other.

  That in part is why I resist a big federal government, that wants to force its views on all the people. We are lucky, if we play our cards right. We have 50 states, and 50 state governments. That gives us a voice closer to home, than any federal government could ever give us. That also gives us 50 choices of where we prefer to live. It is also a lot easier for the people to control state government, than it is to control the federal government.

  If our tax base were to reflect that the majority of taxes paid by individuals go to support state government, and a very small portion go to support the federal government, the states wouldn't be depending on federal dollars. The federal government should it ever decides to live within the confines of the United States Constitution, and limited powers, would not need the trillions of dollars they do today. Limited federal government, is the only way to control tyranny.

  State government wants to become a tyrant, fine I have 49 other choices of where to live and pay taxes. While I understand the need for a federal government, I also understand the need for it to be limited in power, and the best way to do that is to limit its money, and force it to live under the constitution.

Link below to a song I did several years back, might help you to understand my feelings about these things.




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4063823058?profile=originalOsama bin Laden - Professor says he was a freedom fighter

photo credit - Telegraph

A California professor is teaching his students that the devastating attack on America on September 11th 2001 was engineered by an Osama Bin Laden: Freedom Fighter, according to Fox News. Professor Emmit Evans who teaches at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is using his political science lectures to rewrite history for students who in taking his class must use his book.

The book, which he co-authored called “The Other World,” portrays the mass murdering Al Qaeda mastermind and leader of the terrorist organization as a simple freedom fighter. On the other hand this leftist-leaning lecturer portrays the United States as, a “neocolonial power,” that had to be targeted for its efforts to “prop up” Saudi Arabia.

The students learn that the means justify the ends and that innocent-minded Osama Bin Laden had to engage in mass murder of innocent Americans in order to send a message to the, “ corrupt and repressive regime” in Saudi Arabia. Dangerous rants of a fringe professor could be one way of looking at the effort by Professor Evans to sanitize the recent history of America’s national tragedy. Yet there appears to be more to this professor’s agenda than just showing Osama bin Laden as some shining white knight of Arabia.

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The Freedoms that this Country has received from God are evident by Our abundance. Although I'm no longer in the military, I have seen, and remember, looking over the Barbed Wire Fences across the Minefields into the City/Slum of Guantanamo, Cuba. The Abject Poverty and the clearly visible Bread/food lines daily, signs of the Socialist, Communist government right off our shores and allowed by earlier generation of American Liberal Politicians, were reminders of just how good We the People of this great land has it.This Country, established on Godly principles and Defended by the Brave Women and Men of Our Military forces, has been Blessed beyond measure.

My Brothers, and son with his friends that still serve today, have seen the same things in the third world countries of today happening still.

Social experiments in Communism and Radical Islamic states continue not to learn from the failures of yesterday. As the U.S. of A. pushes forward on the path to socialism, propped up by the Obama administration and his Liberal minions, the failings of the Job market and Healthcare along with the Governments other illegal activities has nearly driven America to the breaking point.

How is it that the Liberal Media doesn't seem to see the Failings of this Administration and continues to push the whacked out follies on us at the word of our Resident( not president because He doesn't Lead anyone of Right mind) that occupies space in the White ,but tarnished, House. The meeting of the mindless robots, that Obama called to him this week, came out spewing the failed lies and fake promises of Obama's corrupt idea of government controlling all minutia of our lives.This is in No Way a Government By the People and For the People, but By Obama and for Obama. Stop this Frankenstein and the Monster that he's created. Vote Vote Vote, and press the Republicans to follow the Moral Conservatism that is the basis for true Liberty and Freedom everywhere.

Any Veteran that has been overseas can attest to these things and tell you about it. Act now, and stop this Mad Experiment fro continuing in Our United States.

Be Radical for the Just and Right things in your Conversations, Actions, and Prayers, Amen.

We might just be able to keep the American Dream Alive.

Like my Day Today = 3 AM and already cooking. 1st Turkey in oven at 4 AM. 1 in and 1 to go. Gonna' be a Hot time in the Old Town Tonight.
I'm sure looking forward to cooking all day with Amber and my Mom. Next to BBQ it's the best meals of the Year on the Holidays.

Baked Turkey, Home Made Stuffing/Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Sweet Taters with Lots of Butter and Brown Sugar Smothered in Tiny Marshmallows, Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Bread, and Pumpkin Pie Topped with Whipped Cream, Washed down with Piping Hot Coffee and the best Company in the Whole Dang WORLD. My Family, Praise the Lord.

"God Has Been Good to Me" Thank you JESUS.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas my Fellow Americans.It has been and always will be an Honor to serve You.

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Person thinks she is Queen on Linkedin Group Wants to Control Internet

Project Search, Transition, Employment for Disabled Youth

Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Project Search Part II
My thoughts are because of the cost juggling the expense of “Project Search(see ,” and following mandates; there are other effective ways to provide jobs for young adults and youth in Oklahoma. I c...
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

I doubt they take this comment serious. I have no idea what political clout you have. But put your education where your mouth is. And educated person with doctorate degree wouldn't provide facts and examples.

You act like the very children on the playground that call names and bully. Calling names because they have no emotional maturity. Why should we believe this because you say it is so.

Again what makes you the Queen of the world? I welcome civil discourse that brings about innovative change. I do not welcome people that state things without backing them up. If you could have you should have.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
How come as an administrator you allow name calling without substantiation?
I am highly disappointed. She calls me unprofessional but only name calls and such
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Tell me how it is inaccurate then. How is it unprofessional. Misleading. State the facts
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Because you say so doesn't mean it. I have a son that I care about. You say something but without stating where or what is unprofessional. Leads me to believe you can't back what you say. Which is at the crux of what people are doing all along the way. If you can prove it is wrong then do so. I am calling you on the carpet so to speak.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
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Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Educational Compliance Manager

Some of us have careers and are not on this site every day. I offered you the specifics when I closed your hate speech in the other forum.

Your comments in my personal inbox show that your is an opinion that is fueled by hate. Your blog is riddled with nothing but attack for anyone who opposes your views.

My knowledge of Project SEARCH is deep as I ram a site in St Louis, there is no cost sharing; only opportunities for students to convert to intern status in their final year of high school as they are immersed in opportunities to benefit from being full time in the business site rehearsing the soft skills that most often impede young adults with autism or other IDEA addressed issues from being successful in the workplace. The partnerships with local community resources, the families and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation are instrumental in preparing kids for life after IEPs.

I now ask you to cease and desist and i see any further comments such as these attacking me on this forum, or any other, including your blog, or any other format, I will report to the authorities and cite your for Cyber bullying as it will not be tolerated.
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4063772054?profile=originalMillions of American Families losing health care must stand up for their Healthcare Freedom

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” Samuel Adams, January 21, 1776

For many of the 3.5 million American families that according to the Associated Press, the loss of their family health insurance came at them like a wrecking ball. Their very economic health and stability for their family members has been shattered because of a president who comforted millions of citizens with the one phrase which shall live in historical infamy: “If you like your health care you can keep your health care guaranteed and period!” Barack Obama – 35 times!

That one statement which as it turns out was a carefully plotted assault upon the comfort and trusting nature of the middle of the road America was used to plant the Trojan horse into the health care system like a deadly killer virus causing mass destruction. Now, 3.5 million families, much like you or your neighbor or co-workers are faced with the onerous choice of Obama’s one size fits all brand of engineered socialism or face possible excessive fines, liens against your home and in the end a surgical neutering of your own self determination and freedom. You have been obamafied!

