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Elected Official VS Citizen

I haven't posted on this site for some time due to some of the official posts by the mangers of the originating organization; however, I have recently been asked to share one or two of my blogs here once again so here goes nothing.

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Elected Official vs Citizen

There is a power struggle in this country and I believe the Conservatives are fighting the wrong battles. Let us look at the primary concern of the Conservative citizen. It can be stated in a simple phrase – Constitutional Freedom. Then there is the primary concern of the elected official. To be re-elected. To remain in power. We conservatives too often forget that in our strategies. One prevailing definition of the liberal philosophy can be concisely stated as “Moochers electing looters to steal from producers”. Now let’s think about the mind set of of the citizen liberals and how it came about. Those of you over forty or so can probably remember a time when the primary concern of everybody was providing for the family. Even beyond the family. We didn’t go around looking for people to help us, we went around looking for people to help. Being forced to take ‘charity’ was something to shame a family. Helping each other out in times of need was not charity. It was part of the ‘you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ philosophy.

I know this began to change when Woodrow Wilson was elected in 1938, but it hadn’t taken a firm hold on the most of the people for a couple of generations. By then we had the Roosevelts with the “New Deal” and so on. But the real rapid change came with the federal government intrusion into the local classroom. The beginning of the indoctrination of children into the idea that the government should provide more for the people. And we have the beginning of the welfare state, but more importantly, the start of the welfare mind set in the lazier of our citizens. This soon began to take over the mind set of many more than just the inherently lazy. The people that saw the government largess going to the undeserving decided they wanted in on the deal.

OK How does all of this tie into the elected official? Those stalwarts saw an opportunity to establish personal fortunes and more importantly grab huge amounts of power. They could assure themselves minimum work, high paying jobs for longer periods by taking from all the people and then giving it back to some of them. Obviously taxes and spending had to go up, but so what? We had the strongest, richest economy in the world! Never mind how we got there, surely it could withstand the federal onslaught of a few extra taxes and just a little more inflation. How about a minimum wage? That would help for a while. At least until the cost of goods rose so the country’s employers could recoup the extra burden placed upon them. Didn’t take all that long for that to happen so every few years the liberals ‘boost the economy with a new minimum wage law. Of course the people would only see that they were taking home more income thanks to those marvelous people they had elected. Why, of course they deserved to vote themselves a pay increase!

Now they (those elected officials) knew they were on to something. Shucks, they couldn’t even begin to understand the growing concern of those stupid Republicans who insisted they were not doing the right thing. Why care about the right thing when the elections were what really mattered. Get more power every time you got reelected! Committee chairmanships! Select committees that got the media’s attention thus got them free advertising. Circulation went up and the media moguls saw the bottom line go up when they supported this stupidity. Who cares about the Constitution when money and power are at stake?

And so the great divide began. We had a division of power in the the very houses of government that were supposed to be unified in obeying the Law of the land, The Constitution of the United States. Now we didn’t just have the two party system we had a four or fice or six party system. There were the normal Democrats and Republicans with the conservatives in both and the liberals in both and now the Ultras on both sides that try to take everything to the extreme.

I began this blog with the suggestion that the conservatives were fighting the wrong battles. Now I that have attempted to explain how we got here let’s see if I can find a way back to fundamental freedom and self reliance that made us the richest most powerful country on this woebegone planet. That is, I admit, a tough job. First we have to understand how our freedoms are being usurped.

With the obvious exception of the pathological narcissist tyrant and his self admitted fascist agenda that sits in the Oval Office, the legislature and the Supreme Court have scrupulously avoided violating the Constitution. Don’t get me wrong there has been some creative interpretation of that sacred document, but no violation. Congress, for the most part, seems content to ignore the violent and constant violation of that tyrant I mentioned, but they have not done anything to violate the constitution. They have tried. I will mention the gun control attempts for example, but that didn’t get very far on the national level. So the Constitution seems to hold up, again for the most part. We do need to plug some holes. The welfare clause needs to be tightened up. Just adding a phrase similar to ‘if the states can do it the feds can’t’ would be sufficient. That would end obamacare, etc. Of course we need to educate the people. Now I mean educate, not rant! We have some very good minds in our midst that could suggest how we circumvent the lame stream media with success. Put ‘em to use.

We already have a single payor insurance system that the government has been running for years. Ask any vet how he/she likes it. But be prepared for a long listening period. What in the hell would allow anyone that is familiar with that snafu to believe the government could run our entire health care system. BUT … the average citizen is not aware of that boondoggle. So educate them. Don’t rant. Raise he minimum wage? Educate about the inflationary costs of that stupidity. It would help the government collect more taxes from the poor.

There are many areas in which the conservative groups are stubbing their own toes. Don’t believe me? Look at the election results and a host of other indicators. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I can read critically and make a real try to understand my fellow man.

I try to keep these blogs around 1000 words because I know the attention span is limited for many in this day and I have now gone over that, so let me write a finis to this one. If I get any feed back indicating the desire for more on this subject I will continue with another post.

