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4063731549?profile=originalEd Asner's explanation for Hollywood's silence regarding Obama attacking Syria epitomizes the absurdity and danger of political correctness and identity politics. Ironically, Hollywood progressives find themselves slaves of their own emotion driven brain-dead loon-icy. Hollywood along with Democrats and the mainstream media have declared all opposition or criticism of Obama racist. “A lot of people don't want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama,”said Asner.

Excuse me! They don't want to “feel”? Dear Lord, while we adults are discussing national security, Democrats (Hollywood Progressives) are still obsessed with feelings and protecting the first liberal black president. This is why it is crucial that voters send “adults” to DC who will put the best interest of America, first!

Democrats, Hollywood and the mainstream media's super sensitivity to racism and sexism only applies to liberal Democrat blacks and women. Thus, a Hillary Clinton presidency would, in essence, be the third term of Obama; furthering his “fundamental transformation” of America, implementing their liberal socialist/progressive agenda.

Anyone opposing or criticizing the first “woman” president would be politically shackled, placed in stocks and humiliated in the public square for sexism. Suckered again by allowing their political enemies to set the rules of engagement, wimpy weak-kneed Republicans will surrender and give Hillary everything she wants; complicit in ignoring the Constitution and the best interest of We The People.

In glaring contradiction of their well-crafted image as defenders of blacks and women, Democrats have a history of take-no-prisoner assaults on black conservatives. Democrats seek not merely to stop them, but their total destruction, insuring that their uppity black derrieres never dare challenge the liberal's agenda again.

The term “high tech lynching” was birthed out of the over-the-top vitriolic media circus created by Democrat and liberal media efforts to block black conservative Clarence Thomas from becoming a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

A liberal radio host called the first black Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice an Aunt Jemima; claiming that blacks only have subservient roles in the Bush Administration. Imagine a conservative radio host calling a black Democrat politician an Aunt Jemima. Their career would be over.

Then, with class and dignity Dr Rice endured the Attacks of the Racist White Liberal Cartoonists. Pat Oliphant and Jeff Danziger featured Rice with exaggerated big lips speaking in a rural southern dialect.

In his Doonesbury comic strip, Garry Trudeau called Rice “Brown Sugar”.

Ted Rall in his comic suggested that Rice was Bush's “house nigga” in need of “racial re-education.”

Was there push back from the mainstream media over the blatantly racist cartoons? Heck no. As a matter of fact, Universal Press Syndicate and the New York Times distributes these racist cartoonists.

Republican Michael Steele was the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland. And yet, when the LT Governor ran for the U.S. Senate he was pelted with Oreo cookies at a campaign appearance. An Oreo is a black person who is black on the outside, but white inside. A white liberal blogger released a racist doctored photo of Steele as a black-faced minstrel. The caption read, “Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house”.

Despite irrefutable evidence that decades of liberal Democrat policies have destroyed the black family, racist actress Janeane Garofalo concluded that black conservatives are getting paid or are mentally ill; suffering with Stockholm Syndrome.

Black actress Stacey Dash was unprepared for the tsunami of venomous hate she received from liberal Democrats for endorsing Romney for president. In solidarity with MLK's dream, Bash said, “I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.”

This is merely a glimpse into the Democrat's horrific record of racism which is equally poor on sexism.

Million dollar contributor to Obama, liberal Democrat Bill Maher, called conservative Sarah Palin a c***. Maher called Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin MILFs (Mother I'd Like to F***). Imagine what would happen to a conservative displaying such disrespect for a liberal woman.

During a monologue, David Letterman took a cheap shot at Sarah Palin at the expense of her daughter. Letterman said Palin's daughter got “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez. Letterman also said Palin has the style of a “slutty flight attendant”.

None of these outrageous mean-spirited sexist assaults on conservative women by liberals received meaningful push back from Democrats or the liberal mainstream media.

In an unholy alliance, the mainstream media have duped low info voters into believing the Democrats are superhero defenders of blacks and women, protecting them from villainous evil white rich conservative Republicans. What a crock of you know what.

