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Editorial Note: (By Leni Friedman Valenta)

In light of the brouhaha over the temporary Muslim ban imposed by President Trump, we make the following observation. There are two words Obama could not bring himself to say, “Radical Islam.” There are also two that Trump, for obvious reasons, cannot allow himself to presently say-- “Sharia law.”

In our view, the temporary ban was not meant just for potential terrorists. Though he cannot say it yet, we believe Trump hopes to somehow prevent a constitutional crisis here over the very definition of religion. Islam is a beautiful religion as practiced today by the majority of Muslims, but sharia law, a throwback to the 7th century, cannot and must not be permitted here. Like Nazi fascism, it is exactly what U.S. law is not. The reasons are made manifest by the personal testimony of analyst Jake Neuman, who lives in Germany.

                             December 31, 2016; The Day the Music Stopped

                                                           Jake Neuman               

Gone are the days of the German Oompah bands. The days are now long past that the music stopped. The rapid Jihad sweeping Germany culminated at New Years Eve celebrations in Stuttgart, Cologne and Hamburg. It manifested as Taharrush - the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped -- and even raped.

In Stuttgart, upwards of 1,000 drunk and aggressive Muslim men of Arab or North African appearance attacked German women in the train stations. German media and police, after much delay, were finally forced to report this horror because an incredible 516 women came forward to report it. (And how many didn’t, out of fear?) The scale of the attacks shocked Germany. City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it "a completely new dimension of crime."

Yet not one media outlet explained that under sharia law, kafir [infidel]women are granted by God to Muslim men as their sexual slaves and can be raped with impunity for their pleasure.  What happened in Germany is not a crime to a Muslim. Under Sharia law, rape is not just a holy act, it is ordained by Allah as a weapon of war!

 To understand Taharrush you must view this You Tube video on on the violence in Cologne, Germany:

 Women were also targeted in Hamburg, But the Cologne assaults - near the city's iconic cathedral - were the most serious. There, under the eyes of more than 200 policemen, women were sexually and massively harassed by Arab invaders. A large number of young women were also attacked on the Reeperbahn. As in Cologne , the victims were encircled by a group of attackers who called them "sluts," groped their breasts and buttocks, and attacked them in their genital areas.  "The girls were like hunted animals," said a witness. Some, according to police, were saved by the bouncers of bars and clubs.

What is wrong with leaders like Germany’s Merkel, but also David Cameron? He too allows Muslim Jihadists into Britain who have raped and gang-raped tens of thousands of young girls. In Sweden rape is also a horrific problem. Incredibly, women in these three countries are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. 

VERSE 33:50:  “O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [slaves] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war….”.

The term "possessions of the right hand" means “slaves.” It is expressly stated that Muhammad's slaves are given to him by Allah himself to be taken out of his share of the captives in war. The above verse is only a few out of numerous such verses scattered throughout the Quran. (4.24, 4:3, 4:25, 23:1-6, 24:33, 70:22-30, 70: 29-35) Tell me, what could be more unethical than owning slaves and raping slave girls? Yet some Muslims living under Sharia, believe that God graciously allows them to do so.

In past centuries, having sex slaves was one of the main factors in the spread of Islam. Indeed it was a pillar of Islam! Having murdered the kafir woman’s man, a Muslim male could feel sanctioned by the law of God to complete her final humiliation; the domination of her body. Today, under Sharia in some countries, a raped Muslim woman must be able to provide four male witnesses who witnessed her being raped; otherwise she is accused of zina - unlawful sexual intercourse — and jailed as a result.

 Qur’an 24:4: “And those who accuse honorable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterward) accept their testimony – They indeed are evil-doers”

 Can you tell us how a man whom Muslims claim was the apostle of God – the prophet of peace – was authorized by God – to own and rape slaves and allow their purchase sale, and sexual abuse? Yet where is the outrage against the purveyors of Nazi-like, horrific, Sharia law? Against the males who believe that rape is obeying the teachings and practices of Muhammad? Moreover, there is also a total correlation between the Quran and the Hadith, recording Muhammad’s acts. One is the mirror image of the other. 

