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Dear Senator Cruz


Recently I received a letter from Kathryn Keneally of the Department of Justice.  She was responding to a July inquiry made by Senator Flake on my behalf.  I had asked to find out why the DOJ had never investigated: 1) ABC Tax Co. for tax fraud and 2) IRS Director Stephen Whitlock for committing honest services fraud.  Listed below are the answers I received:


DOJ Refused to Investigate ABC Tax Co Fraud

I provided the DOJ with the identify of 4,236 ABC Tax Co tax clients who defrauded the US Treasury of $17 million during the 2009 tax season by claiming phantom income in order to qualify for earned income tax refunds that put $4,000 in the hands of each criminal. The DOJ gave the following response:


        “With respect to the December 6, 2012 letter requesting that the Tax Division investigate ABC Tax Co, the responsibility for investigating potential violations of federal tax laws is vested in the IRS


Senator Cruz, who are American citizens supposed to turn to if the Department of Justice refuses to investigate fraud? 


DOJ Refused to Investigate IRS Employee Fraud

I provided the DOJ with documentation that Internal Revenue Service Stephen Whitlock employee committed two felonies. The first time he violated federal law was when he willfully misused section 6103 in response to the inquiry made by Congressman Schweikert.  Director Whitlock committed a second felony when he failed to provide the public who he serves with the fiduciary duty of honest service.  Director Whitlock is responsible for taking credit for phantom investigations and issuing results on investigations that were never performed. The DOJ gave the following response:


        “To alleged misconduct by Whistleblower Office Director Whitlock and other employees in that office, the nature of your allegation is within the investigation jurisdiction of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration”


Thank God for Tea Party

Senator Cruz as a CPA I have witnessed firsthand the abuse of Internal Revenue Service for over 30 years. The IRS bayonet’s those who can’t defend themselves.  The majority of Congress would love to see the Tea Party go away.  American taxpayers should be forever indebted to the Tea Party for exposing the widespread corruption inside the walls of the Internal Revenue Service.


Senator Cruz I think the majority of Tea Party members would agree with the following statement.  If Congress allows the IRS to put people in jail for fraud, then Congress has a duty to taxpayers to put IRS employees in jail for fraud.  I’m writing to ask you to investigate why the DOJ won’t investigate a billion dollar fraud and why the DOJ won’t investigate IRS employee felonies?   I look forward to hearing your written response.


Randall Sorensen CPA CFF

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