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Our elected officials are easy decieved to believe that the Turkish Iman FETHULLAH GULEN is not up to doing evil in his stealth methods of infiltrating our education system with the  charter schools called Harmony Academy in Texas.


This weekend Stafford, Texas and numerous Fethullah Organizations have joined together for an education experience called the "Silk road Festival".He has numerous other schools and foundations through out the United States.


In 2009 the US Ambassador to Turkey wrote about his concern over Fethullah Gulen stating he was "The Most Dangerous Islamist on Earth".


Why is it our elected officials can be so decieved and not see the danger that this Iman and his organizations bring to our country?


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I wished I had a video of my confrontation with Harris County's Judge Ed Emmett. 4063587471?profile=originalYou should of been a fly on the wall of the Montgomery County Republican's Women luncheon last Thursday, Sept. 27,2012.  Judge Emmett was speaking and after he finished the incoming 2013 MCRW President Mary Lea Kirk, stood up and mentioned concern over the Harmony Schools, Fethullah Gulen and Islam. The Judge immediately got up and said he disagreed with her and said Harmony Academy Schools are fantastic, they are peaceful people and kids are on a waiting list to get it.

I confronted him afterwards and he was defensive from the start. He made a statement saying "just because Eagle Forum is concerned about the movement should not bring cause for alarm." He would ask me questions in a derogatory tone "Have you read the Quran?" "Do you speak Arabic?". Our conversation became pretty heated and I tried to end it saying that we would have agree to disagree and we would know when we see the Lord Jesus. He misunderstood what I said and threw his arms up in the air and walked off saying "I have had it and will not have someone question my faith". Fortunately there were others that were there to witness his emotional tantrum. I really wished someone would of had it on video. He rejoined in the conversation berating and continually questioning me "Do you think all Muslim are bad?" I just responded "I question any faith that reads the Quran which calls for the killing of the infidels and it is others like him that will not acknowledge the danger of Islam that will destroy this country."

I walked away in tears startled by this man's behavior and treatment of me. I wonder if he treats all women that way who take a diffent stance than he does on a issue?

The MCRW current president Alice Melancon called me yesterday to apologize and inferred that the Judge's behavior  was out of line.

Judge Ed Emmett is not on our side. He is a name dropper with a short fuse and Napoleon complex. He is all for social justice as you will see in this article.

These videos are the Judge speaking at a Gulen Institute luncheon.

This is a website many articles from wikileaks on Fethullah Gulen

Pass it on.... Judge Emmett needs to be voted out!!

Ginger Russell

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