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FBI Agents Speak Out

Sean Hannity and Sara Carter, have confirmed that at least 28 rank and file FBI Agents are willing to be subpoenaed about the Clinton email scandal.  They are ready to speak out because they are disgusted with the way the investigation was handled and how the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton were able to get away with such corruption.  However, these loyal rank and file agents are afraid to speak out without being subpoenaed because they fear retaliation in their careers.  Therefore, they have not come forward on their own.  Senator Grassley says the whistleblowers protection act should protect them, however, these agents want to be subpoenaed to be sure their testimony is covered as forced to testify.  28 FBI Agents are willing to testify against the higher echelon of the Agency about the corruption of the Obama Administration an the Clinton email corruption.

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The Email Fairy Did It

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Let me just see if I have all of this correct…fai-1.jpg?width=229

On Thursday, an FBI team investigating Carlos Danger…aka Anthony Weiner…regarding his sexting to under aged girls discovered a cache of more than 10,000 emails directly related to the Hillary Clinton illegal private email account and illegal private server…

On Friday…FBI Director, James Comey, sent a letter to members of Congress, from both sides of the aisle, telling them that the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails, thus drawing the ire of liberals far and wide…including AG Loretta Lynch who had just finished pleading the 5th in a different investigation…

And as of Sunday morning we find out that as of Saturday night…

The FBI still didn’t have a search warrant that would allow them to even START reading those 10,000 plus emails?



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I would like someone to tell me why I shouldn't believe SNOPES when they say this information is false.

I received the original message from Director Dee.

We have enough truthful things to make others aware of about our President "O" without adding and sending falsehoods. That only helps those that oppose our views to reinforce their opinions about the Tea Party not an organization to be accepted as speaking for the majority of people.

I didn't check this out and just believed it because it came in an email from the Tea Party, which I endorse, and forwarded it to many others in my address book only to have a reply that it was false information because of what SNOPES states on their site about it.

If SNOPES is not telling us the truth please enlighten me with factfull information about that. On the other hand if it can't be refuted then I request that whoever oversees the Tea Party general mailing to verify the facts before sending it out.

As I said, I am a member and supporter of the Tea Party but we must have oversight within the organization about things like this.

George Chenarides

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