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If You Like Your Job & Pay Check - You Probably Can't Keep Them

Wow, it’s apparent that the Obama “savior” and his DEMS are once again looking out for their fellow Americans.  In fact, they’ve been worrying about Mr. and Mrs. or Ms. American working full time, so they came up with a solution for 2.3 million Americans.  

These geniuses decided that Mr. & Mrs. or Ms. American should get a reprieve and be demoted from full time work to part time status or it might be best if they even lost their jobs.  In fact they’re even spinning their propaganda today calling it a choice just for you – I call it a Saul Alinsky move preparing you for the next dump into the entitlement bucket. 

So in the scheme of things 2.3 productive Americans are now going to being placed under the watchful, caring arms of “Big Daddy” Government.  In order for these Americans to receive the Obamacare albatross, they will either go to part time employment or no employment – this doesn’t sound like a fair shake, but who’s allowed to question big Government.  Obama & the DEMS are much smarter than 2.3 million Americans – their message today is just shut your mouths and enjoy all the free time that’s headed your way.

Not to worry though Mr. and Mrs. America, if you lose your job you can draw unemployment until it runs out and you can get your cut of the food stamps.  Now, if you are demoted to part time employment that is where it might get a notch “sticky.”   Less hours = more free time + less income, but not to worry – you will be a recipient of Obamacare that is if you can afford it even with subsidies some will take a hit. 

But on the bright side – you may be able to spend your day at home with the kids, surfing the Net and TV growing plump on junk food from your new allotment of food stamps.  Just think, Obama and the DEMS selected you as the new kids on the block who now have more choices, more free time and less money and healthcare that has high deductibles and co-pays.  In reality what they have done to 2.3 million Americans is a travesty.

Obama and Democrats have once again attacked our fellow Americans.  They’ve snatched the American Dream from them just like they did when they took our primary care physicians, our insurers and hospitals from over 5 million Americans last fall. 

It takes a “hell” of a lot of nerve for the Democrats to get on National TV and spin the yarn that they’re looking out for us and giving us more choices.  Wrong, they’re destroying us and taking our freedoms and rights away. 

If these 2.3 million Americans were given a real choice does anyone think they would walk away from a full time job that was paying their expenses, putting food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs in exchange for a broken down non- functional healthcare package?

Here we go again America, if you like your job and weekly paycheck “you probably can’t keep it.” 


As Always,

Little Tboca

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The Entitlement Solution

The way Conservatives can to stop the progress of runaway entitlements is to validate…it is so simple. The savings can be significant so much so that for those that actually need help; their benefits can even be modestly increased. This will make Conservatives the savior of the system, a friend of the truly needy (minority votes), and pit the entitled against each other.


1          Restrict food stamps to a controlled list of healthy food and toiletries (reduces Obamacare costs through healthy diets). Food items can be taken         from Michelle Obama’s school lunch menu options. Again, healthy children! An increase of current monthly allowances of up to 50% can be   offered to those that qualify…but make qualification based upon a genuine need.


2          Make disability qualification tighter and limit benefits to allowances for food stamps and subsidized housing and travel to medical care, no cash     value. You can even offer Medicare or Medicaid to them. Disability is a physical condition where you cannot work and benefits should not be a      cash cow for the entitled to get free income faking disability. All that receive approved disability are to be tested for drugs monthly when they go     for their doctor’s visit to confirm their disability still exists.


3          Unemployment will last 26 weeks only and apply only to full time employees laid off. It will also include Medicare for 26 weeks provided effort is made to seek employment. Another 26 weeks would be offered if person consented to work for local government or schools in maintenance   departments to “earn” their check. Mandatory drug testing every 4 weeks goes with all 52 weeks of unemployment payments. With this system,increases in payments can be offered based on needs of family condition and food stamps offered also.


4          Child support for single mom’s shall be the primary responsibility of the Father. When not possible, revert to unemployment guidelines and add pregnancy testing to drug testing. If she becomes pregnant or found to use drugs during unemployment assistance, all benefits stop. With this system, additional needs of single mom’s such as daycare and child tutoring can be provided. It is all about verification and genuine need for assistance.


5          If you qualify for Medicaid and receive government housing and food stamps in addition to Medicaid…you will be required to work 20 hours a week for local government and school maintenance programs. If qualified, you may even find full time employment with either. Medicaid requires you have total assets below $2,000. When you find work and hold employment for 6 months, other assistance such as tuition credits and other training can be offered. Again, verification and monthly drug testing is required.


6          If you are in government assistance programs and fail drug tests, you will be mandated to go to re-hab and remain under medical supervision until you are able to work and remain drug free.  A second drug test failure will place you in a nursing home, not on the street.


7          Immigration – Close the borders to illegal immigration, use military if necessary…cut off this type of illegal entry into the United States. For those here illegally, they will have a 1 year period to report to authorities and be evaluated as to whether they can stay. Those having committed felonies obviously will be deported with re-entry denied. Those without criminal records that want to stay shall be issued provisional green cards    valid for 5 years in which they are on probation and must pay a fine. If they are poor and unemployed they are subject to same benefits asAmericans with green cards (See above). If they cannot provide for themselves and their families at the end of the probation period, they will be deported. Every effort will be made by the US government to assimilate those on probation into society, including mandatory learning of English.Anyone coming here illegally after the border is closed will be deported and denied re-entry. For those wanting to enter the US legally, current laws shall be enforced.


8          Everyone needs a photo ID to vote…dip index finger in ink after voting that cannot be removed for two weeks after voting. This includes early voting. This way if you do not vote everyone will know and if you do vote, you can be proud that your vote will be counted only once.


            Summary:        Reward good behavior and individual responsibility, offer significant support to lift those in poverty to the middle class. Deny benefits to those that break the law and game the system. This reform is a win-win situation and makes everyone accountable that receives benefits and the savings can permit in case of genuine need additional support. This will lead to genuine uplifting of the                         poor rather than the current system of uncontrolled handouts and loss of dignity. Get charities and churches involved and expand educational opportunities for those that need it.


            Comment:       Stop immediately the current student loan program structure, return college loan origination to banks and increase college  scholarships. Make college loans dismissible under bankruptcy so those offering college loans also accept risk – currently there is no risk to the lender and is the cause of out of control tuition increases. This change will lower tuition and share risks. Incentives can be offered to the poor that complete a technical college BS degree program. The current system is reducing college students to indentured slaves unable to leave college and enter the housing market due to insurmountable debt and poor credit ratings.


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