Recent responses from readers as well as on conservative radio and in print have examined the horror and dismay that many families are facing as they attempt to deal with providing health insurance for a family member undergoing an operation, or a child who is faced with an illness or a female member who is suffering from breast cancer. Tens of thousands of examples of the gloomy prospects are pouring in, and yet in each one there is a solution.

Instead of worrying about what and when the congress will remedy this debacle it is clear that the solution lies with the family that has suffered this individual injustice. This is truly the point in the American experience when your neighbor, your distant relative and even your babysitter or church member can create your own distinctly American Insurance Freedom From Obamacare Campaign.

Imagine how the nation’s founding fathers felt at the beginning of the American Revolution and even months and years before. Sure there were writers and patriots in the colonies that were demanding justice from the British, which were largely ignored. Did that deter the common patriot who decided that his neighbor’s home that had been invaded time and time again by the British was not his fight? What about the British loyalists who were working to destroy the rights and freedoms which were God given to each and every American colonist member? These rights were stripped away by colonial government loyalists that cared more for the cruel boot and heel on their necks than the true essence of what freedom from continued oppression represented. These modern day sympathizers are the Obama democrats that stand with the socialist-in-chief and continue to mine the harbors of freedom.

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AMERICA is More than the Sum of Her Parts


America is a IDEA. She is much larger than her expansive borders. She is far more profound than her vast natural resources. She is richer than Wall Street or the FED or Fort Knox. She is ...

  • All people created equal under the Law.
  • All people free to express their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and religious experiences.
  • All people free to pursue their own version of the American Dream, their personal road to happiness.
  • All people have the inherent right, given by their Creator, to LIVE, to make their own choices on how to live, and to find their own dream.

The idea of America is rooted in her people.

You know the rest ... "If one sentence captures the quintessential idea of America, surely it the famous assertion contained in the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." Almost every word of this remarkable sentence, 236 years old today, is pregnant with meaning and strikingly relevant."

Our Founders were not like the majority of idiots/scoundrels who now reside in Washington, DC. They were brilliant, realistic men who were well educated, not just with books, but with life travels and adventures. They had a profound understanding both of the nature of mankind and the nature of government and, more importantly, they wanted above all else to create a government that would function within specific, restricted boundaries to maintain the individual freedoms guaranteed the American people. Our Founding documents record an Ideal that became America. It is unique in the world. It is NOT democracy ... it is representation.

Democracy is mob rule, majority rules, and "might makes right!" In spite of the various national histories, languages, cultures, religions, and experiences of this nation of legal immigrants, America remains unique in the world. All are welcome. All, according to our Constitution, are offered the same opportunity to reach for your dreams. Sometimes reality doesn't match up to the ideal, but the Ideal remains!
"Neither blood, history, religion, language [bind Americans together] — what else is left? Only an idea: that you could come to America and be whatever you wanted to be. You might have been a bog-trotter in Ireland or a baron in Silesia; in America, you were free to become whatever you could make of yourself."

The enormity of President Obama's numerous crimes against our Constitution and the faith & trust the American people placed in him is heinous. The ease with which he can stand before us and openly & deliberately speak lies is disgraceful. Everything he says and does is designed to further cripple the the American people, to enlarge their (our) dependency on the government, and build a uninformed "slave class" who will blindly accept the promise of an easy life in exchange for their "pursuit of happiness!"

BUT ... The idea of America, the idea of individual freedom issues from the throne of GOD, as does the idea of individuals created equal under the Law. These ideas are rooted and grounded in Biblical truths. While humans are innately imperfect and sinful, G-D planted inside each of us a desire to be free to live as we see fit under His Natural Law. The result is that we each must work to improve our character, our self to obtain our dream of freedom.

President Obama has been ruthlessly successful in his effort to "divide and conquer," to exploit our inherent differences, yet the idea of America As devious as the President has shown himself and his administration to be, as regards our Constitution over the last 5 years, he has no power over the idea of America that resides within a vast majority of her people still.



[ustream id=16140007 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=425]
Video streaming by Ustream

Call it what you want, "evil" always overplays its hand and causes the GOOD to rise up in retaliation. Even today (10-13-13), Veterans so abused by the policies and decisions of this administration have gathered in DC to voice their anger. The harder the President pushes to control, to regulate, to corral the American people or any segment of us into a behavioral pen, the more likely a "push-back" will occur. It is the very Nature of the American Idea! We Will Not Be Intimidated! We will Not be Ruled! We are AMERICANS, and we KNOW LIBERTY!


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In the wake of the government shutdown, despite provisions in the Pay Our Military Act, Catholics at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia are being denied religious services. The Catholic priest who serves this community has been prohibited from even volunteering to celebrate Holy Mass without pay, and was told that if he violated that order, he could be subject to arrest. Protestant services continue to take place.  Only Catholic services have been shutdown.

This is an astonishing attack on religious freedom by the federal government, and the latest affront towards the military since the beginning of the shutdown. 

As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, today, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Father Ray Leonard, a Catholic priest contracted to serve as base chaplain and Fred Naylor, one of Father Leonard’s parishioners and a retired veteran with over 22 years of service. Fr. Leonard is a civilian Catholic Pastor contracted by the Department of Defense (DoD) to serve as a military chaplain at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.

Fr. Leonard who served Tibetan populations in China for 10 years, informed the court in an affidavit; “In China, I was disallowed from performing public religious services due to the lack of religious freedom in China. I never imagined that when I returned home to the United States, that I would be forbidden from practicing my religious beliefs as I am called to do, and would be forbidden from helping and serving my faith community.”

On October 4, 2013, Fr. Leonard was ordered to stop performing all of his duties as the base’s Catholic Chaplain, even on a voluntary basis. He was also told that he could be arrested if he violated that order. The approximately 300 Catholic families, including Fred Naylor’s, served by Fr. Leonard at Kings Bay have been unable to attend Mass on base since the beginning of the shutdown.

Additionally, Fr. Leonard was locked out of his on-base office and the chapel. Fr. Leonard was also denied access to the Holy Eucharist and other articles of his Catholic faith. The order has caused the cancellation of daily and weekend mass, confession, marriage preparation classes and baptisms as well as prevented Fr. Leonard from providing the spiritual guidance he was called by his faith to provide.

The submarine base is remotely located.  It consists of roughly 16,000 acres, with 4,000 acres comprised of protected wetlands.  There are approximately 10,000 total people on the base. 

A Catholic Church is located off base in the town of St. Mary’s.  However, many of the parishioners both live and work on base and do not own a car and cannot otherwise access transportation.  Therefore a sixteen (16) mile journey to and from the off-base church is simply not possible.  Moreover, many of the sailors have an extremely limited amount of time off.  With their time highly regimented, they are not given a long enough break time for this exceptionally long walk and the Mass service.

Defendants in the lawsuit are the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Department of the Navy, and the Secretary of the Department of the Navy, Ray Mabus.  

Currently, about 25% of the US Armed Forces is Catholic and due to a shortage of active duty Catholic Priests, the DoD contracts Catholic Priests to provide religious services, sacraments and support for other religious practices for military base communities. Catholic Priests serve the Military Archdiocese.

For active duty service members, on base religious services are extremely important given issues associated with off base transportation, extremely limited time off and the highly scheduled lifestyle of active military duty. Additionally, as service members tend to have high rates of divorce, depression and suicide, the need for readily available spiritual encouragement and guidance is critical.

