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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist –

We are at war. The establishment declare war against Donald Trump and the American people.

Stand for America and support Donald Trump, do not allow the establishment to continue the ill policies that made Americans, economic slaves. Neo-Liberalism-Privatization-monopolism-globalization and free trade; our system of government is a Constitutional Democratic Republic we must end the establish collusion of the Washington establishment and corporate American the exploiters of the American working class and foreign workers.  George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama should be exposed and prosecuted for treason, they betray the American people by promoting Globalization, neo-liberalism, free trade and failing to secure our borders and preventing the drug, arms, human trafficking and the invasion of illegal immigrants from many countries through working and visitor’s visas that over stay in our country. We Texans and Arizona’s Sherriff Joe Arpaio; did our best to stop the illegal immigration, but this was stop by Bush and Obama they prosecuted any one for protecting our border. We can’t forget The Border Patrol officers Ramos and Compean that were send to prison for doing their job and also our Patriotic Sherriff Joe Arpaio that suffer the consequences of protecting our border.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘A Nation Without Borders and Without Laws Is No Nation at All’

Fellow Americans, our country is one of the world's wealthiest nations, with abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, and high productivity labor force.

Now we have a new President, Donald Trump; we Americans voted for Donald Trump because we are fed-up with the corrupt Washington establishment, the neo-liberalist, the war mongers that represent the transnational corporations and oppressed the American working class and made us economic slaves and demised opportunities for us to work and live in dignity, the establishment made us dependents of government handouts while they transfer billions of taxpayers’ Dollars to the corrupt financial institutions to re-build our economic in 2008; and expended trillions of Dollars on the illegal Middle East wars. We expend over 600 billion Dollars per year on the military complex, to make wars, while the American people and our veterans are forgotten.

Today after 8 years of deception we are in an economic mess our national debt is close to 20 Trillion Dollars- Our personal debt is over 18 Trillion Dollars, Mortgage debt is over 14 Trillion Dollars, student’s debt is 1.4 Trillion Dollars, credit card debts over 1 Trillion Dollars. Our economic is keeping going by promoting more debt,  the financial institutions are the promoters of more consumers debt by giving credit to millions of Americans so they can expend this money and feed the economic, corporations made billions by exporting our jobs to foreign countries and exploit foreign workers with the help and support of the Washington establishment, free trade, globalization and the neo-liberalism ideology made the world working class economic slaves and we are part of this ill policy.

I hope that we have all learned a very valuable lesson. We must learn from our pass and stop continuing making the same mistake.  No matter what we did, 2017 is the beginning of a new era, we must work to make America great again; stop any government policies that will give more power to the Washington establishment they are predators of our country’s natural resources the enslaver of our working class and exploiters of the people’s health care system. we are the solution, not matter what political party ideology we support, our national origin, our race, color, gender or religion; we are all Americans and we must stand with Donald Trump, our constitutional democratic republic principles and our God given rights.

Human rights and equality under God’s law, is not something that a government can grant or deny to a body of citizens; for this right is unalienable. Our Bill of Rights can be more accurately thought of as a list of restrictions placed on our government, restrictions that secures a citizen's civil liberties and human rights. Our Declaration of Independence says that each individual has certain basic rights, which are neither conferred by nor derived from the state, they are God-given “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

It is not a secret, our economic will get worse, and the only way that we can save our own economic is by working together, no matter what has happened or what will happen, we will never lose our value, as humans we are priceless the worth of our lives comes not in what we own or who we know, but by WHO WE ARE. We should Count our blessings, not our problems; think about your purpose in life, focus in doing what is right for your family, the community our country. We may never know the lives we will touch, or the hope that we may bring, but we must never forget it doing what is right is what is all about. God, bless America, the land of the free.

