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                “Think of it as ‘pathological science’ or ‘wishful-thinking energy.’ We’ve had ‘green energy’ for thousands of years in the form of water-wheels in some form or other and windmills have served for centuries to grind grain and other such tasks . . . the failing of green-technology isn’t that it doesn’t work. Much of it does work marvelously. The failing of green-tech is that RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW it can NOT be harnessed in such a fashion as to replace carbon-fuels. In fact after six decades of devotion to the ‘lovely idea and sweet promise of green energy evolution’ the largest and most reliable renewable energy source right here and right now in America is still the wood burning stove which generates 2.5%** of our nation’s energy. Today, 2011, coal still accounts for 48%.”
Solyndra, Bird-killing Windmills^^ or Cold Fusion:
Green-tech Still Leaves America ‘out in the Cold’
            The Solyndra stimulus money and its ensuing bankruptcy form a classic case-study highlighting crony-capitalism and the dangers of the federal government picking winners and losers in the not-so-free market.  Latest information reveals Solyndra was one of 18 companies receiving more than $10 billion in total backing from the Department of Energy several others are also reportedly in financial difficulty.  The $535 million given as part of President Obama's 2009 stimulus program and his campaign promise to “create five million green-tech jobs” was clearly an abuse of American taxpayers. Since even before the Solyndra bankruptcy each of the 3,500 green-tech jobs so far created within the Obama $787 BIllion stimulus cost an average of $10.88 million dollars or a total of over $38 BIllion; and since Solyndra got more money from the federal coffers in 2009 than 35 of our states did, it’s NOT surprising that some of the biggest names in liberalism are running for the hills to avoid questions about the controversy.  Some of the less well-known names as well, the leadership at Solyndra, are running for the hills.  While protesting their innocence mightily to the mainstream media (MSM) and saying they “did nothing wrong,” the Solyndra honchos have revealed that they will as a group “avail themselves of their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination” and remain silent when they get to Capitol Hill. Privately Solyndra execs tell the MSM that the “falling price of ordinary solar panels” doomed their company.   More on this in a few paragraphs.
UNmentioned, by the way, in the president’s latest waves of attack on the “tax loopholes for the rich” is the fact that General Electric paid $0 taxes on $14 Billion in profits largely because of the tax loopholes favoring businesses regarded as “green” by the Obama administration and progressive politicians. This is one reason that GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immeldt was named Obama Jobs Czar even though 80% of his firm’s jobs are located outside this country. 
Obama’s Energy Department meanwhile faces a September 30th deadline to give fourteen companies final loan guarantee approval totaling more than $9 billion. House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders Tuesday wrote Energy Secretary Steven Chu voicing concerns about rushing the approval process just to meet that deadline.  Back to Solyndra . . . Congressional subpoenas for Solyndra execs are likely to come to naught . . . the nothing we’ll learn from them is dwarfed, however, by the nothing the Obama administration understands about business or the free markets. 
Here’s a  fact for you: despite all the presidential and vice-presidential ballyhoo about its promise; and the White House creating a Solyndra propaganda video . . . Solyndra never once showed anything close to even ONE profitable quarter in its five years of existence and their so-called “advanced designs” offered little more than a 12-15% greater efficiency for double or triple the money. Two weeks ago the FBI and Energy Department officials raided the Solyndra headquarters in California after claims that as little as six weeks ago the top company officials had sworn to California Rep. Henry Waxman (former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee) that things were “looking up” and that the company expected “to double revenues in 2012.” 
Rajjpuut takes that clever tongue-in-cheek “report” to mean that the Solyndra officials actually were telling the truth-expecting to lose twice as much money in 2012 . . . hence their September, 2011 bankruptcy filing. I remember a Lieutenant JG that once told our ET gang that we’d have “three times the liberty (time off)” we’d recently been given when the ship got to Hong Kong. Of course we all knew that since we’d been at sea for 46 straight days (a.k.a. recently), he wasn’t promising much since 3 X 0 = 0.
The Obama administration’s shocking lack of a clue when it comes to the verities of business came to light when the Energy Department official in charge of the loan program that subsidized Solyndra, Jonathon Silver, responded to a question about the Obama administration using stimulus money “to pick winners and losers” this way.
“The agency is not trying to pick winners or losers in the private sector” but merely “trying to assist companies that have already received substantial support from venture capitalists.”   Mr. Silver’s naïveté aside, he, of course sounds like he’s discussing a green-tech version of “too big to fail.” Mr. Silver, venture capitalism is very high risk investment. Typically 5/8 or over 62% of all venture capitalism endeavors lose money. The venture capitalist is looking for NOT the 38% of such efforts that make money, but for the 7% that make “a killing in the marketplace.” The federal government should not be gambling OR doing venture capitalism with taxpayer dollars . . . particularly after three straightforward warnings from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to the White House warned that backing Solyndra was NOT a wise move. 
