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Dirty Little Secrets: Amnesty for dummies.

     Lots of dirty little secrets out there.  Amnesty for illegal aliens has it's own.  

     Call them border crashers, Illegals, an invasion force, or whatever you will.  Illegal immigration is a big problem, and a huge burden on an already overloaded system of giveaways.  One of the problems with waving the magic wand and calling them U.S. citizens is a little bit of elfin magic.  You see, some employers out there are telling us that they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do.  This is, really, a misnomer.  Americans WOULD do these jobs if they paid at least the minimum wage.  

     The dirty little secret is, that, if the illegals are made citizens, you now have to pay these new citizens minimum wage, and they become a NEW group of Americans that won't (and legally can't) do these jobs for sub minimum salary.  Now we have to get a whole new group of illegals to do the work the old ones will no longer do for 2 bucks an hour.

     Should we still wish to make our un-documented fellow citizens legally citizens, we would find ourselves with a new crop in short order.

     I think the government should; first, start enforcing the laws that we have (not ignore the pleas of states like Arizona) and secondly, ensure the borders are secure.  We seem to have a catch and release policy, these days, with a minimum of deportations.  I would have thought we would have built the border fence first.  It is federal law, after all, that they build it.  All the bricks that were mailed to the house and senate, a few years ago, should have been a clue.

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The Dirty Rotten Bass Turds

The Dirty Rotten BASS Turds

….not in the sense of a child born out of wedlock…….

MUCH WORSE …. Because the bastard child had no choice

 = = = = =


an unpleasant or despicable person.

"he lied to me, the bastard!"


scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, weasel, snake, snake in the grass, miscreant, good-for-nothing, reprobate; More

informallowlife, creep, nogoodnik, scamp, scalawag, jerk, beast, rat, ratfink, louse, swine, skunk, heel;

slimeball, son of a bitch, SOB, scumbag, scumbucket, scuzzball, scuzzbag, dirtbag, sleazeball, sleazebag;

datedhound, cad;

archaicblackguard, knave, varlet, whoreson

"he's a real bastard"

 = = = = = = = = =

Now that I have explained my language…….we need a picture of putrid harry to make the point.

This is for ALL the BASTARDS who are denying the grieving families of murdered soldiers death benefits while they have another Grey goose or whatever in their club. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow and hear on the news that this has been fixed, I promise I will do  all I can to get your miserable ass out of office…………..

So, If the Shoe fits, you better hide………….


 = = = = =

I can't believe they will let this go on too long, someone has to speak up if they haven't already.

Members of the military did not close up shop when the government shut down. In fact, five of them lost their lives in Afghanistan this past weekend. But because the "government" IS shut down, their relatives will NOT receive the death benefit of $100,000 that is usually paid within 36 hours of death to cover funeral and travel expenses for the family to be at the funeral at the CLOSED national cemetery. 
AND, Jesse Jackson Jr., is now receiving 8500 big ones a month plus 45K per year because he got caught stealing. 8500 is disability because when he got caught he suddenly developed a mood disorder and the 45 grand is his pension from his government "job." 


= = = = = =


Would somebody in Washington FIX this …..PRONTO!


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Voter Fraud!

Whether or not you wish to conform and give in to all the hype about the fabrication of voter fraud, that doesn't make it any less real for true conservatives. All the proof in the world hasn't stopped the liberal media from using it to say that voter fraud is simply fearful wailing of a racially driven electorate.

Beware the errant voter fraud my son! Obama can't win by normal means, so he's obviously going to cheat us and stop us from claiming our prosperous America back! Who can deny us the greatness of Reagan's 1980's? Was that not a better time for all Americans compared to this social fascist that is now occupying the White House?

Every eye is on Ohio, and the possibilities of busing in dirty liberals in from Obama's state of Illinois. I fear we're missing other possibilities. if Colorado goes blue, I'd say its cause the few democrats in Wyoming, who know they cannot effect their sate, are busing over the border to add their illegal voices to that swing state.

We must be vigilant! Beware the busing fraud from your neighboring states, and do not let in the liberals, be they clean or dirty!


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Fun @ crashtheteaparty.org

Obama Dirty Tricks Groups Expand
Internet Efforts to Disrupt TEA Party Tax Day Protests

This coming Thursday is April 15, a.k.a. Tax Day, the day when the TEA Party will unveil its “Contract From America." For several months Americans have been voting on which of the top twenty-one TEA Party concerns they believe belong among the top ten American issues this year and thus will become the 2010 TEA Party Contract from America. TEA means “taxed enough already” for most people and “taken enough abuse,” but if some shady Progressives get their way . . . then count on the TEA Partiers to take a lot more abuse . . . .

One TEA Party organizer quoting Gandhi, put it like this: the attempt to destroy our movement is evidence the message is resonating. "We've been ignored, we've been ridiculed. Well, now they're coming after us," said Judy Pepenella, a co-coordinator for the New York State Tea Party. "Gandhi's quote is one we understand: 'First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.'"

Obama and his Marxists admiration society have not only recently stepped up the hate attacks on the TEA Party via -- their always ready to broadcast (but never ready to check out the facts) Democratic hate messages -- the lamestream media . . . but have now expanded their internet efforts to recruit thugs and agitators to disrupt the group’s meetings; make them appear stupid in line with the lamestream media’s perceptions; do fake interviews; shout racist and inflammatory slogans in hopes of getting air time for negative perceptions of the group and otherwise using their dirty tricks to (they hope) do what truth won’t do: discredit the TEA Party movement. Here’s a typical website: one of about 200 that have sprung up in the last month:

which is owned/operated? by someone named Levins according to first impressions Rajjpuut garnered in looking things over. By the way, just type in "crash the tea party" or "crash the tea parties" and you'll get almost one million hits, ain't that interesting?