Hillary Clinton: ‘We need to secure our borders’

George W. Bush Securing Our Borders

Justice Department to Charge Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Contempt of Court Over His Immigration Law Enforcement

Joe Arpio Arizona’s Sheriff

The Broken Promises Of NAFTA

Veterans - Wounded, Homeless and Forgotten

Old and Poor: America’s Forgotten

Learn what is neo-liberalism.

Donald Trump wins 2016 presidential election: victory speech, full transcript

The Official Texas Minutemen

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP-activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

We the people are united in solidarity to make our country great again.

Fellow Americans, our country was formed under the ideology base on the will of the people to have a government by the people for the benefit of all the people. Our Constitution clearly state that all men are created equal. Today we have a neo-liberalism political and economic system that favor the corporations and granted them personal rights and privileges that help them in the accumulation of huge wealth,  by reducing their tax responsibilities and in collusion with the corrupt Washington establishment, force the working class; “the low- and middle-income families” to pay a bigger per cent of their income in state and local taxes than the wealthy families and corporations of our country that made millions at the expenses of the working people. Neo-liberalism (Reaganomics) is the ill policy that demised the working-class rights to secure better labor conditions, protection of their health benefits and the security of their economic and welfare.  Neo-liberalism help the rich that control the U.S corporations to create this concentration of wealth, corrupt our government and exploit the working class and make them economic slaves.

Our revolution is to repudiate this corrupt Washington establishment and reclaim our unalienable rights. The fact is; that for many years our country is being run by the Transnational corporation, the Bankers, the IMF, the U.S Federal Reserve Banks and the special interest. They are part of this network that in collusion with the Washington politicians formed the Washington establishment. The Washington establishment objective is to pass legislation that will promote and stablish the economic and political ideology of the new world order. All the free trade agreements, the promotion of neo-liberalism and the neo-colonization and the military interventions in foreign countries are part of the agenda to demise the sovereignty of the United States and other countries, and form economic blocks that will be under the control of the world’s oligarchs that control the multinational corporations, the IMF, the world Bank. The WTO and many other organizations that are connected to this network of corrupt elements that are driven by the love of money and power.

The true is, that No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. We the people believe that united, we can take our country back and make America great again. We voted for Donald Trump and we win our first battle. Now the real work has begun; our job is to support our elected President, Donald Trump and help to make and support the policies that will stop free trade agreements and demise this ill ideology of neo-liberalism that make the 1% the ruling class in our country, mega rich. Our country’s Freedom and prosperity is not only for the 1% of Americans.

This is a fact; For the last 30 years, we are being excluded by this corrupt Washington establishment of our special inheritance, our rights to negotiate for better pay and labor conditions and secure our economic prosperity, were destroyed by this corrupt government; we are not free, this corrupt government violated our constitutional rights and our human rights. The Washington establishment worked in collusion with the corporations and the bankers to make us economic slaves, equal opportunities in our country is a farce.  Americans before us fought for and paid a great price for our freedom and Liberties, we are the stewards of this gift not only for ourselves but for all the citizens of our country and the immigrants from other nations who yearn to be Americans and be free. Our country’s Constitution have discharged this duty to the people of this country and we the people must take this responsibility and duty to defend and protect our Constitution, our freedom and liberty for future generations of Americans.

Our first objective is to demise the network of Washington corrupt elements that form the Washington corrupt establishment that in collusion with corporate American promoted neo-liberalism and the corporate monopoly of self-economic growth and concentration of wealth. 2-  Expose the Washington political power that support Free trade, globalization and Neo-liberalism, this ill system that made them rich and powerful able to control our government.

We cannot continue being in complete denial that “Reaganomics-Neo-liberalism” is the political economic system that destroyed our economic and killed millions of American jobs and give the power to corporations to control our economic and our government.