The Pay Our Military Act, which was enacted before the beginning of the government shutdown, provides provisions for the funding of employees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale and well-being of the military. The government has previously been criticized for interpreting the Act to not include military death benefits. Now, in yet another bizarre interpretation of the Act, some chaplains are not considered covered by these provisions, leaving Catholic members of some military facilities without spiritual guidance.

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My Opinion of How and Who Controls the People!

4063559463?profile=originalA Must Read!-You Decide:

My Opinion of How and Who Controls the People!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Steven Wayne Pattison-On May 29, 2012:


George Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and the first President of the United States

(May 29, 2012) — My opinion comes from many years of research that includes what can be referred to as “He said, she said,” which makes up the story of history. History comes from “his-story,” meaning what we have learned from the ones who are in control, which is just about everything on this earth. Most of their stories are not necessarily the whole truth. But when you have important statements by leaders which can be found in George Washington’s Farewell Address and another statement about “party” in which he was talking political parties:

As avenues to foreign influence in innumerable ways, such attachments are particularly alarming to the truly enlightened and independent patriot. How many opportunities do they afford to tamper with domestic factions, to practice the arts of seduction, to mislead public opinion, to influence or awe the public councils. Such an attachment of a small or weak towards a great and powerful nation dooms the former to be the satellite of the latter.

In offering to you, my countrymen, these counsels of an old and affectionate friend, I dare not hope they will make the strong and lasting impression I could wish; that they will control the usual current of the passions, or prevent our nation from running the course which has hitherto marked the destiny of nations. But, if I may even flatter myself that they may be productive of some partial benefit, some occasional good; that they may now and then recur to moderate the fury of partyspiritto warn against the mischiefs of foreign intrigueto guard against the impostures of pretended patriotismthis hope will be a full recompense for the solicitude for your welfare, by which they have been dictated.

The first point of fact is that from almost the beginning, there was foreign influence!

The second point of fact is that we had imposters pretending to be patriots!

The third point of fact which will be covered in the remainder of this paper is the hope that all of us will be fully recompensed for the acts of sedition against our welfare.

Later in this document you will learn that the history of money started in 1652 with COLONIAL MONEY.   NEW ENGLAND COINAGE explains “Real Money,” but even this book did not tell the whole story.

What is reported by Congressman Charles G. Binderup Copyright © 1941 is more complete reporting titled, America Created It’s [sic] Own Money In 1750. Benjamin Franklin was able to write:

“There was abundance in the Colonies, and peace was reigning on every border. It was difficult, and even impossible, to find a happier and more prosperous nation on all the surface of the globe. Comfort was prevailing in every home. The people, in general, kept the highest moral standards, and education was widely spread.”

Can anyone imagine this continuing right up to the present time?  I would call it the American Dream with “comfort prevailing in every home.” But what is happening today affects everyone:

House prices are still way too high; they have a long way to come down to reality.

The number of U.S. homes taken back by banks through foreclosure hi....

If you don’t understand the fraud about your mortgage, you need to learn now, not tomorrow.

Now back to the real history. Many of those documented facts are also part of the history.  During the War of 1812, the people in control burned the Congressional Records stored in the Library of Congress. A very good book to buy and make sure it does not disappear is titled “When They Burned The White House” by Andrew Tully. Since the beginning of the history of our country, there have been many good people presenting facts which went into the Congressional Records which tell us some of what has been done, including Norman Dodd’s report on un-American acts by many of the tax-exempt foundations. These foundations were set up with huge amounts of money to create the System we have today.  Some refer to the power behind the System as the Invisible Government.

Many people refer to the one behind all of our problems as the Banklords. What they have done to our country is documented here starting in the year 1900 which explains how they used inflation to get us to do what they wanted. The second webpage starts with the year 1643 and presents the documented history of the “united States of America.”  However, before you go to this webpage, please read the ‘Declaration of Independence’ because the list that was presented to the world back then is not much different than what is going on today. This document is vital to understand because it shows us what we have to do today to reinstitute our lawful Union state governments. If you have taken the time to review these webpages, you should have all the reasons to continue reading this paper so that you can see for yourself that we have to stand up together if we ever want to live under peace or as it is written in the Preamble to the National Constitution which states in part that We the People wish to:

Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

This is not a paper on any conspiracy, but rather, a presentment of facts that have been available for a very long time but now because of the Internet are easily accessible to everyone with a computer.  Please note that not everything that is posted on the Internet is factual, meaning that it could be misleading which may take you down a rabbit hole, confuse you and get you lost. Just because someone can document it doesn’t mean that it really happened lawfully. Please stay with the facts that connect together where the story makes sense.   If you connect these facts, you will be better informed to help save our country.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. — Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist (1564-1642)

Learning the truth is having the knowledge of all the facts. These facts will lead us to a workable solution. While watching or reading the following presentations, please wait until you have been presented with all the FACTS before taking any actions.

In 2000 Joe Sobran wrote an article titled How Tyranny Came to America and stated something that I had learned and am attempting to present to you.  He says it so well:

“It was the old story: In order to learn, first I had to unlearn. Most of what I’d been taught and told about the Constitution was misguided or even false. And I’d never been told some of the most elementary things, which would have saved me a tremendous amount of confusion.”

The reason you will find that there is so much misinformation about a lot of things starting with your education in state-run schools is because of a small group of families that came from an empire long ago. This empire was as large in square miles as the tenth-largest country in the world today. It is time for everyone to learn the truth because it is not about religion or anything else, but rather, control over all the people of the world. The following is written within thiswebpage:

“… they exacted a ‘tribute’ (tax, extortion) of 10% from all traders who had to pass through their dominion. This made them a wealthy, but despised nation.”

By the tenth century, the ruler of Christian Russia, Vladimir III, had conquered the Khazarian empire. But this is not the end of the story. In fact, it is only the beginning.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about them, but they are just a group of families which have 50-year plans which comprise the System under which we live whereby they make money on every transaction that takes place. In fact, it is all just a game to them because they use the book titled ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu reportedly written in 475 Before Christ (B. C.).

What they are doing is right out of the book, which reminds me of Caesar and the Coliseum where the rich attended for entertainment to watch others fight one another. That is how they control us today.

All the documents point to these people and even Gouverneur Morris, an American statesman, a Founding Father of the United States, was a representative from Pennsylvania in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. He authored a large section of the Constitution for the united States of America and one of its signers stated the following:

“The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by the power of government­, keep them in their proper spheres.”

Two of the richest families were the Rothschild and the Warburg families. They openly stated that their plan was to control the money and if they didn’t, they would cause wars.  Mayer AmschelRothschild quoteGive me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws. But this turned out to be false because the Rothschild family did have to change our laws with the help of the attorneys.

Paul M. Warburg, a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty..., as reported by Griffin, G. Edward. The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.

James Paul Warburg, son of Paul M. Warburg (18 August 1896–3 June 1969), was an American banker and financial adviser to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He has gained some notoriety for the following quote from his STATEMENT reported in the Senate Report (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) (1950). Revision of the United Nations Charter: Hearings – Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Eighty-First Congress. United States Government Printing Office. p. 494.  Testimony on Wikisource:

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

I would love to say this was the end of the his-story, but I can’t. They use wars to control us.

J. Ruben Clark, Jr., former Under-Secretary of State and Ambassador to Mexico, who was widely recognized as one of our nation’s foremost international lawyers, stated on page 27 of the book entitled “The United Nations Today”:

“Not only does the Charter Organization (United Nations) not prevent future wars, but it makes it practically certain that we shall have future wars, and as to such wars it takes from us (the United States) the power to declare them, to choose the side on which we shall fight, to determine what forces and military equipment we shall use in war, and to control and command our sons who do the fighting.”

