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Hyphenated “-Science” is Always Humbuggery

In the movie “Planet of the Apes” the human astronaut Taylor sneers at the Oran-gu-tan Dr. Zaius “Minister of Science-Defender of the faith” for the obvious conflict of interest his two different occupational ‘hats’ implied. Through the first two million years of human existence, scientific and technological advances were as much a matter of serendipity and luck as they were of clear thinking. This was the time of imagined “big medicine” and “magic powers” and church and state and science were all jumbled up together ineffectively. Even with the dawn of civilization (villages, towns and cities become possible because of the rise of agriculture), the shaman, witchdoctor etc. were still in their heyday. Throughout much of the European dark ages, outside of Iberia (the Moors ruled the Iberian Peninsula for almost eight centuries which is why the Portuguese and Spanish were the most advanced civilizations and the first to make voyages to Asia and the New World), Europe’s learning and culture were basically all in the hands of the clergy and very few noble’s much less common-folk could read and write. While pagans like the Greeks knew the world was round, the Christian/
Catholic authorities insisted upon a strict biblical interpretration with the entire universe orbitting the earth. Religion (theo-science) has NEVER been a good foundation for science.

Indeed, theo-science has routinely embarassed itself and retarded human advance. Eco-science and Big Guv-sci have done no better. Up to today two million unnecessary deaths from malaria have occurred. The culprits? Rachel Carlson’s pseudo-science novel “Silent Spring” and the alarmist environmentalists and the politicians who went along with her nonsense. DDT supposedly made bird eggshells thinner. DDT supposedly caused human cancer. DDT supposedly hurt fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal life. Not one of those "supposedlies" is true, NOT ONE. To date the only proven knock on DDT is that it burns your eyes if you don’t close them and get in close contact to the spray. Whereas only 40,000 died worldwide from malaria in 1970, every year now five million plus malaria deaths occur. And yet, DDT can be safely drunk; DDT can be safely used as salad dressing. No harm has ever been shown to the Africans who routinely twice a year fogged their houses with DDT . . . until, they were denied the DDT and confronted with malaria, that is. Today several African countries have begun to ignore the DDT ban with excellent results. Like the DDT alarmism, global-warming alarmism is hysterical pseudo-science, nothing more.

Right now the mainstream media in the United States have willfully NOT reported this story:

which twelve days after the fact was run in the ulta-liberal London Times while that paper checked the event called “Climate-Gate” over very carefully. Today, six and a half months later, the story is unknown still to many Americans. Barack Obama has passed his Cap and Trade bill in the house of representatives and is trying to sneak it through the Senate much as he did Obamacare earlier. Even before counting inflation from the policies of Obama and the federal reserve, Cap and Trade would increase prices on everything in the economy, every product and service, by an average of 67%**. The destruction of the U.S. economy is literally at stake. And, why? Again because of eco-pseudo-big-guv-science.

One of the infamous climate-gate e-mails said, “The fact is we can’t account for the cooling at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t,” according to Kevin Trenberth in a letter to other climate alarmists. That is, the “obvious truth of global-warming” wasn’t showing up in their readings.

You’ll recall that Obama “science-czar” John Holdren was predicting an ice age in 1972 . . . before his recent shift to global-warming activism. So which is it? Probably . . . neither. The real scientists doing real science have been talking about something they call “PDO” which not surprisingly relates to the cooling trend evident since the late 1990’s that has the global-warming alarmists so alarmed. PDO stands for “Pacific Decadal Oscillation” which is just a fancy term for the fact that both weather and its longer-term fluctuations (climate) owe their existence to our oceans and particularly to the Pacific Ocean and surprise, surprise, the Pacific ocean patterns vary (oscillate) in 30-40 year patterns which are not yet understood.

All this has vindicated the skeptical scientists who have denied that global-warming was a fact . . . such as the almost 32,000 American Scientists including over 9,000 with Ph.D.s who signed the petition linked here:

Steve Milloy (editor and founder of says the problem is that real science was never done by global-warming alarmists. For example, they deliberately left out about four hundred years of the Medieval Warming Period in their calculations. They based everything on models they mocked up to prove that global-warming was real. “The models are in error.” Right now while Europe has accepted climategate as real and discarded global-warming, the same climate models are still being used by American global-warming alarmist to rationalize expansive and expensive regulatory gimmicks cooked up by the progressive ultra-left wing of the Democrats and Republicans.