As if these sexual outrages aren’t enough for one to stomach, the female Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, blames the women, stating that they should have a code of conduct to prevent future assaults. They must be properly dressed, and keep themselves at arms length from strange men. As you will also read, in Vienna, the Mayor and Police Chief are calling on German women to obey Sharia law.

When Islam enters a country in force, the rights that citizens have fought for so long and so hard in the West are systematically destroyed. Our cities are now the playground of violent invaders and the women they attack are scarred with a lifelong trauma that they can never forget. And yet there are some leaders who call for accommodation to what should never, ever in the first place, be allowed

Welcome to the the new Germany, the multicultural, leftist Paradise! 

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Are the French stingier with welfare benefits than Americans? A new study  from the Cato institute says yes.

According to the study, a single parent raising two children in the United  States can expect to receive slightly more in public assistance per year than in  France and slightly less than in Sweden. The authors of the study are quick to  point out, however, that Medicaid payments were not included in their  calculations for the purpose of making a meaningful and roughly equivalent  comparison. All of the European nations to which the United States was compared  offer health care on a universal basis, whereas our Medicaid program is offered  only to people whose annual income falls beneath a certain threshold. If  Medicaid payments were counted as public assistance, the United States would  place third in the rankings behind only Denmark and the UK.

Whether our massive welfare spending is a good thing or a bad thing is a very  debatable point. I know some people would say that money spent on “human  needs”—as if that’s all it ever goes to—is money well spent. I would counter  that “human needs” aren’t nearly as important to the average liberal Democrat as  sustaining a poverty-stricken political fiefdom. They buy power with other  people’s money and expect the rest of us to stand in awe of their supposed  generosity.

But before we have that debate it would be nice if welfare advocates would at  least acknowledge that they’ve gotten their way most of the time and that the  United States is, for better or worse, a European-style welfare state that just  happens to be located across the ocean. That’s the reality of the situation and  reality is always a good starting point for further discussion.

Welfare benefits vary from state to state, of course. In my travels I’ve seen  that poor people in Texas, for example, really seem poor; or at least they don’t  have much money for luxuries. The poor in my state of Massachusetts, however,  live pretty well on the dole. I was not at all surprised to discover that only  Hawaii and the District of Columbia offer more robust benefits packages than the  Bay State.

Come to Massachusetts’ post-industrial inner cities and you’ll see satellite  dishes sprouting like mushrooms from the government-subsidized housing. No one  would be caught dead without their iPhone. They spend almost three hundred  dollars a month on their pack-a-day cigarette habit and they prefer top shelf  liquor. That’s how “poor” people live in Massachusetts. It’s not exactly a “Feed  the Children” commercial.

But Massachusetts is not representative of the nation as whole. Fair enough.  Although welfare spending is uneven across the nation, thirty-five US states  have combined benefit packages greater than the European Union mean. In eleven  states, welfare benefits exceed the pre-tax income of a first year teacher, and  in a majority of states welfare pays more than a minimum wage job.

Yet liberals blame a lack of social spending for nearly everything from crime  to disparate educational outcomes.

When a black criminal in Ferguson, Missouri was killed after robbing a store  and attempting to murder a policeman, the culprit was lack of social spending.  If only the black neighborhoods weren’t so shamefully neglected, they argued,  this wouldn’t have happened.

This explanation might make more sense if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve  been dousing black ghettoes with a cash firehose for the last five decades. From  the dawn of the War on Poverty until 2014 the American taxpayer shelled out $22  trillion (in constant 2012 dollars) in anti-poverty programs. Our current  national debt is about $18.4 trillion by the way, which gives you an idea of  where all that money went.