Former American Bar Assoc. President, Carl B. Rix, in Senate testimony on May 11, 1955 summarized the destruction of our Constitution thusly:

Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated power. Its only test is under the obligatory power to promote human rights (not the inalienable rights secured for us by our Constitution) in these fields of endeavor. Civil, political, economic, social and cultural. These powers are found in Articles 55 and 56 of the Charter of the United Nations. Congress may now legislate as an uninhibited body with no shackles of delegated powers under the Constitution. Senate testimony on May 11, 1955

Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his family, along with the other families, created the System we have today with ‘Cadres’!  Cadres defined are “A nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained.”  I am going to document right here the fact that Mayer Rothschild stated this part of his quote “I care not who makes the laws” was false because the facts are that they had to change our law to be able to control the printing of our money, which took from 1812 to 1913 to accomplish. Then it took only another 20 years to abandon the gold standard and 30 more years to end the silver dollar. Within the second webpage you will find what happened about money and our law:

By 1652, the problem resulting from a shortage of coins had become extreme. England had turned a deaf ear to the colonists’ plea for specie, and the colonial leaders did not believe that the people should have to continue using the mixture of foreign coins, wampum, bullets, and barter objects any longer. In an effort to provide more good coin to further trade and commerce, the Massachusetts Bay Colony established an illegal mint in Boston in 1652.

The Charter or Fundamental Laws, of West New Jersey, Agreed Upon — ...:

That the common law or fundamental rights and priviledges of West New Jersey, are individually agreed upon by the Proprietors and freeholders thereof, to be the foundation of the government, which is not to be altered by the Legislative authority, or free Assembly hereafter mentioned and constituted, but that the said Legislative authority is constituted according to these fundamentals, to make such laws as agree with, and maintain the said fundamentals, and to make no laws that in the least contradict, differ or vary from the said fundamentals, under what presence or alligation soever.

By 1751, the British Parliament passed a law forbidding the Massachusetts Bay Colony to issue money in any form.

1764 – The Currency Act – The Colonies are ordered to stop printing paper money and soon thereafter we were at war that we won.

1790 - Alexander Hamilton proposes a Bank of the United States.

Hamilton states: “A bank has a natural relation to the power of collecting taxes – to that of regulating trade – to that of providing for the common defense… [Therefore] the incorporation of a bank is a constitutional measure…”

Patrick Henry opposes the National bank because it is unconstitutional.

1791 –December 12 – The Bank of the United States opens its doors in Philadelphia.

1811 –February 20 – Congress refuses to let the National Bank renew its Charter on the grounds that the Bank is unconstitutional. March 4 – The Bank of the United States is dissolved.

1812 –War of 1812

1816 – January 8 – Faced with financial hardship from the War of 1812, Congress proposes a 2ndNational Bank. The Bill also allows the President to suspend hard currency. March 14 – The 2ndNational Bank gets Congressional approval. 1817 – January 1 – The 2nd National Bank opens for business.

Banking Panic of 1819 (1819 – 1824), the first major financial crisis in the United States.

1828 –In the year 1828, the next year after the publication of this second edition of Mr. Stephen’s book, the British government appointed a commission of eminent lawyers, amongst whom was Mr. Stephen, to inquire into the practice and proceedings in the superior courts of common law. These commissioners made a report in the year 1833, recommending important changes in the system of pleading; and by acts 3 and 4 Will. IV. c. 42, power was given to the judges at Westminster to carry into effect the recommendations of the commissionersGreat changes in the forms of pleadings were accordingly effected by the pleading rules of Hilary Term, 1834, passed by the judges. Source

Soon thereafter, the law schools in America changed their books to teach something other than Common Law. Now back to how the attorneys and courts have not been obligated to follow the common law of states.

See for valuable information, including the following:

Scotts’ case from being considered a second time in the federal courts.  Federal courts in the 19thcentury felt free to apply general principles of common law and were not obligated to follow the common law of states.  So it was possible to hope for a more favorable substantive law by choosing to go to federal court, if there was federal diversity of citizenship jurisdiction.76

You should download this book and back it up, for it is one of the most valuable books we have found. There is a PDF download here ~ “A Treatise on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions” by Henry John Stephen. The INTRODUCTION to this book is also available here and within the last paragraph it states the most important information ever discovered:

When our forefathers established governments in America they laid their foundations on the common law. And when difficulties grew up between them and the mother country, they acted as their English ancestors had always acted in their political troubles – interposed the common law as the shield against arbitrary power. When the United Colonies met in Congress, in 1774, they claimed the common law of England as a branch of those “indubitable rights and liberties to which the respective colonies are entitled.” And the common law, like a silent providence is still the preserver of our liberties.

Preserver of our liberties has a nice sound!

It is written within the PREFACE of the above book which is also available here: “The courts of the United States do not recognize the code, but adhere to the old practice, with its settled distinction between law and equity.” What happened to cause this to be no longer true? Answer:

  • The love of innovation induced the State of New York, some years ago, to abrogate common-law pleading, and introduce a code of procedure for the regulation of litigation in her courts; and notwithstanding the lamentable confusion and uncertainty, and the greatly increased expense which has thereby been brought into the administration of justice in that State, other States have followed in her track of barbaric empiricism. Mr. Justice Grier has, from the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States, rebuked the folly of abolishing common-law pleading, and substituting the common-sense practice, as it may be called, in its stead. “This system, (says that able judge,) matured by the wisdom of ages, founded on principles of truth and sound reason, has been ruthlessly abolished in many of our States, who have rashly substituted in its place the suggestions of sciolists, who invent new codes and systems of pleading to order. But this attempt to abolish species and establish a single genus is found to be beyond the power of legislative omnipotence. The result of these experiments, so far as they have come to our knowledge, has been to destroy the certainty and simplicity of all pleadings, and to introduce on the record an endless wrangle in writing, perplexing the court, delaying and impeding the administration of justice.” This strong condemnation is more than justified by the experience of the New York courts, as may be seen in the chaos of the reports of the code practice in that State. And the evil effects of the code on the administration of law in New York has been signalized in a recent letter from Mr. Charles O’Conor, published in the Albany Law Journal. It is stated in that letter, as the effect of the decisions of the courts, that because of the mixture of law and equity by the code, a case may begin as a common-law case, with a jury impanneled to try it, and if, at the close of the testimony, a case in equity instead of a common-law case, is proved, the judge may dismiss the jury and try the case himself, as chancellor. And the confusion in practice is increased by the want of logical skill in the lawyers trained in the code practice. “All the lawyers (says Mr. O’Conor) who have been admitted to practice in this State for the last twenty years are conversant with the code, and, of course, are not experts in the old common-law practice and pleadingMost of them are entirely ignorant of it, and you may imagine that the code could not easily be displaced by any attempt at reaction. The courts of the United States do not recognize the code, but adhere to the old practice, with its settled distinction between law and equity. This circumstance often leads to much confusion, as you may see illustrated in some reported decisions of the Supreme Court. It is truly laughable, to one conversant with both systems, to see the blunders into which lawyers of great ability, who have come to the bar within the last ten or fifteen years, sometimes fall in framing a declaration, plea, or subsequent pleading at common law in the circuit court of the United States. Source

1832–July 10–President Jackson vetoes the Bank’s recharter on the grounds that the Bank is unconstitutional.