“We’ve had no warming for the past 10-15 years, even though carbon dioxide emissions have increased,”Milloy noted. “The upper atmosphere should be warming at a much greater rate than the lower atmosphere but this is not happening. It means that we just don’t understand energy flows, and if you don’t understand how something works it cannot be accurately modeled. It’s insanity to go forward with regulations that are not based on something we understand, but that’s what is being proposed.”

It’s all about the money, Phil Jones of East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) took in “23 million dollars of public funds to fudge their data and the Club of Rome in their time took in as much.” The Club of Rome was a late 60’s disaster-alarmist group that was supposedly composed of the “most eminent scientists in the world.” Both the global-warming folks and the Club of Rome are still operating right now even though they’ve both been largely discredited in the scientific world as charlatans. David Berlinski, a senior fellow with The Discovery Institute, laments what he calls “Big-Science” that’s all about the money with little respect for truth . . . . “Big Science in its natural (corrupt) state,” it is not exactly new, laments Berlinski, “In the 1970s, the Club of Rome was on everyone’s lips with their hysterical warnings of mass disasters that were shortly to arrive. My first book, On Systems Analysis, which I wrote for the MIT press, was an expose and a denunciation of the kind of stuff then current. I cannot see that anything has changed. Then as now, the people doing the hustle were doing it for money.

Returning to global-warming, Berlinski added, “The overwhelming consensus is, as it always is, utter nonsense because it is in the first place an illusion: There are very many scientists who dissent from global warming. And it is utter nonsense because it is based on nothing more than a trend line. No one has the faintest idea what the trend represents or whether it will continue or whether even the trend itself was based on data so fudged as to be meaningless. The latter, I think.

“What is at work deep down is a delusion as striking as various Zulu beliefs and no more credible: To wit, that because there is something that might for the sake of convenience be designated as the global atmosphere, there is as well a science of the global atmosphere (GA), one in which for various initial conditions of the GA, laws of its evolution might be adduced from which explanations and predictions would flow. There is no such science; there are no such laws. To be sure one can say with easy confidence that the GA is determined by fundamental physics.

“Climate science stands exposed but only for the moment,” he wrote. “It will be back. I cannot see much difference between evolutionary science and climate science and I have no expectation that the winds of dissent will ever blow from the one to the other. Why should they? In just the past few years, large scale econometric models have, once again, been shown to be unreliable and intellectually worthless. The world-wide economy tanked and not one — not one! — econometric model predicted it.”

Berlinsky, is famed for standing fast in his dissenting views. For example, he is a severe skeptic of evolution as originally penned by Darwin but not an advocate of ID, intelligent design. Berlinsky believes scientists ought to be able to stand up tall and say, “so far, we just don’t really understand what’s going on!”

Of course, (or is that “OF CURSE?”) global warming is still the accepted religion by the progressives controlling the White House, Senate and House of Representatives right now. The great sweeping plans of Obama and the collectivist crew of progressives is NOT worried about the environment one way or another, they’re only in it for the power they can grab and the money that goes with it. Lies that back up their positions are not contested by the liberal media and the constitution is used as toilet paper by statists tied into the linkage existing between Big Gov and Big-Science. Science that serves political interests is never real science. You’d have thought that lesson should have been learned from the earlier socialists in Germany (a.k.a. the national socialists a.k.a. the Nazis) and renowned socialists in England such as George Bernard Shaw all of whom were calling for “mass scale eugenics.” But, of course, the progressives have changed history so that most Americans believe that the Nazis were right-wingers, not lefties . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Richard Sandor of Obama’s and Gore’s CCX, Chicago Climate eXchange) which hopes to dramatically exploit the so-called global-warming issue, has repeatedly said it’ll be a $10 TRillion a year industry. Since the present economy is $15 TRillion, that means that without adding a single product or service the economy will become $25 TRillion in size, thus $10 TR. / $25 TR. = 67% increase in prices.

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