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Just by reading a newspaper or watching news on television, it is easily my observation that there is no longer our right to have ‘Freedom of the Press’. The ‘Operation American Spring’ (OAS) in D.C. sure proved that. There were people there for weeks and not one news network picked up the story. All the information that I received was from the ‘Mark Connors Show’.



Joe Esposito, a fellow writer and poet, had his ‘Facebook Timeline’ taken down. His profile was disabled due to ‘Violations of Standards’. What did Joe violate? He posted political poems which he mentioned names of people currently serving under the present government. Was that a violation? Under the First Amendment we are allowed to vocalize and write anything we choose. Have we lost that right?


Situations that I encounter make me think. I wonder how long it will take before more rights as Americans will be taken from us. The government is trying to take control of our lives. They have disarmed many Veterans just because of having PTSD. They want to take away guns from non-violent Americans but that is another story for another day.


Daveda Gruber

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