Opening the site, one is greeted by this joyful message: Welcome to “Crash the TEA Party” and then the lies start.

Under “About Us” we find . . . “Who we are:”

“A nationwide network of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are all sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself “The Tea Party.”

Having been to TEA Party events Rajjpuut can tell you, he’s yet to hear a single racist or homophobic comment and would put the population density of TEA Party morons at about 5% what you’d find at a union rally or among the progressive Democrats. The only hate spouted is by TEA Party detractors not by its members in Rajjpuut’s experience. Comments about “astro-turf” and “fake grass-roots movement” began with Nancy Pelosi and come from only one place: the Democratic Party, the only group mentioned who has a lot to lose because of the existence of the TEA Party movement. The TEA Party is an intellectual defense of the U.S. Constitution. Since the Democrats dare not openly attack the Constitution except in 5,000 page bills that attempt to tear American tradition and American values to shreds . . . they have been singing a tune of lies for over a year now trying to discredit the movement. The site’s message continues . . . .

“What we want:”

“To dismantle and demolish the TEA Party by any non-violent means necessary.”

This is another lie, the union goons that have thrown eggs, shouted curses, and tried to pick fights and beaten lone TEA Party members have shown no interest in non-violence. Goons are goons. Violence is their thing. Saul Alinsky in his “Rules for Radicals” advocated starting fights and confusion and then blaming it all upon the victims as standard operating procedure whenever facing opposition. Let’s see more from the website:

After talking about the disruptions and possible mayhem they hope to cause, the site mentions its goal: “to distance them from the mainstream of America and damage the public’s opinion of them.” And then ends with this joyful thought:

Sound like fun? It is! If you’d like to join us, just click on the word ‘CRASH!’ Below.” Which takes you to this link:


Which gaily salutes the user with the message, “Hello, Party Crashers!”

Then you have to register to become part of the “fun.” Sean Hannity mentioned the site earlier today and the humorous comments filling it up by TEA Party sympatizers overwhelmed the serious Party crashers cyberspace: Here are a few . . . a user called “Veritas Warrior” had this to say:This may be the fastest growing conservative website on the internet!! With a picture of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the caption: "Rightwing Radicals" describing the founding fathers in the painting.

A contributor called “Common Sense” said, “Just trying to figure this site out because it doesn't make much sense to me. The site says that they want to show how racist, hateful, and stupid the tea party people are by infiltrating their events and shouting racist hate speech and holding intentionally misspelled signs. Umm, if the tea party people are stupid, hateful, racists, why do you have to show up and act stupid, hateful, and racist in front of the media? Isn't it your position that they already are?

I have this sinking feeling that this is a parody website and I'm looking really foolish right now for not getting 'the joke'.

But seriously, what is this?”

In answer to Common Sense, a real Party Crasher replied, “How 'bout we just bust a boot off in your skinny, white, racist tebagging butt? Naaah...Waste of a perfectly good boot.” Which proves that all Party Crashers are not humorless.

The response his humor received was this:

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." Albert Einstein. From a user named HeyMentallyIllLibs.

Not finding any authentic Party Crasher content, Rajjpuut slid over to another subject in their forum: Tea-Baggers are Racist Radical Terrorist (Proof) (excuse their grammar). Someone calling himself enhancelogic: said,

You Tea-Baggers perversely murder in the name of 9/11.

You shout racial hateful words at your protests.

You all belong in jail with your Christian Militia friends.

GTFO my country you stupid racist radical tea-bagging terrorist!

GTFO my country you stupid racist radical tea-bagging terrorist!

And he got this response:

LMAO. Quoting the huffers at huffing post and cbs. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Couldn't you get a quote from bill ayers or jeremiah wright?

lol. The Tea Party is your worst nightmare. You and your parents may even eventually have to get a job.

Someone called Party-of_Kuffar with 86 posts on the site to his credit asked,

Jesus-fuc__ng-CHRIST. Who's gonna throw the first Molotov already?” Rajjpuut edited out two letters from his message.

You get the idea, Rajjpuut is sure. The real haters, now that they’re known are being overwhelmed by polite but firm TEA Party responses.

Then something very strange and possibly verifiably true, but who knows?? Rajjpuut is only copying it here, because it gives you the flavor of what’s going on at the Party Crashers site . . . whatever you do, do NO violence, it could even be deliberately false information, again, who knows? But here it goes, from a user calling himself JohnLocke:

Here's the info for you patriots who would like levins info

6300 crown avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

Domain name: ZANE-LEVIN.COM

Administrative Contact:
Levin, Jason
6300 crown avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
510-595-1634 Fax: 000-000-0000

Technical Contact:
Manager, Domain
2800 28th Street Suite 205
Santa Monica, California 90405
+1.8885114678 Fax: +1.3103141610

Registration Service Provider:
888 511 4678

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 25-Aug-2007.
Record expires on 21-Aug-2010.
Record created on 21-Aug-2005.

Registrar Domain Name Help Center:
So, on balance, it seems CrashtheTeaParty.org really did turn into a “fun” site after all . . . but, remember some 200 such sites have sprung up . . . so expect violence and confusion at the TEA Party celebration and protest over Tax Day . . . .

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


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