Folks, the bottom line is liberal Democrats are not paragons of virtue fighting for the rights of blacks and women. Quite the opposite. They “use” blacks and women as pawns to further their agenda.

Democrats can not be trusted with national security and restoring America back to it's world leader status and economic glory. Like walking dead zombies, Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media are undeterred, totally focused on implementing the liberal socialist/progressive agenda and protecting the legacy of the first liberal “black” president.

Such will be the case if Hillary wins the White House in 2016. Protecting the legacy of the first liberal “woman” president will trump everything including national security.

Political correctness and identity politics are killin' us folks.

It is time to send common sense adult politicians to DC, free from the slavery of casting votes based on race, gender or political correctness. It is time to put America first!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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Anyone following the list of Obama scandals and the accompanying media spin assuring us that every thing is fine, just turn the channel to a reality show; are surely on sensory overload.

 Let's just stop this torture by a thousand cuts and get down to what is happening before our 'lying' eyes. The Bill of Rights, our founding principles of guaranteed freedom for the individual from an encroaching government is being whittled down to nothing. 

 The proof is before you. There is a palpable chill on anything resembling dissent against this regime. If you oppose Obama, it is because you are a racist. 

 If you are in support of the notion of the "Tea Party", as a spiritual revival of assertive, American individuality in defying a powerful king, by tossing his "tea" into the Boston Harbor of our discontent, you are a bigot.

 First Amendment: The Right of the people to freedom of religion, press, speech shall not... well, seems the IRS under the spell of the Obama regime abolished that Amendment based on applicants with opposing perspectives, and members of the Press Corps. were targeted for no better reason. 

 The mantra that seems to lull the public into an hypnotic trance is "terrorism", "safety", "public good". Everyone just walks away as if drugged, sedated, and mindlessly aloof. 

 Second Amendment: The Right of the People..to keep and bear arms.. shall not be infringed. Well, that one is all but eradicated from the New York State Constitution. The very notion of owning a firearm is being purged from the American mind. Toy guns, cops and robbers, good guys vs. bad guys, are being scrubbed from the brain with a metal Brillo pad. 

 If a child so much as bites a pop tart into the shape of a gun, he is punished, lambasted, and treated as if he has a mental disease. Any protest to oppose it is met with again, the hypnotic mantra of; "terrorism", child safety", "security". Then the public wanders off to look at the  and animal shapes floating in the clouds. 

 Which brings us to the discussion for those of you who dare to cling to the Bill of Rights. Who dare to think for yourselves. Who dare to question. Who, if you are like me, cannot be so easily entranced into inaction. 

 First, Mr. Snowden, who is the whistle-blower that exposed the insidious conduct of the U.S. Government secretly, and without your authorization, is invading your privacy, your right to be secure in your private papers, home, and inner thoughts, with a massive, leviathan serpent driven by an insatiable  for your private information, whose belly is being built in a massive construction project in Utah, that our U.S. Congress did not know about or authorize, yet got  approval for it, under the hypnotic mantra of "safety and security and terrorism."

 Well, Bull hockey and horse apples, if you believe we are supposed to be kept safe from totalitarian minded terrorist, by surrendering our Bill of Rights to a fascistic, totalitarian government. 

 I make the case for No, Thank you. I make the case for we will keep our Bill of Rights, forego surrendering any more freedoms to this government, and reclaim those already absconded. 

 The spin story is not Mr. Snowden's hero or traitor status for exposing what the government should not be doing to us.   His and their mission is not to protect government secrets from us.  His and their mission is to protect us from a secret government trying to take over by destroying our Constitution.

 The real story is the government is doing it right under our very nose, before our eyes, under the guise of State secrets, national security, and public safety. 

 Nothing is further from the truth. The IRS was used as a political weapon against free speech and political dissent by this Regime. That is an affront and assault on the Bill of Rights.

 Our military is being torn to pieces by incompetence and dereliction at the highest levels of our Executive Branch. That is an assault on our national security of greater impact that what Mr. Snowden pointed out.