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Click on the image to see the extent of this vandalism in all it's gooey glory. Of course, when you are a registered Democrat who puts a Republican's yard sign in your yard, it elevates the misdemeanor to a felony and thus requires a response in kind. Yes, that's heavy, heavy construction glue that was used to glue the yard sign to the garage door. Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29 D.C. Office: (202)225-4176 Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727 Campaign Office: (626)583-8581 Photo by Ron Robinson.Adam Schiff Is a Master at the Sleight of Hand That Fools No OnePhony "Town Hall" meetings and dirty money contributed by convicted union officials aside, we now get another glimpse of the real Adam Schiff and his 'service' to his country, along with the values he insists on conveying to his staff and volunteers..We see it in almost every campaign at one time or another. Until the candidate's senior staff leans hard on the junior staff and volunteers, yard signs of the opposition seem to grow legs and disappear by themselves. Completely innocently, of course.But two recent incidents in this genre suggest more sinister motives. While John Colbert's (Candidate for CD 29) campaign has been trying to work quietly with Schiff's campaign for weeks now to resolve the 'disappearing yard sign' mystery, suddenly the covert action escalates. In both instances, it took a decidedly unsavory turn.Usually, when yard signs disappear, they are simply lifted off the ground and removed. But it takes a 'special kind' of sinister to remove a sign by snipping the wires just beneath the sign, and leaving hard-to-spot wires protruding from the ground as a hazard to passing children. Yep, happened in Pasadena within blocks of the Rose Bowl.In the most recent incident, it went beyond a mere 'free speech' issue to a vandalism and property issue. In the yard of an 88-year-old Democrat, the sign was removed from the yard and thick industrial glue was used to glue the sign to the property owners' garage door. A senior, probably on a fixed income, will now have to pay several hundred dollars to repair her garage door and have it repainted.Of course, that's OK with the liberals - that's just progress on their 'social justice' agenda.Now those of us who were really paying attention knew exactly what to expect from Obama by watching his supporters. Those of us who value the safety of our children (and I am now a nut on that issue), who value free speech and who insist that our government honor our property rights have just the insight we need into Adam Schiff's real values and real motivations. His refusal to discipline his volunteer staff reveals his real values: win at any cost.Because Republican John Colbert's challenge is a very, very serious challenge this season. (I've been meaning to treat you to a great 'Meet John Colbert' diary entry, but this event overtook me. I promise that post real soon.)Adam Schiff: Get your volunteers under control! You are no man and you have no honor until you get this resolved with your volunteer staff. (aside: can't we just get Neil to bid him G'bye?)But the sleights of hand don't stop there - turns out there is good reason to assume that Schiff may have voted with his feet, and become a carpetbagger.It's really tough to fit a family of four into a 640 sq. ft. Burbank apartment, so we are assuming that Adam Schiff's real primary residence is his Maryland home. Alas, the fine residents of Burbank are deprived of a capable (and influential?) PTA member as Eve Schiff has elected to be a PTA mom at Bells Mill Elementary School in Bethesda rather than in Burbank. I'd support this with a Google link, however a properly worded Google search returns all her contact information right in the Google citation/preview. Guess he's educating his children in Bethesda, too? How's that for contempt for your own CD?Many of us are calling Schiff's office every day until he publicly denounces the vandals who are trying to 'help' his campaign.Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29Washington D.C. Office: (202)225-4176Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727Campaign Office: (626)583-8581
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If I were to sum up President Obama's administration so far in only two words, I would call it 're-distributive misery'.

While listening to Kyl's story of Obama telling him that he would take no action to defend our borders until/unless Republicans help him pass comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, we learn that Labor Secretary Solis is inviting illegals to turn in employers who are not paying them enough. We already know here in LA that the Mexican consulate next to MacArthur Park is plastered with posters luring immigrants to apply for welfare and other benefits.

It's no surprise then that citizenship seems to mean less and less - especially to those who already possess it - and means still less to those who 'visit' us.

Meanwhile, the president's 'do nothing' Gulf policy & drilling moratorium throws tens of thousands more out of work while preparing final delivery of that 'energy prices will necessarily skyrocket' campaign promise. As if 10% unemployment was not bad enough! Well, add $5 gas to that by summer's end.

We discover ourselves in a position where we (and even many states) are nearly at war with our own government. Our Congress and administration regard the Constitution as a mere inconvenience and they pick and choose which laws are worthy of enforcement.

It's the closest thing to anarchy that you could still (with some amount of puzzlement) call a republic.

We see it in his thin-skinned avoidance of the press. We see it in endless 'teachable moments' Obama uses to pontificate to us of the Great Unwashed. We see it in the general arrogance, common among liberals, that no idea from outside the privileged circle deserves any consideration - and the many and manifest blind spots that produces.

Misery loves company, and Obama intends to have plenty of that.

It won't be enough to simply go vote in November. We must encourage others to go to the polls with us.

We should meet our neighbors, even the Democrats, and let them know that we'll be proud of them when they vote to save their country this fall. Get to know those folks. There's probably not much need to try to persuade them to change their liberal views, just be friendly and helpful with them. Let them know how you feel on some of the issues, and let them know you'll be pleased if they vote your way on an issue or candidate or two.

Few people will vote for their own continued misery.

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