1835 –January–With the National Bank powerless, Jackson successfully pays off the nation’s debt leaving the U.S. with a surplus of $5,000.

1836 –July 11–Paper money results in tremendous inflation in property value. President Jackson issues a Specie Circular mandating that land payments be made with gold and silver.

The real reason for the American Civil War is explained within this PDF file.  And the Civil War took us to 1933.

By acts of Congress in 1933, the domestic economy was taken off the gold standard and placed on the silver standard for the first time. The Treasury Department was reempowered to issue paper currency redeemable in silver dollars and bullion, thereby divorcing the domestic economy from bimetallism and leaving it on the silver standard, although international settlements were still in gold.

This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vaults, the U.S. government (not the Federal Reserve) could continue to issue money against it. These silver certificates bore the name of the U. S. Treasury, not the Federal Reserve; they were shredded upon redemption since the redeemed silver was no longer in the Treasury. With the world market price of silver having been in excess of $1.29 per troy ounce since 1960, Congress repealed the legal foundation for Silver Certificates on June 4, 1963; but President John F. Kennedy responded with Executive Order 11110 that the Treasury should continue to “issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury”. This Series 1958 introduced an additional $4.29 billion worth of United States Notes into circulation, consisting of $2.00 and $5.00 bills; and although they were never issued, $10.00 and $20.00 notes were in the process of being printed when Kennedy was murdered in 1962. But the Treasury was being emptied of silver rapidly; in March 1964 issuance of the Series 1958 Silver Certificate was stopped and redemption in silver dollars was suspended; 24 June 1968 was the last day for redemption in silver bullion.

Finally, President Richard Nixon announced[7] that the United States would no longer redeem currency for gold or any other precious metal, forming the final step in abandoning the gold and silver standards.

“The few who can understand the system (check, money and credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interest.” — ROTHSCHILD BROTHERS OF LONDON

John F. Hylan, Mayor of New York City (1918-1925) quotes about Roth...

“The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as ‘international bankers.’ This little coterie… run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen…[and] seizes…our executive officers… legislative bodies… schools… courts… newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

Because of all the documentation such as warnings from George Washington within his Farewell Speech and so many others like JFK, a Mayor of New York City and Henry Ford, Sr. just to name a few, one would have to come to the same conclusion that all wars have been started by well-funded individuals who were called banklords:

1921 ~ Henry Ford, Sr. stated that if we removed the power of money from the banklords tha...

My second webpage documents that the banklords truly caused our War of 1776 with England:

A Time Line focusing on Taxes, Money and War

If anyone has taken the time to read and ask questions about the ‘The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America’ and some of the facts they would not refer to it as the ‘American Revolutionary War’ as you can see one after another from this Internet search for the same yielding About 5,410,000 results. The two main facts are:

1.     The actions of England by the King who was being controlled by the banklords was an attack on the Colonies and all Freemen, per the list in the ‘The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America’. It was done so all the world could see that it was the King doing what he was doing that was unlawful. (Not much has changed in 260 years.)

2.    The actions of the Freemen within the Colonies were defensive and they used Common Law, which was the Law of the Land at that point in time and the common law, like a silent providence is still the preserver of ..., which was written by a lawyer.

And the banklords are doing the same thing today by enlisting most attorneys to do their bidding such as foreclosures!

Posted December 6th, 2010 at

Just when I thought the banksters couldn’t possibly shock me anymore… they did.

We were finally granted the honor and privilege of finding out the specifics, a limited one-time Federal Reserve view, of a secret taxpayer funded “backdoor bailout” by a small group of unelected bankers. This data release reveals “emergency lending programs” that doled out $12.3 TRILLION in taxpayer money – $3.3 trillion in liquidity, $9 trillion in “other financial arrangements.”

Listen to Former spy tells all – a ten-minute video and I believe what he says because I have personally met with retired CIA agents.

Without you and everyone you know having this knowledge we will not be able to win because we were taken over with a pen and paper. I say this because we won both wars with England, one starting in 1776 and the second one in 1812. And we created the first Free State by, for and of the People and this fact is what coined the saying and a song known as the ‘Shot Heard Around the World.”  This shot took place on April 19, 1775, the beginning of our war with England.

“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” — James Madison to WT Barry, August 4, 1822.

You don’t want to be part of A ‘Farce,’ do you?  From Intellectual Technology:

  • It is just a puzzle of knowledge. Anyone can learn it.
  • It is the process to efficiently solve any problem that any man has created, regardless of how seemingly complex or impossible.
  • It is a process of efficiently asking and answering effective questions of each resulting contradiction, until all related questions are answered.
  • The solution may then be promptly manifested, with opposition concurrently defeated.
  • Opposition is merely a contradiction, resolved within the process.
  • The solution to the puzzle always existed, available for discovery, like all knowledge.
  • The disguise of the knowledge is its simplicity, the reason it is so rarely discovered.
  • It is the most brilliant puzzle man can learn. As an aside, it identifies the controlling design of the mind of man.
  • To learn it one need only ask and answer a certain type of questions in a certain order, the process to learn any knowledge.
  • As an aside, it is the process of how to not be corrupted by power, thus creating wisdom.
  • It identifies verifiable truth, that which is most feared by the mind, and thus not effectively questioned.

The above is part of the solution by knowing what to ask. Asking the correct question and not getting an answer is proof that they have something to hide.

Our so-called elected and appointed officers have been told that the People need to be taken care of because they do not have the knowledge needed to run their own lives. But this is not the really answer because The ‘CORPORATE’ was created under the Original government, the lawful government and it is still there. What we have today it is what is explained here on the right sidewhich was all created under the left side, the Lawful government.

This was all done by the money of the Rothschild family! If you want more proof let me know. The Rothschild family created the System way back when which we still have today!

THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

THEN THEY CAME for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

I am really sorry to tell you this and that there is no one left to speak up for us because the so-called elected and appointed officers no longer represent us as ‘We the People’. But because we have all collectively been fooled about the fact that we are still freemen and women, we collectively still own the lawful Union state governments, we still have the Power and the Law in our hands.

“The good men may do separately is small compared with what they may do collectively.” — Benjamin Franklin

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The second important book in PDF format can be downloaded here and it is also posted here.

We need your help in alerting the people because we have the Power and there is a solution that will work!

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” — Albert Einstein

A 16-minute ‘youtube’ video explaining the Slave World known today as the System.

Only the truth will set us free and with more people learning the truth it will happen so one day soon, we all will be able to say, “I thank God I’m free at last”!

“The individual is handicapped by living with the monstrous conspiracy known today as the System, all of their adult life and they will not realize that it really exists until they first listen to President John F. Kennedy’s audio posted on his Presidential Library website and then read the research about the subject.” ~ Steven Pattison

Audio from JFK library or six-minute clip

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” — Henry David Thoreau, American author (1817-1862)

WE are completing JFK’s mission of alerting the American people and we need your help because the root is so enormous that it will take more than just one to dig it up and get it out of our country.  All we would ask anyone to do is listen to JFK and alert others with the research about the subject.

You have to know if we don’t do something soon, we will have what Thomas Jefferson said a very long time ago:

“If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied.”

We are only asking you to do what you can.

Please do something different today! If you just forward this to one man or woman who wants to learn the truth and they email me or call, then it will be a step in the right direction for the Truth to be known by all! That is all that JFK wanted for the people to be informed of the truth.”