The time has come to take responsibility for our future and promote an inclusive economic growth, good/ transparent/accountable governance, the promotion of human, cultural and economic rights of our citizens, the exercise of citizenship in participatory governance beyond voting in elections is a must,  to stop poverty in America, that is rooted in corruption and marginalization of our people, Latinos, Blacks and other minorities; this internal conflicts and division within the working class, promoted by the organizations that claim to be on the side of the working class must be expose. Regardless of which poverty line, all these in poverty are vulnerable groups they are constrained by the same factors resulting in social injustice. The working Peoples in our country, in every state of this union, are all affected by their environment, political, economic, social, cultural, moral values, tradition, religion, technology, life experiences etc. but the fact remains that beyond these elements. We all are responsible for the future of our country and the economic and welfare of every American and we must work unite in solidarity with our mind and heart to make our country great again for the benefit of all the American people.

May God give us the wisdom, to be unite and work in solidarity to make our country great again for the benefit of all the people of our country.

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By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The Washington corrupt establishment fail to acknowledge the power of the people to demise corruption

Fellow Americans, one day after the election the corrupt Washington establishment got together to gather information and determine the cause of their failure to place Hillary Clinton in the white house. The corrupt Washington establishment big question was; why the people voted for Donald Trump? they all believe that they have done everything possible to make Donald Trump unelectable and expended over a billion Dollars to make sure that Hillary Clinton be elected.   Hillary Clinton’s campaign vastly outspent the Trump campaign on television and radio advertisements, and get-out-the-vote efforts. Also Hillary Clinton campaign in the general election not of only had the support of the elite Democrats and Republicans of the Washington corrupt establishment, but also many leading Republicans that do not want Donald Trump as our president. Hillary, had this huge support including most of the politically active people of Wall Street and the top executives of America’s largest corporations, and even former Republican president George H.W Bush and his family.  Also her campaign team was run by seasoned professionals who knew the ropes. Hillary also had the visible and forceful backing of Barack Obama her partner on crimes and Barack’s popular wife; and of course, she had her husband Bill Clinton the womanizer.

Well what they fail to check is their history of corruption, lies and deception that demise the American people opportunity to make a decent living, their criminal collusion with the transnational corporations to pass free trade legislations that killed millions of Americans jobs, the lack of will to enforce our immigration laws and let millions of illegal immigrants invade our country placing a huge economic burden in our community and in our schools’ system, they fail to see what type of reaction the people will have about our foreign military interventions, the killings of our soldiers and the genocide we caused by getting involved in illegal wars, they fail to see that the American people’s concern, needs and right are not being addressed, they fail to see that the American people was fed-up with this corrupt establishment, they fail to acknowledged the power of the people to change this path of self-destruction that was paved with lies and deception for more than 30 years. Since Ronald Reagan the people of this country has being taken for a ride that lead them to poverty and the complete demise of their God given rights to freedom and liberty, our Constitutional Republic is gone and we will take back and restored, We know that today we have the power and the will to stand unite in solidarity to make American great for the benefit of the American people; we must never forget that our country is a country formed by the people and for the people, with liberty and justice for all.

The days of corruption, neo-liberalism, privatization of state owned agencies our land and natural resources are counted.  We the people will be in control of our destine, our future belongs to us.

We the people of this country voted for Donald Trump, because we are fed-up with this corrupt establishment that represent the transnational corporation, the wall Street, the Banker, foreign corporation and betray the American people. The truth is that the people of this country do not have anyone representing them in this country. Let no one be mistaken we will take our country back; our freedom and liberty is being reborn, because everything was taken from us and we do not have anything more to lose; our freedom has come; we will make America great again, working together means winning together.

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “We the people unite in solidarity will demise government corruption and reclaim our country, our Constitutional Democratic Republic, our freedom and the rule of law” Our United State is a country by the people and for the people, with justice and liberty for all.