It’s a form of national suicide, a rather peculiar phenomenon that deserves  some explanation. Ever since the Watts riots happened fifty years ago this  summer, American politicians have sought to “invest” in poor inner city  neighborhoods. As “investments” go, it’s been about as lousy as buying  confederate currency in 1864. The War on Poverty was launched the same year that  Watts went up in flames but that didn’t prevent Detroit and Newark from burning  in 1967. Nor did it prevent the nationwide urban conflagration of April 1968.  Looting and rioting returned to Los Angeles in 1992. Ferguson exploded in 2014,  followed by Baltimore in 2015, followed by more Ferguson rioting on the one year  anniversary of Michael Brown’s attempted murder of Darren Wilson.

Paying people not to riot clearly isn’t working.

How about academic performance? Can the differences between rich and poor, or  black and white, be chalked up to a lack of social spending? One of the more  common arguments is that hungry kids can’t learn. Let’s examine that.

We live in a country in which a majority of public school students qualify for free or reduced school lunches. The program was sold as a means of solving precisely this problem of underperformance among hungry children. When the solution was tried and found wanting it was of course expanded to include breakfast in many schools and even dinner in a few. Meanwhile, the kids’ parents are also afforded SNAP benefits, or any of the other fourteen federally subsidized food assistance programs. Heaven knows what the parents do with all that food while their children eat three meals a day at school. If the kids are still hungry, and some may be, it’s probably because they’re tossing Michelle Obama’s nasty lunches in the trash, a real problem in many schools.

These facts absolutely never penetrate the liberals’ bubble. They revel in  asking snappy questions that contain the implicit assumption that we as a nation  have almost no social safety net to speak of. Here are a few:

“Why is that we always have plenty of money for the military but not  for basic human needs?” Answer: the military budget, though expensive,  has been constantly decreasing, adjusting for inflation, since the end of World  War II. We call on today’s military to do more with less. Welfare on the other  hand is always growing. The inflation-adjusted $22 trillion that we’ve spent in  the War on Poverty is more than three times the combined cost of all wars since  the Revolution. The War on Poverty is undeniably the most expensive we’ve ever  waged, and the longest.

“Why can’t we be more like Europe?” Answer: We are like Europe. Our welfare state is on par with theirs and it’s killing us.

“Why do people go hungry in a country as rich as ours?” Answer: Very few actually do, but even those who don’t have enough to eat can’t  blame a lack of programs or appropriated funds. There are state, federal, and  local programs, not to mention private charities.

A rational discussion cannot begin with an irrational premise. The idea that  somehow our country adheres to a philosophy of rugged individualism is absurd.  We hand out other people’s money like it’s going out of style. Our social safety  net is deep and wide. The moment we acknowledge this stubborn fact is the moment  we can begin a useful dialogue. I’ll be waiting with bated breath.


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By Rebecca M

Islamic law continues to threaten America with their attempts at free speech and blaspheme laws. Sharia Law requires submission of all infidel lands and is their goal for the world. The Islamic culture presses an influx of demands perpetrated against women as a force of patriarchy. And the world powers continue to bow to the Islam culture, although primitive, with the assassination of their own countries due to the suicide of political correctness.

The Miss American Beauty Pageant was yesterday, June 7, 2013, in Indonesia which is the largest populated Muslim country in the world. Whoever thought this was a prime location to bring women needs their heads examined. A world beauty pageant held in a country where women are regarded as 1/2 human and abused like animals to men who shudder at the sight of a woman without a veil. What a callous and preposterous decision. Thus, catering to the Muslim culture and shying away from offending them, the contestants for the beauty pageant were forbidden from wearing bikinis and told to wear a wrap-around sarong styled one-piece style garment, all to appease the Muslim elitists as the world blindly submits to Islam.

Accordingly, the enforcement of Muslim women to shroud themselves in hijab is to prevent the gaze of the male species and prevent him from uncontrollable lust. Evidently, Muslim men are like savage wolves that have no self-control. It is the woman's fault, always, in Islamic culture if a man is a lust-crazed rapist even if the woman did nothing to provoke it - other than she glanced upward from staring at the ground or her veil accidently slipped off of her head! The man is rarely held accountable. That is why when a female is raped - the female is punished and the rapist goes free. Four male witnesses have to attest to the rape and other than the gang-rapists, which are common, none of them will attest to anything.