IF and WHEN a green-tech company run by a 21st Century version of Thomas Alva Edison actually produces viable mass-market green technology . . . the government won’t need to be involved at all.  Even the nutcases who “produced” muon-catalyzed fusion were offered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of start-up dough until their methodology was deemed fraudulent. Yet even today twenty-two years after that revelation, when Rajjpuut types in “cold fusion” in his web browser he gets 10,400,000 hits.  Green tech is a lot like high school in that being popular is no guarantee of lifelong success. The mere highly-attractive nature of an idea (like green energy or radical environmentalism) might be a selling point for science fiction writers but real science ain’t done that way. As Edison rued:  “science is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” . . . and the Obama administration has not done its homework on either green tech or global warming (radical environmentalism). 
They have also been utterly UNforthcoming when it comes to the reality of green-tech's effect on the environment.  For example we can't irrigate vegetables in California creating 40% UNemployment in some areas because tiny fish (the delta smelt) might get sucked into the piping; but the large electrical-generating windmills kill tens of thousands of birds and we hear not a peep (pun intended).  They don't dare tell us of the environmental cost of their ridiculous "Cash for Clunkers" program that drove the average cost of a used car today up by $1,900.  They don't tell us that hybrid "green" cars are about eight times more toxic in the manufacturing process than normal ICE (internal combustion engine) ones.
Think of Solyndra and other such frauds as ‘pathological science’ or ‘wishful-thinking energy.’ We’ve had real ‘green energy’ for thousands of years in the form of water-wheels in some form or other and windmills have served for centuries to grind grain and other such tasks . . . the failing of green-technology isn’t that it doesn’t work. Much of it does work marvelously. The failing of green-tech is that RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW it can NOT be harnessed in such a fashion as to replace carbon-fuels. In fact after six decades of devotion to the lovely idea and sweet promise of ‘a green energy evolution’ the largest and most reliable renewable energy source right here and right now in America is still the wood burning stove which generates 2.5%** of our nation’s energy. 
Coal meanwhile still accounts for 48%. However, some groups claim that coal today only accounts for 23% of all our energy. The same groups claim that hydroelectric energy generates 7.3% of our renewable CLEAN energy and is our largest source of renewable. Since coal-generated electrical power is often used at peak use times to pump water to produce hydro-electricity  . . . Rajjpuut will stand with the coal companies’ stats until some definitive study is done. 
You do recall that candidate Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2008 that his energy policies “would necessarily make the cost of electricity skyrocket” and that they’d “bankrupt the coal companies.” Where Rajjpuut comes from that’s called “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”
Despite all the raps on America by environmental excessivists, the United States is only the 2nd largest consumer of energy in the world (China is #1); and ranks only #7 in the world in per capita energy use (Canada is the only large country ahead of the U.S. and Norway is the only medium-sized country where their individual citizens use more energy on average they we do here in America). Meanwhile the United States has discovered far and away the largest oil repository in the world (the Bakken Fields) but cannot use it because of environmental regulations so except for a few companies allowed to drill on North Dakota Indian reservations we get nothing. We also have the largest natural gas resources in the world but they’re being assailed by the environmental Nazis.   And in Western Colorado (where Rajjpuut once worked for a weekly newspaper lo’ so many years ago), Utah and Wyoming has enough keragen (a.k.a. marlstone or more incorrectly: “oil shale”) to provide energy for the entire planet at today’s consumption rates for the next seven and a half centuries . . . but Mr. Obama says, “NO! And his EPA is closing down coal plants; and his Interior Dept. is obstructing oil drilling offshore. But, by God, we can sure as hell put $535 million into Solyndra.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
**            Because of smoke and emissions and spotted owls and snail darters and endangered ferrets the radical environmentalists running the Oval Office and our president do NOT consider wood either “renewable” or “green.” They hate logging operations almost as much as they do coal mining.
^^          Actually, we just heard that someplace around the San Joaquin Valley, CA that ELF (the Environmental Liberation Front) was squawking about bird deaths in a windmill valley claiming that endangered raptors were heavily victimized.  It's a shame that elves don't fly.
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Government- and Voter-Caused
Wussification of USA Abetted
by Mainsteam Lamestream Media
            It really sucks to be an American taxpayer these days . . . .
            In the Esquire interview of Clint Eastwood linked above, the no-nonsense Hollywood star talks about the “Wussy Generation” of Americans (Eastwood prefers P’s to W’s, of course).   Like Eastwood tens of millions of Americans have been realizing for about six years now that something is dreadfully wrong with our country.   In fact a “dreadfully, dreadfully, dreadfully” dour future awaits us if we don’t change the nation‘s direction immediately.