Fellow Americans, we the people has shown the world the power of the people to change the path of evil, corruption and betrayal; we elected Donald Trump because we are fed-up with this corrupt establishment. It is clear that we have win our first battle against this corrupt establishment, the war against government and corporate corruption will continue until we the people take our country back and reclaim our constitutional republic and our democracy; we must never forget that our country is base in moral values and we are a country by the people and for the people. This institution that we call our government has only one responsibility; to stand and defend our U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, our God given rights, our freedom, our liberty and our economic and welfare.

The war against this corrupt establishment will continue, we must purge the congress and the senate and get the career politicians out and replace them with statesmen that care about we the people.

During the election many Americans and a great number of my friends were convinced that it was impossible to change this path of corruption and self-destruction, because the establishment control the corporate news media the propaganda machinery that brainwashed the American people and the big money that corrupt our government officials, the corrupt Washington elite including Obama and many Republicans and Democrats, the U.S corporate news media and the corporations and the corrupt financial system were in support of Hillary Clinton the criminal pathological liar that contributed to the demise of the trust of the American people on the government and our Dept. of justice; but we the people show the world that justice prevail and when the people have enough they get unite in solidarity and fight for justice and their God given freedom and liberty.

We believe that we can take our country back and we did it, now the real work has begun, we must work in unity to fix all the damage done by this corrupt establishment.

This is our motto.

No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “We the people unite in solidarity will demise government corruption and reclaim our country, our Constitutional Democratic Republic, our freedom and the rule of law” Our United State is a country by the people and for the people, with justice and liberty for all.

We the people need to know the truth and expose government and corporate corruption to protect us from their evil deeds and the demise of our freedom and liberty.

Defend and support our first amendment, protect and defend the whistle-blowers that expose corruption and most important Support the free press and the alternative news media that report the truth.


Apathy is our worse enemy be part of the solution, seek the truth and let the people know the truth.

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What you must know.

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We the people must vote for Donald Trump

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Latinos citizens of the U.S, we should vote for Donald Trump, our loyalty must be to our country the USA. Defending our US Constitution and the rule of law is our duty and responsibility. I am voting for Donald Trump for 4 reasons. 1- to stop the free trade deception. 2- to stop illegal immigration. 3- pass legislation for limit terms in government. 4- Stop Hillary Clinton and ban her from the political arena.

The Washington establishment, Including Obama, the Bush and the Clintons, the corrupt corporate media, the Democrats and the Republicans neoliberalist war mongers and the transnational corporations, do not want Donald Trump in the White house. The question is why.

On free trade. The establishment represent the transnational corporations and they are convinced that Donald Trump will change the rules of free trade and stop them from exploiting this control they have on our corrupt Washington establishment to maximize their profit and also for corporate America to start paying their share of taxes.

On illegal immigration. The truth is that most illegal immigrants enter the US by Air, they come from all over the world including South America; they enter our country with a tourist visa for 6 months and they overstay their visa and we do nothing about it. The cost of illegal immigration is huge and we the tax payers are the ones that pay for it. We the tax payers pay for the education of their children’s; the average cost per students in public schools is $8,000.00, most illegal immigrants have 3 to 4 Childs; just do the math; this is only education, what about the other expenses, medical and if they are born here we pay for their welfare.

On term limit of elected officials. We Must have term limits on elected member of congress and the senate to end this system of corrupt career politicians that are in politics not to serve our country but only to get rich at the expenses of the people of this country. The fact is that they represent the transnational corporation and not the people of this country.  

About Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, a sycophant. Hillary's collusion with the coop led to the takeover by murderous faction in Honduras, the spike in violence and repression which in turn sparked the exodus of thousands of children. Hillary supported wars and the devastation in Iraq, Libya, Syria. Afghanistan, Yemen and now of Syria. Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA and all the free trade agreements, Hillary and Bill Clinton are master of corruption; the Clinton foundation is a stablish example of their corrupt ideology of getting rich under the pretense of helping the poor.  She is a neo-liberalist, war monger, pro globalization, free trade and supporter of the Transnational corporations that control the Washington establishment.