In some Muslim countries 65% of the women in prison awaiting sentencing, or execution in Arab countries, are there because they were raped. A raped female is labeled as a fornicator and worthy of death; in many cases an "honor killing" is done by close family members including Fathers, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Mothers and even Sisters.

In the early 1970's, the Belgium parliament banned the burqa. The repercussions of violence by Muslim men was purposely done as they crawled out of the woodwork, sexually harassing and raping the women as a form of punishment for daring to go unveiled in public. The French parliament went so far as to completely ban all hijab and burqa coverings in the public school systems, in 2004, and has continued to enforce this policy. Too bad they didn't ban the burqa permanently across the land! However, this bylaw is only in the French school systems and once the young women exit the doors, they must be covered. Therefore, the shadow of the veiled culture of Islam that is penetrating Western civilization can be seen in every country and increases each year.

This intimidation procedure by the Muslim male population is intentional to press the governments to protect the women and even to enforce a form of 'non-discrimination law,' that only throws the ball in the Sharia ball court to be used against that nation - thus forcing the women to veil, rather than convict the perpetrators.

The continued abuse of women eventually puts them at such high risk many women choose to veil rather than be abused and raped, Muslim or non-Muslim alike. There are areas in Europe that are so threatening and highly populated by Muslims and patrolled by Sharia morality advocates - that woman who are not veiled are considered easy prey and regarded as "easy whores." In France many non-Muslim women are choosing the veil over the harassment of possible rape. The Qur’an teachings permanently stain the Muslim male’s mind-set with a 'booty' license to rape and abduct women, especially young girls under age 16. The fear the Europeans harbor, in their originally non-Islamic cultures, may eventually cause a war to break out in these countries as they fight for their homelands and freedoms; and, if they do not stop the oppression of Islam's attempts to conquer their lands, soon the entire world will be shrouded in Islamic hijab darkness.

Many scorn the imposing threat of "the religion of peace," but they are living in a cocoon and are not aware of the travesties occurring in Europe due to Muslim immigration. Europe is warning America to stop the invasion of Muslims into our country. All of Europe, as well as America, need to take a stand against this infringement of humanity and women's rights because it is the possible future of your wives, daughters, nieces and granddaughters. If something isn't done soon, all of Europe will be forced to veil in subservience, or will be so threatened that if they do not veil - there will be no safety anywhere for an unveiled woman in the near future.

And the threat to American civilization will be following soon, thereafter . . . . .


Although the burqa is a looming oppression, the Western world is embracing the culture of Islamic style without even realizing it. The Islamic globalization of the world is happening. Yes, the fashion trend is leaning to the culture of Islamic-Egyptian style ......

Have you noticed this? Are you supporting it? Are you even aware of it? The globalization to impute Sharia Law is manifesting before our eyes. The question is.... will we continue to tolerate it and support it.


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Jihad has come to America as its tentacles reach out across the world affecting every country.

The global jihad is shown on a map in the early part of the video with *red* "X's that reveal the monstrosity of the Islamic attacks on the world; their goal is to bring every nation under terror and submission to Islam.

This film targets the radical Islamic Jihadi's that are the most faithful to Islam - these jihadi warriors are about 10% of the 1.5 Billion Muslims worldwide, which means approximately 150+ Million (the numbers are much higher) jihadists are recruiting, training, prepared, and ready to commit jihad terror at any given moment in any country. Hundreds of thousands of Jihadi terrorists are in American training in cell camps across our land. Lest we forget, that even though many Moslems are not involved as warrior Jihadists they supporting it verbally, secretly, financially, teach it and cheer it on in their mosques.

A must see video. (60 minutes long)

See also this other video I posted called "Islam-What the West Needs to Know":

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Primary Day, May 18th, was a good day for America. Citizens across the nation gave a loud and clear message that this is America, and we do not believe in government takeover. Call it whatever you want - socialism, communism, marxism, fascism - it reeks of total control, cradle to grave, nanny-state power over every aspect of our lives, and America wants none of it.


Also known as the party of adulthood. Join it.

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