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The Fellowship of the Right Wing

The Fellowship of the Right-Wing

Barak Obama may indeed be the Messiah.  He has certainly worked a political miracle in the last  2 years that has astounded many Americans. He has worked a healing miracle as the myriad bone cells that make the skeletal tissue of America, fractured and splintered, have knit themselves together. The breaks have been replaced by tissue that is not only healed, but stronger than before. The coalescing of The Fellowship of the Right Wing is a miracle because the nature of the conservative individual is stubbornly independent.

The Tea Party, The Conservative Patriot Resistance, The Red Stampede, the Resurgent Right, whatever you want to call it, is the ideological combination of disparate thinking, lifestyles, regionalisms, religions, and talents. Conservatives have never been followers of charismatic individuals. But we are followers of the heady principles of Liberty and of Constitutional government. Most of us will freely follow God, but we bristle when we are asked to follow a man. We question and vet, and we may treat a leader "pretty ugly"  if he is hypocritical or destructive. We reject the self-serving and duplicitous who wear the Conservative label on their sleeves, who follow some lesser star such as power or notoriety.  We trust only leaders who follow the highest, Divine Authority. We are headstrong, self-governing, free-thinking and we have contempt for government interference and the fawning sycophants who worship the god of the state.

The Fellowship of the Right Wing has come together, thanks to the great physician, (oops, I just puked a little in my mouth) Barak Obama. Conservative activist groups, PACs, think-tanks, blogs and news outlets, social networks, community and neighborhood liberty groups, and the new conservative political class has inundated the American scene.  I am chin-deep in the activities of the Right Wing, and I can tell you that my 'friends', 'followers', fellow activists, conservatives, Republicans, bloggers, campaign workers, and ideological soul mates are the cream that has risen to the top of political activity. Secure, educated, actualized and accomplished men and women who have a deep love of America, a love of the truth, and an appetite for freedom are enmeshed, cells in a protective tissue, healing and growing, that will cover the deep wounds of a brutalized nation.

Barak Obama has assaulted the nation with his socialist policies and inept handling of military, social, and economic challenges. But he is just one face on a many-headed dragon. He is a failure, the worst president in American history. But he, like an infection or an injury, has signaled the healing cells within the healthy body of America to rally to attack their invaders; all the social and political diseases that define the Left.

Yeah, this is not just synapse soup, but metaphor soup as well.


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