Hillary Clinton is driven by greed of money and power; she cannot be trust with the power of being the president of this country, her record of criminals deeds and corruption is huge; she will unleash a massive wave of devastation while enriching herself and her friends with dirty deals and influence pedaling. During her time in government she has clearly shown that she cannot be trusted with power and that she will use her position as President to build her own personal empire at the expense of we the people.

No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “We the people unite in solidarity will demise government corruption and reclaim our country, our Constitutional Democracy and the rule of law”

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Conservative Senator Ted Cruz never once campaigned for a conservative challenger to an incumbent in the 2014 mid-term campaign races – nor did he ever discuss the absence of a federal budget now the republicans were in control of both the House and the Senate. He did however later snub and make snide remarks about Sarah Palin who campaigned for his election and without her support would never have been elected.

He publically condemns what he calls the DC Cartel, yet he is in bed with the lot of them. More on that later, just keep reading.

When asked about his wife Heidi’s involvement with the Council On Foreign Relations, Ted tells the same story over and over when questioned, that is, his wife Heidi had nothing to do with the CFR except (for five years) as a member she sought to bring to the table some conservative views. He is always quick to add, ‘Robert Bolton was also a member ‘ of course with conservative views? See video from 2012 it is identical as what he says today:

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Dr. Shaun Crowell for TN Gov 
Republican governor, Bill Haslam, is in the process of submitting a plan to the HHS (formerly controlled by FEMA Death Marshall Kathleen Sebelius) to utilize Obamacare dollars in a manner similar to Arkansas and Iowa’s Private Option plans.  Article Click HERE

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Ever since the emergence of the tea party in 2009, the media narrative has been pre-written and ready to deploy at opportune times. Embodying the intense frustrations of ordinary Americans with so-called limited-government Republicans who were forever raising taxes, increasing spending, and incurring more debt, the tea party demanded that their representatives keep their promises, and adhere to principle over politics. Otherwise, when the next election cycle rolled around, they would be fully prepared to throw the bums out.

Not only did this seismic shift ruffle the feathers of Democrats and those who wanted to expand government in perpetuity, it left many establishment Republicans, who had long enjoyed their unchallenged incumbency, understandably peeved. The response was swift and brutal.

You tea party whacko birds are ruining the Party. You’re handing the elections to Democrats. How dare you challenge incumbents in primaries? After all, whose side are you really on?

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

We’ve heard it over and over again, repeated ad nauseum in the echo chamber that is the mainstream media, even as we’ve scored amazing victories and elected some of the most incredible, principled candidates the Congress has seen in generations.

One of these figures is a young congressman from Michigan named Justin Amash. Steeped in the ideology of Austrian economics and a true belief in limited government, Amash has arguably been the single most principled, pro-liberty voice in the House of Representatives. You would think that the Republican Party would be proud to have so fiery an advocate for all the things they claim to stand for.

You would think wrong.

In fact, the Republican establishment in Michigan is lining up against Amash, along with big business and special interest lobbies, attempting to unseat the congressman who has fought more bravely than any other, in favor of just another traditional politician. Excuse me, but aren’t these the same people who have been saying that primarying a sitting Republican is tantamount to political treason?

It just goes to show that the mainstream assault on the tea party candidates has less to do with concern for the health of the Party, and is more about the quest for political power and self-enrichment.

Amash’s accomplishments during his short time in office are already legion. He authored the USA Freedom Act to put an end to the NSA’s reported spying on American citizens. He has sponsored bills proposing amendments to the Constitution that would limit spending and require a balanced budget. He has co-sponsored three bills to repeal ObamaCare. And he is one of only two representatives in the House to have voted with FreedomWorks 100 percent of the time.

What sort of Republican would want to banish so courageous a leader from Congress? How could the Party possibly gain from his defeat? Guys like Amash are what we’ve been crying out for for years: someone who sticks to his guns and does what he says he’s going to do. Not only that, but he’s been a model representative to the voters in his district, making frequent trips home from Washington and holding numerous town hall meetings to listen to the concerns of his constituents.

