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Just what is the ‘Sequester” in terms of dollars?  The simplest explanation I have run across is “To put this in perspective, consider that in fiscal year 2012 the federal government spent $3.538 trillion dollars, and is on track to spend $3.796 trillion this year. That means the sequester is about 2.24% of the federal budget. Is it really plausible that such a cut – which would put the federal government’s spending at a level still above the previous year – should result in drastic cuts in essential services?

The kicker in all of this is the sequester cuts are not discretionary within each department.  There are specific cuts that must be made in specific areas.


The Ugly:  Obama will and has used it to “punish” the American people for not allowing him to have his way.  He has already released several thousand Mexican criminals, NOT just illegal immigrants, CRIMINALS!  Let’s face it.  Under his orders to ICE they would not be in prison just for breaking the immigration laws.  He won’t allow that.  They only go to prison for breaking other laws.  His excuse?  The sequester made him do it.  Trust me, that is just another of his many lies.  But then you knew that didn’t you?


The Bad:  The defense budget will be cut almost 13% across the board. The security lines at the airport will get longer and slower.  Hmm I can’t think of any other bad things.  I’ll work on that.


The Good:  The federal government will have to tighten its belt by 2.4% ACROSS THE BOARD!  Except for the so called entitlements.  Your Social Security check will remain the same, Medicare and Medicade and the VA medical benefits won’t be touched.  As I understand it the exceptions will cause the higher percentage number for the DOD and many agencies will see the higher 12 or 13% cuts.  If I am wrong about those numbers, and you have verifiable information I would really like to hear from you.


Why is this a good thing?  We in the Tea Party and many who aren’t have been screaming that we want, indeed, need a smaller federal government.  That is the first effect of the sequester.  Personally I would like to see a new sequester every year for the next fifteen years.  We would then be spending a little less than we take in and could actually pay down the outrageous debt.  A debt that now exceeds our total GNP and that is one definition of bankruptcy.


One of the good results will be the reduction in Janet Napolitano’s American Gestapo aka the DHS.  And that is a very good thing.  Oh, and the Big Bureaucracies will feel the pinch with enforced unpaid time off.  Such a shame.


As the witching hour approaches and the sequester seems to be a sure thing Obama is quoted as saying it’s “dumb” but it’s “not going to be an apocalypse.”  Isn’t this the same guy that has been telling us all week what a disaster this is going to be?  So bad in fact that he was ‘Forced’ to release thousands of illegal alien convicted of crimes back to the streets because they couldn’t afford to keep them in prison with the sequester??  Yeah, that‘s the guy.

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