Perhaps a recent release of FBI classified documents from the 1930’s point us toward the insidious force encouraging our decay: one of those reports details the ties of the newly-born American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1931 to the Communist Party in Stalin’s Soviet Union; another shows that up until 1989, the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) got its marching orders directly from the Soviet Union.   Follow-up documents on the ACLU clearly show that throughout its early history, the ACLU was a communist-front organization.




If one but looks at the headlines generated by the progressive politicians (mostly Democrats, but both major parties are well-represented) and compares them to the stance of this organization day after day . . . a strong correlation will be obvious. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself for 30 days and tell me if you don’t get 95% or higher congruence of messages between what our Progressive Party (nominally known as the Democrats) is saying and what this group is saying:



If you haven’t got the intelligence and perseverance to do this simple check, by the way, consider yourself a big part of the problem, an enabler, and not one of those seeking to get our country back because 6-8% of the populace calling themselves progressives, liberals and socialists have aligned themselves tightly to the same agenda as the CPUSA . . . .


But all our pains didn’t originate from beyond our borders. In the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s certainly the lead given by self-ascribed “Neo-Marxist” community organizer Saul Alinsky and his followers Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and the strong “positive” response by thoughtless and often violent young Americans in joining their cause, did us no good. Alinsky (author of Reveille for Radicals in 1946 and Rules for Radicals in 1971); Cloward and Piven; and Alinsky students Hillary Clinton nee Rodham and Barack Obama, however, points at DELIBERATE home-grown American leadership as a major cause in bringing on our own demise. Today, of course, the SDS radicals of the past now own the Obama White House.

While a man like Glenn Beck is drawing an incredible amount of American awakening upon us . . . the truth is that most Americans have shown themselves too complacent and lazy and glued to computer games and sitcoms and their living room couches. These are the members of the Wussy Generation that Eastwood was referring to:





However, while it’s true that in a Republic founded upon democratic principles such as we have, ultimately the people get the government they deserve . . . the greater truth is that because the progressive (Neo-Marxist/Socialist) wing of the Democratic Party has been calling the shots in this country since the days of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ratcheting up the Welfare State and ratcheting up Viet Nam conflict and giving us the second major debasement of the currency (FDR confiscating all the nation’s gold and then re-pegging the value of the dollar from $21.76 per ounce of gold to $35 an ounce – an overnight theft by the government of 61% of Americans’ savings in 1934 – was the first one) . . . it’s fair and accurate to say that our government has mostly stupidly, but occasionally deliberately “done us in.”

