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A group of folks, which research is showing have strong connections to the Democratic party has copied a similar situation in Florida, and filed as a political party for the elections this fall.

The so-called "chairman", is a man from Reese, MI, a former UAW steward, with whom NO ONE in ANY functioning Tea Party group in the state has ever had contact with. He hired a former legal advisor to Jim Blanchard, a past Democratic Gov., and who has represented several Democratic concerns, to help with the ballots and legal wording. They then hired another Democratic-connected company to gather signatures to be allowed on the ballot. this company was paid around $100,000 to do the work; hiring people thru newspaper ads, and paying them $1 per signature.
They attended functions where real Tea Party groups had events, and claimed to be connected in order to get signatures. They met the required amount, at over 59,000 and turned them in to the State Board of Canvassers last Friday. Many Tea Parties went to Lansing on Friday to protest and ask the Board of Canvassers to investigate and do the more thorough form of ballot checking; Mike Bouchard and the Republican Party even came to support us in our claim that WE are the REAL Tea Party, and DO NOT wish to file as a political party.
When asked about their required Convention to select candidates for November's ballot, their attorney stated he did not know the date or place it would be held. That was a lie, as they held it the VERY NEXT DAY, Saturday, July 24, while our statewide Tea Parties were holding our LiberTEA Fair in Charlotte, MI.
(which by the way, was great, but I suspect few of you atteded - you missed a great event).
The slate of candidates selected by this FAKE Tea Party are very "coincidentally" only running for offices in hotly contested races where a strong conservative is vying for a seat of a Democrat, or where a Republican incumbent is being challenged by a Democrat, hoping to take a seat. In other words, they hope to fool enough of you Tea Party supporters into thinking their candidates are really Tea Party people, and split the conservative vote to see a Democrat win. And even more troubling, if they manage to capture 1% of the vote, they will automatically be eligible to be on next year's ballots without having to collect signatures again!!
We urge you to notify everyone you know about this situation, and DO NOT VOTE FOR A "TEA PARTY" CANDIDATE printed on your November ballot!!
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BREAKING NEWS: Evidence Ties Democrat Official to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party

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