The GOP delegation has tipped its hand in Michigan. When they try to take down one of the best incumbents the Party has because he is not willing to keep his head down and blindly follow leadership, you know that they no longer care about setting conservative policy.

So, the next time you see Republicans wringing their hands and claiming the primary challenges from the right are bad politics, rest assured that politics, not good government, not principled leadership, but politics alone, is all they really care about.

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In spite of the ease with which the word “conservatism” is thrown about these days, most people who associate with the “conservative” movement are not really conservative at all. In reality, the so-called “conservative” movement is a predominantly (though not exclusively) neoconservative movement.

Contrary to what some neoconservatives would have us think, “neoconservatism” is not an insult, much less an “anti-Semitic” slur. The word, rather, refers to a distinct intellectual tradition—a point for which some neoconservatives, like its famed “godfather,” Irving Kristol, have argued at length.

Interesting thoughts regarding where the line is drawn on more.....

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BRand Paul Mainstream?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rand Paul haven't always seen eye to eye, but last Thursday, they forever cemented in their political relationship.
Some see this move as another example of Senator McConnell's political savvy and survivor skills. Others see it as a sign of the Paul Clan selling out to a more main stream Republicanism.

Says Aaron Blake of the WashingtonPost:

"McConnell announced Thursday that his 2014 Senate campaign will be run by Jesse Benton, who just happens to be a former top aide to Ron Paul — the libertarian congressman that has tangled with the Republican Party establishment— and his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who trounced a McConnell-endorsed candidate in a primary just two short years ago.

7sT2z.WiPh.91.jpgIt’s a bold, outside-the-box move and, at least at first glance, a win-win situation for McConnell.ent for years — and his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who trounced a McConnell-endorsed candidate in a primary just two short years ago.

Benton is very well regarded in Washington as a grassroots strategist with an ear to the ground of the tea party movement. McConnell, meanwhile, is the leader of the Republican establishment who wants to avoid the kind of tea party uprising that brought down his protege, former secretary of state Trey Grayson, in the 2010 Senate primary. (Rand Paul trounced Grayson in that race.)"

Rand Paul has made it clear that he will be supporting McConnell in 2014, and his support, as well as the hiring of Benton, is seen as a way for Sen. McConnell to ensure he can have Tea Party support needed to ensure no primary challenger can oust him, such as with Dick Lugar earlier this year. It helps that Benton is also family to the Pauls—  he's married to Ron Paul's granddaughter. 

Some have looked to this move as a sell out from the grassroots friendly Pauls to the republican establishment. Whatever one feels, Sen. McConnell probably is now confident he's got those grassroots all behind him now.

As for Paul, his family is (by all accounts) slowly but surely climbing toward a Presidential run in the near future for Rand. 

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Christie to keynote, no slot for Palin

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month, while Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) will introduce Mitt Romney.


“I’ll try to tell some very direct and hard truths to people in the country about the trouble that we’re in and the fact that fixing those problems is not going to be easy for any of them,” Christie told USA Today in an interview announcing his speech. He said he will describe his experiences in New Jersey as evidence that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

"As governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has proven how bold Republican leadership gets results. He has fearlessly tackled his state’s most difficult challenges, while looking out for hardworking taxpayers,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, in a statement announcing the governor’s selection.

In terms of importance, the keynote speech is seen as second only to the speech of the presidential or vice-presidential nominee. It was the keynote speech in 2004 at the DNC that propelled Obama into public view, which should emphasize the importance many attribute to the keynote speaking slot. 