America’s “karma” sucks. You reap what you sow and uninformed and lazy Americans have given us rotten and corrupt politicians pretty much straight through since Calvin Coolidge with the notable exceptions of Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman and JFK.  Kennedy and Reagan were, of course, our great tax-cutting champions (91% tax on the wealthy when JFK took office!); and Truman is the one who defied his own party’s home base in the south to remove all obstacles on the road to full integration. With the exception of those three and to a far, far lesser extent the two President Bushes and Dwight Eisenhower (he was in office when the government was stealing 91% from some of its citizens but otherwise served well), our executive branch and the two houses of congress have clearly “done us in.”  Our federal government has been behind most of the destructive forces at play today . . . .

$14 TRillion national debt: government caused . . .

$112 TRillion UNfunded national liabilities (Social Security; Medicare; the federal side of Medicaid): government caused . . .

The probable bankruptcy of all 50 our states and Puerto Rico not later than 2023 (the state side of Medicaid now mandated by Obamacare created by our federal government will “do the states in”): government caused . . .

Our monstrous and crazy tax system and our perverse hatred of success . . . politician and government caused . . .

The debasement of our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights: all government caused by folks who swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States . . .

The loss of our national pride and heritage and belief in the wonderful doctrine of American Exceptionalism that made us a magnet to the world’s freedom-loving peoples – largely lost because of government causation . . .

The destruction of the American Dollar, the present world’s reserve currency, government caused . . .

The loss of tens of millions of manufacturing jobs by the world’s #2 highest corporate income tax; and incessant government interference in business, government caused.

Progressive taxation creating a country in which 47% of the people pay zero taxes and the successful are taxed to support them, government caused . . .

We could go on and on and on and on about problems that are government caused . . .

The end result is that the Marxist/Socialist elements in the present government are now on the verge of replacing the greatest system of government and the greatest way of life ever known with the absolute worst (the word “Democide” describes a Ruling State killing off its own people; in the 20th Century Marxist dictatorships in Red China, the USSR; Viet Nam; Cambodia; East Germany; the Warsaw Pact nations; Cuba; etc. killed off a minimum of 124 million of their own people). When it comes to killing liberty, death is an extreme measure by heavy-handed governments and the worst have historically been communist regimes . . . and yet we admire Mao and Che along with Mother Teresa . . . .

Whether it’s wealth redistribution or killing off citizens . . . for some perverse reason we have made a hero of these people in our American culture and the mainstream media (MSM) has not reported upon this adoration of mass-murderers. And more importantly the American mainstream-lamestream media have been the handmaiden of government corruption . . . for example . . .


Here are the major stories that simple-pimple honest journalism would have uncovered, but which the leftist-leaning liberal media overlooked and thus abated our decay . . . how many of these stories were you aware of?


ITEM: While unabashedly bandying about (with absolutely no evidence) the lie that the TEA Party consists of racist hatemongers for roughly two years now, the MSM has for two and a half years let a story that tells a slightly different story go totally unreported. According to taped interactions and FBI informant Brandon Darby, an undercover member of the leftwing Austin Affinity Group who a couple years earlier had called himself a “revolutionary” and who up till then routinely called for the overthrow of the United States government, AAG and several other progressive groups united under the title “RNC Welcoming Committee” aimed to shutdown the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul using among other things Molotov Cocktails consisting of bottles filled with gasoline with attached wicks made from tampons. "They mixed gasoline with oil so it would stick to clothing and skin and burn longer," according to Darby. Sounds a bit like napalm, now doesn’t it? Darby, today, is on the lam because his wanted poster is featured in just about every leftist “action” group headquarters one can find. Naturally, if a radical of the right had “betrayed” the attack upon the Democratic National Committee he would have been named a hero and had movies and TV shows about him. Why the difference? Because even the crudest violence from the left is assumed to be “well-intentioned" by those in the know among the MSM.