All rights reserved,

/S/ Steven Pattison, one of the People within the boundaries of Kansas, a state of the Union. Contact me 9 to 5 pm ct time – 913.491.0320


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Now, a hugely ambitious documentary titled Everything is a Rich Man's Trick adds fuel to those embers of uncertainty, and points to many potential culprits whose possible involvement in the assassination has long been obscured by official historical record.

Authoritatively written and narrated by Francis Richard Conolly, the film begins its labyrinthine tale during the era of World War I, when the ‘wealthiest and most powerful figures of industry discovered the immense profits to be had from a landscape of ongoing military conflict.’ The film presents a persuasive and exhaustively researched argument that these ‘towering figures formed a secret society by which they could orchestrate or manipulate war-mongering policies to their advantage on a global scale,’ and maintain complete anonymity in their actions from an unsuspecting public. Conolly contends that these ‘sinister puppet masters have functioned and thrived throughout history, from the formation of Nazism to the build-up and aftermath of September 11.’-You Decide:


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4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following is an important book in PDF format that was mentioned above regarding the Constitution and Government of The United States:


A General View Of The Origin And Nature Of The Constitution and Government of the United States!-Posted on Citizens For A Constitutional Republic-By Henry Baldwin, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (January 18, 1830 – April 21, 1844):

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Griffin discusses the similarities between the extreme left and the extreme right in the false political paradigm and how this highlights a recurring theme - collectivism. Collectivism is the opposite of individualism and believes that the interests of the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number, explains Griffin, uniting the doctrines of communism and fascism.  Both the Republican and Democrat parties in the United States are committed to advancing collectivism and this is why the same policies are followed no matter who is voted in to the White House.

”All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because that’s the only way you can hold it together,” warns Griffin.

Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, explained in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship while fooling people into thinking they had political freedom, by creating squabbles between the two parties in terms of slogans and leadership, while all the time controlling both from the top down and pursuing the same agenda.
Griffin lays out how the left-right hoax is used to steer the destiny of America.

he also talks at length on a myriad of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans-You Decide:

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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!


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Every year 50,000 plus people are killed and a great number of those are teenagers. Some people claim they are drinking when it happens, sometimes it is just an accident, suicide or sadly some are premeditated murder. Of course, they are used in crimes and are very dangerous in the wrong hands, especially young people. Regardless, people die and this must stop, RIGHT? If only the trained police or certain professionals were able to use them the streets would be safer, thousands of citizens would not be killed and we could set an example for the world. There is no doubt that they are very dangerous and with daily deaths mounting we should do something!

I am talking about vehicles, cars and trucks! Yes, the same argument holds for vehicles as does for guns. The primary difference is that many more people are killed with or in vehicles. They do save lives and prevent crimes, as do guns in the hands of citizens, but no one ever wants to talk about those details.

The environmental people should support this ban, but I do NOT! It makes no more sense than banning guns. It s the person, not the instrument that kills people. Knifes, hammers, screw drivers, ice picks, box cutters, etc. are all dangerous in the wrong and evil hands.

I regret any loss of life, but I value my freedom and will not give it up for alleged increased security. Our Founding Fathers warned us to never give up freedom for promised security.

When I went to public school every boy had a  pocket knife and there were no gun free zones and in fact some kids had them in the cars. We have a people and a morals problem today and need to address it. Israel schools have armed teachers, surrounded by terrorists and people who would attack their children if they were in a gun free zone. The incident yesterday might have been stopped, if Bill Clinton had not banned guns from military bases in 1993. Ever on duty soldier should wear a side arm, as they did in past wars and that evil sick man would have been stopped VS. a shooting gallery. Just as my example of banning vehicles does not make sense, neither does gun free military bases or schools.

The Navy shooter was using a shotgun and even crazy uncle Joe said he has one of them. Obama and others will use this crisis to push gun bans and they are chasing the wrong issue. We have a people problem.  


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     It is the wee hours in this small hick town nestled in the heart of Appalachia. The streets are empty, save for the occasional police car making its rounds and a semi trundling by every hour or so. As I sit hear in the quiet of my lonely apartment I found myself thinking of the mess this country is in with all of the incursions on our freedoms of late. I was trying to think of some way the common people could assert their independence in a sane legal manner when I thought of a story written way back in 1951 by a Science Fiction writer named Eric Frank Russell entitled … And Then There Were None. I think I might have given it the title The Gands though nobody asked my opinion then or since.

     This Hall of Fame story concerns the difficulty the people of Earth have in contacting the ‘leaders’ of a planet the had been settled by humans three hundred years before, but out of contact with that species known far and wide as Earthers since that time.
     You see the home planet had come to bring these poor benighted souls all of the advantages of modern Earth society. They were from the government and just wanted to help. Those bureaucrats had only one problem with their efforts in contacting those so called leaders. Whomever they approached to ask to be taken to those leaders received the cryptic response “MYOB” and the locals just went on with whatever they were doing. It didn’t matter who they sent as their envoys – Peacockishly attired military or somewhat less splendiferous ships crew or even nattily attired minor diplomats- each and every one was met with MYOB.

     Finally an exasperated Ambassador sent one of the ships crew, a fellow with a bicycle of all things, as his emissary. This fellow was a bit more curious and friendly sort who wanted to get to know these strange off spring of mother Earth, so he began by just attempting to engage them in conversation. After a lot of confusion caused by some evolutionary language difficulties, he did have some interesting talks. He learned that these people weren’t the least bit intimidated by the huge ship that had plowed a mile long trench upon landing outside their town. You see they had developed what they called the perfect weapon to ward off intrusive outsiders. It had developed out of their love of freedom, but it was an extremely effective weapon none-the-less.
      When the ship’s engineering crewman asked about it he was given a little plaque upon which was inscribed F - I.W. and told that it contained the entire secret of this magnificent weapon. He was even informed that the weapon had been discovered on Earth many centuries before the great diaspora. By a humble man named Gandhi. He also learned that the MYOB they kept hearing was an acronym for Mind Your Own Business. The placard’s meaning? Freedom – I Won’t. You see Gandhi was a man from the then country of India who believed in peaceful civil disobedience. His disobedience took the form of him simply saying “I Won’t” to those intrusive bureaucrats that thought they had the right to infringe on his liberties.
The government says register your guns? I Won’t. The government says you must use their insurance? I won’t. The government says you must permit them to spy on you “for you own good”? I won’t.
     The name they gave their planet? Gand and the people were the Gands.

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Happy Independence Day

My dearest family in Christ,

this day is a time of reflection for many people. For me it is a time to remember my father, a WWII veteran, his outlook on life, and the man he was to me. I never fully appreciated his sacrifice and service until serving in the military myself. I used to listen as he regaled me with his personal witness and accounts of the tragedies and triumphs he experienced and those historical moments he recalled. The events that unfolded in each narrative often chilled and puncture my very being. It was those bittersweet moments with his fellow soldiers and the circumstances that surrounded them that always gained the focus of each story - especially the very personal interactions and unifying beliefs they shared. They were truly reflective of an event and the people involved that shook the world and forever changed the course of history on an immense scale.  It is to him, his memory, and the many just like him who gave their all, that I dedicate this particular day.  From our very foundation as a nation, it has always been the people who made change possible and it is the veteran who, to me, embodies the true benchmark of American ideology and purpose. I stand in awe of their achievements and the legacy of freedom they carved out for our posterity.  God bless them, their heritage, and the country conceived and dedicated through them.  Thier selfless dedication and honor gave the world a nation unlike any before, and one that is still a shining light for the downtrodden and huddled masses.  God bless our nation and the providential accomplishments that were, and still are, guided by God.

