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Swilling beer, smoking dope and leering at porn, the other side of hate preacher 'Andy' Choudary

The British live 'like animals in a jungle' with their alcohol, gambling, prostitution and pornography.

That is the stated view of Anjem Choudary, the preacher of hate who this week insulted the families of dead soldiers and branded their marching comrades as cowards.

The extremist wants Britain to be brought under Sharia law, with women forced to wear burkas and put to death for adultery.

Yet before he grew his beard and turned to fundamentalism, Choudary, 41, was very much the life and soul of the party at Southampton University.

Anjem Choudary as a university student

Big night out: The university law student Anjem Choudary's reading list extended to this soft-porn title

Choudary and his followers

New identity: Choudary, centre, moved to radical Islam soon after qualifying as a solicitor

Photographs obtained by the Mail suggest 'Andy' - as he was then known - should be inflicting on himself the 40 lashes he prescribes for drunkenness.

As well as downing cider and lager, the cleric is shown playing drinking games with cards, clearly forbidden under his strict Islamic laws, and holding a cannabis joint between his lips before smoking it.

And the woman on the cover of the Mayfair pornographic magazine he is looking at is certainly not wearing a burka.

On the evidence of friends from his student days, Choudary had sex with numerous white Christian girls.

Under his version of Sharia law, he should be stoned to death for sex outside marriage.

High time: With beer and 'joint'
Down in one: The cider swigger

High time: Choudary with a beer and joint, and right, swigging a cider in one go

One former friend said: 'I can't keep a straight face when I see "fundamentalist Muslim Anjem Choudary" in the papers attacking the British for drinking or having girlfriends.

'When I knew him, he liked to be called Andy, would often smoke cannabis spliffs all day, and was proud of his ability to down a pint of cider in a couple of seconds.

'And he was ruthless with girls. When he briefly worked as an English teacher for foreign students in London, he'd pull one of them every few days, sleep with her, then move on to another.

'If Sharia law was introduced, he would have been whipped and stoned to death many times over.'

Choudary, who was born in South-East London to a market stall-holder of Pakistani descent, has become one of the faces of extremist Islam.

Choudary graphic

But in his days as a law student, he experimented with LSD, hallucinating and laughing hysterically for more than 20 hours.

After he qualified as a solicitor, however, he swiftly moved into ever more radical Islam.

Former acquaintances said this was possibly because he was angered by his failure to land a well-paid job with a big City law firm.

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I trust Senator Paul, there are not many in Congress I can say the same things about however....

Senator Paul is demanding the WH comply on the "fast and Furious" investigation - and they stonewall him.


Then how about this....
Obama is a poser, a non citizen usurper who - by deceit and complicity of certain members of Congress - has held on to that position by deceit... and needs to be removed.
Here are citations you should review and share with as many as you can. If you share, please do so as a group of citations so people can understand just how much evidence is out there against obama.

1. Ann Dunham, his mother, had him removed from her passport; http://tomohalloran.com/2013/04/07/new-documents-point-to-obama-indonesian-citizenship/

2. "Barry" is adopted by stepfather and registered in Indonesian school; http://www.wnd.com/2011/05/295289/

3. "Barry" travels to Pakistan on non-US passport (illegal at the time for US Citizen) and he has admitted several times he DID in fact travel to Pakistan - but refuses to provide passport he did it with; http://thesundowner.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/trump-uncovers-truth-about-obamaaka-barry-soetoroobama-is-not-his-real-name-hes-a-fraud/

4. Key witness of obama passport fraud murdered, no witnesses and unsolved; http://www.pittsreport.com/2013/04/unsolved-murder-unanswered-questions-obamas-passport-breach/

5. British Colonial records from National Archives, untouched for decades - hold records from Kenya proving birthplace of obama; http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/blog/2012/apr/18/national-archives-release-colonial-papers-live-blog

Congress has received several letters from myself and millions of Americans demanding the immediate removal of barack hussein obama from office on the grounds he is Constitutionally ineligible for office.
Congress has failed to act and this man remains in office.

Why is Congress sitting on its collective hands and allowing this to continue when the evidence continues to mount?
Why is treason allowed in our land when millions of Americans demand investigation?

Why are the people who, seeing all the evidence mount, decried as "fringe", "extremist" or a "birther" (and I still do not know what that term is supposed to mean). Why are our voices brought to silence - when what we are doing is observing and documenting someone who has - by all appearances - usurped the highest office of our land?

Why does Congress refuse to investigate charges of this nature? How can millions of Americans be "fringe" or "extremist"?

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