Item:  Notice how they’ve tried to brand Saturday’s Arizona assassin as a TEA Party “nutcase” when he’s been stalking Representative Giffords for longer than the TEA Party existed and a list of his favorite books include the Communist Manifesto and the young man is also a 9/11 Truther (you know, one of those fanatics like Obama’s ex Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who believes George W. Bush and the American government organized the attacks on 9/11/2001) . . . or did you NOT know about Van Jones? The MSM gave a paragraph here and there saying Van Jones resigned, but not mentioning the fact that he’d been under scrutiny for two months as a 9/11 Truther and a self-acknowledged communist. MSM was reluctant to say much about the Van Jones situation.  As for the "violent rhetoric" of Sarah Palin:  'tis amazing how President Obama's "If they bring a knife to the fight, we'll bring a gun" comment escaped the MSM's attention and the posters calling for the death of GWB and burning him in effigy, those weren't violent either . . . Mr. Obama who so pointedly asked all Americans to avoid jumping to any conclusions after a Muslim connected to Al Qaeda killed 13 fellow American soldiers . . . seems quite content to allow his fellow progressives to blame conservatives for the Arizona tragedy.  You do remember that the report on the Ft. Hood shootings didn't even mention the name of the shooter; nor of his religion; nor once use the words "terrorism"; "Islam" or the phrase "Islamic terrorist" when clearly those words were necessary to describe the simple truth.  Political correctness like that is shocking, but even more so because the MSM honored Obama's wishes like they were sacred text . . . .


ITEM: Obama, both Clinton’s, Al Gore, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers, Maurice Strong, George Soros, many in Goldman-Sachs management, Richard Sandor and roughly 50 other key progressive Democratic politicians stood to make a fortune off of their CCX (the Chicago Climate Exchange) investments if Cap and Trade were passed into law. Only after 18 months of direct Fox News and conservative internet revelations was CCX made defunct by these people. Now many of them are relying on their investments in European carbon-exchanging as a second-chance to pull in the cap and trade wealth. Naturally this is all totally UNcovered in the lamestream MSM.


ITEM: however, in Europe the global warming lie is front and center




so much so that environmentalists are now largely distrusted in Europe. Eco-terrorists burning SUVs and trying to sabotage lumberjacks have been known as “mean-greenies” in England as well as America for some time.  Now the term is branching out to cover hate-spewing environmentalists who appear interested in destroying the industrial revolution’s seeds altogether with ever-expanding government regulation. More shocking is the term “watermelon.” A watermelon is someone supposedly “green on the outside, but pink to deep RED on the inside,” that is a Marxist or ultra-socialist proponent who wants cap and trade because the only way such a burdensome “TAX” on the modern way of life could come about is via creation of the virtual totalitarian state necessary to impose cap and trade on the citizens of the world. None of this is common knowledge on this side of the Atlantic because the MSM doesn’t want to cover it, just as they failed to cover the Climate Gate Scandal now fourteen months old . . .




Item: President Barack Obama has on roughly 1500 occasions (averaging more than twice daily) blamed the Bush administration that preceded him for the present debacle. He has even made a point of telling a little fable about a car driven into the ditch by conservative policies, we’ve all heard it. The truth, however, which takes just a bit of actual journalistic gumption to discover, is quite different and we’ve got the evidence for it which also has not been covered by the MSM:


George W. Bush saw Obama, Bill Clinton, ACORN and progressive politicians DELIBERATELY pushing the car (America’s economy) toward a 500-foot cliff. Jumped in and grabbing the steering wheel and hitting the brakes eased it into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.


            Can that be true? It’s 100% true and Rajjpuut has written several blogs revealing in great detail all the easily discoverable information that the MSM has deliberately chosen not to cover showing that Barack Obama worked first as a Marxist leaning community organizer and then as an ACORN attorney brow-beating and shaking down lenders so they would make knowingly bad home mortgage loans to people (based upon the progressive CRA '77 law and its five expansions)  without a lame race horse’s chance of ever paying off their homes. And, of course that’s the mildest of it all . . . even that mild stuff has never been printed in the MSM.  


The problem is also largely inside the voters as well. The fact that Barack Obama has promised to “bankrupt the coal industry” and that his energy policies “will necessarily make the price of electricity skyrocket”*** has been well known and the citizens still supported this maniac? But again, this is the smallest of small potatoes . . . the government really did us in and Americans should know it. For the full truth go here:





                Only “We the People,” the citizens can save the country, most of the ruling politicians have already made contingency plans based upon complete financial upheaval. This is NOT the time to be apathetic, ignorant and blasé.


