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Pope Francis, Dorothy Day, and the Redistribution Delusion.
by Mona Charen, September 24, 2015
Pope that mentions Dorothy Day is a pope that rocks,” tweeted Neera Tanden of the left-leaning Center for American Progress. Tanden might have wished to reel back that praise if she had known that Day, though a prominent pacifist and socialist, was also a fervent opponent of abortion, birth control, Social Security, and the sexual revolution.
It’s fitting that Pope Francis should have invoked Dorothy Day among his pantheon of great Americans — she’s a symbol of where leftists always go wrong. This pope is going wrong in the same way. The Left’s delusions of “social justice” seem indomitable — impervious to evidence.
The pope lauded Day for “her social activism, her passion for justice, and for the cause of the oppressed, [which] were inspired by the gospel, her faith, and the example of the saints.”
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Liberation Theology Icon

Before Pope Francis' visit to United States of America I did not know nothing about Dorothy Day and other "Catholic" Communists. Pope Francis in his speech to US Congress mentioned an American "Catholic" Communist Propagandist and Agitator Dorothy Day saying that we should look up to her. So I checked the Internet and found many shocking things about her and her heavy activity in Communist Subversion of America. 

I wanted also to know reason why Pope Francis would not use much better Catholic example for all American People and why he did not mention continuous holocaust of abortion, children body parts sold by Planned Parenthood, gay marriages and other things, then I stumbled on this shocking info regarding one Liberation Theology Icon and Pope Francis:

Pope Francis lifted 29-year suspension on liberation theology icon a Central American priest the Rev. Miguel D’Escoto Brockman who was suspended by the Vatican in the 1980s for his involvement in the political activities of Nicaragua’s Communist Sandinista movement.

Looks like that Rev. Brockman was one of those Communists who massively disrespected Pope John Paul II during his visit to Nicaragua, by encouraging the crowd to catcall and shout down the voice of Pope John Paul in his outdoor address. Looks like that Rev. Miguel D’Escoto Brockman was in that time the Foreign Minister in the Sandinist Communist Government according to this report from NY Times:


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Pope Francis mentioned "Catholic" Communist Dorothy Day in his speech to US Congress - that we should look up to her so I checked Google about her and got shocking results:

Dorothy Day, a Communist?

Senator calls Dorothy Day 'a woman of loathsome character'

Dorothy Day, "Catholic Communist" Propagandist and Agitator

The Catholic Communizer Dorothy Day.

Socialist Dorothy Day Being Prepared for ‘Beatification’

Also Pope mentioned "Catholic" theologian Thomas Merton who got heavily into Eastern Mysticism.

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