 Our economy, our currency, our markets, are being ravaged by an ideology that is incompatible with capitalism. This is an assault on our economic prosperity and attack on the fabric of our national power. 

 Now, look into my eyes, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up, reject this destructive behavior by this regime, restore our Bill of Rights, assert your individual freedom, protect your home, your family and economic well being with every molecule of your existence. 

 If we abolish the Bill of Rights, and surrender our individualism, then collectivism and totalitarianism will be all that remains. 

 SNAP!! WAKE UP!! Now get to it.

Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management



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Some thoughts on how we got here

Benjamin Franklin opined after the continental congress met to sign the Constitution: “those ‘who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

While that is VERY true there is a problem with it in today’s society.  That problem begins with our education system.  The liberal element in this country, abetted by the National Education Association, has been moving for a complete take over for years.  They don’t teach History in our schools these days.  Not the history I learned.  The history that teaches of our struggle to become and remain free.  The history thaat teaches how we fought to stay free of communism, socialism and naziism and gave so many good men and women to that struggle.  The history they teach today is their edited and annotated version.  They throw in their opinions on all of it while simply eliminating any of our history that is counter to their agenda. .  In other words they blatantly brain wash your children.  You see to them, the federal government is everything.  It is the provider of mana from heaven.  NOT your own abilities.

They train our future citizens that the only important function of federal government is to provide them with life and happiness.  They have no idea what it cost us to obtain LIBERTY and they don’t care.  The opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence argues that we each have the right to the PURSUIT of happiness.  We have the right to seek and earn our happiness.  I say that it is the one thing no government can grant.  It can only be taken away by that government.

Whether a man who has been adjudicated a pathological narcissist, as Obama has, even realises that or gives a damn is, shall we say ‘problematical’ since a pathological narcissist is absolutely convinced that he is always right and doesn’t need anybody telling him anything.  Look it up.

The last couple of generations have been conditioned to believe just the opposite of Mr. Franklin’s statement. It is my strongly held belief that until we can return to teaching our children to think for themselves, formerly the goal of all education, we will suffer the tyranny of a Nazi style government.  The definition of a Nazi style government?  An economic system where the producers are privately owned with STRONG governmental controls on how they operate. Sound familiar?

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I wished I had a video of my confrontation with Harris County's Judge Ed Emmett. 4063587471?profile=originalYou should of been a fly on the wall of the Montgomery County Republican's Women luncheon last Thursday, Sept. 27,2012.  Judge Emmett was speaking and after he finished the incoming 2013 MCRW President Mary Lea Kirk, stood up and mentioned concern over the Harmony Schools, Fethullah Gulen and Islam. The Judge immediately got up and said he disagreed with her and said Harmony Academy Schools are fantastic, they are peaceful people and kids are on a waiting list to get it.

I confronted him afterwards and he was defensive from the start. He made a statement saying "just because Eagle Forum is concerned about the movement should not bring cause for alarm." He would ask me questions in a derogatory tone "Have you read the Quran?" "Do you speak Arabic?". Our conversation became pretty heated and I tried to end it saying that we would have agree to disagree and we would know when we see the Lord Jesus. He misunderstood what I said and threw his arms up in the air and walked off saying "I have had it and will not have someone question my faith". Fortunately there were others that were there to witness his emotional tantrum. I really wished someone would of had it on video. He rejoined in the conversation berating and continually questioning me "Do you think all Muslim are bad?" I just responded "I question any faith that reads the Quran which calls for the killing of the infidels and it is others like him that will not acknowledge the danger of Islam that will destroy this country."

I walked away in tears startled by this man's behavior and treatment of me. I wonder if he treats all women that way who take a diffent stance than he does on a issue?

The MCRW current president Alice Melancon called me yesterday to apologize and inferred that the Judge's behavior  was out of line.

Judge Ed Emmett is not on our side. He is a name dropper with a short fuse and Napoleon complex. He is all for social justice as you will see in this article.

These videos are the Judge speaking at a Gulen Institute luncheon.

This is a website many articles from wikileaks on Fethullah Gulen

Pass it on.... Judge Emmett needs to be voted out!!

Ginger Russell

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