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4063707026?profile=original  Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News as Conservative Tea Party Champion and movement leader

With the stroke of a pen, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin returns to Fox News as a contributor while liberal bombast Chris Matthews of MSNBC loses his weekend syndicated show in July. Does this spell the resurrection of the political street bona fides of Palin who has been a lightning rod for conservatives and the national Tea Party movement since its inception?

What seems clear is that Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News has reached a conclusion that the scandal beleaguered administration of President Barack Obama is fair pickings for conservatives. And what better conservative to have on your news team than Sarah Palin who has done considerable heavy lifting for the conservative movement since Obama took the oath of office as president in 2009.

This is especially critical when one considers that the upcoming mid-term elections of 2014 are rife for the political pickings in terms of governorships, the U.S. Senate and increases in the GOP House majority.

Examine the landscape of the world of politics now where the polls are pointing toward a downward slide regarding Obama’s favorability and a notable upward surge in the public’s rejection of Obama’s handling of Benghazi, the IRS attack on Tea Party organizations’ First Amendment rights and spying on journalists.

The surge in public outrage has changed dramatically since Obama’s reelection when he cobbled together a number of key state victories with Chicago style political strong arming that would make dishonored former President Richard Nixon blush. Yet, while America was having its news hijacked by a compliant mainstream media, Sarah Palin remained on the forefront using their own vehicles to communicate the cracks in Obama’s administration armor.

You remember Benghazi, the murder of four honorable Americans, including America’s Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens scandal that would not go away? The investigation by the House Republicans continued to peel back the wall of lies constructed by the White House and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice under the direction of unnamed State Department and White House officials.

( Read more - click )

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Congressman Massie,

Greetings Sir!
I am not one of your constituents - please ask Senator Paul about me, he can advise, tell you who I am.

I write today about the press release of your new amendments to the NDAA to protect civil rights of American Citizens.

Sir, I like what I read however I believe you need to make a small change..

The annual reporting requirements are not going to work. They provide far too much leeway for the Military to incarcerate in any given "year" and then fail to report it... as they might no longer be "incarcerated". I refuse to go into implications of that statement.

Not only that - an American might be incarcerated for twelve months - their rights to due process lost for twelve months - their freedom guaranteed under our Constitution lost for twelve months - before Congress found out about it. Before anyone found out about it.

I would make a suggestion that these amendments be modified with language that essentially states Congress be immediately notified in each and every incident of incarceration - not an annual report.

I understand the potential difficulties Military might have with something like that - but Sir, we are talking about freedom - not paperwork...


SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason
San Antonio, Texas

(address redacted for publication)

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Nation of God

Our Nation Was Built Upon Christian Beliefs & Tenants, I Shall Not Bow Down To Any Anti-Freedom Loving Cult That Claims To Be A 'Loving Religion' While Murdering Those Who Do Not Believe, Degrading and Raping Women, Molesting Children and Animals, and Claiming All The While This is Right & Good In The Name Of Their God, I Would Rather Be "Saved" And Dead First.

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Christ is not a Homosexual

Please read this and share it or send this on!

Abraham asked the Lord to spare 50 righteous people. God responded
to Abraham's plea "If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city,
then I will spare all ....Genesis 18:16-33

The movie " Corpus Christi " is due to be released this June to August. A disgusting film set to appear in America later this year depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theaters for a while. It's called " Corpus Christi " which means "The Body of Christ". It's revolting mockery of our Lord. But we can make a difference.

That's why I am sharing this with you. If you do send this around, we
just might be able to prevent this film from showing in Canada and America . Let's stand for what we believe in and stop the mockery of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Where do we stand as Christians?

At the risk of a bit of inconvenience, I'm sharing this to all I think
would appreciate it, too. Please help us prevent such offenses against our Lord. There is no petition to sign, no time limit, or minimum number of people to send this to.. It will take you less than 2 minutes! To copy and paste this and email it to as many people you know.

Some regions in Europe have already banned the film. All we need
is a lot of prayer and a lot of emails and sharing of this information


....Will God be able to find at least 50 righteous people who are willing
to express their concern and voice their opinion against this act of

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Dems Propaganda Cup Spilleth Over.

Below are 2 things that are currently driving the Obummer backers. The Obummer/Dem/Progressive Propaganda Spin Machine is in high gear. The first is a letter sent from the DNC to party loyalists. The second is a piece from Current TV. In the foretelling of George Orwell, the Progressives continue to believe, that Ignorance is Strength.  A word of caution: groups calling themselves Progressive Coalitions are gaining grass roots sympathy by publicly focusing on libertarian causes, but they will ensnare those to their side. A prime example is the Colorado Progressive Coalition. Publicly they work to help unemployed and those facing foreclosure, behind the scenes they are plotting along with the rest to do away with our freedoms. We have to stand strong. Remember when the revolution began, only 3% of the population was in favor of independence. God Bless the United States of America.


In the spirit of the First Amendment, please feel free to comment on this post.




Friend --

Getting in President Obama's way has been the top priority for Republicans in
Congress since day one. But now they've gone too far.

They've been caught red-handed making up so-called 'scandals' out of thin air
to stir up false rumors of vast 'cover-ups' happening in the White House.

Did they find a single shred of evidence to back up their outrageous claims?

But rather than let the truth stand in their way, Republicans actually doctored
emails between administration officials about Benghazi. Then, they released
them to the press, trying to pass them off as real in order to create their
scandal. Fortunately, they got caught in the act when the White House released
all of the actual emails.

Tell President Obama
you've got his back right now, no matter what Republicans come up with next.

While Republican leaders were focused on stirring up controversy, Michele
Bachmann was talking about impeaching President Obama for absolutely no reason,
and Republicans in the House voted to repeal Obamacare -- for the 37th time.

That's how they think they should be spending their time and your money.

Make sure the President knows that you stand behind him and his agenda right
now -- and that you won't let Republican games distract you from advocating for
real change that will benefit all Americans.

Stand with President
Obama today -- and send the message to Republicans that it's time to stop
playing political games and get back to work for the American people:

Its time for them to do their damn jobs.



Brad Woodhouse
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee


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An open letter written to my elected

May 2, 2013 - An open letter to my Elected

STAFF MEMBERS - Please see that this missive gets to the desk and view of my Elected with Haste! Priority!


The Honorable Congressman Smith

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz



Gentlemen, Good morning!


Regretfully; this morning I am forced to write you on a matter affecting us all, but immediately affecting the men and women of our Military.


I am referring to the recent news release quoting the Department of Defense (DOD) stating they are going to begin Courts Martial actions on all Military members who are Christians and proselytize.


I might add at this point, from the terms and words used in the release (actual words from Mr. Mikey Weinstein) this act will likely result in immediate Criminal prosecution on treason and sedition charges against all members of the Chaplain Corps in all services - as well as the same for every Christian Military member who simply attends a Christian service on post, in the field or while in Uniform!


The normal act of Christian services on Sunday - in a Church or in the field - will cease. Hundreds of thousands of Military members will be falsely imprisoned, charged with treason and or sedition simply for being a Christian. Every Military members records (201 file) tell the reader what their religious affiliation is - and the Military member has no control over their records.


Please note Gentlemen; these actions criminalize Religion with Federal Felony Criminal charges of treason and sedition. They are a blatant and direct violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America!


Gentlemen - this act is unconscionable.  And the action by DOD of engaging an anti-Christian atheist extremist to develop this plan..... monstrous.