Christie is a very popular figure in the GOP. Some have even gone so far as to nick-name him a "rock star of the republican party." His popularity has not however been enough to stave off complaints about his being picked for the keynote position. These complaints have revolved around others who certain conservatives
believe are better suited to speak at the convention, namely, one Sarah Palin.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyGPRAfB_lJhJEvs2fiILBWyst12sCjSd3w9hQmdm24lw6P1hy&width=342The former governor of Alaska remains a Tea Party favorite, but still seems to be out of place with the GOP establishment. Some have discussed the idea that perhaps Palin is simply too conservative for the establishment of the Republican Party, and so some conservative bloggers have cried out to 'Let Sarah Speak.' 

Palin is seen by 'grass-roots' conservatives as an electrifying figure that would excite the party base. Her not speaking at the Republican National Convention is seen by these same conservatives as a signal from the party establishment that they do not truly represent their interests in Washington. Some see her not speaking as a signal that party officials are not comfortable with the former governor.  Whatever the case, Palin fans are certainly upset.

“As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new president to get our country back on the right path," said Palin in a statement to Fox News’s Greta van Susteren

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Ron Paul

Ron Paul is still in the running (kind of).

His supporters love him, there's no doubting that. He's got a bunch of people excited about his 'We are the Future Rally' set to take place in Tampa in tandem with the RNC. His main goal seems to be to try to set party platforms with the delegates he collected and support he's garnered across the country. 

You can see details about his rally here:

I don't know that he'll have a large impact on what Romney and Ryan set out to do. Whether he runs as a Libertarian or a Republican, he does have some strong ideals that he's consistently clung to over his career, and for that consistency he has many people's respect, including my own (this does not mean I think I will vote for him instead of Romney).

Some people think he'll try to wedge in a speaking spot for his son Rand, as they try to gain favor with party leaders so that they can further their national goals in the coming elections. I guess we'll see. 

Whatever the outcome is for Paul post-convention I think he's an interesting and noteworthy political figure to keep track of. If he does not go on the ballot officially for the national election in November, which I think is unlikely, it will also be interesting to see how many people write him in in order to spite the establishment political parties and candidates. 


I don't know that voting for Ron Paul is a productive vote, but is is a way to signal the establishment parties of your discontent. 

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Libertarian Alternatives

This morning, Mitt Romney announced his selection of Paul Ryan to be his running mate for the Republican Party's presidential run in 2012. It was one of the final moves left to Romney in his presentation of his campaign to the American public. Following that decision, now it is left to the American people to examine and ponder their coming decision vote in less than 90 days. The choice is now laid out before them: Barack Obama and Joe Biden, or Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, each set of candidates coming with their own party baggage and history, each coming with their own political histories and policies. 

Which ever of the two political parties you closer adhere to, although I don't think its wrong to assume most of you reading this are probably not Democrats, people always seem to want a third option. Maybe it's because they're tired of the establishment (who isn't?) or maybe they don't feel represented well by polarized partisan debates, people yearn for an alternative, something to latch onto. Perhaps the establishment seems controlled or influenced by the same sources, so people want something fresh and unspoiled.

bs-logo.jpg?width=164One of the more widely known third parties is the Libertarian Party, which calls for small government. If you remember, Ron Paul was their candidate in 1988. This year, their candidate is former Republican Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

I don't know that any of the things people look for in third parties are really true about the Libertarian Party, but certainly they would like to be that alternative for people. The main line of their political philosophy is anti-big government. They do not want the government prying into or disturbing their lives in any way. While this is certainly a view many can grab onto, their ideals are not entirely attractive to everyone.

Their policies are well outlined in this video:


Whatever you think of Gov. Johnson and the Libertarian Party, but it is an alternative to the main political parties. If you views toward the establishment GOP have soured as of late, or over the past 20 years, then maybe Gary is your man.

Maybe not, but there you go. I don't necessarily agree with a lot of what he says, but then again I disagree with Romney too. At least I've still got 87 days to decide. Maybe Ron Paul will stick around until then. 


I should say that I do not think Libertarians are very Tea Party-esque, but I wanted to share the option that will be on the ballot. 

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