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,






Also well-known is the Obama promise to create five million Green-tech jobs. The well-known Spanish study of the ills brought upon that country (from 4% unemployment in 1997 to 20.8% today) if extrapolated to Obama’s five million subsidized green jobs would be:

a.      11 million jobs in the real (unsubsidized) economy lost since in Spain every subsidized green-tech job cost 2.2 real jobs

b.     Only 10% of the green jobs created proved permanent in Spain which means only 500,000 of the green jobs created by Obama would be permanent or 22 real jobs would be lost for every subsidized green job created.

c.     As in Spain, jobs of three weeks duration would be counted just as much as a permanent job created.

d.    The average green tech job will pay $10-$14 per hour about 2/3 the pay for the average real job lost.

e.     Spain has gone from the second strongest economy in Europe behind only Germany to one of the four or five worst economies in Europe very close to Ireland, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.


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According to Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” According to Barack Obama’s words and actions, there has NEVER been a single problem with socialism or with “scientific socialism inter alia ‘communism.’” Why else would he continue to use Spain as the poster-boy for all the great things he wants to bring us courtesy of his “Great Economy” and violate standing laws to deny real creditors the money due them and instead divert that money into stock ownership to his auto workers union** friends? However, while Barack Obama was putting on his make-up prior to his Oval Office oil spill speech, the Spanish government was telling Spaniards “Oooops, we made a mistake and now we have to undo it.” The brief history is this:

Candidate Obama promised to create five million green jobs in his first term and move the United States “boldly toward” a booming new economy. President Obama has since repeatedly mentioned that goal and repeatedly put Spain out there as his model for America.

Spain, in 1997 was indeed the poster-child for European economic soundness with a booming economy and a miniscule 3% joblessness.

Spain along with Denmark and a few other governments began a shift to a “green economy” by instituting subsidies for environmentally-friendly businesses. They originally expected that roughly $125, 000 could fund the creation of any typical green job. There was an expectancy that these green jobs would be permanent and create a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable economy.

Spain today is almost as bad off as bankrupt Greece is. Last year unemployment reached 17.8%, today it sits at nearly 21%. A Spanish economist finished his study of the green disaster last year and released the results to the world . . . more on this later . . . but in the face of a further collapse in the Euro and a worsening overall Spanish national economy initiating even higher interest rates necessary to sell Spanish bonds and (most Greece like of all) as Spanish unions are calling for a general strike, of the seven endangered European economies, Spain is only marginally better off than the bankrupt Greeks.

Last night, during his speech, Barack Obama again praised Spanish efforts and brought up his promise to create green jobs (as well as the America-killing cap and trade legislation he’s pushing). You’d think that Spain’s green efforts were an unmitigated success, eh?

Yesterday, the Spanish government let it be known that now after a dozen years, they'd begin looking at de-subsidizing green jobs. What that means isn't exactly clear. Removing 10% of the taxpayer backing? Removing 50%? Removing 90%. Let's see what percentage of the new green jobs subsidized every year will now be funded . . . and, under these new circumstances what percentage of green jobs will actually prove permanent. Less than 5%? Less than 2%?

All Obama's words came despite the forenamed Spanish economic study which shows that a) each green job in Spain required a $675,000 subsidy b) the taxes required to create each new green job cost the loss of 2.2 real jobs in the real Spanish economy c) the average green job lasted less than 18 months d) only 10% of the green jobs proved permanent e) the average pay amounted to $10-$14 per hour only, and most importantly f) based upon the very Spanish model Obama’s praising, it’s probable his promised five-million new green-tech jobs would cost eleven-million real jobs and only 500,000 of these green jobs would prove permanent . . . a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs compared to permanent green jobs created.

