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Live by the political sword, get your foolish throat cut, it seems.
SPUD (with apologies to Idaho) = Super- Pathetic Useless Decision.” Rajjpuut
Dem Landrieu, Obama Moratorium Worse
Economically than BP Spill for Gulf Economy
It happened so easily and quickly that the pundits on the left were calling it a “no-brainer. Apparently that’s exactly how President Barack Obama saw the matter also . . . “we placate the extremist environmental factions within our own party and we show PRESIDENTIAL PRUDENCE by not allowing any Gulf Oil activity for six months while inspecting all the other rigs, an easy call.” Like so many progressive-wing “easy-calls,” however, this decision has hard-to-live with real world consequences. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is now holding a Barack Obama appointee hostage while she grabs the spotlight to protest the short-sighted Obama 6-month Oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico which she describes as “much worse than the BP spill itself.” It happened this way: Landrieu, a Democrat, has taken the unusual tactic of blocking confirmation of Jack Lew, President Obama’s nominee for Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and says she will NOT allow a vote on Lew’s confirmation, until the offshore drilling moratorium is lifted. In a message to Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, Landrieu wrote, “I do not take this step lightly. But the fact is that the Administration's moratorium on new energy exploration is profoundly impacting the economy of the Gulf coast, while doing nothing to improve safety or environmental performance."
Landrieu additionally accuses the administration of insensitivity or lack of understanding of the effect of the moratorium on Gulf Coast families because since the moratorium, both deepwater and shallow-water drilling have "been brought to a standstill," hurting rig workers as well as nearly 3,000 businesses in Louisiana that support the drilling industry. Mentioning a letter-writing campaign the administration has ignored and doing everything within her power "to get the Administration's attention," she told Reid, Louisiana continues to suffer despite her efforts.
Obama and his administration have continually downplayed the prospect of economic pain caused by the moratorium to justify the drilling freeze. In a recent report, it cited an analysis showing no more than 8,000-12,000 jobs are being affected by the drilling ban and none will be permanently lost. According to LSU Professor Joseph Mason, after examining the administration's report, the analysis is flawed and he says 20,000 jobs are being threatened. The moratorium is set to expire on November 30, but Gulf residents and their leaders are frustrated that no serious talk about lifting it earlier has been heard from the administration whose recent offshore policies have drastically affected offshore drilling in recent weeks. According to The Wall Street Journal:
  • Only five new-well drilling permits have been issued in the past 20 weeks. In normal times before the Deepwater Horizon accident, 60-65 new permits would have been issued.
  • 15 of the Gulf's 46 shallow-water rigs are idle because they don't have permits to drill;
  • By the end of October, 70 percent of the shallow-water drillers will be idle;
  • Five deepwater rigs have left the Gulf; and
  • 30 million barrels of domestic oil production will be lost in 2011.
Live by the political sword, get your foolish throat cut, it seems. The BP Spill may turn out to be utterly small potatoes while Obama’s moratorium is remembered as the Big SPUD. ‘SPUD’ (with apologies to Idaho) = a Super- Pathetic Useless Decision. While the impact upon 20,000 Gulf jobs is definitely not trivial, the energy security of the entire nation is at stake as well as the Gulf economy. This is one of the worst decisions made yet by a president who seems clueless on governing the entire nation and serving 100% of the people as a whole rather than his targeting benefit for his political allies only.
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

The pro establishment, anti-truth, propaganda site change.org has now used,what the elite would love see using or even generating crises, thatthere are huge petitions by the tens of thousands now demanding BarackH. Obama break his campaign promise on doing offshore oil drilling.

Here is what the screenshot details:


and from their own website it says:

Targeting: The President of the United States
Sponsored by: Sierra Club

The BP Deepwater Horizon drilling-rig disaster is expected to become one ofthe largest oil disasters in North American history. It has claimed thelives of 11 workers and now threatens Gulf coast waters, beaches,wildlife and communities.

We need President Obama to stop all new drilling off America's coasts immediately and permanently. The Gulfcoast will be impacted by this tragedy for years to come and PresidentObama has the power to make sure this never happens again.

Instead of risking our lives, our coasts, our clean air, and our security byperpetuating our addiction to oil, it's time to build a clean energyeconomy that means more jobs, less pollution, and real energyindependence

Sign this petition and tell President Obama stop the expansion of is dirty, dangerous, and deadly offshore oil drilling-- permanently.

Petition Text

We've Had Enough Oil Drilling on Our Coasts

Dear President Obama:

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil-rig disaster is a sad and stark reminder thatoil is a dirty, dangerous, and deadly energy source that has no placein a 21st-century energy economy.

I urge you to engage every resource available to address the immediate cleanup and recovery needsof Gulf Coast residents, businesses, wildlife, and marine life.

I've had enough -- we need a commitment to end all new proposals foroffshore oil drilling and permanently protect our coasts. Instead ofrisking our lives, our coasts, our clean air, and our security byperpetuating our addiction to oil, it's time to build a clean-energyeconomy that means more jobs, less pollution, and real energyindependence.

[Your name]

I've done some digging around and found out some surprising stuff about thispro Environmentalist club. After digging into their organization Ifound out their main benefactors are Microsoft (TM) which their founder Bill Gates advocated killing people using vaccinations to protect the planet from overpopulation, Google (See Evil! Do Evil! Censor YouTube Videos!Even if censorship gets people killed!), and a few others but theyappear to just be regular benefactors although if anybody sees thatthey support the establishment and controls tell us at our contact pageon our website USWGO Alternative News.

Also it's funny how the oil explosion just happened, a serviceman said it sounded like a bombwhen it exploded (but I could never find that video again, I wish I hadcopied it), and now as Rahm Emanuel puts it"You can never let a serious crises go to waste!" so now they are usingthis extreme environmental crises with no hope of an end to pollutionterror in sight except to end offshore oil drilling forever right afterBarack H. Obama promised to end this oil crises by doing more offshoredrilling to end our dependence on foreign oil which Obama will probablyfail at.

Now they will use this Oil Rig Explosion and the Oil Rig sinking crises, whether it was created or it was just an accident,to raise gas prices, and end the offshore oil drilling that Obama wastelling people he was going to do.

When I tried to create a petition months ago on Change.org about demanding they reopen the 9/11commission to find out the real truth on 9/11 tghey instantly removedit so I emailed them asking them why with no reply ever. So Change.orgis definitely a pro Obama propaganda scum website because they arewilling to censor 9/11 truthers from demanding the president look intothe real truth about 9/11 but not extremists attacking Sarah Palin'sright to free speech, and they are fine with Barack H. Obama breakinghis promises and instead are longing for a totalitarian socialistmarxist communist dictatorial worldwide regime.

The other photos are below:



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