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Questions for Sebellious

I sent this to Rep. Fred Upton, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

I understand that Sebellious will testify there this week.

I encourage you to share it with your public servants.

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The Healthcare Website NO-BID Contract

This is from a web blog. Sebellious needs to be questioned in depth about it.

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This is against federal procurement law. Under Federal Law 42 USC § 6962 - Federal procurement, they must comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) the set of regulations governing ALL acquisitions and contracting procedures in the Federal government.
Subchapter A contains four parts and the topics covered are a description of the Federal Acquisition Regulations Systems, definitions, improper practices and CONFLICT OF INTEREST and administrative matters.

Subchapter B covers the procedures for helping ensure procurements are fair, open and to the benefit of the government.

Subchapter C states that contracting methods and contract types section covers the various types of procurements, contract types, special acquisition methods and emergency acquisitions. Simplified acquisition procedures are used for purchases typically under $150,000 in value and these are set aside for small businesses. Sealed bidding is used for purchases that will be decided primarily based on price. Contracting by negotiation is used for other acquisitions particularly ones that involve selection by non-price concerns such as experience, design and schedule.

Although this site is for the Department of Defense, it applies to all Federal organizations:



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Will you do it?


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