There were news releases in the past that Mr. Obama was filtering Military Leadership, terminating (firing, forcing to retire) those in Military Leadership who choose not to follow his plans - I now strongly suspect those reports were true - as we now have a situation previously unheard of and unthinkable to a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman.


A situation previously unheard of in the history of our Nation.


I cannot fathom how this has occurred nor what the implications to morale will be - but I do not hold hope the morale will be high... I expect this will take morale of all our Military to the toilet.

Christianity is what our Nation was founded upon. Freedom of religion is what our Nation was founded upon!


This Nation, the leadership of the Nation and Congress have failed our Military.

Those who have sacrificed so much, some with their lives... sacrificed on the altar of Mr. Obama's politics.... and for what??????????????????????????


Honorable Sir's, all of Congress, even yourselves, have been guilty of REACTING instead of being PROACTIVE in addressing immediate issues we as a Nation have faced. If you look in retrospect at the past four years you will see this fact for yourself. I strongly believe it is time Congress realized this error and changed the way it does business - regardless of party.


All of you, as well as every member in Congress, have been deluged with snail-mail, e-mail, faxes and phone calls. I surmise that the telephone system at Congress crashing on a daily basis and your overwhelmed staff's should give you an idea just how serious constituents believe every issue is....


Many constituents who have contacted you have used the phrase "connect the dots"... and I believe Congress - as a whole - has failed to understand this concept and "connect the dots".


For Congress to become PROACTIVE - you have to learn to "connect the dots" and realize that everything Mr. Obama has done in the past four years was according to some plan he has - and from our viewpoint... we don't like where the obvious road that "plan" leads.


We expected you to "connect the dots"


If you follow the news to any degree - you will know there is a Federal Court case in progress in the Supreme Court of Alabama under the Honorably Judge Moore on the eligibility of Mr. Obama to hold the office of President of the United States of America.


In discovery in this case, the Democratic National Party has submitted an amicus brief in support of Mr. Obama.... there is one small but important fact with this brief.

Within the contents of the brief the Democrats submitted another copy of an alleged "long form birth certificate" for Mr. Obama - and it differs substantially from the long form birth certificate Mr. Obama posted on the White House website.

There now exist three (3) different "birth certificates" alleged to be valid and original - all substantially different from one another.


It appears Congress refusal to hear or consider Sheriff Arpaio's (Maricopa County, AZ) evidence that the birth certificate Mr. Obama presented on the White House website is a forged computer generated fraud was a very serious mistake.


Perhaps it is time for you to rectify your mistake and hear Sheriff Arpaio's evidence.......  


Gentlemen, we have had a "Constitutional Crisis" for almost five (5) years now because Congress has refused to hear evidence Mr. Obama was an usurper. Our Nation has been in decline, our National credit rating has been reduced our National debt has increased - more than the deficit of all past Presidents combined in the history of this Nation!


We have endured several attempts at shredding the Constitution of the United States by this administration, we have witnessed this administration building hundreds of high security prisons at taxpayer expense calling them "FEMA Relocation Camps"... We have witnessed this administration throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at countries labeled by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies as having ties to terrorist organizations, we have witnessed this administration gunrunning to the Mexican Cartel - then claiming executive privilege and denying Congress the evidence it seeks, we have witnessed this administration allowing a U.S. Ambassador to be murdered and potentially an international gun running scheme in Benghazi - all stonewalled by this administration when Citizens demanded investigation and Congress attempted said investigation...

We have witnessed this administration's "Department of Homeland Security" arming itself with billions of rounds of ammunition, equipping itself with up-armored Combat vehicles on U.S. soil....


We have witnessed Mr. Obama addressing a Planned Parenthood conference here in Texas asking "god" to "bless" the abortion and murder of the unborn... Please re-read what the Bible has to say on abortion.....


Now we have DOD attempting to criminalize the 1st Amendment rights of every member of the U.S. Military, their freedom of Religion and right to Worship GOD.


Don't you think it's time you and the rest of Congress learned to connect the dots?


My personal opinion is; ALL of Congress should "Clear the Deck", immediately stop everything they are currently working on and investigate the possibility in extreme depth of the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.

My personal opinion and the opinion of millions of Americans is; We are facing the greatest National Security threat in the history of our Nation!

We are not "fringe" nor are we "extremist" - we are extremely concerned Americans.


We expect our Congress to "connect the dots" and act.





SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

(address redacted for publication)





Social Media (several)

Attorney General Greg Abbott (Texas)

The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Senator Rand Paul

Tea Party Command Center

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Hope is in your hands!    Flood the country with your truth, writings, and wisdom however great or trivial you may think they are.   You’re free to use anything I write or say to do it, just challenge it & make sure it’s right.    There is very little truth in anything federal government does or reports!    One day illegal aliens cost $116 billion & the next it’s $402 billion.  Isn’t 11million aliens replacing citizens at government’s $42,500 wage $468 billion down the toilet... FOR THAT SINGLE ITEM?   Doesn’t 23 million citizens losing their average $43,500 wage sound like $1 trillion of inexcusable misery caused by demonic tyrants hell bent on destroying America?   Don’t let them hide!   It’s treason!   Officials aiding and abetting the enemy need never sleep, not knowing they will be publicly held accountable to the full extent of Constitution and law, especially those sworn to public office!

Here’s another ugly side of alien invaders and slave traders bankrupting legitimate taxpaying US businesses!    They put perhaps 23 million citizens in the street with no job, while simultaneously undermining wages to the point where working citizens are supporting almost 50 million “food stamp” citizens and aliens who can’t afford food & shelter!   All walks of life are in this snake pit, especially democrats!

Criminal slave labor destroys competition, society, and government revenue!

A $20/hr wage costs employers about $26.67/hr. (+1/3 fica/med-wk/comp-uc/comp-ins-hol-vac-etc)
Worker net of tax takes home about $16 cash! (80% inc. tax-fica-etc.)
By paying $16 cash, no tax etc, you can save $10.67 or underbid legitimate contractors up to 40%!
A worker harboring criminal "alien straw boss contractor", can pay $8 & save $18.67 or underbid 70%!


Criminal activity never benefits anyone except criminals who take all but enough to corrupt!    This crime is as mindboggling and complex as each unique activity of 11 to 30 million criminal aliens, every day!   It’s also as simple to prosecute as dropping the numbers into any given case at any given time!


The illustration defines the parameters and scope of 11 to 30 million illegal alien workers where wages, taxes, requirements, are reasonable average estimates!   A 2000hr/yr (52wks=2080) says $10/hr is $20,000 each & $19/hr is $38,000/yr/ea!    Thus the lowest value of 11million workers is $220 billion/yr & the highest of 30 million is $722 billion.  Criminals gain $220 to $722 billion for their criminal activity!


It is a criminal enterprise that destroys independent taxpaying competitive businesses, which will trigger profoundly more wealth destruction, chaos, and moral breakdown of our society!    That process is above and beyond enabling the $1 to $3 trillion yearly mass looting of citizen wealth by alien invaders and stealth within government noted elsewhere!


The scope is trillions, not pennies, thousands, or even millions!   It’s survival of the Constitution and freedom or tyranny!    The legislative choice must be fight for freedom NOW or face treason for literally trillions of reasons.   The executive-legislative-judicial officers can correct this TOMORROW!   Let the first domino fall and the rest will follow!


Our government, unions, and chambers of commerce sponsor SLAVE LABOR and chaos!


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