For any half-way thinking American, the president’s logic, or lack thereof, amounts to a whole lot to swallow . . . It remains to be seen if so many Americans will once again allow themselves to be taken in by our president. At least 60 lies issued from his facile lips during his first Oval Office staging, but five of these lies are so serious and so obvious that it’s a wonder that a huge collective “Bull-shi-!” did not roar across the nation when those false words escaped his lips, to wit:

1. “We’re running out of places to drill for oil."

2. “We’ve been on top of this since Day One."

3. The unspoken lie: “Bush is responsible for this problem too,” was hinted at in a slightly veiled manner as he talked about the failures of MMS.

4. Mr. Obama talked about converting to “a profitable new green industry” leading the way to future American prosperity.

5. And the illogical conclusion, “This proves we must institute ‘cap and trade’ legislation and green jobs at a cost of TRillions” (that’s right Cap and Trade is a $10 TRillion tax applied to the economy according to Obama associate Richard Sandor president of the Chicago Climate Exchange,CCX, a monstrous conflict of interest that he and Gore and Obama are part of); and the earlier mentioned Spanish green-economy disaster.

Let us now take on the five greatest of Obama’s sixty lies . . . first of all we are NOT running out of oil or lacking places to drill for oil. The environmental fringe has prevented us from building any new refineries here since 1974. The environmental fringe has made it difficult if not impossible to drill on land in this country or for safer shallower offshore wells. And most importantly we now have discovered the largest oil reserve in the world far bigger than the entire Middle East: the Baaken Field . . .


unfortunately, only the Indian tribes owning land above the Baaken oil reserves are allowed to drill there.

Secondly, Obama and his administration have actually been dithering since Day One and have NOT been “on top of it.” If they had been, the easily predictable effect offshore, on the beaches, in the marshes and on the fishing and tourist industry would presumably have been met by an incisive federal effort to combat the spill’s effect starting about Day Ten and Mr. Obama would have made last night’s speech about Day Seven.

Thirdly, Mr. Bush has been out of office for almost seventeen months now. Mr. Obama promised to clean up the mess in D. C. as well as the mess in our economy and has not done either, but instead has resorted to blaming Bush for his own failures since Inauguration Day. This economy and this administration are Mr. Obama’s NOW and it's time for the buck to actually stop with him.

Fourth, his monstrous lie, he called green-tech jobs “profitable.” If they were profitable, we would have a major green industry in this country and we do not. If these green jobs were profitable, there would be no problem with oil and it’s emissions. Mr. Obama believes that an edict by him from Washington is all it takes and then POOF! the scientific breakthrough needed will appear overnight magically and then . . . yes, then green jobs will be profitable.

And lastly, Cap and Trade is a conflict of interest that will enrich Mr. Obama, Mr. Gore, about twenty of their key cronies and ten well-known progressive foundations while crippling the American economy to the tune of $10 TRillion each and every year. And both Cap and Trade and “green jobs” are based on the fringe environmental lie that man-caused greenhouse gasses are creating dangerous global warming. That lie was shown by the ultra-liberal London Times to be an absolute fraud:


Clearly, Obama has a lot of blue-sky in mind for all Americans. For a supposedly intelligent fellow, Mr. Obama (and his progressives) do an awful lot of “thinking” with their emotions. “If I want it, it must happen – let there be light!” is not the basis for a logical energy policy.

Mr. Obama, either really does NOT care about Americans and the American economy; or he believes in word-magic . . . the certainty that his merely saying something is so, makes it so. He owns an administration of lawyers and left-wing radicals and neither he nor any single member of his administration has ever produced a useful good or service in their combined lifetime, but he is cocksure that throwing money down the green rat-hole will produce a viable alternative energy economy capable of sustaining 140 million jobs and adding at least 3 million new jobs every year. Our president is delusional. If George Washington marveling at the antics and electrical discoveries of Benjamin Franklin had insisted upon gambling the economy of 1791 America on creating an “electric power grid” he would have been at least as sane as Barack Obama because if green jobs don’t kill 21st Century America; his Cap and Trade and Green Jobs initiatives surely will.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

**in the case of Chrysler's bankruptcy personally orchestrated by Mr. Obama against 220 years of legal precedent
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